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We are honored that you have found your way to our door. Please come on in, have a cup of freshly brewed tea and sit with us for a spell.

We welcome you our new friend to our online home. Our site is a place of peace and refuge from the outside world filled with the Love and Presence of Our Goddess. You will not be judged for you are amongst friends. We offer friendship, fellowship and most of all knowledge. With knowledge the truth and beauty about our Religion can be spread. Witchcraft can then take its rightful place back into today’s mainstream Religions. This is our dream, this is our home, this is what we offer to you. We hope you find everything you seek amongst our walls. Safe journey on your Path, my dear brother or sister!


To be a Witch

To be a witch is to love and be loved.
To be a witch is to know everything, and nothing at all.
To be a witch is to move amongst the stars while staying on earth.
To be a witch is to change the world around you, and yourself.
To be a witch is to share and give, while receiving all the while.
To be a witch is to dance and sing, and hold hands with the universe.
To be a witch is to honor the gods, and yourself.
To be a witch is to be magick, not just perform it.
To be a witch is to be honorable, or nothing at all.
To be a witch is to accept others who are not.
To be a witch is to know what you feel is right and good.
To be a witch is to harm none.
To be a witch is to know the ways of old.
To be a witch is to see beyond the barriers.
To be a witch is to follow the moon.
To be a witch is to be one with the gods.
To be a witch is to study and to learn.
To be a witch is to be the teacher and the student.
To be a witch is to acknowledge the truth.
To be a witch is to live with the earth, not just on it.
To be a witch is to be truly free!



Magick is present in all of us. Whether we typically decide to ignore the signs and get caught up in our daily activities, work, family, and any other obligations, we might have. It is still present. Just waiting for you to discover it and the power within yourself.

There are no one sentence I can give you to describe Witchcraft. The Craft is an ancient practice, a gentle, earth-oriented religion that seeks truth and understanding, and a way of life that is meant to affect not only you but your entire surroundings. Witchcraft is the oldest known religion on this planet. Though, the practices and beliefs amongst fellow witches differ. Some chose to worship ancient Pagan deities, and recognize the duality of the Divine as one force that incorporates both God and Goddess, male and female. Witchcraft encourages the respect for nature, stresses concern for our fellow man and the planet and acknowledges that ever life is precious and should be revered in all things.

Some believe Witches has no set rules to live by or follow. We have no dogma set in stone but we do have rules (as you will see on this page). You will also find out there is no “hocus pocus” involved in Witchcraft, no stirring, bubbling cauldrons or flying on broomsticks either. The true magick of the Craft life in your devloping your own inner potential and spirituality. Deep inside of each of us, you have the power to tap into the energy of Witchcraft, the energy of the universe and the natural world around you. All you have to do is recognize that potential and learn how to use it.

But before we move any further, let’s take a look at the Witch & Witchcraft, a real look (not what you have been led to believe by all the old myths and especially Hollywood)…..

Unfortunately, modern culture promotes many erroneous beliefs about who Witches are and what they do. These sorts of stereotypical myths and misunderstandings need to be dispelled in order to understand the true ideals, ethics, and philosophy of Witchcraft. It’s time to start thinking of Witches in a new sense— as people who are simply living their lives in a uniquely magickal way.


The Ordains
(The Witches Laws)

1.   And ye harm none, do as ye will.
2.   If you know the Rede is being broken, you must work strongly against it.
3.   Watch, listen and withhold judgment; in debate you your silences be long, your thoughts clear and your words carefully chosen.
4.   Never boast, or threaten, or speak evil of anyone.
5.   Be truthful always, save when speaking would lead to a great harm.
6.   Keep clean your body, your clothes, and your house.
7.   Should you take a task upon yourself, work hard and well to accomplish it properly and in good time. Always do the best you can.
8.   Do not haggle over the price of your ritual tools.
9.   Witches know that there are no absolute truths.
10. Witches understand that the universe consists of perfect balance; therefore,
everything has an opposite.
11. Witches realize that for every action there is a reaction. (The Law of Three).
12. Witches know that we are all one, we are all connected.
13. Never lie to yourself for this is the ultimate act of deceit.
14. Witches understand that the ultimate act of spirituality is the act of positive creation through love.
15. Witches realize that the energy created through worship and rituals manifests as a circular stream of positive energy.
16. Witches should never close their minds to knowledge.
17. Never practice a magickal system that you don’t fully understand.
18. Do not set a price on your magickal work.
19. A Witch uses the magickal circle as a physical and non-physical representation of a temple on the earth plane.
20. Witches use the energies around them to assist in raising power.
21. Witches use common sense and do not share their mysteries with fools.
22. A Witch who knowingly breaks the Law (Ordains) will not be permitted to
incarnate on Earth again.


