To Stop Harm From Coming

To Stop Harm From Coming

You need 1 brown or maroon candle
2 blue candles
2 white candles
1 black candle
athame (or other ritual knife)
sage for smudging (optional)
Your brown or maroon candle should be towards the back of the altar, but close to the middle. your black candle should be immediately in front of it (in the center of the altar), your blue candles on the sides of the black candle (one on each side next to it, but about 3 to 6 inches spread apart), and your white candles should be directly in front of your blue candles (also about 3 to 6 inches in front of them). So you have your basic star pattern.

Cast your circle. Light the candles

Now you have cast the circle, place the blade of your athame into the fire of the black candle and chant:

“Hail to the gods and the goddesses of the earth, Please help stop physical harm from coming to (name).

I Thank thee.”

Do this to the black, then the maroon or brown, then the left blue, left white, right white, then right blue. THEN, hold your athame straight up and say it again. As if you were pointing at the sky.

Now, do the whole chant again just like before, but replace “physical with emotional,then with mental, and so on…Then point your tool in front of you, say “blessed be”, point to the left, behind you (turn around), and to the right, then point it up.
You are done


Tower of White Light Protection

Tower Of White Light

A Spell Of Protection

The Tower of White Light is a visualization exercise in both the magick and psychic versions. It is a general protection construct, allowing no harm/evil to cross it’s boundary.

The Tower in either version is visualized as a pure white light of blinding intensity. It should be thought of as so intense as to be painful to look at but cause no pain to you.


Find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed and are comfortable. As you become more adept at visualization you will find that you can set up the Tower virtually anywhere.

Now if you like you can meditate, chant, or whatever you like to get ready to begin visualization. Some people use this time to dedicate their actions to or invoke their diety.

Visualization (for both versions):

Visualize yourself (or whoever or whatever you want protected) then visualize the Tower of White Light surrounding you (or whatever) completely. It is important that there be no breaks in the Tower. It should be solid and without seam.

Now come the difference between magick and psychic. In the psychic version you should visualize the Tower as emanating from your solar plexus (or the center of your body) and expanding to encompass your body.

In the magick version you should visualize the Tower as emanating from the center of the universe (or from your diety) and coming down to and encompassing your body.

After seeing the Tower formed and in place, know that no harm/evil can cross it’s boundary. This is a necessary step as it gives the construct it’s purpose. Without a purpose it is no more than gathered energy, like a battery, with no purpose.

Hold the image as long as you can up to 5 to 10 minutes.

As you end the visualization know that the Tower is still there and still protects you until you chose to cancel it. At some point in each day visualize the Tower and know that it has been there and is still there and again know that no evil/harm can cross it’s boundary. This revitalizes the Tower and keeps it strong.

A reminder. The Tower in either version can be use to protect other people or even places. It just depends on your skill at visualization.

Banishing spell

Banishing spell

To be performed during the waning moon

heatproof container or cauldron
black or white candle
basil and garlic (for uncrossing, protection)
paper/black pen

Cast the circle
Invocation of the God and Goddess
Statement of purpose

I am here to banish negative influences from my life.
Right now, (name) is exerting an extremely negative force upon me.
I ask for the God and Goddess to assist me in banishing these forces
and eliminating his/her destructiveness.

Consecrate the cauldron as follows
sprinkle with salt water

In the name of the Lord and Lady I charge you to serve me within this circle.
I clear you of all former influences and energies that you may be fit
for the workings of Magick herein.

Do the same with the candle

On a piece of paper, write full name of person to be banished.
Roll up and tie with black string. Sprinkle with salt water and recite

Thou creature of paper.
By paper made, by paper changed.
Thou art not paper, but thou art negative influences in
(person to be bound).
So mote it be!

Light the black candle.
Burn the paper in the candle, visualizing all negative power over you
vanishing in the flames and rising out of your world with the smoke
Sprinkle basil and garlic over the flames and recite:

Blazing force of cleansing fire
Help me in this rite.
By air and earth,
water and fire
So be you bound
With this rite,
Your power takes flight
Sky and sea,
Keep harm from me
Cord go round,
Power be bound
Your negativity will no longer come my way.
From henceforth, your power over me is banished.
So Mote it Be!

