Traditional Witchcraft

Traditional Witchcraft


Witchcraft is often referred to as “The Old Religion” and “Craft of the Wise.” Witchcraft has been present since the beginning of humanity in many forms. It was never a defined, organized religion, particularly not a universal one, but it was everywhere, as it is now. Those who practice Witchcraft are called Witches, no matter what their sex. A very common misconception is that a warlock is a male Witch. This could not be further from the truth. Warlock means “Oath breaker” and can be applied to either sex. Basically it is someone who betrays the trust of a coven. Witches are not evil-doers, rather, they are the most moral, most aware and sensitive people you will ever come across. They realize that every action has a reaction in every reality. Witches abide by a code of “Harm none, do as thou will.” This rule can be interpreted in many ways, but in short, it means do as you wish, and be sure not intentionally harm any innocent.

Witches tend to be pantheists, that is they recognize the divine in all things. Most Witches in some fashion worship the Goddess and her consort, the Horned God. The Horned God is a deity of fertility and festivity, often represented by a man with deer antlers or a satyr-like being, as artefacts of Pan and Cernunnos depict. One can easily see now where the Christian concept of the devil originated. It is always wise to remember that the gods of the old religions become the devils of the new in many western cultures. So never have Witches worshipped “the devil” as Christianity portrays. We actually find the idea of personifying evil rather stupid, for if you give something a name, you give it power. Witches, likewise, don’t believe in Hell. We cannot believe in an “all-loving” god that would send its own children to damnation, simply because they did not worship him in a certain form. Instead, Witches believe in a transient-like afterlife, sometimes called the Summer-lands, as well as reincarnation. Most Witches practice magick or spell-craft, following along the lines of “harm none.” Magick cannot be defined as “black” or “white,” because of the complexity of the results. For more about magick, go to Magick, Symbols and Spell-craft.

                                       What is the Modern Tradition of Witchcraft?

Usually people’s first reaction to ModTrad is “Isn’t that an oxymoron?.. How can something be modern and traditional?” Well, the key to it is that we examine the traditions and folklore of the past, and decipher a way to interpret them in a contemporary format that relates better to humanity’s needs today. Modtrad incorporates a system of careful research, reflection and ingenuity. Although most of us fantasize about living out in the middle of nowhere, being self-sufficient, close to the earth, the reality is that most of us lead urban-based lives. When one examines the eight sabats on the wheel of year, one discovers that they are planting/harvest/farming based. How does this relate to us now, living in the concrete jungle, lacking fields and livestock? How do we keep the meaning and intention in something that seems outdated? How does this reflect through all the aspects of the Craft, such as spell craft and our view of the Goddess? This is the challenge of Modern Traditional Witchcraft.


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Morals of a Witch

Morals of a Witch

Witchcraft is often understood to be evil, demoralizing, and immoral because it  goes against the beliefs of the catholic church. This is due mostly to a  misunderstanding of the modern use of the term “witch.” In earlier times,  witchcraft was essentially the term used for “devil worship.” Witches of old  were said to be in league with the devil. They hurt people, traveled to  gatherings where they engaged in evil spell-casting, demoralizing acts, and  Satan worship. At the same time, there were wisepeople in villages. These people  were the healers, the midwives, and the elders who knew things which might be  considered witchery today. These people were not, at the time, considered or  even called witches. Today, for some reason, these people have chosen to take on  the name of witchcraft. Even in medieval times, people engaged in witchery.  These things included charms to predict love or the weather, good luck charms,  and psychic sight (gifts of the angels). For example, people knew charms that  were used in prediction such as limericks and poems. These went something like:  “cat’s paw upon the water, first sigh of storm-king’s daughter.” This limerick  means that if you see a cat place its paw in water, then there will be a storm.  These are sometimes called “old wives’ tales.” Other superstitions are: walking  under a ladder is bad luck and smashing a mirror is 7 years bad luck. Magical  charms were and are also used: four-leaf clovers, found pennies, locks of hair,  horseshoes when turned upside down, and lucky and unlucky numbers. These things  were never considered witchcraft the way we use it in witchcraft today.
Many Christians are beginning to understand the differences between what is  now called witchcraft and the old word witchcraft which was used for “devil  worship.” No one is really sure why the healers of today have chosen this once  derogatory term to describe themselves. Likely, it has stemmed from small groups  of adolescents forming “covens.” Early Wiccans were not called witches.
Today, witches are known for their good deeds. Witches believe in eternal  learning. Witches believe in truth and truth telling. We are always trying to  help those around us and find ways to better ourselves. Witches also follow many  of the traditional views of Christianity. We believe in harming no living being.  We believe in fidelity (loyalty), we love our families and raise our children to  have good moral standards. We do not believe in forming cults or any other  harmful or mind-controlling groups. We stand against killing and oppression of  all kinds. We believe in the freedom to love who we choose to love. We believe  in self-sacrifice for the good of others. We believe in charity.

