Wishing You & Yours A Very Blessed & Joyous Irish Heritage Day!

St Patrick's Day CommentsHappy Irish Heritage Day, you say? Yes, Happy Irish Heritage Day to You & Yours! I am sure some of you who have been with us for a while, know we do not celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Instead, we celebrate Irish Heritage Day. Why? It is out of reverence to our brothers & sisters of the Druid Tradition. It is a long drawn out story about the history & actions surrounding St. Patrick. He was kidnapped as a young boy, supposedly by the Irish, and enslaved. Later on when he was freed, he went to the Church and was ordained as a priest. This is just my opinion from now on out and I have had other Pagans agree with me. Patrick then returned to the Emerald Isle to cleanse the land of Pagans and Druids, mostly Druids. He tried to wipe the Druid Religion off the face of the planet. You remember hearing about Patrick cleared Ireland of all the snakes it had? Those snakes he was clearing out were Druids but he also took a strong stance on Pagans as well. Anyone who wasn’t of his faith, had to go.

As customary in that time, if you didn’t convert, you were hunted down and killed. He slaughtered thousands of Druids and Pagans in his crusade to clear Ireland of “the snakes.” He almost succeeded in his quest to wipe the Druids off the planet. He was especially after the Druid high-archery, the Priests in other words. They were the leaders of the Druids and Patrick decided if he wipe out the head of the snake, he would wipe out the Religion. A large group of the Druids did hide and go underground during this massacre. Some even converted just to stay alive but secretly practiced Druidism. If they hadn’t, their religion would have been lost. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? I know several Druids myself and I consider them part of our Pagan family. Out of respect for them, we do not celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Instead we celebrate “Irish Heritage Day.” We will not give honor to any man who persecuted, hunted and killed our fellow brothers & sisters. Again, my personal opinion, if we pay homage to St. Patrick, then it would be the same as honoring those who persecuted, hunted and killed so many of us back in the 1600’s. We learn from the past so we are not doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. So there you have it, that is why we don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Now after my sermon on St. Patrick, something I have been debating on long and hard for the past few days. We are currently in Troy, Tennessee. Eleanor and Lord M thought it would be a good idea for us to get out of town and for me to clear my head. At first I wasn’t sure I even wanted to approach the subject of what I had been through during the past week. But there seems to be some confusion and I believe it is now time to clear the entire matter up. Whatever you think of me after I tell you my side of the story is completely up to you. I know my son made a post that I had been arrested and that is true. I was arrested for using excessive force to defend myself. At the time of my arrest, the police did not know what had transpired. My attacker and myself were both arrested.

I did not want it known that I had been arrested. I have never been in trouble with the law and to me it was shameful that I was arrested. I still feel ashamed of what happened that day but I was only defending myself. I was grabbed by the neck and thought I was going to pass out. I took my nails and sunk them into my attacker’s hand. I started to get up and leave, I was forcefully grabbed and thrown back into a rolling office chair. The chair hit the desk and I was in immediate pain. After that I have no idea what happened. I don’t know if I lost my mind or blacked out. Anyway, when the police arrived, they pulled me off of my attacker. This man is not a small man, he probably weighs at least 250 and stocky as a bull. How I managed to get on top of him, I don’t know. I guess it was just blind fury with a little help from above. Back to the story, when the police pulled me off of him, I couldn’t believe what I saw or what I did. I almost took one of his eyes out and his cheeks and down his face were deep, deep scars from my fingernails. I almost ripped his face off. In fact, they told me I had embedded on of my nails in his face. After my hands were clean, I saw that was true. I embedded my pinkie nail, all the way to the cuticle in his face. I was wondering why my finger hurt like hell. When the police arrived, all they saw was a wild animal (me) brutally attacking this poor man on the floor. So I was immediately pulled off of him and cuffed.

