Spell – A- Day – Rune Meditation for Clearing Energy Flow c. 2011


Spell – A- Day – Rune Meditation for Clearing Energy Flow
Incense of the day: Peony
We have all felt the frustration of spells that flop. While it’s possible that a failed spell is just an indication that the universe has another agenda for you, it’s also very possible that there is a hidden obstacle in the energy flow. Issues with confidence and empowerment are among the greatest saboteurs that block energy. The runes of Ken (k), Haegl (h), and Gyfu (g) will be used in a guided imagery to open and uncover disruptions and to balance the chakra energy flow. Visualize Ken over the root chakra. Focus on opening the energies flowing from your root to your crown. Reveal any blockages by positioning Haegl over your root chakra. Visualize this rune uncovering disruptions as its energy flows to your crown. Return Haegl’s flow from the crown to the root, uncovering any “manifestation” blockages. Visualize Gyfu flowing from your root to your crown to balance your chakra energy. Focus on and journal any feelings or perceptions that you encountered. Reprogram any obstacles that were uncovered.
By: Karen Follett

, Llewellyn and GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast