To Be A Witch

To Be A Witch

Author: shadowdance 

To me, being a witch comes with many responsibilities. It is to be there when a friend or someone we know is in pain, or may need a healing. It is to be that listening ear and that shoulder when someone needs it, to lovingly let someone know when they need to return to the right path when we see them veering off. It is offering the kind word or a smile that sends with it energies of love, strength and compassion.

To be a witch is to be free. Free to feel the elements all around us and encompass the meanings of them all, to feel life as it is, so pure; everything on this earth is a part of the big scheme of things. And being witches, we know this. We feel the pains of Mother Earth as people abuse Her by not putting back what they have taken or have taken without asking. We feel the spirits of the animals that we see, feel their beating heart with ours as we become one. Our spirit soars through the skies with the majestic eagles and travels with the tiny little ant as it labors through its day.

To be a witch is to be able to see the beauty around us and to work with the wonderful energies of it; to shape and form the magic that we do is the best thing of being a witch. We do not take life lightly and we cherish every moment of it as we cherish our sisters with a love that no one could ever put a wedge between, for we are true sisters of spirit and of love. We feel each other’s joys, sorrows, and pains. When someone hurts one of us, we want to defend our sisters with all that we have and we give all that we can in the times of sorrow. Our energies are always for each other: that is so special about being a witch.

There will be times that we will feel someone’s emotions. It can either leave us energized or drained. I know when I used to work for the public, there were times when I went home and I was emotionally and physically drained. I had to learn to put a shield of protection around myself. To do this, I first smudged my area and myself. I then grounded and just breathed in deeply, letting all positive energies flow with in my lungs and my being, and slowly breathed out, seeing all that I let go of were all of those crazy emotions I was feeling. I pictured a beautiful white light covering my head and working its way down. I was in a blanket of white pulsating light. It was warm and inviting and could feel it going throughout my entire body and then down to my feet as it grounded into the earth. I would sit like that for a couple of minutes and let all of that wonderful energy surround me. I would suggest to anyone who works with the public to do this often to protect yourself. For if your spirit is weak, how can you help others? And helping others is one of our responsibilities as a witch.

Another method of protection and release I do when I just feel the weight of the world on my shoulders is: Fill the bathtub with water as hot as you like. Add a bit of Epsom salts to purify the water. Sit in the tub and just relax and let the water completely relax the body. Take a couple of cleansing breaths in and out. Then lie back and think of all the negative emotions and feeling that have been around you. (In my mind’s eye, I see the water sparkle white like facets of diamonds. I feel the energy drawing out the negative vibes.) As the negativity is being drawn out, the sparkling water starts to change color to a shade of grayish blue. When you feel that all the bad emotions are in the water, pull out the plug.

Lying back as the water is draining out, your body feels heavy, but that is okay. It is a normal feeling. You will feel drained and a bit tired. Before you get out of the tub, be sure all the water is gone. Get out of the tub and dry off. Smudge the bathroom and yourself. Turn on the faucet and clean the surface of the tub. Your spirit will feel lighter now, but possibly still tired. So if you can, lie down and put on some soft music and take a nap.

When you wake up, you will feel refreshed and ready to go. You will not only feel clean in body but clean in spirit also. Then thank the Goddess and God for watching over us all and helping you with your daily routine. Whenever you start feeling haggard and just off kilter, do this. And do not forget to put a protective shield afterward and bring positive energies into your body. You need to replace what left you, so be sure it is positive energies coming in and blocking out the negative.

As witches, it is our duty to teach our children and younger people the path. Teach it in love and light; let them know that there are always consequences for actions. They need to be taught control. And to never to lash out in anger. I admit that I have problems with that still and I am in my crone years. I take a couple of breaths before I react and sometimes sleep on it. Most of the time I send the people that have caused the problem love energies: that they may have love of self and that they may see love whenever they look in the mirror. I feel once you have love in your heart for self, then there is love left over for others. And to me the biggest part about being a witch is the word LOVE.

I love my dear family here and am so glad that the Goddess has led me to this time of my life and she has shown me the way. I am forever grateful… for she has blessed me abundantly with my family here, with my family in the forests and the oceans, and has reconnected me to Mother Earth, and Grandmother Moon. For that, I shall always be grateful.

My love, to my coven family.

The Maiden, Mother and Crone Within the Mundane

The Maiden, Mother and Crone Within the Mundane

Author:   Dharma Chai 

The Maiden

There was once a time in your life that everything was filled with wonder and hope. Everything was brand new, colorful and the world immense and full of beauty. We were young and innocent. Life was the priceless pearl we discovered by opening the shell. There were Fairy Tales with happy endings where everyone lived happily ever after, and we believed in this possibility. Dandelions were just as lovely as roses and we gathered them as offerings of love to our mothers. We were imaginative; our creative spark took us anywhere we wished to be. Strangers were exciting and mysterious, but were not to be feared. Instead they were heroes with make believe talents and abilities. Clouds became a never-ending parade of circus animals. Unicorns danced in our dreams. We were open to possibilities. We could be anything we wanted to be. We knew without a doubt that some day we would meet our prince charming. We would live happily ever after.

Over time, we were taught to be strong and capable. We were taught that dreams were okay, but we needed to keep our feet on the ground. Our heads were filled with ideals that weren’t our own. We learned to be afraid. The world wasn’t what we imagined, but a place where danger lurked at each corner.

Childlike and innocent is the Maiden. Her hopes and dreams are as certain as truth. Loving and gentle, her world is very fragile as her trust rules over fears. She dreams of a loving relationship that will outshine any tale. Yet she blushes easily when admired. She has not experienced the ways of the world. She is the eternal optimist. Her spirit cannot be crushed and hope reigns eternal. The world is enchanting and magickal. She resides within each of us as the innocent one. She dances with us in a field of wildflowers and tumbles to ground next to us in ecstasy. She whispers her secret desires to the winds and they tickle our ears as the find their place in our heart. We are the oysters and she is the pearl contained within. She is the beauty emanating from within our being for the world to see. She is pure, untouched by the harsh reality of the mundane world.

