Fearn (Alder) March 18 to April 14

  • Ogham Letter: Fearne (F)
  • Symbolic Meaning: Release, Shield and Foundation, Determination, Discrimination and Inner Confidence,  Healing, Protecting, Peaceful, Passionate Royalty
  • Ruling Planet: Mars
  • Ruling Elements: Fire & Water
  • Season:
  • Corresponding Star Sign:


The fourth moon in the calendar is ruled by the Alder tree. The Alder makes up a part of the birch family and is commonly found growing near wetlands, rivers and streams. It’s roots are able to improve the pH of the surrounding soil giving life back to poor soil conditions.


The cutting down of an Alder Tree was once a punishable act and it was believed if you felled one, the fairy that dwells within its branches would burn your house in revenge.


The tree has many magnical influences and was thought to help people to face up to things that may have been avoiding. It was also believed that it could take you the fairy realm. Alder can be used with spells to help with business and academia.


The bark from the Alder Tree was used to treat inflammation and the heated leaves were said to help with chronic skin conditions.


Alder Tree Zodiac


Those born under the Alder sign are straight to the point, they etch paths in the land for others to follow. They will always chase their dreams and work hard to reach their passions. They believe strongly in themselves and have a self confidence that others love to be around. They are energetic and do not tolerate time wasting. Alder signs can get on with almost anyone and are fun to be around, people often feel motivated to get up and do things when they are around.


Alder signs are compatible with Hawthorn, Oak and Birch.