Let paper burn itself out while visualizing a healthy, positive relationship
with the person

Cakes and Ale
Thanking the God and Goddess
Close the circle, thank the watchtowers for their protection

Poppet Weight Loss Spell

Poppet Weight Loss Spell

Items needed:
Dark Blue Candle –represents the Goddess
Gold Candle–represents the God
Red Candle
Rose Petals
Cotton Balls
Red thread/needle
Cloth–the color of your skin or close
Calming and soothing insense( rosemary for health and self-love or anything that you prefer)
Items to tie the doll to you–hair, nail clippings, saliva, skin residue, blood, etc)
Clean white linen
Bowl of water
Bowl of salt
Fireproof container to burn part of the herbs in
Anise–spirit aid in spells
Bergamot– success
Rosemary–willpower and happiness/health
St. John’s Wort–will power


Three nights before the Full Moon cast a Circle and invoke the Goddess
Begin to construct the doll. Cut out an outline that is close to your body shape or as you see your body. Begin to sew the doll saying–

(it is better for you to create your own chant as always )-

(your name) as this I see

(your name) you represent to me

Say this over and over as you sew leaving an opening for stuffing the doll with herbs and cotton as well as items connected to you. Place the doll upon your Altar below a Red Candle–for energy and action and passion to your spell (if you see need for another candle feel free to choose.. it is the same with the herbs)

Altar should be set with candles lit
Elements Represented with
Bowl of Salt–Earth
Bowl of charged Water–Water
Incense–Rosemary or Sandalwood–Air
Red Candle–Fire
God/Goddess candles and anything else you use, including any items that represent health and beauty to you personally..

You will now begin to mix your herbs .. they do not have to be powdered but can be ground if you prefer with a mortar and pestle. Charge the herbs as you blend (one tsp. each will be fine .. more if needed as you will burn what you do not use in the doll)

as you mix say:

Herbs of health and Beauty Fair
I stir and mix and blend with care
Essence now come into me
Lend your power
So mote it Be

(chant 3,6, or nine times or until you feel it is sufficiently charged)

Place the herbs in the doll in the areas that you feel are more healthy and place cotton balls in areas you would like to change most. Add as well the items to tie the doll to you… as you do this chant:

Though separate you are
We are linked as One

As (your name) Your life has begun

Consecrate the doll when you are finished stuffing it saying:

With Earth I consecrate this doll as (your name)..
sprinkle a bit of salt on the doll
With Air I consecrate this doll as(your name)
pass doll through the incense
With Fire I consecrate this doll as (your name)
pass the doll over the
candle .. be careful not to catch it on fire!
With Water I consecrate this doll as (your name)
sprinkle a bit of the charged water on the doll

Attune to the doll. Feel and Know it is You! let the doll sit on the altar undisturbed and if you can’t leave your altar up wrap it in clean white linen and keep in a safe place until you are ready to continue.

On the next night (now waning moon and time for banishing the fat) Altar set as before..

Begin to remove the cotton from the doll placing it in the fireproof dish and concentrating on its burning .. say

Fat Unwanted, Fat unneeded
Fat now gone and fat unheeded
Burn up quickly in the Flame
Leave behind no excess weight or bane
Fat now banished from my site
Fat sheds off both day and night
Leaving only health behind
Tied with beauty in herbs that bind.
Fat is banished away from me

And as my will So mote it be!!

Once you have removed and burned 1/3 of the cotton pinch out the candles and leave the doll on the altar or wrap in clean white linen once again..
Do this for three nights in a row until all cotton is removed (i feel it is best to leave the altar standing the three days running and keep the doll there upon it when you are not working but make sure nothing is disturbed)

On the third night after burning the last of the fat….

Burn the left over herb mixture as you sew up the rest of the doll closing the opening with the red thread

Now.. wrap the doll in clean white linen and keep in a special place where it will not be disturbed.. this spell can be repeated at each full moon going into waning.



Get a white candle — either a plain one (offeratory,
pillar, or taper) or a figural one in the gender of the
person you want to bless. Carve the person’s full name on
the candle, then dress it with Blessing Oil or Holy Oil.

For more power, you may place a name-paper of the person, or
a photo, or some personal item of theirs (such as a bit of
hair or a snippet of clothing) either under the candle or next to it. One easy way to do this is to place the paper or
personal concerns under an overturned saucer and put the
candle on top of the saucer.

Burn a portion of the candle every day for seven days,
pinching it out between burnings. As you light it each day,
say this

[Name], may you be blessed May all good things come to you
May nothing whatesoever harm you
May your heart be light
May your travels be safe
May your health be good
May your mind be sound
May your friendships sustain you

May you be blessed in every way

* If you have a special request for this person (such as
that they find a lover, get a good job, come home safely
from a war, or whatever), just add it to the list.