I can see her as if standing before me, her long hair flowing about her as she dances with the Fae in a circle beneath the crescent moon. Her graceful, lithe body moves gently in the rhythm of lunar energies. Her spirit glows, the radiant light emanating from her heart. Her long flowing gown cannot hide the young woman’s frame beneath. Her laughter is like chimes in my ears. Her smile lights the universe.

Growing in strength and brightness each night, the Maiden, known as Diana and Artemis in the Mediterranean area, is usually depicted carrying a bow and quiver. She is the first aspect of the triple Goddess. Sometimes called the virgin or huntress, she represents the spring of the year, the dawn, fresh beginnings of all life, the repeating cycle of birth and rebirth, the waxing moon and the crescent moon, enchantment and seduction. She shows the way through the inner labyrinth to the divine center where the greatest of spiritual mysteries lie. She is matter and energy held in suspension until the right time arrives. She is a shape shifting Goddess who drives a chariot pulled by silver stags. She helps women who are threatened or harassed by men.

She rules over animals, singing, enchantment, psychic power, fertility, purification, magic, sports, mental healing, dance, forests, and healing. She carries the seeds of all potential: anything is possible and all possibilities are within her. She does not limit herself by the needs or beliefs of others. She is in love with the mystery of life. The Maiden represents expansion, the female principle, and promise of new beginnings, youth, and excitement. The Maiden is associated with the colors white, light pink and light yellow. She symbolizes youth and anticipation of life. Associated with purity and nature, She is usually seen in the company of animals. In the aspect of the Maiden we see the world with child-like wonder, and also huntress and warrior, as Athena and Artemis are known to be.

The Mother
There is nothing like being pregnant. When I was pregnant with my daughter I was happier than I had ever been in my life. Knowing that a life was growing inside me was amazing. I felt more alive than ever before. I could not wait to hold this little miracle of love.

Okay, there are times where you are so sick you want to die. When the baby decides to try to use your rib cage to score a touchdown it doesn’t feel great. You have weird cravings for food.
You are swollen and can’t see your toes and feel like a blimp that swallowed a blimp.

When a child is born, we always want to count fingers and toes and to know once and for all, girl or boy. We have such great expectations for this tiny bundle of joy. Perhaps he will be president. Perhaps she will be a ballerina. We cannot wait to dress them, to show them off and to take pictures of everything from their first diaper change to the first smile.

Fear sets in once you get home. You call the doctor often. Is this the best formula? Are these the best diapers? She/He spit up, is she sick? Do I need to bring the baby to the hospital! The baby gets colicky and cries all the time. You can’t sleep because you worry excessively. You can’t sleep because the baby is crying. Is she hungry or sick? You have to go check and make sure she is breathing! Our maternal, protective instinct has kicked into high gear.

Now, imagine for a moment, we may have a few children; some families have 13 or more, think how many the Goddess has! We are all children of the Goddess, no matter our age. Our child learns to speak and says Mama so many times we want to pull our heads off! Imagine all of the voices and prayers going out at any given time to our Mother, the Goddess.

Our Goddess Mother has our best interest at heart. She wants for us to be happy and healthy. She never turns away because she is tired and wants some peace and quit. She loves us unconditionally. She understands our hopes and desires and dreams. She lives within our hearts. You can lean on her when you need strength and patience with your little one. You can place your child and yourself within the love and light of the Great Mother and trust that she will always be there for you.

The second Goddess aspect is the Mother, the archetype involved in active creation. She represents the summer, blazing noon, reproduction and fertility, the ripeness of life, the Full Moon, and the high point in all cycles. Her traditional color is red, the color of blood and of life itself. She is the great teacher of the Mysteries. The Romans named her Ceres and the Greeks named her Demeter. A virgin of the oldest sense, independent and unmarried, this Goddess gives birth to a son. Called the Grain Mother, the Eternal Mother, and the Sorrowing Mother, she is the mother of Persephone, who wed the lord of the Underworld. Her power extends over protection of women, crops, initiation, renewal, fertility, civilization, law, motherhood, marriage, and higher magic.

The mother devotes herself to “other”: people and things outside of herself. Though the archetype of the mother often makes one think of a woman giving birth to or devoting herself to her children and family, here we are speaking of all of the possibilities of creation. She is a selfless soul whose devotion and love are unconditional. It is here that responsibility and commitment is established.

Some of the symbols of the goddess in the Mother aspect include the serpent, the poppy, and the symbol of Underworld Goddesses, the torch. The Mother also represents fulfillment, stability, and power. The color associated with the Mother is red, the color of blood and the life force, and green, a fertile color. In ancient societies, the pregnant Mother was a metaphor for the fertile fields that sustained the people of the land. The menstrual blood of the Mother has been associated with magick and ritual since Paleolithic times and was thought to have power for healing and fertility.

The Mother is a pillar of grace under pressure. She is capable, strong, and loving. She smiles as the young child plays, joy flooding her heart as her offspring giggles in delight at some new discovery. She keeps the fear and panic hidden when we are sick, be it in body or in spirit. She continually prays for us. She wipes the tears from our eyes, chases us down to give us medicine, and helps to build a pretend fort with blankets. She watches you while you are sleeping and love fills her heart. She is like a tree in that she is able to bend, but is has a strong foundation supporting her.

Climb into the Mothers arms and be nurtured. Within her embrace we are ever safe and loved. Share your dreams with her. She will do all things possible to help you to achieve them and more.

