Personal Request #2 – Bind a Person from Coming onto Your Property

Legend of the Dragons
Bind a Person from Coming onto Your Property


Materials Required: Picture of the person
Twine or String

Instructions: To banish a person form your property, and keep them from returning, take a picture of the person and wrap the picture with the string until it is completely covered. Bury the wrapped picture in the ground where it will not be found. If you wish to remove the binding, dig up the picture and untie the string. Then, bury the picture in one hole, and bury the string in another.


Personal Request #1 – Strong Binding Spell

Legend of the Dragons

Strong Binding Spell

Materials Required:
One picture of the person
One piece of material (belonging to person) to make a doll (a sock would work fine)
Rope, at least one yard


This is a very strong binding spell, meant to be used for protection, as well as cursing. It will work hard to keep the intended person away from you. Make a doll from the person’s material and fill it with the grass and sand. Place the picture of the person on top of the doll, and wrap the two together with the rope until neither are visible.

Bury the object in a place far away from where you live, socialize or work, where it won’t be found.