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Celtic Tree Month of Holly July 8 to August 4


Although the Oak ruled in the previous month, its counterpart, the Holly, takes over in July. This evergreen plant reminds us all year long about the immortality of nature. The Holly moon was called Tinne, pronounced chihnn-uh, by the Celts, who knew the potent Holly was a symbol of masculine energy and firmness. The ancients used the wood of the Holly in the construction of weapons, but also in protective magic. Hang a sprig of Holly in your house to ensure good luck and safety to your family. Wear as a charm, or make Holly Water by soaking leaves overnight in spring water under a full moon — then use the water as a blessing to sprinkle on people or around the house for protection and cleansing.


While the oak was the controller of the light half of the year, the holly controlled the dark, winter months.

It shares another quality with the oak in that it is resistant to lightning, its spikey leaves acting as mini conductors.

It was thus, also associated with the same Celtic and Norse gods of thunder, Taranis and Thor, and was often planted near dwellings to protect folk from lightning strikes.

Protective qualities

Druids believed the holly to possess protective qualities, guarding against evil spirits and witchcraft.

It was thought that bringing the leaves inside during the winter months would provide shelter from the cold for the fairy folk, who in return would be kind to those who inhabited the dwelling.

When new Celtic Chieftains were chosen, a wreath of holly was often used as a crown for good luck and new-born babies were bathed in the water from the leaves to protect them from harm.

Although taking cuttings was encouraged in this way, due to its protective qualities, it was considered unlucky to cut down a whole tree.

Holly formed part of Jesus’ crown of thorns

Today holly is perhaps most associated with Christmas, when, following the old traditions, it adorns the houses as part of yule-tide decoration and festivities.

However, according to Christian beliefs, holly formed part of the crown of thorns worn at the crucifixion.

It was the blood of Christ that stained the holly berries red and it was the Christians who gave the holly tree its name from the word holy.

Holly berries are poisonous to humans but a good winter food source for birds. The leaves of the holly tree were used to treat colds and fevers largely associated with the winter months.

As a flower remedy holly is said to rid people of jealousy and hatred and open the heart to love.

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July 8, 2022 Birthday Horoscope Digest

May the next year of your life be better than the past year!

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JULY 8 Birthday Horoscope reports that Cancer zodiac sign is funny and talkative individuals. You always have something to say as you are naturally a curious person. You love to find answers to unknown questions.

You are intelligent because of this dire need to know. It is a challenge to you as well. The July 8th birthday personality characteristics say that you may be a people’s person who makes confident decisions.

The July 8th astrology analysis also predicts that you are likely to have a modern way of thinking. Your morals are consistent with a direct approach to life.

Those born under the Cancer zodiac sign are excellent communicators but can be sensitive at the same time. When someone hurts your feelings, you tend to isolate yourself from your friends and family.

If today 8th July is your birthday, you could use some self-control and emotional security. You are characteristically a hard-working Crab who is either gentle or rough.

About personal relationships, the Cancer Birthday profile for July 8 predicts that you can be extremely sensitive underneath that cool exterior.

You are more committed to your career than you are to anybody. You thrive on the idea of success and fortune. Those of you born on this day would seek a soul mate who is trustworthy, capable of showing emotional support and intimacy.

According to the July 8 birthday personality, you can be a loyal individual until someone betrays you. This is the ultimate form of rejection, and you will find it hard to come back from this kind of disappointment.

However, when you do find yourself in a long-term relationship, you find it enjoyable as you would rather have one lover than many. Usually, you put the desires of your partner first. This makes for a strong love connection between Cancer and a soul mate.

Let’s talk about your money and career options. In a chosen career field, a July 8 birthday person could be an asset to anyone. First, you are good at spotting a good investment that could prove to be profitable. Secondly, you are disciplined, and thirdly, you have great instincts.

Ordinarily, you are a serious but sympathetic Cancer zodiac personality. Those born on this day are expressive and would like to use their communicative talents at work. This skill could also be effective in stimulating new ideas.

