Tower of White Light Protection

Tower Of White Light

A Spell Of Protection

The Tower of White Light is a visualization exercise in both the magick and psychic versions. It is a general protection construct, allowing no harm/evil to cross it’s boundary.

The Tower in either version is visualized as a pure white light of blinding intensity. It should be thought of as so intense as to be painful to look at but cause no pain to you.


Find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed and are comfortable. As you become more adept at visualization you will find that you can set up the Tower virtually anywhere.

Now if you like you can meditate, chant, or whatever you like to get ready to begin visualization. Some people use this time to dedicate their actions to or invoke their diety.

Visualization (for both versions):

Visualize yourself (or whoever or whatever you want protected) then visualize the Tower of White Light surrounding you (or whatever) completely. It is important that there be no breaks in the Tower. It should be solid and without seam.

Now come the difference between magick and psychic. In the psychic version you should visualize the Tower as emanating from your solar plexus (or the center of your body) and expanding to encompass your body.

In the magick version you should visualize the Tower as emanating from the center of the universe (or from your diety) and coming down to and encompassing your body.

After seeing the Tower formed and in place, know that no harm/evil can cross it’s boundary. This is a necessary step as it gives the construct it’s purpose. Without a purpose it is no more than gathered energy, like a battery, with no purpose.

Hold the image as long as you can up to 5 to 10 minutes.

As you end the visualization know that the Tower is still there and still protects you until you chose to cancel it. At some point in each day visualize the Tower and know that it has been there and is still there and again know that no evil/harm can cross it’s boundary. This revitalizes the Tower and keeps it strong.

A reminder. The Tower in either version can be use to protect other people or even places. It just depends on your skill at visualization.

One thought on “Tower of White Light Protection

  1. I will try this next time.

    Last month, there was power outage in our city. I lived in a apartment. i had to take the stairs to go to the top floor (12th). There was no light….the whole bulding was pitch down. All i could hear were my own foot steps. When i got in, i got really scared so i visualized myself surrounded by the white light.


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