Spell for Today – Cold Fire (to Bring Down a Fever)

A doctor discovered that I could bring fevers down. It takes a little practice, but I’ll bet that most natural witches can do it. Ust the Cornish invocation to St. Brigit:

Three ladies came from the East

One with fire and two with frost

Out with thee, fire, and in with thee frost.*

This can be used in conjunction with laying-on of hands. To remove fever from someone, summon energy like cold fire from your body. I usually do this by invoking the Snow Queen, who was always a goddess to me.

Direct energy into your hands, then lay them on the person’s neck or forehead. Make the cold fire flow into the person until you feel it confront the fever. When you feel the fever, set up a second channel to draw it into your own body. It may be easiest for you to use your receptive hand to draw the fever, the other to deliver the cold fire. Do this until you feel the cold fire has overcome the fever. If the person is shivering with fever, direct the heat out of the body and onto the skin while you fight the fever. It may help to wrap your hands around the subject.

This technique is not a substitute for aspirin or other fever-reducers. It is something you can do while waiting for the medicine to kick in. It can also be used in emergencies, when there is no medication. You may feel a bit flushed for a while afterwards, but you will not actually take on the fever. Fevers are cyclical, so you may need to repeat the spell whenever the fever spikes.

*Robert Graves, The White Goddess, p. 394


Eileen Holland, The Wicca Handbook, p. 91 – 92

(Side Note from Lady Beltane: I have used this spell since I first discovered it many years ago with success. I use it on myself regularly when my fibromyalgia is messing with my body’s natural temperature gage. I sit cross legged on the floor, imagining I have a small fire in my left-hand (my non-power hand) and ice in my right-hand. I than start chanting the spell until I feel it is time to bring my hands together to combine the cold and hot to restore my normal body temperature. It also works great for hot flashes during menopause or anytime anyone may get them.)