Healing Spells

Peppermint Distance Healing Spell

Peppermint Distance Healing Spell


  1. Place peppermint leaves on top of a photography of the patient.
  2. Charged a blue candle with your desire
  3. Carve and dress the candle as desired.
  4. burn it beside the photography.
  5. When the candle has burned down, dispose of the peppermint leaves
  6. Repeat as needed, with fresh leaves each time.
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  • Where illness derives from bewitchment, particularly where a hex was cast using some sort of tool like a wax figure,it may be necessary to find and remove the trick for healing to be accomplished. There are also usually specific magickal antidotes and jinx-reversing spells. {These issues are dealt with amongst hexes and their antidotes).

  • In general, one must cast one’s own spell. How every healing spells are unusual in that it;s very likely that someone else just cast the spell on behalf of the ailing person. The Person who needs or  desires the spell may be in   no condition to perform the spell. Most, although not all, healing spells demand the presence and sometimes the participation of the patient however.

  •  Given the opportunity to choose, many traditions assert that the full moon  is the best time to initiate healing-spells because as the moon diminishes, so should pain and illness.

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Long Term Healing Spell

Long Term Healing Spell



  • a feather
  • rosemary oil
  • a shell
  • a stone
  • an onion
  • a horseshoe



This spell is good for slowly healing long-term illnesses.

Write the name of the person you wish to heal on the onion. (You can either use your athame to inscribe it or use a pen; it’s fine either way…)

Plant the onion in a pot or garden. Put a stone to the north, 3 drops of rosemary oil to the south, a shell to the west, and a feather to the east. Cover the objects with soil.

Place the pot on the horseshoe, or place the horseshoe close by if the onion is planted in the garden.

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Freedom from Pain Spell

Freedom from Pain Spell


Think intensely about the person you want to free from pain. Visualize them in pain and agony, then visualize the pain fleeing from them as you chant the following nine times (three sets of three):

Wrap thee in cotton,
Bind thee with love,
Protection from pain,
Surrounds like a glove,
Brightest of blessings,
Surround thee this day (night),
For thou art cared for
Healing thoughts sent in flight.

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White Candle Wound Healing Spell

White Candle Wound Healing Spell



  • 4 white candles
  • A photograph of the person you are helping.



This ritual works best while facing east. If you feel better asking for permission if you’re going to work this ritual on someone else, go ahead. Arrange the candles and picture on your altar or workspace as follow:

               white candle
  white candle    Photo     white candle
               white candle


Invoke guardians and welcome your Gods. Concentrate on the subject receiving these magickal healings. Identify the problem that needs correcting. Light the candle facing east. As you do this, say:

Candle burn,
shine your light.
Take what’s wrong
and make it right.


Repeat with candle facing south.

Repeat with candle facing west.

Repeat with candle facing north.

Take time now to imagine the healing powers generated by these candles flowing into the subject of the ritual. Chant:

Dispell the agony,
let these wounds heal.
Banish the suffering,
no suffering to feel.


As you say this, imagine your subject surrounded by a healing, protective light that shines brighter each time you repeat the chant.

Thank the guardians and the Lord and Lady. Either extinguish the candles or allow them to burn out. Dispose of the candle remnants. It works best if you throw them into a river or bury them near a healthy tree, plant, or flower.

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To align your own healing energies with those of a herb, oil or blend, perform this ritual

Cast your circle and light a green candle. You could burn rosemary, juniper and lemon balm, or even just a preferred blend. Sit in the center of your circle, cross-legged, (Or however you feel most comfortable) facing north. (In the Southern Hemisphere, you may prefer to turn south.)

Hold the brew in your lap, between your palms. If you are familiar with opening your chakras, do so now. Circulate the energies, and when you are ready, direct the energy in to the potion, imagining the person you are healing to be completely well. Say:

(Name) is completely well, in the name of the great mother.

So mote it be.

If you do not use your chakras, than just simply imagine your own healing energies entering the potion from your pressed palms. Make a final offering of incense, give thanks and close your chakras and circle thoroughly.

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Take a blue Candle and carve the persons name in it. Light it. Say,
“Healing light, Shinning bright.
Let (name)’s Sickness Flee in fright!  
With harm to none, Including me.
I cast this spell So mote it be!”
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Cold Fire Spell – Healing Fevers


Use the Cornish invocation to St. Brigit to bring down fevers:

“Three ladies came from the East
One with fire and two with frost
Out with thee, fire, and in with thee, frost.”

This can be used in conjunction with a laying on of hands.

To remove fever from someone, summon an energy like cold fire from your body. Direct the energy into your hands, then lay them on the person’s neck or forehead. Make the cold fire flow into the person, until you feel it confront the fever. When you feel the fever, set up a second channel to draw it into your own body. Do this until you feel the cold fire has overcome the fever.

If the person is shivering with fever, direct the heat out of their body and onto their skin while you fight the fever. It may help to wrap your arms around them. This technique is not a substitute for aspirin or other fever-reducers, but something you do while the medicine kicks in. You may feel a bit flushed for a while afterwards, but you will not actually take the fever. Fevers are cyclical, so you may need to repeat it whenever the fever spikes.

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