A Spell to Get Rid of Negative Energy or Spirit

A Spell to Get Rid of Negative Energy or Spirit

Items You need:

Sage, the herb (basil can be use as an substitute)

When To Cast:

During the Waning Moon

To cleanse a room, simply pass the smoke of the burning sage over the walls, into the corners, in the closets, and in any nooks and crannies where shadows–and energy–gather. Pass the smoke along the frames of the doors and windows. Let it eddy across the floor. This simple process is vital whenever something tragic, negative or emotionally wrenching has happened. It’s also beneficial if someone in your home is physically ill or feeling out of sorts. You don’t have to say anything or engage in any ritual. Simply hold the intent in your mind that you are cleaning the area of negative energy.

A sage wand is ideal for smudging. It doesn’t have to be relit, it’s easy to carry, and when you’re finished, you simply stub out the burning end so that it can be reused.