The Crone

We have all seen the little old woman, her hair thin and sparse, her skin aged with wrinkles, her smile crooked as her false teeth lay in a glass to the side. Many associate this image with the Crone. Her hands tremble as she brings food to her mouth. She looks like a baby with food dripping down her chin. Time isn’t always kind to us in that our bodies betray us. But if you were to take some time with this woman, you would find a font of wisdom, a history of love, of sorrow, of experience.

Her spirit still shines. Her face is soft and compassion flows from her heart. Though she appears weak, her essence is strong and sure. She understands your dreams and desires. She has shared them and she has experienced them. She knows what is important in life. She no longer rushes about headstrong seeking. She delights in the memories of all she has seen and known. Some think she has endured. The truth is, she has lived. That is what is important, the living and loving.

Pain causes a momentary tremor in her voice. She will tell you truths. Will you be willing to listen, to hear her words? Can you sit and hold her hand and experience the journey she is willing to share with you? Can you look at her with respect? Can you look beyond the fears of your body aging?

I see my grandmother, gentle and soft spoken, holding me close in her lap. Beside her lays some yarn and knitting needles. She always has time for me and my questions. She receives great joy in watching the young ones at play and reminiscing about her life as the children begin their lives. There is depth to her heart and eyes that show the years of learning the importance of compassion. There is understanding well beyond that of the dreamer’s hopes.

She moves a little slower now and can no longer bare children. In this day and time, people tend to cast the elderly aside. This is heartbreaking. There is so much love and wisdom they have to share. It may be a time of rest, but it isn’t a time to be tossed away. They should not have to live through memories, as they are still able to give so much to this world!

Most cultures cherished their grandmothers and counted them as wise ones once upon a time. They had seen things and done things to survive in new worlds. Once upon a time they were maidens. Once upon a time they were mothers. They know the mysteries of womanhood.

As I entered into the stage of the Crone, I realized that all I have seen and done helped me to become whom I am today. I am a little slower, but I have more patience, more love, and more compassion. I know there are times to sit quietly and say nothing. I know there are times I should offer my wisdom. What others think of me isn’t important, as I know self-love. I know how precious life and time are. I have found that worry does not save me from sorrow or pain. I have found that life isn’t about satisfying the ego. Life is about acknowledging the blessings we have received from joy and from pain, from fear and from faith. I realize that I cannot change the past but that what I have learned from it provides comfort. She is a fount of wisdom, untapped by a modern world. Not because she isn’t willing to share her wisdom, but because we are so self-involved. I cry for the Crone because so many have forgotten her value.

The Crone, also called the Dark Mother, the Old Wise One, or the hag, represents winter, the night, the universal abyss where life rests before rebirth, the gateway to death, reincarnation, the waning moon and the New Moon, and the deepest of Mysteries and prophecies. She is the third aspect of the Triple Goddess. Her traditional color is black and sometimes the deepest of purples or dark blue. She is the initiator into the Mysteries. This aspect symbolizes death and dissolution. Everything in the universe has a life cycle, at the end of which they malfunction, decay, and transform into a different set of materials, elements that are recycled and reformed into something new. The souls of humans are recycled by the Crone and her cauldron, into a new incarnation.

The embodiment of the Crone, Hecate, Queen of the world of spirits, Patron of Priestesses, and the Goddess of Witchcraft, has keys and cauldrons as her symbols. She has power over enchantments, averting evil, dark magic, riches, wisdom, transformation, purification, limits, incantations, and renewal. She is not detached from the world; just not involved in the ways she was before. She can be completely honest because she has nothing to lose. She holds the wisdom, teaches and shares stories with those who will listen.

The crone was once revered as an old woman embodying wisdom and for her knowledge of the truth of cyclic existence. Crones cared for the dying and were spiritual midwives at the end of life, the link in the cycle of death and rebirth. They were known as healers, teachers, way-showers, and bearers of sacred power. They knew the mysteries, were mediators between the world of spirit and the world of form. In pre-patriarchal societies, women’s wisdom held healing power. The crone wisdom was the most potent of all. For nearly thirty thousand years, old women were strong, powerful sources of wisdom. Crones were respected and honored in their communities.

Our appearance may show a lot about our lives. Weathered hands showing our hard work. Our skin weathered like tanned hides show we spent a lot of time outdoors. These outward appearances don’t begin to show the person beneath the surface. They don’t show the entire journey. Look beyond the obvious and you will discover the treasures of life, the joy, the sorrow, all blessings, to the Crone. Don’t sorrow for her because her time draws nigh upon this plane. Rejoice with her. Embrace what will come, accept what has been, and dare to experience all.

From my manuscript – From My Pagan Heart by Lady Kiya

The Magick of Life

The Magick of Life

Author:   Crick 

Have you ever taken a moment to notice the magick of life?

While walking along a country road, the reeds off to the side begin to waver to and fro. Is there a Sylph at play? Or is it Father Time heaving a sigh as he passes through?

Have you ever had the pleasure of listening to an old bullfrog bellowing out the blues? A grand old song of love lost and of love yet to be realized. An adage of life presented by way of the lyrics of nature in a symphonic way.

Have you watched as a caterpillar goes wafting along a rough barked tree? She is a beautiful metamorphous in motion, a budding mystery waiting to transform into a colorful and majestic form. From earth to sky, a wonderful delight forever touching our souls. The magick of life in a brief expanse of titillating color.

Have you ever noticed mother spider silently gazing over her web of silken strands. A superb artisan as she quietly guards the doorway to a special realm. Hers is an ancient lesson in patience. Sitting off to the side as a master shaman stealthily traverses from this realm to that using the glistening web as a mystic gateway into orbs of awareness floating about just beyond our senses.

Have you listened to the crescendo of a community of crickets as they sing in unison? First softly then loudly, then softly again, never missing a beat. An exercise in harmony, an everlasting bond of harmony. An awareness of their surroundings woven into the tapestry of their opera.

