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Book & Candle Comments
Everyone dreams of coming across a huge, dusty, leather-bound volume in a second-hand bookstore, with curling yellowed pages of browned script where someone has entered the secrets of power and enchantment painstakingly by hand. Interspersed with the incantations and potion recipes are sketches of herbs, charts of codes, and above all, pages and pages of spells with assured results.It’s just that: a dream. Humanity’s tendency toward nostalgia and romance has created the myth of the grimoire. In today’s modern society, we assume that something new hasn’t been proven, and something old is outdated. We swing erratically from one extreme to the other, now demanding old proven spells, or wanting the latest book incorporating modern tools and easily available ingredients. It’s human nature, of course. It goes along with wanting immediate, tangible results of spellcasting.The myth of the grimoire encompasses a few misconceptions about spellcraft. First, a spell doesn’t have to be old in order to be valid. A spell’s validity matters to one person, and one person only, who in this case is you. Second, a spell doesn’t have to be published in order to be valid, either. Spells in books exist for one reason only, and that’s to instruct and inspire you, the reader. By now you know that a spell is a set of symbolic actions, which trigger change on an inner level. Words on the page aren’t what make the magic happen; you’re the essential ingredient, you and your emotion.I can’t count the people who have come to me asking for a spell, then looked at me scornfully and said, “Don’t you have something easier?” They’re equaled only by the people asking, “That’s a spell? Come on, where are your real spells?” A spell recorded in a book, published or not, is a spell which has worked for at least the author, or which has been constructed as a teaching device.

In fact, that hefty yellowing tome you dream of finding on a dusty shelf is nothing more than someone’s personal collection of notes and information collected over a long period of time. Makes you think twice about your spell records and lists of correspondences, doesn’t it?

An existing spell does not have more validity than a spell you make up on your own. The only difference is that you might trust a spell in print more than a spell you develop, and that’s simply because you assume that the author has more experience than you do. However, you are not the author, and the components with which you have a strong connection are likely to be different. You probably live in a different climate, so the plants and terrain around you are different. Certain ingredients might not be available where you live. And above all else, the author is not you, and has different needs and desires.

There’s nothing wrong with using a spell that you find in a book. There are a few questions that you should ask yourself before you do so, however.


cba160444ad365ae8459c48f0849d5c918936a79Is It Ethical?
What does this spell aim to do, and how? Does it comply with your own personal system of ethics? For example, there are lots of spellbooks out there telling you how to manipulate others, or to get revenge. However, they operate in a moral void. Just because a spell exists doesn’t mean it’s safe, or recommended.

cba160444ad365ae8459c48f0849d5c918936a79Does It Make Sense?
Take the time to sit down and read through the spell thoroughly. Don’t just look at the title, see that it’s for attracting money, and start picking up the ingredients. Never follow a spell blindly without thinking it through carefully. What does it ask you to do? What does it ask you to visualize? How does it ask you to raise energy? Now that you have a handle on how spells work, you can analyze spells and see where they fall apart or if they go nowhere.

cba160444ad365ae8459c48f0849d5c918936a79How Is It Put Together?
While it’s gratifying to authors to know that readers trust them, it’s more important for you to be able to understand how the author crafted the spell. Go through the spell step-by-step to figure out why the author chose the particular materials and actions. This will help you understand the deeper symbolism behind the spell, as well as sharpen your own spellcrafting skills.

If it all makes sense, flows well, and everything is fine, if you’re comfortable with the spell as it is, then cast it if you so desire. Keep good notes, though. Copy out the spell into your spell record sheet, making sure to write down where it came from, and who the original author was.



Book & Candle Comments

If the spell appeals to you but you don’t like it as is, or if something in those three steps sets off a warning bell in your head, then use it as a template for your own spell. Instead of just reading the spell right from the book and performing it as is, why not use it as the basis for a spell of your own? It’s more creative, and you’ll have a better chance of capturing a way of addressing your own need and changing your life the way you want it to be changed.

Let’s walk through an example.

Here’s a sample spell that you might find in a glossy little spellbook in your bookstore.

Spell for Health and Wealth

Sick and tired of being sick and tired? This spell will energize you and your finances, so you won’t have to work yourself to death!

Timing: Moon’s first quarter; moon’s second quarter; midday; moon in Taurus; hour of Venus; hour of the sun; or your personal power time

Small wooden box
Handful fresh mint leaves
3 vitamin C tablets
Pay stub

1. Line the inside of the box with the fresh mint leaves. Put your pay stub inside, and the three vitamin C tablets on top.