Witch Crafted

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Gardnerian Traditional Witchcraft –B.14. Skyclad (1953)

Gardnerian Traditional Witchcraft –B.14. Skyclad (1953)

B.14. Skyclad (1953)
It is important to work naked from the start, so it becometh as second nature, and no thought of “I have no clothes” shall ever intrude and take your attention from the work.  Also, your skin being so accustomed to unconfinement, when power is given off the flow is more easy and regular.  Also, when dancing you are free and unconfined. . . .
And the greatest of all, the touch of the body of your beloved thrills your inmost soul, and so your body gives out its utmost power; and then it is most important of all that there is not the slightest thing to divert the attention, for then the mind must seize and mold the power generated, and redirect it to the desired end with all the force and frenzy of the imagination.
It has been said that no real knowledge may be gained our way, that our practices are such that they can only lead to lust; but this is not really so.  Our aim is to gain the inner sight, and we do it the most natural and easy way.  Our opponents’ aim is ever to prevent man and woman from loving, thinking that everything that helps or even permits them to love is wicked and vile.  To us it is natural, and if it aids the Great Work it is good.
‘Tis true that a couple burning with a frenzy for knowledge may go straight to their goal, but the average couple have not this fire.  We show them the way, our system of props and aids (i.e., magic ritual).  A couple working with nothing but lust will never attain in any case; but a couple who love each other dearly should already be sleeping together, and the first frenzy of love will have passed, and their souls will already be in sympathy.  If the first time or two they do stay a while to worship Aphrodite, ’tis only a day or two lost, and the intense pleasure they obtain only leads them again to the mysteries of Hermes, their souls more attuned to the great search.  Once they have pierced the veil they will not look back.
This rite may be used as the greatest of magics if it be done with both partners firmly fixing their minds on the object and not thinking of sex at all.  That is, you must so firmly fix your mind on your object that sex and all else are naught.  You inflame your will to such an extent that you may create a strain on the astral such that events happen.


No, I haven’t left yet, I’m sorry, lol!

I have a collection of old documents some have been seen on the net, others’ haven’t. Most of the documents have been moved over to disc. I had a moment to catch my breath and drug some of the discs out last night. I ran across one that I am getting ready to put on here. It is about Gerald Gardner and a collection of writings that were written down by one of his followers. There was never an official Book of Shadows for the Gardnerian Traditional Witchcraft. So you can imagine any piece of writing that was contributed to Gardner was considered very sacred.

Some of the writing Gardner contributed to an ancient clandestine witch cult, which he claimed to have been initiated into. However, modern researchers have concluded that it was composed by Gardner. The text shows influences from English and Celtic Folk-lore, the Enochian system of John Dee, Thelema, the Golden Dawn, Stregaria, Tantric Yoga, the KJV Bible and even Kipling.