Such is the magick of life.

Have you ever noticed tiny dewdrops glistening like little diamonds clinging to the tall green blades of grass? An Undine child in the making perhaps as Father Sun draws them up into his warm embrace. Or perhaps a treasure forever in the making and yet never to be harvested.

Have you ever watched as a solitary leaf floats lazily out of the sky? Going this way and that and yet with a sure purpose. Directed by the currents of the breeze, much like life that is influenced by the changing winds of society. And yet a steady yet unseen goal looms before it.

Have you ever watched as a mother bird feeds her young? A bond of love stronger then steel and yet undetected by the human eye. The continuation of life, a magick ever so strong. For love can lead to birth as well as to death.

And so the wheel turns.

Have you ever watched as a black snake silently slithers across a path? A symbol of evil to some and yet seldom seen. Misunderstandings leading to fear, spiraling about in the darkness of ignorance. And yet knowledge will bring you back to the depths of understanding. And such awareness leads to tranquility and peace.

For such is the magick of life.

Have you ever watched a busy colony of ants? Oh the magick that resides within. A common purpose and involvement by all. No obstacle too great. No task too small. Surely lessons here to be learned by those who seek out such mysteries.

For the magick of life offers lessons not to be seen nor heard but to be felt and absorbed when we open up our hearts. Some teach that humans tower above nature. But as pagans it’s our way to be as one with life. For nature is life and the magick that she offers transcends all such misguided beliefs.

Have you noticed?

Deep within the forest, mother bruin lies within the embrace of hibernation, new life forming within her womb. An ancient ritual practiced through the ages. Have you ever wondered about her dreams as she sleeps through the frigid months of winter?
Now that is the magick of life.

Have you ever stood at the waters edge and watched as a mighty fish comes bursting through the surface of its watery domain? Perhaps it is carrying a message of truth and wisdom from He who resides in the murky depths.

Awaken witch, to the wonders of this realm. Listen to all that your ancestors knew to be true. Perhaps it is telling you to shake off the detritus of the mind and to feel with your heart that which is your destiny to experience as a pagan.

Far too long such knowledge has been suppressed by man; let nature be your ears and eyes.

Have you ever listened to the lone cry of a coyote during the moon lit night? A primal reaction to an awareness that has always been and will always be. Shaman quietly smiles in acknowledgement as his brother bids him welcome.

Such, my friend, is the magick of life.

Have you ever come upon the empty shell of a cicada clinging silently to a tree?

It would appear that death in place of life is in evidence; however a metamorphism onto a greater reality is the result of such an event. For death is the balance that creates life, one without the other is an energy, which has not come full circle, a partial reaction to what must be in order to be complete.

Have you ever sat amidst a field on the edge of dusk as an owl goes gliding quietly by? Some would say a witch in flight. Striking fear into its potential prey as it wings by on its deadly mission. And yet even fear has its place in the magick of life.

As pagans of whatever path, we too have something to contribute to the cacophony of magick that swirls all about us like a silent mist contained within the fog of reason.

Freeing our minds from the shackles of fears and insecurities that such knowledge brings to those who are not of pure heart is a step forwards towards such a contribution.

Acknowledging that such wisdom is within our ability to accept is a gift of awareness and acceptance that has been sorely lacking by so many of our species.

Throw off the blinders of prejudice and ignorance and allow yourself to be a student of life.

For the path of the pagan is truly the magick of life.

The Goddess and The God

The Goddess and The God

Author:   Danielle.dyer 

The Goddess has been worshipped as a Triple Deity -Maiden, Mother, and Crone (Dark Mother, Wise Woman, The Hag) – from the beginning of religion. The numbers three, and multiples of three, are sacred in many ancient cultures. The priests of Babylon taught that three was a lucky number as well. In the writings of Pythagoras, we find that the philosopher called three a “triple Word, ” meaning that using the number three in particular circumstances, such as repeating spells and rituals three times, can create whatever is held in the mind of the user.

Later in history, the alchemist Paracelsus associated the number three with gold; to alchemists, gold was not so much a physical metal as a symbol for spiritual enlightenment. The ancient Chinese philosopher Lao-Tsu said that three is the perfect number, for it engenders all things. In numerology, the number three represents creativity, activity, and knowledge.

Ancient Mystery Schools always had three main steps or degrees through which the student must pass. Today, we still find this idea of three degrees of knowledge used to designate a Witch’s progress in a coven.

We can understand this trinity better if we compare it to the three stages of human life: youth and puberty, adulthood, and old age. Since the Goddess’s power is all encompassing She will present aspects that speak to all humans, regardless of their age. These esoteric ideas cover and comfort from birth to death and beyond.

The first Goddess aspect is the Maiden. This phase holds the matrix of creation, which will produce and create when the time is ripe. She is matter and energy held in suspension until the right time arrives. The Maiden, sometimes called the Virgin or the Huntress, represents the Spring of the year, the dawn, fresh beginnings of all life, the repeating cycle of birth and rebirth, the waxing moon and the crescent moon, enchantment, and seduction. Her traditional color is white. She is the Way-Shower, the Guide through the inner labyrinth to the Divine Center where the greatest of spiritual Mysteries lie.

The second Goddess aspect is the Mother. This is the matrix in motion, the archetype involved in active creation. In humans, the physical desire, the mental will and concentration, and the spiritual balance and understanding are all necessary to produce a desired result. It is easy for humans to identify with the Mother aspect, for they see the Mother around them in all human and animal mothers. The Mother aspect of the Goddess represents the Summer, blazing noon, reproduction, and fertility, the ripeness of life, the Full Moon, and high point in all cycles. Her traditional color is red, the color of blood and life itself. She is the Great Teacher of the Mysteries.

