Just Curious and Want Your Input, Desperately!!!!

Ok, I have been busting my a** on our new site, “Pagans in Action.” Now I have a few ideas or topics I want to see on there. But I am stuck on just my ideas. I need your help, what topics or suggestions do you have for the site? Something that might interest us all and we might actually want to do something about. Right now, I have political issues, veterans affairs, animal welfare, environment issues, somewhere along the line I want to work in disaster relief too and that’s it. What do you think would go good on a site like this one coming up? I need your opinion. Do you think the topics I have are ok or do I need to change any of them? Again, I am begging you, what topics do you have in mind or want to see tackled? Yeah, tackled, that’s it! I like that idea. So what do you want us to tackle?

I am down on my hands and knees begging you, let me have some input, please!

Love ya,

Lady A

And remember I don’t bite so feel free to criticize my topics or give your own!