I know some revere Gardner as being the father of Wicca, the traditional Witch. I am thinking it so I might as well say it. How do you become the father of Wicca and then proclaim yourself to be a Witch at the same time? Curious. No matter how you feel about the man, love him or hate him. It is very seldom that you have the opportunity to look into someone’s thoughts and beliefs.. I think these few pages will give you an idea of how Gardner thought.

There is a lot of material on this site. But there is no cold, hard information from those who played an important part in our history. That is going to change. When I run across such information from now on, I am going to place it on the site. I know the Elders have probably already read the material. But we have several generations of new witches coming up. They need to know. If we don’t show the info to them and tell them, then who will.

Let Talk Witch – The Watchtowers

Let Talk Witch – The Watchtowers

Calling the Watchtowers or calling the quarters is another element of Wiccan ritual that is not found in Traditional Witchcraft. The Watchtowers are another piece of Wiccan ritual that is pull from the Kabalistic magick, though Gardner likely took this right from the OTO. Rather than calling in elementals in this fashion, the Traditional Witch calls in Guardians, spirits of the land that they have some sort of relationship with. This is important, as they are not just random entities called upon for the sake of calling on them, as is often the case in Wiccan ritual.

Guardians can be spirits of the land or Ancestors that the Witch has communicated with or worked with in the past, and whom they know wish to assist and participate in their work. Others will call on spirit guides to act as Guardians. Not all Traditional Witches use Guardians, but those that do choose who they will call on very carefully.

Many people that work in systems other than Wicca who do not have things such as the Watchtowers, view the calling of the Watchtowers to be on par with holding the entities hostage for the ritual because of the way that they are often summoned of “commanded” to be part of the circle and not asked or communicated with previously. In ritual work with the Traditional Witch, there is often no set boundary for the work area, so the spirits and Guardians that are called on for ritual are allowed to roam freely around the person rather than reside in one specific spot.