The last aspect is the crone, also called the Dark Mother, the Old Wise One, or the Hag. Since this aspect symbolizes death and dissolution, it is frightening to many people. Everything in the universe has a life cycle, at the end of which they malfunction, decay, and transform into a different set of materials, elements that are recycled and reformed into something new. In humans, the soul is recycled by the Crone and her cauldron into a new incarnation. The Crone represents winter, the night, the universal abyss where life rests before rebirth, the gateway to death and reincarnation, the waning moon and the New Moon, and the deepest of Mysteries and prophecies. Her traditional color is black, and sometimes the deepest of purples or dark blue. She is the Initiator into the Mysteries.

The fact that She is a single archetype plus a trinity of aspects makes Her very complex. It is impossible to reduce the Goddess’s spiritual form and meaning to words on paper. She is the beginning, the ending, and everything in between.

The Horned God has been recognized and worshipped as far back as the Stone Age, where we find paintings of horned, ithyphallic men. The Horned God is not the Christian devil. We find the image of the Pagan God in the Egyptian god Amun-Ra, with his ram’s horns and in the Greek Great God Pan, with his goat horns and hooves. Among the Celts, the Horned God was called Cernunnos. This deity was sometimes linked with the Otherworld, particularly the Underworld section, and reincarnation.

In the original myths concerning the God, one finds him as the co-creator, vital companion, and mystical priest of the Goddess. His prime purpose is to join with Her to create order out of chaos, substance of spiritual matter, and life from universal energies swirling in the dark abyss. His next purpose is to carry out Her will and see that Her laws are obeyed.

The God is also frequently seen in trinity form, although, like the Goddess, His more complex that this simple definition. The three aspects are the Divine Child, the Son/Lover, and the Sacrificed Savior/Lord of Death. Even though these three aspects are the most important, the God has many others: Sky-Father and Ruler of the Heavens, Lord of the Forest and Animals, the Supreme Healer, the Trickster, God of Judgment, the Great Magus or Magician, God of the Waters, and the Hero-Warrior.

As the Divine Child, the God represents beginnings and the start of new cycles. This includes new hope and new opportunities, physical as well as mental, emotional, and spiritual. His traditional color is the dark green of plant life. The Divine Child is the signpost of the inner spiritual journey we each must take, the sign that says, “begin here.” We begin as a child, taking the first tentative steps along an unknown and unfamiliar path that leads to a mystical destination that is difficult to understand until we reach the end.

The Son/Lover aspect symbolizes maturity and responsibility, the desire to take into account the needs of others more than oneself. The God in this aspect balances sexual desire and need with companionship and tenderness. His traditional color is red, the color of the life force and the birth fluids. Combined with the powers of the Goddess, He shows us that there must be a blending of different energies to create. This creation includes ideas, inventions, and the arts. He is the Companion on our spiritual journey, the one who points out the path if we start to go astray.

The Great Rite of Wicca is connected with the Mother aspect of the Goddess and the Son/Lover aspect of the God. Those outside the Wiccan religion can misunderstand this Rite. The Great Rite has its roots in the ancient Sacred Marriage between priestess and King, which dates back to the Neolithic era. Originally, a king or tribal ruler could not hold the office unless he wed the Goddess. He had to be a Chosen One, either appointed by the High Priestess of the tribe’s religion, or have passed certain stringent tests. This esoteric, spiritual marriage was symbolized by actual nuptials between the would-be king and the High Priestess of the Goddess or the land, which included sexual rites.

Today, Wiccan groups usually practice this Rite in symbolic form, rather than in actuality. The symbolic act is the dipping of the athame into a cup of wine or juice during a ritual (the cup symbolizes the womb of the Goddess and the athame the phallus of the God) . Some Witches believe that the priestess should dip the athame into a cup of wine or juice held by the priest. However, you can reverse this, with the priestess holding the cup and the priest using the athame. If the Great Rite is physically performed, it is in private and between a husband and wife, high priestess and priest.

The Sacrificed Savior/Lord of Death aspect of the God can be difficult to understand as the dark aspect of the Crone. Mystery Religions frequently were connected with the Sacrificed Savior, who gave his life so that spiritual knowledge and enlightenment could come into the world. This aspect of the God always resurrected and lived again, reminding us that everything is recycled and that human life reincarnates. The Greeks used the word soter for Savior; soter means “one who sows the seed.” In mythology, the Sacrificed Savior was reborn of the Earth Mother aspect of the Goddess.

The Lord of Death was originally the Lord of Comfort for the souls who rest in the abyss before rebirth. At the will of the Goddess, He gathers souls at the proper time and guides them to the afterlife, while comforting those who fear or are in pain. Under His Celtic guise of Lord or the Wild Hunt, the God sees that karmic debts are paid and that destiny is fulfilled. In this, He is the equivalent of the Greek goddesses, the Erinyes. However, unlike the Erinyes, who relentlessly and mercilessly hunted down those guilty of the breaking of blood laws, the Lord of the Hunt makes certain that the souls He seeks are ready for the transition, that they are in the right place at the right time to meet their destiny.

Although His appearance and actions are fearsome, this aspect of the God is actually one of great compassion. His traditional color is the black of the abyss in the Underworld, the temporary black of death that absorbs and erases pain and suffering. He is the Gate-Keeper, who tests our worth before we are allowed to enter the deepest Mysteries.

The Witches Spell for July 23rd – Reverse and Send Back A Spell or Curse

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The Witches Spell for July 23rd:

Reverse and Send Back A Spell or Curse


Ingredients You Will Need:

Pine Needles

If you feel someone has been performing Magick on you against your will, you do have the option of stopping their effort. You should burn pine needles while concentrating on stopping and sending back the Magickal Act. This will also aid in blocking future attempts at Magickal intrusion.

