Self Initiation and Renewal


Self Initiation and Renewal

Done at the full moon; best done skyclad; Bathe and Meditate beforehand; Open the Circle
Put a pinch of salt on the tongue, say:
I am a mortal
Loved and cared for
By the Triple Goddess
And the Horned God
Through the Great Mother
All things are born
To Her
All things in their season return
Through Her sacred cauldron
I enter and leave this physical world
Until by my actions
I no longer must return to learn
Set perfumed oil on the altar pentacle
I, N, come into this sacred place willingly
I come to dedicate my life to the pagan way
To the Old Celtic Gods
Whose power is still strong and vital
Here I give my word bond
To follow these ancient paths
That lead to true Wisdom and Knowledge
I will serve
the Great Goddess
And the Great God
I am a pagan
A stone of the Ancient Circle
Standing firmly balanced upon the earth
Yet open to the winds of the heavens
And enduring through time
May the Old Celtic Gods
Witness my words!
Go to each of the quarters in turn
Behold, Powers of N.
I, am a follower
Of the Lord and Lady!
Anoint each point; forehead, lips, heart, palms, feet, say:
Let my mind open to Your Truth
Let me mouth be silent
Among enemies of the Faith
And eloquent in Your praise
Let my heart seek You always
Let my hands lift in praise of You
And be skilled in the Old Ways
Let my feet walk Your secret paths
Stand in silence to receive a blessing. Lay your pentacle on the altar, say:
This emblem shall I wear
For all things magical
Bless this pentacle
O Great and Ancient Ones
That I may be blessed and protected
In all ways
cakes and wine
As the Athame is male
So the Cup is female
Enjoined they bring happiness
To the Old Gods!
Merry meet, merry part
And merry meet again!
An offering to the faerie
Close the Circle

Opening the Circle: Celtic Method


Opening the Circle: Celtic Method

Draw the Circle
I consecrate this Circle of Power
To the Ancient Gods
Here may They manifest and bless Their child
At the altar
This is a time that is not a time
In a place that is not a place
On a day that is not a day
I stand at the threshold between the worlds
Before the veil of the Mysteries
May the Ancient Ones help and protect me
On my magical journey

About the Celtic Tree Month of Duir(Oak)

Fantasy in red

About the Celtic Tree Month of Duir(Oak)

June 10 – July 7


The Oak month falls during a time when the trees are beginning to reach their full blooming stages. The mighty Oak is strong, powerful, and typically towering over all of its neighbors. The Oak King rules over the summer months, and this tree was sacred to the Druids. The Celts called this month Duir, which some scholars believe to mean “door”, the root word of “Druid”. The Oak is connected with spells for protection and strength, fertility, money and success, and good fortune.

Carry an acorn in your pocket when you go to an interview or business meeting; it will be bring you good luck. If you catch a falling Oak leaf before it hits the ground, you’ll stay healthy the following year.


Patti Wigington, Paganism/Wicca Expert
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