Samhain, the Time of the Ancestors

Samhain, the Time of the Ancestors

Author:   Sta Muertero Steven  
Although I honor and serve my ancestors year-round, All Hallows is the time when I go all out for them and prepare a large feast. However, I find little information in many of the marketed texts of Wicca and modern Paganism that deals with ancestor veneration, a practice that is a major characteristic of the vast majority of the world’s basic religions. I’d like to share my views on this and offer what I’ve found to be effective in establishing solid lines of communication with my ancestors, essentially a novena to bring them into my daily life to provide me with love, guidance, wisdom, and protection as I go about my way in this sometimes uncertain world.
In Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner, Scott Cunningham writes, “Many Wiccans do attempt to communicate with their deceased ancestors and friends at [Samhain], but it seems to me that if we accept the doctrine of reincarnation, this is a rather strange practice. Perhaps the personalities that we knew still exist, but if the soul is currently incarnate in another body, communication would be difficult, to say the least. Thus, it seems best to remember them with peace and love-but not to call them up” (p. 143).
Thus begins many beginning Wiccans’ view of the spirits of our ancestors, including my own in the beginning. No offense to the spirit of Scott, but I now beg to differ. Through my personal journey in ecletic Wicca, then traditional Haitian Vodou, and now Wica and Traditional Witchcraft, I have come to view the above as a rather naive and simplistic view of the soul and reincarnation. I feel the above concept of the ancestors comes mainly from a combination of a misinterpreted and simplified view of the Hindu doctrine of reincarnation and the typical Western concept of a single-component soul.
A previous co-worker of mine who is from India and a practicing Hindu both believes in reincarnation and honors the spirits of his ancestors. I’ve not asked him to explain how these seemingly contradictory beliefs are reconciled, however, I have to wonder if the explanation is in any way similar to the concepts found in Haitian Vodou, where there are many components to the soul, one of which reincarnates at some future time, one which joins the spirits of the ancestors in the waters below, while the others perform other functions and journey to different destinations. All of these components are important, and one should not be thought of as the “real” soul above the others.
In any case, I believe that one can adhere to a doctrine of reincarnation and honor the spirits of one’s ancestors, even bringing them into their daily lives for guidance and protection, without having the beliefs contradict one another in any way. This has been uncommon in my knowledge of the majority of eclectic Wicca and the modern Pagan religions, however, it seems this may be changing as more individuals and groups (re-) discover ancestor veneration. I feel this view can easily be adopted by the rest of them, giving a more solid foundation in the traditional practices found in almost all basic religions throughout the world. The eagerness with which many of the ancestors of those of European origin seem to flock to the service provided when a descendant begins the service of the Lwa Ginea, in other words, practicing Haitian Vodou, or another Afro-Caribbean tradition, is evidence enough for me that our pre-Christian ancestors possessed a tradition of honoring the ancestors that is long overdue in being re-established in some form by their descendants.
The following is a ceremony I have found effective based on my training in Haitian Vodou. I hope that by sharing this information, the long-forgotten ancestors of those who perform this ceremony will be brought back to this realm to bestow their wisdom and blessings upon their descendants to help guide them toward a more fulfilling life in every way.
The Ancestor Novena
This ritual, although seemingly simple, has enormous effect on a person in that if that person has never successfully established contact with one’s ancestors, this will allow for the ancestors to come fully into one’s life. The ancestors are how every person alive exists. We stand on their shoulders; we have their blood in our veins. Their spirits surround us through the tie of that same blood. For these reasons alone, we should honor them and invite them to be active in our daily lives. But also, they possess knowledge of ourselves and of the world and can provide protection that we would not have otherwise.
In the beginning, one should only establish contact with direct blood relatives, meaning parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and so on. In an ideal ancestor-venerating society, all other relatives, such as aunts and uncles, would be taken care of by their descendants. However, in this country (the U.S.) and in the majority of the Western world, as you may know, this is not the case. In some cases, passed extended family members may have had a greater effect on the person than parents, and so on, and those spirits may wish to be honored in the person’s line of ancestors, as well. That is fine, however, they should be invited after the direct blood relatives. Those extended family members and even the spirits of those not related to you by blood can be included in your service to your ancestors after this novena has been successfully completed simply by calling their names and asking them to join your ancestors during one of your regular services.
This ritual is effective even if one’s parents are unknown, because we all have never met the vast majority of our ancestors (three, four, five, six, seven, and so on, generations back). This ritual is also effective, and even essential, for a person who had a negative or abusive relationship with one’s parents or grandparents. Whatever that person or those people were like during life, they are now beyond the veil and have learned many things. That’s not to say that they’re more spiritually evolved by virtue of being dead, but that they can now see a larger picture and can be spiritually elevated if they so choose and if you help them to be. They are also now surrounded by the spirits of their parents and families and are possibly being guided by them, helping them understand where they may have gone wrong in life. This is essential for those people’s spiritual evolution because the unresolved issues with their ancestors tie them to the past, preventing them from moving forward. We are never completely free of the past; we are always connected to everything and every time–we are one.
Items to obtain for the novena

  1. One or two white 7-day candles (large, tall candles encased in glass), or a set of white tapers.
  2. Cascarilla (dried and ground egg white in the form of a compacted powder), or white chalk.
  3. A clear glass of water.
  4. Perfume or incense of a soft, light nature (with an incense holder).
  5. A corner of your home or small space that’s not in your bedroom which can be used (at least temporarily if you can’t dedicate permanent space) to house your ancestors.

Items to have for the ninth day

  1. A white plate.
  2. White flowers.
  3. Food that they may have enjoyed in life, cooked by you, with no salt added (if the ingredients inherently contain sodium, don’t worry about, but do not ADD salt).


