The Witches Spell for Nov. 8th: Spell to Protect Children from Bullies


Spell to Protect Children from Bullies

If your child is being bullied at school, you should make plans to get your child out of that school immediately. Don’t wait for teachers or administrators to take responsibility. Chances are they won’t. Meanwhile, your child is suffering and maybe in terrible danger.

Until you sort out your practical plan of action, protect your child with this spell:

Make or purchase a poppet. These are featureless rag dolls usually made of muslin. They can sometimes be found at hobby or craft stores.

Fill it with any combination of the following protective herbs:



Rose Petals






Add a few of your child’s hairs or nail clippings.

Place the poppet on your altar and arrange 9 pink candles in a circle around it. In between each candle place a clear quartz crystal.

Light each candle and say, “Goddess (God, protective angels or other powerful spirit), protect my child with light and love.”

Imagine a pink cloud enveloping the poppet and radiating a protective glow.

When the candles have burned down. Wrap the poppet in a pink cloth and place it in a drawer where it will be safe.