The Witch & The Magick

The word Witch is used to describe both male and female Witches. Keep in mind that a male Witch is not called a Warlock (Warlock: Oath-breaker. One who has betrayed his own or his beliefs. Name never to be uttered again. Shunned. In the 1400’s the definition became to be known as a liar). So a male witch is simply a Witch.

While folklore, literature, religion and other cultural influences through the ages have often portrayed Witches in a negative light, history indicates otherwise in most cases. Despite the ugly face that these points of reference have tried to put on Witches, few, in reality, used their knowledge and abilities toward negative ends. Their heritage is that of helping and healing individuals and communities.

Most Witches learned their skills as a craft— part of a family tradition in which they were carefully trained. Villages and cities alike had honored, cunning folk to whom people would turn for all kinds of help— from encouraging crops to grow to mending a broken heart. In exchange for such services, Witches might receive a chicken, a measure of grain, or other necessities.

There was rarely any specific ethical or religious construct involved in Witchcraft unless it came from family or cultural influences, or from the individual’s own sense of right and wrong. Witches do not need to believe in divine beings in order to use magick. They do not necessarily have a particular “code” or tradition to which they adhere, unless it is dictated by familial custom.

This does not mean all Witches are without ethics or religion. Magick is simply a means to an end and is morally neutral (the spellcaster’s intent is what makes magick black, white or gray).



Insofar as The Craft Of The Wise is the most ancient and most honourable creed of humankind, it behooves all who would be witches to act in ways that give respect to the Old Gods and Goddesses, to their brothers and sisters of The Craft, and to themselves

Chivalry is a high code of honour, which is of most ancient Pagan origin and must be lived by all who follow the Old Ways.

Know well that thoughts and intent put forth will wax strong on many planes of existence and return, bringing into creation that which has been sent forth. For this reason the adept must exercise discipline over his or her thoughts. Remember, ” as you sow, so shall you harvest”

It is only by preparing our minds to be as Gods that we may one day unite with the Godhead.

“This above all … to thine own self be true…”

A witch’s word must have the validity of a signed and witnessed document. It is only by developing such mental discipline that great power may be controlled and directed

It is well to refrain from speaking ill of others for not all truths of the matter may be known

Pass not unverified words about another. For the most part hearsay is a thing of falsehoods

Be honest with others. Have them know that honesty is likewise expected of them
The fury of the moment plays havoc with the truth. Strive always to keep your head
Harm not another. Think always of the consequences of your actions
Dignity, a gracious manner, and a good humour are much to be admired

As a witch you wield much power. Therefore exercise much discretion in its use
Courage and honour endure forever.

Offer friendship only to those worthy of it. To associate with younger souls will only pull you down

Those who follow the mysteries must be above reproach in the eyes of the world

Keep pride in thyself. Seek perfection in body and in mind


Misconceptions About Witches

Perhaps the most pervasive myth is that Witches are Satanists— not true. In addition, they’re more likely to wear a business suit than a pointy black hat. Most drive cars rather than ride broomsticks and prefer pizza to eye of newt any day . Here are some other common stereotypes:

Witches sell their souls to the devil in return for special powers: False. This folkloric image is erroneous yet has been fostered by some mainstream religions.

Witches are humans who have psychic abilities: Sometimes. This assumption may or may not be true. Some psychics may be Witches; some but not all Witches are psychic.

Witches are sorcerers: Yes. This term is accurate from an anthropological point of view.

Witches are modern worshipers of ancient Gods and Goddesses: Sometimes. This description is fairly accurate for Wiccans but not always for Witches.

Witches cast evil spells on people, either for fun or revenge, such as turning men into toads: False. Although Witches do cast spells for people (with their permission), these spells are done to help others, not to harm them. And if they could, most Witches would rather turn frogs into princes!

Witches are old, ugly hags: False. Witches come in all shapes, sizes, and ages—many are quite beautiful, and young women are eagerly joining the ranks of Wicca. This stereotype is inspired by the Crone, a woman whose child-rearing responsibilities are behind her and who can now devote herself to her Craft.