  1. Clean the space you have chosen for your ancestors. If you plan to have an altar table, that’s fine, but during the novena, place everything directly onto the floor. If you have pets, partition this area off somehow so they will not have access to it, at least during the novena.
  2. Take the cascarilla, rub your finger into it, (or use the chalk) and begin to draw an arc on the floor from one wall to the one perpendicular to it. Make it a solid arc; this will take more work if you have carpet. If for some reason, you can’t use a corner but a section of wall instead, make this a half-circle, starting from one side of the area, moving around it, and closing it in on the other. The purpose is to spiritually close off this section.
  3. Using the cascarilla (or chalk), make nine short dashes along the arc or half-circle. It should look like railroad markings on a map.
  4. Place one 7-day white candle inside the marked-off area, along with the clear glass filled with water. Also, place the bottle of perfume or the light, clean scented incense inside the area.
  5. Choose a certain time of the day that you are sure you can be free to talk with your ancestors at the same time for nine consecutive days, beginning on a Monday.

The Novena

  1. When the time comes, settle yourself in front of the area, light the candle, and open the bottle of perfume or light the incense. Prepare yourself for spiritual communication and open yourself to the spiritual world, whether that is with the Our Father and three Hail Mary’s, or meditation, or a prayer to the God/dess, the Cabbalistic Cross, or whatever. Do this at the beginning of each session.
  2. Also at each session and after the opening part just mentioned, state your full name along with any other name by which you are known, and call to your ancestors both known and unknown. Ex: “I, Paul Michael Smith, Grey Wolf, call to all my ancestors, those I know and those I currently do not…”
  3. After you’ve gotten their attention, thank them for giving you life, for without them you wouldn’t be here.
  4. Next, talk with your ancestors the way you would family members at a family reunion, catching those up who have missed the latest bit of your life, and introducing yourself to those you don’t yet know, which of course will be the majority of them. Tell them what you’re doing (the novena) and why you feel it’s important to you. Chances are, they already know, but it’s necessary for you to speak this aloud to them; it gives purpose and power to your physical actions. Ask them to come into your life and help you do what you need to do.
  5. When you have said all you wish to say, thank them again. Tell them you will be back again at the same time and place to talk with them more the following day.
  6. Extinguish the candle, or allow it to burn the remainder of the day/night until you go to sleep, or allow the candle to burn continuously throughout the novena, which will require at least two 7-day candles. (All depending on how nervous you are about fire hazards. I allowed mine to burn continuously and asked my ancestors to guard the candle to make sure it didn’t tip over or catch anything on fire-nothing bad happened.)

On the Ninth Day

  1. Do your prayers as usual, talk with your ancestors, and then explain that this is the last day of the novena, and that from now on you will come to them once a week to light their candle, supply fresh water, and serve them food if they tell you they need it.
  2. At this time you can place the altar in the area, if you plan to have an altar. Then place all their items on the altar (this is “lifting them up”), give them the flowers you’ve gathered or bought, give them the food you’ve prepared, and thank them again for being an active part of your daily life.

After the Novena
Choose one day of the week (usually this will be Monday) that you can go to your ancestors, light their candle, give them fresh water, give them food if you feel they need it and whatever type they ask for (again with no salt added), give them flowers, alcohol, cigarettes, whatever they enjoyed in life, and talk with them. Place pictures of them and items they owned on the altar; truly make it yours.
While chatting with them share with them your good news and bad news. When you feel you need help in life’s difficult journey, ask them for support and guidance.
Once you have established a good relationship with your ancestors, let this relationship evolve as they dictate. In other words, this is only the beginning.
Brightest Blessings

You Do Not Represent Me

You Do Not Represent Me

Author:   Crick   

You know folks, I am getting pretty fed up with individuals and groups claiming to represent all of paganism. To begin with what is it that such entities are supposed to represent? The current reality of the pagan community is a massive chat group spread across the Internet. An electronic format where anyone can jump on and make whatever claims they desire in regards to their alleged pagan heritage. It is a format where folks can claim to be this or that, you know, the High Lord of the coven of Bologna. The only requirement is that they read two Cunningham books. It is a format where folks will sprout words like “Love and Light”, words that resonate the slogans of the old hippie days from the 60’s.