Some people use a large pillar-type candle and keep it going
for longer than seven days. They may make a habit of burning
such a candle every day — or once a week, on Sundays — for
as long as their friend or relative needs help, even doing
so for months at a time. if the candle is large and it is to
be burned in this way, it should be re-dressed with Blessing
Oil or Holy Oil once a week: after the initial dressing, you
can drop a tiny bit of oil into the “well” or hole in such a
large candle just before lighting it each time.

The Witches Almanac for Sunday, July 21


The Witches Almanac for Sunday, July 21

Magickal Intentions: Growth, Advancements, Enlightenment, Rational Thought, Exorcism, Healing, Prosperity, Hope, Exorcism, Money
Incense: Lemon, Frankincense
Planet: Sun
Sign: Leo
Angel: Michael
Colors: Gold, Yellow, Orange and White
Herbs/Plants: Marigold, Heliotrope, Sunflower, Buttercup, Cedar, Beech, Oak
Stones: Carnelian, Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Amber, Clear Quartz and Red Agate
Oil: (Sun) Cedar, Frankincense, Neroli, Rosemary

The first day of the week is ruled by the Sun. It is an excellent time to work efforts involving business partnerships, work promotions, business ventures, and professional success. Spells where friendships, mental or physical health, or bringing joy back into life are an issue work well on this day, too.

Your Horoscopes for Sunday, July 21

Integrity is crucial now that the Moon is visiting hardworking Capricorn. Mountain Goats live at higher altitudes than other mammals, a symbol of the ambitious feelings we tend to have while the Moon is in this practical earth sign. Also, an enthusiastic Mars-Jupiter conjunction fires us up with self-confidence. We yearn to be recognized for the work we do and we aren’t afraid to climb the ladder of success to achieve status and get what we need.

Aries Horoscope

(Mar 21 – Apr 19)

It’s time to fulfill your domestic obligations or professional responsibilities and, if you do your job well, significant rewards are yours. The point is that you must earn them the good old-fashioned way with determination and hard work. It may be tempting to take a shortcut now, but this tactic will only delay your success. However, if you do what is required, good news could be waiting just around the next corner. In the meantime, honoring your commitments leaves you with a lasting feeling of personal satisfaction.

Taurus Horoscope

(Apr 20 – May 20)

Even if you’re deeply involved with family issues now, you might have to adopt a more cautious approach to what’s going on at home. At first, it seems like you’re choosing the easy way out but this strategy only buys you time, not answers. Eventually you have to take a stand for your beliefs. Nevertheless, it’s still useful to remember that petty conflicts are not worth feeding with negativity. Rather than acting on your fears, visualize the best possible outcome for all involved and then strive to make it happen.

Gemini Horoscope

(May 21 – Jun 20)

You may wake up on the wrong side of the bed today, thinking about all the responsibilities being piled upon you. There’s no need to be silent; speak up if you don’t think you should be doing what’s being asked of you now. But don’t do the work begrudgingly and then whine about it later. Instead, find a project that makes your heart sing. Doing something you love elevates your self-esteem and is ultimately good for those around you, too.

Cancer Horoscope

(Jun 21 – Jul 22)

Feeling stress from a relationship has you questioning your own motives today, along with everything else. You don’t know what to say in order to delay an emotionally disruptive interaction but nearly any action is likely better than doing nothing at all. Don’t waste energy dancing with self-doubt; it’s simply not productive. Instead, use your time to isolate what matters to you before stating your position and then doing what it takes to defend it.

Leo Horoscope

(Jul 23 – Aug 22)

You’re slightly annoyed today because you feel as if you should be working on something even if you don’t know exactly what it is. Thankfully, your dilemma might not even be noticeable to others, but it still can add frustration to your day. An obvious solution is to just jump in and get busy; start by crossing some of the lingering items off your to-do list one at a time. Once your adrenaline kicks in, you’ll quickly develop a better idea of how you want to spend your time.

Virgo Horoscope

(Aug 23 – Sep 22)

You are quite aware of your social obligations now and you are resigned to fulfill them, no matter what it takes. This determination may bring up familiar issues about your need to meet the expectations of others and how this can get in the way of your own personal satisfaction. But the good news is that you are on a sensible track to take care of unfinished business. Fortunately, staying focused early in the day leaves you time to pursue your own interests later on.

