The Witches Spell for December 28th: Long Life Spell

Long Life Spell

A Spell used to help ensure a long life.

Items Needed:



To be done in a forest. Go into a woods that contains any combination of oaks, elms, & maples. Find, as near as you can tell, the oldest tree in the center. Bury, deep & as near to the roots of the tree as you can, a penny. Upon the trunk of the tree, trace out, with your finger, & as you say it aloud, the following:

“Ancient tree, I offer thee

This mortal coin as gift & sign

Guard my fate both soon & late.

And let my rust grow green at last”

Place a stone over the burial site, & leave undisturbed for one month & a day. Return to the tree & dig up the coin. If the coin has turned green, the forest’s life span will be your own.

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