Only education and understanding can uproot misconceptions and prejudices about Witches. Many universities now offer classes in the history and practice of magick and Witchcraft. The Craft is the fastest-growing religion in America.

Finally, Witches believe in religious tolerance and respect every path as having potential for human enlightenment. Since people are different, it only stands to reason that the paths they choose to walk are different. In keeping with this outlook, you will never find a Witch standing on a street corner preaching about magick or faith. Both groups believe that people must choose their own path. In fact, by virtue of coming from other religious backgrounds, many Witches have done exactly that.

This brief overview is a broad generalization at best . Each Witch relies heavily on his or her inner voice or conscience in decision-making and in the way he or she wields magick. Witches believe that each person creates his or her own destiny by action, inaction, karma, and so on. There is no cut-and-dried answer, Witches strive and hope to be the best Witches they can be!


Adapted from The Wiccan Bardo by Paul Beyerl)


I must pursue my highest ideals
I must aspire to the highest of ethics
I must demand integrity of myself
I must always keep my word

I must cultivate self-discipline
I must LIVE the Hermetic Principle
I must seriously contemplate the ramifications of Reincarnation & Karma

I must respect the astral realms
I must approach ritual with reverence and care
I must respect ritual work as an act of love and beauty.

I must take sole responsibility for all the events and circumstances in my life, in the knowledge that I have created them all for my own development.
I must strive to cultivate a sense of humour and of humility.
I must avoid all negativity, firstly in my thinking and as a consequence, in my life.

I must live in harmony with the Earth Goddess – Gaia.
I must cultivate a global perspective.
I must serve my community, both locally and globally, being of help to all people.

I must be willing to defend my religion.
I must provide for the safe future of my ritual tools, should I be taken by death


Written & Designed by Lady Of The Abyss
With Excerpts from the Book:
The Only Book of Wiccan Spells You’ll Ever Need
Marian Singer; Trish MacGregor
(Book is Currently Listed on Amazon.com)


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    • There are four elements that we always acknowledge. Like you mentioned, Fire, Air, Water and Earth. There is another one that is not so readily recognized, Spirit. As far as Wiccan Magick being found on the Four Element, I don’t think so. Magick is found within the individual. It is in all of us. Some of us just come to recognize that we possess it. Those that do, learn to control it, harness it and then use it to the benefit of mankind. We call the Four Elements to our circle to watch over us and aid us in our magick. Then we dismiss the Elements and thank them for Their presence and aid. Magick comes from within.

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    • You are right about the witch burnings. The South Pacific islands are notorious for this type of behavior. Their culture still equates witches with Devil worship. It is sad to think that a wonderful and loving belief like witchcraft is thought of as evil in parts of the world today.

      • Riezen

        I dare say if it will ever get any better in some parts of the world. Not that it is that great in the USA, especially in the bible belt South where I reside, but we can all hope.

      • Greeting Riezen,
        It is good to hear from you. Where do you think we are located at? You got it, right in the middle of the old bible belt. I can say at first it wasn’t easy at all when people found out I was a witch. But it has got better. We have a lot of bad history to live down and it is up to us to show the world we are not like what they have been lead to believe. We are people just like everyone else and all we want to do is be accepted and co-exist. We have made great strides but we still have a long way to go. I know if you are by yourself and there are no other witches around it can be rough. Stand strong in your faith and show the world what we are really like. It is up to us to do so. I appreciate your comment. It is good to hear from others in the bible belt.
        May the Goddess Bless You and Watch Over You,
        Lady A

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    • mistressofthemyst

      Greetings Sue,
      We would love to meet you but do you know where we are located? We are about 5,000 miles apart, maybe I have over or underestimated. I am awful with distance and mileage. But we are in Kentucky. You can discuss and handle some situations over the net just the same as a face to face. I know some think that they sit down and look into our faces the magickal answer is going to appear. We are just like any other person. We all have powers and are glad to use them to help people like yourself. All you have to do is let us.
      May the Goddess Bless,

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    • Congratulation on your new Path, Christopher. There are several books I could recommend but I don’t like their authors. They seem to beat around the bush too much for me. I have two favorite authors, Dorothy Morrison and Scott Cunningham. Both of these authors tell it like it is. They are contemporary authors. Ms. Morrison, I love her because she give you ideas that are simply and you probably wouldn’t think of. For instance, use a coffee maker to brew your brews in. She is very practical and also shows you do not have to break the bank to practice magick. Mr. Cunningham, is a very down to earth practitioner. Some Witches do not like him but he is a favorite of mine. Any of his books are well worth purchasing so are Ms. Morrison. There is one other that I do occasionally like to read on a dark, stormy night, that is Raymond Buckland. He has a book called “The Only Witchcraft Book You Will Ever Need.” It is pricy but well worth the purchase. I believe if you pick any of these authors to start with, you will be off to an excellent start.