When I finally came back to my senses and this world, I was able to tell them what had happened. They also arrested him and took him to the hospital to have his face sewn up. Seems strange a woman gets attacked and she ends up getting arrested but they told me it was only till they figured out what happened. All I can say is money talks. He went before the judge and he was immediately released. I went before the judge (who happens to be good friends with my attacker) and, now get this, never having a criminal record, my bond was set at $5000. My lawyer was dumb founded as well as I was. He pleaded and argued with the judge over my bond. It did no good. Come up with $5000 or stay there till you rot apparently. I had already made my mind up that I was doomed to be in jail till hell froze over. $5000, gee whiz, we don’t have that kind of money. But all the ladies and everyone here pulled together and come up with a substantial amount, plus I had several individuals here donate (Lady Beltane, Aimee, Marcia & Barbara, thank you very, very much ladies) to getting the Jailbird out. Then what we were short, my lawyer made up the difference.

Now you have the entire story and the truth. My lawyer told me that we have enough evidence that if it does go to trial that we will be able to prove that he attacked me. He made sure that the hand print that was on my neck and shoulder was photographed. Yeah, I have one hell of a thumb print on my the front of my throat and down on my shoulder. I also have a hand-print on my face from where I was slapped. I have a broken rib from hitting the desk so hard plus my arm looks like it has been beaten with a hammer. My lawyer made sure he grabbed my shirt before it could disappear. It was a brand new shirt and now it is a rag. How it got ripped I don’t know. It must have happened while I was blacked out. What force possessed me while I was blacked out, I don’t know. All I know it was an entity full of rage and anger, that is the only way I can explain it. Maybe it was just my survivor mode kicking it but to knock him on the floor and do what I done to his face, I seriously doubt it.

So that is the entire story. Think what you want of me, I am not proud of being arrested. I was defending myself from a sexual assault. I did not want it to be known that I had been arrested. But a panicked young boy told the world because he was scarred he would never see his mother again. I can’t fault him for that. The whole entire incidence, I am very ashamed of. I have talked to Lady Beltane, Eleanor and Lynette about it. All of them told me I had nothing to feel ashamed about. But still it is hard right now to hold my head up because of the shame I feel. I know eventually it will pass or at least I hope it will. I was concerned what people would think and all of those who I spoke to told me, “if they are truly your friends they will understand and support you, if not, let them go because they were never truly your friends to start with.”

I am not proud of what I did but I have come to realize, I was fighting for my life. If I hadn’t fought back, no telling what would have happened. I am slowly coming to terms with the whole entire mess. Everyone packed my happy ass up and brought me down here was right, I did need a few days away from home. I have started to clear my head and deal with what happened. The hardest part is that I keep seeing his face afterwards. I would never hurt a fly and what I did to his face, I just can’t believe it. I guess when we are in a fight for your live or your virtue, that survivor mode kicks in and takes over.

Think of me, what you will. But I sincerely hope you think of me as your sister once again. Like I said I am not proud of what I did and I didn’t want anyone to know. But since it is out there, you might as well know what really happened. We are going to spend the rest of the day in Troy and will be back tomorrow. I have been told I need to try to get back to a normal life. So I am going to sink myself into our work tomorrow and hopefully I will eventually put this in the past. One of the conditions of getting out of jail was that I never leave the office again. Right now, I think that is a wonderful idea. Home sweet home, how good the thought of that sounds. Jail life sucks, I can tell you that. Also my lawyer is negotiating with my attacker’s lawyer and he knows if we do go to court, that I will be proven innocent after all the facts come out. My lawyer is a wonderful friend, I still have to pay him back for the bail he put up for me. So if you would like to buy an item or two from the store or make a donation to help me pay back my lawyer, it would be deeply appreciated.

Now that I wrote a book, I want to thank the dear ladies who donated to getting the jailbird out once again. It was a combined effort to get me out of jail and I appreciate everyone of you who donated to that cause. My main point in telling you all of this is because I don’t want to lose your respect, your love and most of all your support. With that I will finish and we will be back in Kentucky sometime this evening and tomorrow, we will start a brand new day.

Thank you again and Happy Irish Heritage Day!

Lady of the Abyss