But as soon as someone disagrees with one of these folks, oh my, one has never encountered such diatribes as that which comes out of the mouths of these folks.

Is this the pagan community that such folks proclaim to represent?

The majority of individuals and/or groups that claim to represent the pagan community come from a Wiccan background. That is understandable. There were some well-documented “Witch Wars” that exploded between Gardner and European witches such as John Cochrane. The issue that set these battles off were that Gardner wanted publicity and the majority of the pagan community at that time, did not desire such publicity. This penchant of desiring publicity has become a tenet of Wicca and is practiced to this very day. It is what it is.

But getting back on topic, such folks do not represent the pagan community. That is an ego biscuit that is holding back any true and valid development of a genuine pagan community. For example, I have been involved in my understanding of witchcraft since 1960. Over the years we have expanded into a clan that consists of covens in several states. And yet if one asks one of these self-proclaimed representatives of paganism, what is it that we believe in and how do we practice… they could not provide an answer. How do you proclaim to represent that which you have no clue of?

The point is that such claims of representation are nothing more than an extension of the mythos that was created with the advent of the Internet. In other words, a misrepresentation of the realities of what the current pagan community is.

At one point in history– and for a very extended period of time — paganism consisted of folks who actually sought enlightenment, though this was done within the mists. Folks would gather in small covens, or in some instances, depending on the path chosen, they gathered in elite groups of folks of like mind, who represented no one but themselves. The Golden Dawn is a good example of such a group. They did not claim to be witches but rather Ceremonial magicians. In short, folks did not pretend to be something simply because it sounded cool. But then they did not have to contend with the electronic media that modern pagans seem to savor so much.

Instead, the folks that belonged to these covens and/or such groups as the Golden Dawn concentrated on developing their latent abilities and honing their thirst for the answers to the mysteries of life and in extension the mystical arts… unlike today, where those of European descent and primarily former Christians, sit on the Internet and expend more energy coming up with cool sounding names and enumerating their alleged ranks and abilities, then they do in actual seeking. Why pretend to represent an entire spectrum of paganism when one has but a superficial understanding of one’s own path? And why extend the Christian concept of being the “only true religion” by assuming that all pagans follow a religion? Which is another misnomer of those who claim to represent all pagans. How can those who follow a religion such as Wicca, even remotely represent those who have shed the yoke of dogma and who instead follow a spiritual path. And one is not the same as the other.

In such pagan religions such as Wicca, one has a set of tenets (dogma) that defines the belief system. And it is all good. But those of us who follow Traditional witchcraft have no such set of tenets. We seek out that which works for the individual and thus dogma, which is intended for the masses, would have little chance of working in such a mindset. And again, it is all good. No one path is better than the next. It is what works for the individual that determines the best path for that person.

And so what do we do to move beyond the roadblock that the Internet has created for the desire to develop a valid pagan community?

Well, one suggestion would be for such misleading claims of representation to cease and desist. In all reality, you represent no one but yourself and your particular groups. You don’t represent the Voudon or the Santeria, or Traditional witches or Druids or what have you. And if you are truly interested in contributing to developing a valid pagan community, gain control of your massive egos and concentrate on genuine communication between the various groups that actually represent paganism.

For those of you who are Internet pagans, I would suggest that you stop trying to impress faceless folks on the Internet with your self proclaimed prowess in the mystical arts and actually turn your attention to honing such latent abilities.

Prior to Neo Paganism, the mystical arts consisted of an enlightened community of divergent groups and individuals. Can you say that we are still that enlightened community today?

Before you answer, look at the Internet and take note of all of the daily squabbles that take place over non-issues. Look at all of the pathetic grudges that have originated on the Internet due to something as minor as someone disagreeing with someone. Really? Really?