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        I love Scott Cunninghams writing as well. He comes across so sweet and gentle, a kind person. But I have to thank Marian Green and Doreen Valiente, their books seem to make the most sense to me. I think you can read until your eyes bleed but the fact is, you can be shown the trail-head but you must walk it for yourself and make the “connection”.

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    • Thank you so much, Mist. I believe that is one of the best compliments we have received in a long time. I appreciate your comment very much. It is good to hear others’ opinions and ideas about the site. I hope you come to think of us as your home away from home, dear sister.
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      Anyway I am going to run for now. I hope to hear from you soon. Stay safe, Hawk!
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    • I would try checking on Witchvox. Their addy is http://www.witchvox.com. Look at the bottom of the main page. There you will find a whole list of services they provide. One of them just happens to be a list of covens across the country. If you can’t find it or need more help, just let me know. I will be glad to help you out.
      Blessings, Peace & Comfort,
      Lady A

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  48. I have been researching ley lines for over 30 years and have discovered that the most important energy leys have their sources at volcanic plugs. The Federal Triangle, USA has three volcanic plugs in a line, as has Edinburgh, Scotland, with its three main streets on that line with nine major banks and important institutions on these streets.
    The USA has all of its capital cities aligned with extinct volcanoes on the Azores, Galapagos and Bermuda. This ancient knowledge is still being used by a very few powerful people!

    See my website for more information, or read my two books.

  49. Very well put together, blessed be )0(

  50. Riezen

    Well said. Write your OWN leather bound book, write your own spells and recipes, do your own sketching no matter how Primitive. I have never thought that being a Witch had anything to do with doing things like someone else told you. We are not followers.

    I practice with total impunity and do it my way, because that is what a Witch does.

  51. Josephine Jane

    I’m so happy this site was created. It’s very educational.

  52. Frank Dominguez

    Glad I found you

  53. Kimberlyrose

    After several years of searching, feeling lost, and not feeling complete spiritually, I’ve finally come across a religion I feel I can truly find purpose in and learn from. I appreciate this site so much, as a newcomer with no real people in my area to help mentor me. I’m still learning every day, writing things down, and figuring out which path I’m to be on. Your site has been so helpful to me so far,maybe some day I’ll live close enough to others like me.

  54. Greetings!…I’ve nominated your blog for “The Witchy Blog Award”– and I want to personally thank you for inspiring me, entertaining me, enlightening me, and for giving your time and effort and talent to the wonderful world of blogging. Technology rocks! Keep on writing– your words are magickal!

    Amythyst Raine-Hatayama

    The Rules:

    Dedicate at least part of a post to receiving the award and share the award logo
    Thank the blogger who passed the award to you
    Answer the seven questions below
    Nominate five Wiccan/Pagan bloggers (If you don’t know five other Wiccan bloggers, nominate as many as you can)
    Notify your nominees of their pending award
    Stop by Ayslyn’s Corner to add your name to the list of bloggers awarded

    Seven Questions: (You may customize as long as they are still Wiccan and Pagan related)

    How did you “discover” Wicca/Witchcraft/Neo-Paganism?
    Do you grow herbs?
    Are you “in the broom closet”?  If not, share your coming out experience.
    What tradition do you follow, if any?
    Do you consider yourself a Witch, Wiccan or Pagan (or maybe something else)?
    How much of Witchcraft/Wicca are you able to incorporate into your everyday life?
    Do you have a familiar? If you do, tell us how you met him/her, and how she/he takes part in your practice (if at all).

    • Riezen

      Always enjoy this site and nice to see the Gray Witch pop in!

    • I apologize for taking so long to reply to your wonderful comments and award. I have had a lot on my plate recently. I have to say you are the one I should be giving all the praise and compliments to you. You are amazing and you flatter me. Your blog is amazing, your site, your books, you are truly amazing and incredible in my eyes. I am truly honored that you even know we exist. Thank you so much for the recognition and the award.

