Spell for Today – Stop Procrastinating: Banish Procrastination NOW

One of the biggest obstacles to moving forward in life is the habit of postponing tasks, in other words, procrastinating. This is especially true when it comes to learning how to become a Witch. We all find ourselves postponing our daily meditations or find reasons not to cast spells other do our witches’ homework. 🔮

A spell to stop procrastinating should be quick and easy to do, otherwise we will postpone the casting of this very spell! That’s why this simple technique works. If the habit of procrastinating has become your number one enemy, try this easy Wiccan spell:

Spell to Stop Procrastinating

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco

Simple spell for ending procrastination without ingredients. Stop procrastinating once and for all doing this easy ritual and get stuff done once and for all!


  • Focus


  • Think about the task you want to do, avoiding the words “I have to…” or “I should…”. These type of phrases imply that you have no choice, that you won’t do it unless you must. For example, never say to yourself: “I have to study”.
  • Say to yourself something like “I choose to study now”, or “I am ready to study” (replace with the task you are about to do). This way of thinking implies that you have control and it helps you avoid procrastination.
  • When you’re ready, count down in your head: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 — and do it!
  • Quit whatever it is you are doing and get to work on the task.

How Does The Spell Work?…

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