A Quick Up-date on the Going-Ons Around Here…..

First of all, we had some severe storms come through here Saturday. It took out our internet service till sometime during the night. They weren’t suppose to have it fixed to today. I guess we got lucky. It never fails every time a storm comes through here, we lose some either power or internet. But it is back up and running for the time being. Keyword “time being.”

As far as the new site goes, it is coming right along. I never knew there was so much to opening one of these kinds of sites. I am going to stop by our lawyer’s office today while I am out. I want the new site to be a non-profit, tax-exempt site. That way if you give to any of the causes we pick up, you can deduct  it from your taxes. I have already fought my way through a Terms of Use policy and a Privacy policy and they made my head swim. I went to the IRS site and I was just like, “ahhhhhh!”  You fill out this form, then you go on and read, no it is this form. So to make sure I get it all right, I am going to the lawyer and let him help us out on that one. He is a good friend so he won’t charge anything for that.

Next, I have two job interviews today. Both of them are with friends who have been trying to get me to come to work for them for a while. I called them and they are both still interested in hiring me. I guess it depends on which one I see first, which job I get first. It is a stone cold fact, that the WOTC, our new site, my family and I cannot survive on the check I draw each money. So it is high time I get my rump out the door and return to the work force. At least with a paycheck coming in, we can keep everything going and we can accomplish everything we want too. Both of these individuals are good friends, not like family that I use to work for. In other words when I worked for family, I could do what I wanted too. Friends, I am not so sure about. But anyway the money is needed all the way around, so world here I come. Keep your broom straws crossed for me, lol!

I wanted to give you a quick up-date on everything. We will not be on today but will definitely be back tomorrow. Till then, my dear sweet family….

Luv & Hugs,

Lady of the Abyss