  55. vickie

    Brightest Blessings And thank you a very magickal sight

  56. Hi there this is kind of of off topic but I was wondering if blogs use WYSIWYG editors
    or if you have to manually code with HTML. I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding skills so I wanted to get guidance from someone with experience.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • I love off the topic questions, lol! I have had experience with both types of blogs. On Yuku, you could write your own html code or use their WYSIWYG editor. I enjoyed using the editor. In fact, I still go back over their to keep my skills sharp. As far as WordPress goes, they do it all for you. I will have to occasionally go back through a post and correct it. When I do, I have to revert back to html code to do so. WordPress offers a section where you can write your own code (CSS) but you have to purchase that. Just grabbing a blog template and turning it into your own is much simpler. When I first formed our old, old WOTC group on MSN, I had no earthly idea what I was doing. Thankfully I had a wonderful teacher that took me under his wings and showed me the ropes. Since you don’t have any experience, I would recommend WordPress. WordPress has tutorial pages for each template and will walk you through it. When you learn what you want you can either stay on WordPress or take your talents elsewhere. Right now, WordPress is the way to go for you. If you need any help, just let me know. I still love playing with the graphics, htmls codes and the such. Oh, one word, WordPress does not allow with javascript. They told me it was easily hacked and we have three sites on Blogger because I can use javascript over there. And every weekend you can practically set your watch by the time they are going to get hacked. WordPress is a great place to build a site, they have great templates and also offer great support. Right now, WordPress is the way to go!

  57. Very good info. Lucky me I came across your site
    by accident (stumbleupon). I have bookmarked it for later!

  58. S light walker

    I love everything I’ve read on your site. I feel like I’m old yet brand new on this path and it was lovely to see your information. Thank you
    Blessed be 🌖

  59. Megan

    What a wonderful website filled with so much!!
    Thank you

  60. Thank you for all the wonderful wisdom of your Samhain article! I really enjoyed reading it, and I love this website! :)
    The First and Second Battles of Moytura take place on Samhain. During these two battles, the Tuatha De Dannan battle the forces of winter, chaos, and blight.
    Lugh Samhildanach/Lamhada defeats Balor, his grandfather.
    The Morrighan aids the Daghda in the battle by agreeing to strike fear into their hearts of the Fomorians after they sleep together. She is also the Washer at the Ford, an omen of death.
    The Goddess Brigit loses her son Ruadhan, and she mourns her son by producing a keen (caione), which’s a wail of grief. It’s the origin story of the Bansidhe. It’s also the night Brigit becomes the Cailleach, the Crone of Winter.
    A Blessed Samhain to one and all! :)

    Blessed Be!

  61. Aonaracha

    I’m so glad to have found this. I don’t know anyone else like me, especially living in the middle of nowhere. I will likely be asking questions soon and they may be pretty dumb ones. i’ll try not to unless I have to… I don’t want to be an annoying noob or anything lol! I’ve never had anyone to discuss this stuff with and I’m new to much of it. I almost don’t feel alone now. :)

  62. Aonaracha

    less than a week ago I found this site. oh, ive seen many others out there… some of them take a ‘very matter of fact’ approach and though informative, there is little to no sense of community. others seem to cater to ‘fad pagans’ and lack serious information. there is nothing wrong with that. nothing at all. but such sites are not for me personally. I have learned more here than I have from all the rest put together, and I feel like I belong to a community. thank you for making such a wonderful website. i am literally the only one of my kind in the area i live and i feel as if this was made for me. thank you so much!!!

  63. Eve

    I am a solitary witch and I am currently still learning, I commend you on a wonderful and informative page, I have learned new things, and I happened on this site by accident, OR was it accident!! I was feeling I wasn’t learning much lately and here I am, I have learned more tonight than I have in months!! Thank you so much!! Blessed Be to you and much success on all of your work on here!!!

  64. Eva DelaSangre

    Thank you for making such a great site. So informative and helpful!!!