The easiest way to perform this spell indoors is to crush a small amount of needles and to place them atop a round charcoal tablet. This spell can just as easily be preformed outdoors by placing pine needles on the campfire. All people present should participate in the visualization of sending the Magick back to its owner.

Let’s Talk Witch – Candle Magick


Let’s Talk Witch – Candle Magick

It is important to know that you do not have to have elaborate spells prepared for most candle magick. If you have good visualization skills, or would like to add a candle spell to an existing spell you have prepare, it’s as easy as lighting the appropriate candle and stating your intent. What you do want to keep in mind, is that you should always combine as many elements as possible in your magick. Do your research — use the appropriate colors and herbs to enhance your magickal experience. Always be sure to set the mood in your magickal space. Be sure to have a clean and safe environment prepared when casting. All of this will contribute to your magickal experience, and help to effectively cast successful magick.

Another effective way to ensure added results is to always carve your name and astrological sign on the candle, to personalize it. Add as much detail to every spell you perform and create spells that are your own. There is no greater spell than the one you create. Meditate create and succeed. Magick is everything you are, and everything you place into it. Your energy and time, will create the perfect spell.

Celebrating Other Spirituality 365 Days A Year – Neptunalia


July 23


The Neptunalia venerates the divine God of the sea, Neptune. Originally a freshwater God, Neptune acquired his maritime status when he was identified with the Greek Poseidon. At Rome, there was a temple dedicated to Neptune in the circus Flaminius within the Campus Martius where his festivals were held on July 23 and December 1.

Neptune was one of only three Gods to whom a bull might be sacrificed (the others were Mars and Apollo). According to legend, he has a wife whose name was Salacia, Goddess of the salty sea and inland guardian of springs. It is believed that the Goddess Sulis, who is still worshiped at the sacred hot springs at Bath, may have been an aspect of Salacia.

“Mighty Neptune, may it please,

Thee, the Rector of the Seas.

Through thy watrie-region;

And a Tunnie-fish shall be,

Offer’d up with thanks to thee.

—Robert Herrick, “To Neptune, Hesperides”


The Witches Correspondence for Tuesday, July 23

Gothic Comments

The Witches Correspondence for Tuesday, July 23

Magickal Intentions: Courage, Physical Strength, Revenge, Military Honors, Surgery and the Breaking of Negative Spells, Matrimony, War, Enemies, Prison, Vitality and Assertiveness
Incense: Dragon’s Blood, Patchouli
Planet: Mars
Sign: Aries and Scorpio
Angel: Samuel
Colors: Red and Orange
Herbs/Plants: Red Rose, Cock’s Comb, Pine, Daisy, Thyme and Pepper
Stones: Carnelian, Bloodstone, Ruby, Garnet and Pink Tourmaline
Oil: (Mars) Basil, Coriander, Ginger

Mars rules Tuesday. The energies of this day best harmonize with efforts of masculine vibration, such as conflict, physical endurance and strength, lust, hunting, sports, and all types of competition. Use them, too, for rituals involving surgical procedures or political ventures.

Gothic Comments
The Witches Almanac for Tuesday, July 23

*Tuesday(Mars): Passion, sex, courage, aggression and protection.

Mysteries of Santa Cristina (Italian)

Waning Moon

*The Waning Moon is a time for study, meditation, and little magickal work (except magick designed to banish harmful energies).

Moon Phase: Third Quarter

Moon Sign: Aquarius

*Aquarius: Rebellious energy. Time to break habits and make abrupt changes. Personal freedom and individuality is the focus.

Incense:  Ylang-ylang

Color:  Gray

Always Remember

Gothic Comments

Always Remember

To KNOW:  Know yourself, know your craft. Research your spells, apply all your knowledge

To WILL:  Focus your mind, your power and inner being.

To DARE:  Believe in your spells and all you do with Positive thought and intent. All this is energy you place in the universe.

To REMAIN SILENT:  Speak not of your spells….for every thought placed into your magick, your magick is affected.

Today's Tarot Card for July 23rd is The Empress

The Empress

Tuesday, Jul 23rd, 2013







Traditionally entitled “Empress,” this major arcana or “trump” card portrays the energy of the Great Mother. She is Nature, around us but also within us, the ever-unfolding Source of life-giving power. She is often pictured as a pre-Christian Goddess, as the one whom the High Priestess is channeling down to earth for the rest of us.

In medieval Europe, the Empress card was painted to represent whatever Queen currently ruled the land, probably to satisfy the Inquisitors. But the scholars of the Renaissance and beyond had no doubt of her true identity, although she could not be fully revealed on Tarot cards as the “woman clothed with the sun” until after the French Revolution.

This supreme archetype of femininity also symbolizes fertility. It is She who provides us nourishment and security. She is also sometimes seen as delighting us with flowers and fruit. A potentially terrifying aspect of this archetype manifests itself whenever karmic mood swings wipe out our plans, like a storm that has come upon us. Whatever happens, the Empress is the Source of our Embodiment and of Natural Law. She might even be called “the Great Recycler.”

Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday, July 23rd

We need to push past our personal desires today so we can focus on the realms of community and humanity. The greater good is of higher concern now that the Moon is visiting conceptual Aquarius. Although we’re comfortable in the world of thought, we might seem emotionally distant from others. Nevertheless, we must make choices about what we like and what we don’t like while resourceful Venus is moving through analytical Virgo until August 16.

Aries Horoscope

(Mar 21 – Apr 19)

You might be quite distracted from the emotional issues that have been building over the last few weeks. There is much to say, but you can’t bring yourself to say it. Lately, you are more concerned about what others think of you, so you often change the subject to something less threatening. Get together with trusted friends and share what’s weighing on your heart. Receiving their support will be well worth the risk of revealing your feelings. Nothing ventured; nothing gained.

