Uath (Hawthorn) May 13 to June 9

  • Ogham Letter: Huathe (H)
  • Symbolic Meaning: Purification, sacred marriage and male-female unity
  • Ruling Planet: Mars & Venus (Vulcan)?
  • Ruling Element:
  • Season:
  • Corresponding Star Sign: Gemini / Cancer


The Hawthorn Tree rules the sixth month of the Celtic Tree Calendar. It’s a tree of contradictions and opposites, it pulls together the complete idea of duality and oppositions.


The tree has strong links to male energy, however, it is symbolic of fertility and it also deeply rooted to female deities. This balance and unity of male and female energies gave this tree the name the “marriage tree”.


The hawthorn is sacred and its thorny branches produce an abundance of foliage and blossoms that have healing properties thought to circulatory disorders and high blood pressure.


Hawthorn Tree Zodiac


Those born under the sign of the Hawthorn are a paradox and are not at all what they seem at first glance. Seemingly quite average on the outside but inside is burning bright with a creative passion. They are quick witted with an excellent memory making them knowledgeable about a wide variety of topics. They can adapt to almost any situation and will more often than not be able to see the bigger picture making them great listeners and ones to go to in a time of need.


Hawthorn signs pair well with Ash and Rowan