  65. Donna

    I am always very late to the party. I’m glad I found your site and I sincerely hope it will become/remain/stay active

    • You are not late to the party here, hun. We have been partying now for 14 years. We have spent three of those years on WordPress. We are a very active site. The other managers and myself try to keep interesting and informative information flowing constantly. The only time the site goes down is to change the graphics or change the monthly info. As long as I have anything to do with this site, it will be remain active. So welcome home, dear sister.
      Lady A

  66. Heya Lady A.. I love the new look.. I love how the snowflakes gently drift and fall across the screen.. it’s so relaxing, peaceful and beautiful..
    As always, your site looks fantastic. Darling sister, I hope that you’re doing alright (((hugs)))

  67. In Ireland (County Meath), the megalithic burial/Sidhe Mound, Newgrange, which’s aligned to the Midwinter Solstice (Mean Geimreidh: Meh-yawn Gev-ruh), has a bit of Gaelic lore associated with the pre-Celtic 5,300 year-old mound.

    According to lore, the All Father God, the Daghda built and occupies Newgrange–indeed, as an entrance to the Otherworld. Newgrange is also where the Daghda has a tryst with the river and land Goddess, Boinne. It’s there the God of Youthful Beauty, Light, and Love, Aeonghus Mac Og (Son of Youth) is conceived.

    Well, Boinne’s husband, Elcmhaire happened to be out hunting and promised to return at sunset. Concealing the manner in which Aeonghus was conceived, the Daghda caused the sun to stand still in order for the day to last nine months. In that “day,” Aeonghus was safely birthed and fostered away. Elcmhaire was none the wiser about the tryst upon his return.

    In terms of the solstice, which means, “sun stands still,” the Daghda represents the solar function of light that must give way to the youthful rebirth of the Son/Sun in a new cycle. It is evident that Aeonghus represents the archetypal function of the Child of Light in Celtic Myth Cycles…these include Lugh, the Maponos/Mabon, Taliesin, and Arthur, to name some. Later on, Aeonghus would trick the Daghda out of Newgrange, and take up residence in the mound.

    Gaelic names for Newgrange such as Cashel Aeonghus (“Castle Aeonghus”) and Brugh na Boinne (Place or “Palace of the Boyne”), signify Newgrange’s importance in Gaelic imagination. That is, the Sidhe mound’s alignment to the rising sun during the day of the solstice, has the sunlight shining into the mound entrance’s box, a beam going 64 feet into the back of the chamber, is an act of conception and renewal.

    In addition, every 19 years, on the solstice, the moon is completely dark. The white quartz crystal facede resembles a slim waxing crescent. During this time of winter, the sun is at it’s weakest, moon at its darkest, and earth at its most cold and fallow. Hence, a new great lunar cycle begins simultaneously with that of the earth and sun. It so happens, this upcoming solstice, on the 21st, is such a time!

    The Goddess Boinne’s name comes from the Gaelic “Bo,” which translates as Cow, a divine representative/embodiment of the Land’s powers of fertility and abundance, including the wealth and well-being of the Tuath (I.e. locality of the “Tribe”). She also represents a beneficent face of the Goddess of Sovereignty, replete in Celtic myth. Hope you all have a very Blessed Solstice! :)

    Beanneacht De Laet!


  68. Thank you again for the awards, love. I am truly honored. <3

    (Psst…..I nominated you back….http://donningthecrescent.com/2014/12/18/one-lovely-blog-award: http://donningthecrescent.com/2014/12/18/very-inspiring-blogger-award/)

  69. Hey! I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award. Just follow this link http://donningthecrescent.com/2014/12/18/one-lovely-blog-award/ (if you would like), and you can see what accepting the award entails.

    I really love this blog!
    Love and Light

  70. Cathi

    I came upon this site last evening while doing a Google search. I have found many other sites but none that caught my attention and were so easy and comfortable. This site is beautifully written; your words flow and the layout and content are so well written and demonstrated. THANK YOU! I for one have found myself so weighed down and overwhelmed by so many other sites, you have made this site so inviting and easy for people like me to learn and comprehend. Your site is so relaxing and inviting. Thank you again and please continue to keep us all educated.

  71. I love this website. I keep my own journal on some information posted on here. I hope you always keep this site running. It’s absolutely amazing :)

  72. Ruby the Cat

    Hi – I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your site. It is Goddess sent. :) I have been a solitary practitioner for over 20 years. It’s nice to feel a sense of community every now and again. The cornerstone to being a witch (I think) is to never stop learning. You have a true treasure trove of information here. Thank you so much for passing it on. Many blessings many times.