Taurus Horoscope

(Apr 20 – May 20)

You want to be acknowledged for your unflappable behavior, but even if people say wonderful things about you now, you might not be open to what you are hearing. It’s important to be actively engaged with those around you; if praise comes your way, smile and say thank you. Don’t deflect the positive support because of your temporary insecurity or low self-esteem. On the other hand, don’t go fishing for compliments; they mean a lot more when they’re unsolicited. Be the friend you want to have and focus your attention on the happiness of others.

Gemini Horoscope

(May 21 – Jun 20)

New opportunities create alternatives today as you think about all the future possibilities waiting for you. Even if you’re still feeling stressed out, the potential for change is improving day by day. But don’t expect circumstances to suddenly transform. Rather, the dreams you hold on to now will begin to take shape gradually. Think big, but try not to be too disappointed if everything takes some time yet to manifest. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Cancer Horoscope

(Jun 21 – Jul 22)

You may go through a weird phase this week as you attempt to distance yourself from your feelings in order to cope with what’s happening. Although this sounds difficult, gaining perspective can be quite helpful. Relationships might be easier than they have been for a while, since your current emotional detachment enables you to enjoy yourself without being overwhelmed. Be aware of your desires, but don’t spread them out on the table for others to see. Give yourself time to sort things out before you share them with anyone else.

Leo Horoscope

(Jul 23 – Aug 22)

You roar with all the intent of the Lion or Lioness, but others may react to you now in ways you don’t expect. The high tension between your will and the emotional response that you elicit today might anger you if you can’t have your way. But don’t follow your temptation to turn this into a full-blown argument. If you do, there won’t be a winner. Call on your inner patience today because you’ll most likely achieve your goals if you can wait long enough for others to come around to your point of view.

Virgo Horoscope

(Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Your ideas may be worth more than anyone perceives, but it’s difficult to get your concepts across at this time. If you are misinterpreted, your tendency now is to inflate your cleverness in an attempt to convince others of your intellectual merit. But the more you say, the less they understand. Loosening the reins of control prevents problems from developing later on. Your best tactic is to communicate as little as possible and let the day take its own course, without feeling the need to control where it leads.

Libra Horoscope

(Sep 23 – Oct 22)

You have lots of energy today to put toward creating enjoyment for you and those around you. You could choose to have a party since that would fulfill your need for spending time with your friends in a spontaneous manner. Also, your creative juices are flowing, so if there’s a project you’ve been putting off, today is the day to get it off the ground. He who hesitates is lost.

Scorpio Horoscope

(Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Processing your emotions may be tricky if it seems that you have nowhere to go with your feelings. If you express them honestly, you won’t improve your current situation. However, if you try to bury them, you’ll only make matters even worse. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution; simply steer clear of blame. Acknowledge what you’re feeling, but don’t attempt to describe the cause. If you stay in the present moment and remember to be kind, then a difficult situation can magically transform into a beautiful encounter.

Sagittarius Horoscope

(Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Today has all the earmarks of a highly busy day, complete with unusual social encounters. Although you may be looking for meaning as much as you are seeking a good time, the emphasis is on turning your day into an adventure. Of course, you’re nearly always up for a good adventure. However, problems arise if you make too much out of a minor event. If you’re going to the beach for a swim, don’t try to turn it into a Caribbean pleasure cruise.

Capricorn Horoscope

(Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Even if the emotional turmoil has started to calm down, you still might be embroiled in a bit of a power struggle that upsets you. Unfortunately, you can easily express your frustration at the wrong target, which doesn’t necessarily help you to regain your sense of balance. Instead of focusing on a current situation, look ahead to next week and do whatever you need in order to carry out your long-term commitments. Keeping your eyes on the future gives you the confidence motivation to successfully handle the current situation.

Aquarius Horoscope

(Jan 20 – Feb 18)

A close family member or a good friend may be the source of temporary trouble for you now. You feel like you haven’t done anything wrong, but someone still could get angry with you for no apparent reason. You might even see the black cloud coming and try to stop the oncoming storm, but to no avail. Don’t take it all too seriously, for the drama seems so much more important than it really is. Let the emotional barrage roll off you like water off a duck’s back. No worries; the sun will come out tomorrow.

Pisces Horoscope

(Feb 19 – Mar 20)

You can drift off into your own fantasy-land these days, but escape might not be such a bad thing now. Others get on your case and try to make you see the folly of your ways but you know there’s treasure to be discovered. Thankfully, there is no harm from taking your little mental holiday as long as you remember the difference between reality and your imagination. Embark on your journey, but make certain you’re back in time to do your chores.

The Royal Babies' Astrology Chart (I just had too!))

The Royal Baby Has Arrived

Exploring the Astrology of England’s future king

Maria DeSimone

Maria DeSimone on the topics of leo, cusp, celebrities, cancer, astrology


Its official, Kate Middleton and Prince William have welcomed their newborn prince into the world — a healthy boy weighing in at 8 pounds 6 ounces. His name hasn’t been released yet, but his horoscope is firmly written in the stars. What follows is a brief overview explaining the latest member of the royal family’s potential, as explained by his Astrology.

This royal cusper caused some confusion as many astrologers thought he may be a Leo! But it turns out Wills and Kate’s boy was born when the Sun was in the final degree and minute of the sign Cancer. This 29th degree in Astrology is known as a critical degree and does suggest that this little prince will have a certain amount of karmic responsibility in the domestic arena … no surprise there! Obviously this child was born with significant history and big shoes to fill. Based on the degree of his Sun sign he will surely take his role seriously.

A Full Moon, baby!

