Calendar of the Moon for December 12th

Calendar of the Moon

12 Ruis/Poseideion

Day of the Underworld III

Color: Grey
Element: Water
Altar: The altar is the same as the day before, with the chalice replenished, and a pile of coins.
Offering: Whatever the Gods tell you.
Daily Meal: Fasting tonight, until the next morning.

Underworld Invocation III

(The speaker holds up the chalice yet again, and says:)
Elixirs fade and potions fail,
The gold is rusted from the grail,
The wine is changed to water thin,
The blood is wasted from the skin,
And all that from this glass is drunk
May leave us only smaller shrunk.
(The chalice is passed, and each takes a sip.)
Now that we have passed through Earth,
We must pass over the River of the Dead.
Black water laps at our feet,
Faces stare up at us, seeing and unseeing,
From the depths of the River.
Are you ready to pass over the water?
Do you have ready the fare you will pay?
(Each takes two coins from the altar, and states what they will do to pay their fare. The speaker then takes the dried thistles and crushes them into a box, saying:)
Even the King is old and white
When royal noon is turned to night.
Yet better the peace of thistledown
Than power under a thorny crown.
Let him sleep his sleep of grey
Where gold and purple fall away,
And let us lie beside him here,
Past pain or joy, desire or fear.

(All come forward and lie down on the floor, in front of the altar, in a position of death, with the coins laid on their eyes. One who has been chosen to do the work of the ritual comes by with the chalice, and gently bathes the face of every corpse, and collects the coins. After a time, all rise in silence and go.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Prosperity and Success Spell


Prosperity and Success Spell

Original Author D.J. Conway


1 small cauldron

1 small green or brown charm bag

3 silver coins


Cedar oil

A small table to use as an altar

Spell:   Place a little dish or cup inside the cauldron with a small amount of cinnamon   and cedar in it. Lay the three coins next to it on your altar. Tap each coin with the forefinger of the hand you write with (your power hand) and chant:

“Glistening silver coin of the Moon,   Shiny and round, bring me a boon.   Draw to my hands many more of your kind.   Multiply, grow, like the image in my mind.

Place the coins in the cauldron with the herbs and three drops of oil.Using your power hand, stir the air clockwise seven times over the cauldron and chant:

“Earth elements, cunning and bright, Share you treasures here on this night.   Share with me riches of silver and gold, Success, prosperity, all I can hold.”

Place the herbs and the coins in the talisman bag. Carry this with   you until the Full Moon goes through her phases and returns to Full.

Full Moon Scrying Ritual

Full Moon Scrying Ritual

The upcoming summer months are the perfect time for Full Moon Scrying and I’d like to pass on an old, time honored scrying ritual originally written by D.J. Conway that I have used many times during the long summer nights:

Items Needed:

1 bright, shiny silver coin

1 small, black cauldron or scrying bowl filled with water

Perform this ritual outside where the rays of the Moon can fall directly onto the water in the cauldron. If you cannot go outside, stay in a darkened room near a window that the Moon shines through. Place the coin in the water and take the cauldron in both hands. Gaze up at the Moon and say:

“Lovely Lady of the night,  
Mysteries old and futures bright,  
Give me a glimpse of that to be  
And as I will so mote it be.”

Look down at the coin shimmering in the cauldrons water. With your eyes half closed, adjust your vision as if you were looking into and through the coin. Don’t try to analuze anything you might see or that might come into your mind. Just accept it. Some people, rathar than seeing actual pictures within the cauldron, will have mental impressions, feelings or pictures. When you have finished, bow to the Moon and say thank you. Pour the water out on the ground. You’re done!

Cause a Person to be Unable to Make Clear Business Judgments

Cause a Person to be Unable to Make Clear Business Judgments

Materials Required:

One coin (any coin will do)

One wax figure

Instructions: Carve the person’s name onto the wax figure while saying:

“I name you [Person’s Name]”

Take the coin and stick it to the back of the figure. Say the following three times:

[Person’s Name] will not be able to see the money; it will always be behind him. He walks away from the money.”

Bury the figure at a crossroads at midnight, while saying:

“[ Person’s Name] will remain at an impasse .He will not know what direction to go. The money will be left behind him.”

Essential Money Spell

Essential Money Spell

Around campfires or in their sunny vardos the Romanies invoked spells to bring prosperity. The following spell has been popular for centuries; in the past, coins of an earlier date were used, preferably gold.

Take five short green candles and ten quarters.

Rinse the coins in warm salt water.

Set five saucers in a circle and

place one coin in the center of each saucer.

With a little melted wax, securely fix a lighted candle on top of each coin.

Distribute the five remaining coins inside the circle so that they form a five pointed star with the apex facing away from you.

Say aloud:

I need [amount of money] immediately.

Imagine green and purple five pointed starlight glowing from the candle flames. Imagine coins cascading from the flames for several minutes.

Let the candles burn out naturally.

Provided your need is genuine, a windfall should be on its way.

When it arrives, say thank you to the mystic world.

A Prosperity Charm

A Prosperity Charm

To ensure that money will enter the house all year round, take one silver or gold coin for each external door to the house

The coins will almost certainly be gold or silver coloured rather than actually made of the metals concerned.  Then take the same number of circular pieces of paper.  Wash the coin(s) carefully under running water for 10 minutes and then dry them in a new cloth or tissue.  On the paper(s) draw a picture of your family and around it draw pictures to represent all things you need (not want) money for.  Remember to include rent, taxes, light, heat, food, transport, pets, etc.  Wrap each coin in one of the papers and, if you are able, bury one just outside the threshold of each door.  Whilst you are burying the coin(s) say, “I call upon the Old Gods to help us make the most opportunities to bring money into this house.  May those who live here ever have enough for their needs and commitments.  Give each of us the true rewards of our work and may our family be happy and secure in this home.  Blessed Be.” Whilst you are doing this, visualize members of the family with coins in their pockets entering the home.  If it is not possible to actually bury them, then slip them down a crack at the base of the door, or just under the carpet on the inside.  It is important that everyone who enters the house, and all posts, must pass over the coins.

“Never give an empty purse, lest both the giver and taker be likewise coinless.”

January 2- The Real Witches Year by Kate West

The Witches Spell for December 28th: Long Life Spell

Long Life Spell

A Spell used to help ensure a long life.

Items Needed:



To be done in a forest. Go into a woods that contains any combination of oaks, elms, & maples. Find, as near as you can tell, the oldest tree in the center. Bury, deep & as near to the roots of the tree as you can, a penny. Upon the trunk of the tree, trace out, with your finger, & as you say it aloud, the following:

“Ancient tree, I offer thee

This mortal coin as gift & sign

Guard my fate both soon & late.

And let my rust grow green at last”

Place a stone over the burial site, & leave undisturbed for one month & a day. Return to the tree & dig up the coin. If the coin has turned green, the forest’s life span will be your own.

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Today’s Runes for August 14 is Man

Today’s Runes

Gold Runes are most commonly used for questions about business, career, and property. Man represents Mankind. This rune evokes the image that although we must make much of our way in the world on our own, there is nevertheless an entire populous that shares similar experiences. Thus, this rune represents the relationship of the self with the whole – working together we can produce great results. Additionally, Man speaks to intellect and culture that separate us from the animals.