According to the 8 July horoscope you are primarily healthy. You take great care of your body and mental health. You take an active interest in watching what you eat and try to use organically grown veggies.

Looking good is as important as feeling good. You could optimize your efforts if you used a regular exercise routine. Those born on July 8 have a great source of energy. Just learn to use it efficiently.

The zodiac for July 8 also shows that you are curious individuals. You love to cook and do so with a passion for food. You love the feeling of being in shape, but you like what you see in the mirror.

It’s not uncommon that you are competitive. You may be slightly insensitive at times, but you are just straightforward. This is just one small part of who you are.


Famous People And Celebrities Born On July 8

Kevin Bacon, Toby Keith, Jaden Smith, John D. RockefellerBeck, Hugo Boss, Sourav Ganguly

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This Day That Year – July 8 In History

1776 – Marks the first reading of the Declaration of Independence
1796 – First passport issued
1833 – Russia and Turkey call truths and treaty signed
1947 – Reports All-Star Baseball Game; AL wins.

July 8 Karka Rashi (Vedic Moon Sign)

July 8 Chinese Zodiac SHEEP

July 8 Birthday Planet

Your ruling planet is Moon that symbolizes your daily moods, your popularity, and natural instincts.

July 8 Birthday Symbols

The Crab Is The Symbol For The Cancer Zodiac Sign

July 8 Birthday Tarot Card

Your Birthday Tarot Card is Strength. This card symbolizes willpower and energy to overcome obstacles. The Minor Arcana cards are Three of Cups and Queen of Cups.

July 8 Birthday Zodiac Compatibility

You are most compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign Virgo: This relationship can be excellent if emotions are controlled.
You are not compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign CapricornThis relationship can get spoiled because of difference in opinion and stubbornness.

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July 8 Lucky Numbers

Number 6 – This number stands for simplicity, responsibility, balance, and guardianship.
Number 8 – This number symbolizes your Karma, discipline, and manifestation.

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Lucky Colors For July 8 Birthday

White: This is a cooling color that shows perfection, completion, openness, and balance.
Cream: This color signifies warmth, and coolness of colors brown and white and stands for purity and elegance.

Lucky Days For July 8th Birthday

Monday – This day is ruled by Moon and symbolizes the influence of family on your life, curiosity, and imagination.
Saturday – This day ruled by Saturn and signifies discipline, restrictions, obstacles and long-term benefits.

July 8 Birthstone Pearl

Pearl is a healing gemstone that symbolizes the lunar effects on your life, good luck and wealth.

Ideal Zodiac Birthday Gifts For People Born On July 8th

Home-Made gourmet lunch for the Cancer man and a pearl necklace for the woman. The July 8 birthday horoscope predicts that you are ready to try out anything new.

Esbat Soap

Esbat Soap

This take (the cleansing recipe a step further in that it is designed to prepare you for the working elements of ritual and Magick, when you will need the additional ability to focus and control.

Add the following to liquid shower gel:

tbsp rosemary leaves

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

6 drops frankincense oil

6 drops sandalwood oil

4 drops jasmine oil

4 drops oil of orange

(you can literally scrape the oil from the outside of an orange using a blunt knife)

July 8 Astronomy Picture of the Day

Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

2022 July 8

Roots on a Rotating Planet

Image Credit & CopyrightMarcella Giulia Pace

Explanation: With roots on a rotating planet, an old tree is centered in this sequence of 137 exposures each 20 seconds long, recorded one night from northern Sicily. Digital camera and fisheye lens were fixed to a tripod to capture the dramatic timelapse, so the stars trailed through the region’s dark sky. Of course that makes it easy to spot the planet’s north celestial pole. The extension of Earth’s axis of rotation into space is toward the upper left, at the center of the concentric star trail arcs. The Milky Way is there too. The plane of our galaxy stretches across the wide field of view from north to east (left to right) creating a broader luminous band of diffuse starlight.