2. Close the box and say:

Enough! Enough! From now, my life’s no longer
Money and time come my
Health and joy at work and

3. Keep the box by your bedside table and rap it once with your knuckles when you go to bed every night, and when you get up every morning.

All right. Let’s deconstruct this spell.

cba160444ad365ae8459c48f0849d5c918936a79Is it ethical? Well, I’m working on myself, so I’m not interfering with anyone else’s life, or manipulating someone else. At first glance the goal appears a bit simplistic; no one gets anything for nothing. Then again, it’s not claiming that I’ll never have to work again and that everything will be handed to me on a silver platter; it says that it’s designed to energize my finances. If your money energy is flowing better, you don’t have to work as much overtime to make ends meet, and you’ll sleep better and worry less. I’m okay with that.

cba160444ad365ae8459c48f0849d5c918936a79Does the spell make sense? It asks me to collect certain items, to assemble them in a particular order, to speak certain words, then to keep them in a particular place where I’ll see them when I wake up and when I go to sleep. Seeing them will remind myself of the spell and the decision to improve my health and financial energy I can understand how that would help keep the energy flowing. All the items are accounted for in the instructions. No new items are asked for in the instructions that weren’t listed in the supply list.

cba160444ad365ae8459c48f0849d5c918936a79How is it put together? Let’s see: We have mint leaves, vitamin C tablets, a box, and a pay stub. Mint is associated with money, alertness, mental activity, healing, and action. Vitamin C tablets I definitely associate with healing, but I also associate them with prevention of illness. The box is a standard container to hold spell components. Made of wood, it has more energy than, say, a glass jar or a plastic container. The words state that I will no longer accept life as it is, and outlines concepts I wish to invite into my life: money, time, joy, and health. The pay stub represents my take-home pay, and likely has my total number of hours worked for that period on it, so it encompasses the reality I wish to change.

Now that I understand why the spell has been crafted the way it has, I would be comfortable with using this spell as it is. However, I would make certain decisions to code it to my particular use. For example, I would use fresh spearmint, because I find it a friendlier and less harsh herb than peppermint. I would paint the wooden box in shades of green, and I’d make sure not to paint it a solid color: I’d paint vines, which symbolize plenty and growth, or I’d paint swirls, to indicate action and movement. I’d paint the inside green too. I might add a bloodstone, which is mostly green, so it supports the idea of money, and it’s also associated with protecting health. I’d choose to use chew-able vitamin C tablets, because I associate them with childhood, when there was more time to play, and the idea of money worried me less. I’d certainly empower all my materials before beginning the spell. A pay stub would be difficult, as I’m a freelance writer and teacher and I rarely see one; so instead I’ll make a short list of all the jobs I’ve worked in the past month, and the corresponding pay for each of them, and use that in place of the pay stub. I’d keep it in the kitchen, because I don’t have a table by my bedside, and every morning when I get up to make my tea I’d knock the box, and knock it last thing at night when I feed my cats before bed. I’d also repeat the charm aloud again each time I knocked the box.

See? I didn’t let the fact that I don’t have a pay stub stop me from using the spell; I improvised. I deliberately chose to use spearmint instead of peppermint, because I’ve discovered over time and through experimentation that my personal energy responds better to spearmint.

Once you understand the reason behind everything, you can also change something if it doesn’t suit you. Perhaps you’re deathly allergic to oranges, so vitamin C tablets aren’t a good symbol of health for you. Choose something different instead, something that has more meaning for you. For example, if a spell calls on Aphrodite as the goddess of love, and you’re uncomfortable with calling on a deity you don’t work with (or don’t believe in), then don’t dismiss the spell out of hand; this is your opportunity to tweak the spell to fit your personal system. Perhaps you’re open to working with angels. If so, read up on what angels are associated with love, and take notes to expand your personal system of correspondences for future reference. Of the four archangels, Raphael is often associated with love and joy, so you might choose to invoke Raphael instead of Aphrodite. You might have to tweak the words a bit, too. If Aphrodite was invoked as “Blessed Aphrodite of the girdle,” you might perhaps call upon Raphael as “Blessed Raphael, watcher over the spirits of men.” Or, with a little more research, you might discover that the angel Anael is associated with the planet Venus, which in turn is associated with romantic love, and choose to invoke Anael instead.

The key to adjusting spells is to replace ingredients or energies that are associated with the same intent.



From the book, Power Spellcraft For Life: The Art Of Crafting And Casting For Positive Change  by Author Arin Murphy-Hiscock. Ms. Hiscock’s book is currently on sale on Amazon.com and would be a wonderful addition to any witch’s library. Pick it up today!

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