Libra Horoscope

(Sep 23 – Oct 22)

Applying your energy toward projects around the house is nurturing for your soul today. However, frustration might set in if the good times seem to be a step or two away. Nevertheless, a pragmatic approach makes the most sense now; there are things to be done and you’re the one to do them. Acknowledging the feelings that surface while fulfilling your responsibilities is empowering. Ultimately, you can enjoy yourself if you remain conscious about the choices you make throughout the entire day.

Scorpio Horoscope

(Oct 23 – Nov 21)

You have places to go and people to see now that the ambitious Capricorn Moon is moving through your 3rd House of Distractions. Unfortunately, your calendar may be so full that you don’t get to do what you want. Instead of keeping your desires to yourself, share them with those around you. It’s difficult to go out on a limb and talk about you own needs when others are relying on you. However, being honest about your wishes is a healthier strategy now than denying your feelings to meet everyone else’s expectations.

Sagittarius Horoscope

(Nov 22 – Dec 21)

You are so smooth at justifying your decisions today that others might think your actions are based upon your strong personal values. You’re adept at keeping your feelings hidden now, making it nearly impossible for anyone to see your real motives. However, your current choices are probably determined by your emotional needs rather than core beliefs or ethical judgments. There’s no need to waste energy covering up what’s in your heart. Fortunately, telling the truth can actually set you free.

Capricorn Horoscope

(Dec 22 – Jan 19)

It’s a mixed blessing when the Moon activates your sign for a couple of days. Normally, the evocative Moon draws you toward your emotions. However, you may be keeping your feelings to yourself now. Try to hold steady in the practical world instead of letting your fluctuating moods get the upper hand. If you must express what’s in your heart, take your time. A thoughtful disclosure can positively impact your most significant relationships.

Aquarius Horoscope

(Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Almost anything that isn’t out in the open now can be the source of great stress. For example, someone may be creating trouble behind your back to block your forward movement. The smartest move is to expose whatever is hidden so everyone can see what’s actually going on. However, it’s not wise to force an issue yet because you might not have all the facts at your disposal. It’s best to play the waiting game until others come to the same realization; in the meantime, prepare to swing into action on a moment’s notice.

Pisces Horoscope

(Feb 19 – Mar 20)

You may be quite creative today, but it’s challenging to locate an outlet for your bursts of spontaneous expression. Fortunately, you can reveal your current enthusiasm by sharing what’s in your heart. However, you might feel external resistance to what you’re trying to express. Cool your heels if you must, but don’t blame your inhibitions on anyone else. Taking full responsibility for your self-restraint places you in the driver’s seat where you belong.

Daily Cosmic Calendar for July 21

Today should be easier to handle than yesterday. However, it is always important to remember that the major alignments and cycles from a previous 24-hour time-period don’t simply vanish. Instead, they have ramifications for another day or two — at the minimum. Nevertheless, human beings become severely debilitated if they wallow in self-pity rather than dealing with the Now and working cogently with the cosmic offerings of the moment.  Thus, it is helpful to tune into spiritual willpower and mental concentration to turn your life around for the good as the Moon makes its monthly union with Pluto in Capricorn (3:14AM PDT). Utilize your problem-solving skills to enhance your residence and bring estranged relatives back to the bargaining table as Pallas enters Cancer (6:02AM PDT) until September 11.  Keep working hard to reach a career milestone with the Moon transiting through the tenth sign of the zodiac. A distinct challenge arises at 8:54AM PDT (during the monthly Moon-Mercury opposition) as the lunar orb starts another long void twilight zone that lasts until 11:08AM PDT tomorrow when the Moon enters Aquarius. The Full Moon is also tomorrow and occurs just 9 minutes after the Moon glides into the universal air sign of Aquarius.  In the meantime, do your best to be more loving and considerate to dear ones on the ropes as the Sun forms a subtle and yet still supportive, 30-degree link to Venus (5:12PM PDT) while Ceres is parallel to often benevolent Jupiter (10:34PM PDT) — a favorable aspect that can increase your productive output across the board despite the presence of the void Moon.  Get ready for a powerful Mars-Jupiter conjunction at 6 degrees of Cancer at 12:36AM PDT tomorrow.

GOOD MORNING, WOTC! How Are Ya' Today?

Goddess With Me

Goddess with me
Goddess before me
Goddess behind me
Goddess in me Goddess beneath me
Goddess above me Goddess on my right
Goddess on my left
Goddess when I lie down
Goddess when I arrive
Goddess in the heart of everyone who thinks of her
Goddess in the mouth of everyone who speaks of her
Goddess in every eye that sees her
Goddess in every ear that hears her