At the time of his birth, the Moon was also in the final degrees of Capricorn, right before a Full Moon in Aquarius. For all intents and purposes, the prince is a Full Moon baby which adds to the “fulfillment” role he will have in terms of domestic responsibility. How interesting that his mother was born with the very same opposition between the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn! Furthermore, there’s a remarkable array of four planets is in the sign Cancer at the time of his birth — and all of them are placed in the 8th House of Deep Transformation. With lucky Jupiter, assertive Mars, and intellectual Mercury posited in this sensitive water sign (along with the Sun), we can be sure that the new prince will have an intuitive and extremely intense mind and character. His memory will be strong and his gut instinct a force to be reckoned with. He will crave privacy and security which may prove troublesome for someone destined to be in the public eye.

Like mother, like son

Another extraordinary link in his chart has to do with the shift of Venus into Virgo on the day he was born. This suggests a soul who will be extremely service oriented and humble. Since Venus is opposite Neptune, he’ll have a vivid imagination and will be prone to idealism. He’ll certainly be someone with great faith! Another fascinating tidbit about the degree of his Venus is that it falls on the fixed star Regulus which is a royal star in Astrology. Many royal figures have planets or angles prominently placed at the 29th degree of Leo or first degree of Virgo. This star literally means “Little King” and will endow the native with a will to reign. He may run into some confusion about how to express his power since Venus does oppose Neptune in the communication axis (3rd House of Communication and 9th House of Big Ideas). However with Venus at a gorgeous angle to Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, he will surely have his heart in the right place.

The Moon in his chart makes a loose, out of sign square to Saturn which will deepen his emotions even more, amplifying the effects of a sober Capricorn Moon.  The authoritative influence in his life may feel overwhelming at times, yet this will also be the catalyst that leads him towards great success. Still, someone with four planets in sensitive Cancer in the deeply emotional 8th house may struggle with this Capricorn Moon square Saturn which demands a stiff upper lip.

A chart fit for a king

Another notable feature of the little prince’s horoscope is the fact that his Mercury placement is at the degree at which it turned direct only two days ago. This is a strong indicator that his mind will be especially clever and sensitive, although with a square to Uranus he may be prone to excitable communication when his emotions are triggered. His Mercury placement is near the fixed Star Sirius (14 degrees Cancer) which tends to bestow one with riches and fame. No surprise there.

Overall, the little prince has a chart of gold. Jupiter applies to an opposition to Pluto endowing him with tremendous power potential so this young man will be much more than a “poster boy” for royalty. Thankfully, the rest of his chart suggests he will use his clout for good.

Working with Lunar Cycles

Working with Lunar Cycles

Learn how the Moon’s phases can help manifest your dreams

Emily Trinkaus  Emily Trinkaus on the topics of moon, astrology

Working with the phases of the Moon is a simple, practical and effective way to apply Astrology in your everyday life. Just as the Moon influences the ocean’s tides, the Moon’s waxing and waning also reflects the rhythm of our own lives.

Paying attention to where the tides are flowing can help you synchronize with cosmic forces, allowing you to “go with the flow” and create successful outcomes with greater ease.

The monthly lunar cycle

The Moon completes one lunation cycle — from New Moon to Full Moon and back again — over the course of about one month (29 1/2 days to be exact). Each lunar cycle entails the birth, culmination and completion of something in our lives. What exactly this something is can be determined by looking at the sign of the New Moon and seeing where it’s happening in your birth chart.

Generally speaking, when the Moon is waxing — or when its light is increasing — you are opening to new possibilities and initiating new projects. This tends to be an action-oriented time of pursuing goals and making things happen. After the Full Moon, while the light is decreasing, it’s time to complete what you started and reflect upon what you’ve created.

The lunar cycle begins with the New Moon or Dark of the Moon, a deeply mystical time of the month when the external world recedes and your energy is drawn inward. Astrologically, the New Moon signifies the conjunction of the Sun and Moon as they occupy the same sign of the zodiac. The Moon appears to be invisible because it is eclipsed by the rays of the Sun. This is an excellent time to retreat and reflect upon what you want to create for the coming month. Meditate, get clear about your intentions, and for added power write a list of what you want to manifest.

How Moon phases affect you

Launch new projects and anything you want to increase in your life in the days following the New Moon (starting right on the New Moon is too early). About a week after the New Moon comes the First Quarter or Waxing Half Moon when, astrologically speaking, the Sun and Moon are forming a 90-degree angle or “square.” At this point you’re likely to encounter obstacles or challenges in moving forward with what you started. This is a time to reevaluate your course of action and determine whether to continue on or alter your path.

In the days approaching the Full Moon, you can feel the energy building and there’s an increase in activity. The Full Moon occurs about one week after the First Quarter Moon, but you can feel its influence for two days before and after the exact phase. The high energy stimulates great productivity and there’s a sense of things coming to culmination or fruition. Of course, as documented by police stations and emergency rooms, emotions are also running high — hence the words “lunatic” and “lunacy.”

With the Moon fully reflecting the Sun’s light, you begin to see the results of what you started at the New Moon. Astrologically, the Sun and Moon are now exactly opposite one another in the zodiac. This opposition can bring about new perspectives, breakthroughs and revelations. If you’re trying to remove something (or someone) from your life — old habits, weight, a relationship — it’s best to begin this process a day or two after the Full Moon.

Completing the lunar cycle

The Last Quarter Moon comes about a week after the Full Moon. Once again, the Sun and Moon are at a 90-degree angle. As the light decreases you feel drawn to focus your energy, concentrating on the task at hand in order to follow through on commitments. At this point you get the fruits of your labor — the end result of what you started about a month ago is now coming to completion.

During the final days of the cycle, as the Moon’s light recedes and loose ends are tied up, it’s time to go inward again and reflect upon your creations. “Being” rather than doing is appropriate during these dark nights, a time to rest and prepare for the next new beginning.

While every lunar cycle is different — depending on the sign of the New and Full Moon and other planetary influences — they all share a common pattern and rhythm. When you pay attention to and cooperate with the Moon’s phases, you’ll notice a big difference in how much more easily you’re able to create what you want. Experiment and discover the results for yourself!