  73. What a truly beautiful, well-organized page, I am jealous and inspired all at the same time.. as a baby blogger I will be looking to you to show me how it’s done !

  74. Patricia Gardner

    Love your site…I am a co-author of Wicca Whats the Real Deal Breaking through the misconceptions…your site sounds like our book..teaching the outside world the difference between who we are & who they think we are is what we do….great job..I have been a witch for 52 yrs & its great to see so many of us out there.. I will share your page with my coven…thank you for knowing the true way…Blessed be…)0(*

  75. Iove this blog. The presentation is great.

    I happen to be what I call a wild natura faery witch. Which means I am a solitary witch. Not wiccan but do have some basis in wicca, in the style of ann moura which then brings me to natual which ijmo equals using what is on hand if I am doing a spell or ritual on the run. Such as a large rock as an altar , dirt wind spit and my desire as a flame.

    Faery because I work with them thru different forms and also with ancestors and even the gods in their energy forms such as Manannan mac Llyr is water like neptune.

    So I did enjoy you separating witches from wicca.

    Witchcraft for me is a practice, a mysterious life path. My religion is gaelic polytheism.

    The two interlock are one but are separate at the same time

    So Thank you very much for this site.

  76. aquella

    Plz could the founder of this site email me or even a real witch , wiccan .. its important…

    • Lady Beltane

      There is no way to emai you back directly. I write for this web site and am real Witch and Wiccan If you would like to email me at ladybeltane@aol.com to tell me what you need help with. I will see what I can do to help you. Keep in mind I will not write spells for anyone, or do a spell myself for you.

  77. Great site!!
    I want to add you as a link on our new site that is open to all forms
    of supernatural,
    You have a site that I will see often.

    • Our policy concerning link exchange has changed. Our requirements are simple. We ask that you add our link to your site first. Then after you have added it, provide us with the address of the link. Once we see that our link is on your site, we will then add yours. I am sorry it has to be this way. Unfortunately, we have had some dealings with webmasters that did not abide by their word. I know it makes it hard on honest webmasters like yourself but the old saying is true, “one bad apple spoils it for the rest.”

      Just as soon as you provide us with a link, we will then add you to our site.
      Lady Of The Abyss

  78. James Mullen

    Thank you beautiful site that touches the soul

    • Good morning James, It is good to see you. I was wondering when you would make an appearance on the site. Thank you for the compliment and also stopping by to visit. I hope you will visit more often. I am sorry about last nights email, I feel asleep in the floor and didn’t get up till 4 this morning. I still have that matter I want to discuss with you. So hopefully, I will be emailing you today (keyword: hopefully). I definitely wants your thoughts on the matter. Till then, my friend,
      Luv & Hugs,
      Lady A

  79. carolune

    I’m so glad there’s a decent site with lots of information and no weirdness…as someone new to witchcraft, this is truly beautiful

  80. Shwa

    First and foremost, blessing and merry meet! I am so excited to have found this website, but that seems so indifferent, that I must say it is truly like a second home. I am a witch of the ancient ways and it is so difficult to find a sharing table, a space not in a space, and comfort in others at that table. Here, Lady A, you have created an environment that others might learn, create, become, and give their thoughts. This is the bread of life, the nectar from the flower of freedom. I am so happy to be here, Now, and ready to learn what I havent and share perhaps what I have. MM, MP, MMA! Blessings

    • Good Morning Shwa,
      It is wonderful to have you with us. I am glad you found the site. Thank you for the wonderful compliments. It is nice to hear that we are doing a good job. We have always tried to make the WOTC a haven from the outside world. I know, personally, the outside world can get a little hairy. So we thought it would be nice to create a place were like-minded individuals can get away from it all, relax, learn, study, share, just do what they wanted too. It is nice to have a place were you don’t have to worry about someone looking down on you or ridiculing you for a remark you have made. We have many Paths and Traditions here. We have always stressed that we must co-exist with each other in order to learn. I believe if you stop learning you stop growing. The Craft is definitely a continuous learning process.

      I like the idea of you sharing with us. Right now the WOTC is having a growing spurt. We have opened up several new sites. If you have a lot to share, I would be glad to open you up your own site. But either way, your thoughts and comments are also welcomed. If you have any ideas or suggestions for the site, please let me know. I am always open to new ideas.

      Again, it is very nice to have you with us. If you need anything, just holler. Till then…
      Blessings, Peace & Comfort,
      Lady A

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