And look at how some of these petty grudges have been held for long periods of time by some folks. Talk about ego biscuits generated via the Internet. And so here is a challenge for everyone reading this: Get out and meet other folks who follow a pagan path in person at least once a month. And don’t just meet the same folks each month, but mix it up. Reach out to Wiccans, Voudon, Native Americans, Druids, Traditional Witches, Heathens and so forth. And keep in mind that you represent no one but yourself and your particular group. Keep an open mind and seek out genuine understanding of what other folks believe in.

Let’s move beyond the Internet mythos that so misconstrues the reality. Are you up to the challenge or is it easier for you to continue to engage in Internet fantasy?

What A Blessed Tuesday It Is! Good Morning dear family!

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Good morning my sweets! How are you doing today? I am sorry for running late but I have been goofing off look at other witchcraft sites. You know you have to keep up with the competition, lol!


We have several replies to the question of the day yesterday. Where is everybody else at? The question was……If you could go back in history and change any event from happening what would it be? We have some excellent answers and great discussion openers. Check it out here….


I know my answer was to stop Booth from shooting Lincoln. Everybody else agreed that they wouldn’t change a thing. Simply because our mistakes and past make us who we are today. I agree with them. But if you thought what you did would benefit mankind and make this world a better place would you then?


I have to stop and think about the Burning Times. I cry every time I think about what our ancestors went through. Would I have loved to stop it? Would I like to have prevented it? Yes, I would. But deep down, I know preventing the Burning Times would have been wrong. Sounds funny coming from me doesn’t it. If it wasn’t for our ancestors and knowing what they went through, I don’t believe we would hold our Religion as dear as we do. I don’t believe we would be the fighters we are. The Burning Times made us who we are, as terrible as that might sound. Sadly, it had to happen. I know just thinking about it makes me angry and upset. But it has burned into my soul that I can never let my ancestors die in vain. NEVER! None of us can.


Witchcraft is now more widely accepted. The truth is getting out about what we are really about. We have a long way to go still but I am sure we will eventually get there. Our ancestors died for something they believed very precious and that was our Religion. We can never let our Religion or their memory fall by the wayside. We must continue the fight. It won’t be easy because it never is. But one day we will be able to say we put Witchcraft back into its’ rightful place in mainstream Religion.


Remember dear family, the fight goes on. But it is the good fight we are fighting and  we have the Goddess on our side.

W is for Watchtowers





In Wicca, Guardians known as Watchtowers are called. These guardians are held hostage in each of the four corners or directions of the circle: East, South, West and North. They are set there to guard and protect the circle. This calling of the Watchtowers usually takes place during what is known in Wicca as “Calling the Quarters.”

Traditional Witchcraft does not call the Watchtowers, it does however, call Guardians. These Guardians are often called Spirits with whom a person feels comfortable with and has had a relationship with. Guadians can be our Ancestors, a Spirit Guide or other Spiritual Entity with which the you are familiar with.



What is your Witch Potential?

What is your Witch Potential?


Reincarnation is a basic tenet of Witchcraft. Those of us fortunate enough to belong to the Craft believe that successive lives are enjoyed under the same zodiac sign. But unlike other ideologies Witchcraft imposes no demands for increasing excellence  – only that each life be lived to its fullest capabilities.

Most of us, despite centuries of indoctrination by the mechanized society, still have ties to the earth…some innate Witchcraft potential that can be developed.

Read the following questions and see how you react to them:


1. Have you always been intrigued by the occult?


2. Do you prefer night to day?


3. Does a storm stir in you an inexplicable sense of excitement?


4. Are you a sensualist?


5. Have you always felt different from most of those around you, set apart?


6. Do you instinctively respond to animals?


7. Are you comfortable alone?


8. Are you relatively indifferent to material possessions?


9. Have you had fleeting glimpses of former lives?


Should you find you can answer most of these questions in the affirmativeyour with potential is probably high and should be encouraged.

There is no church to join, no tribute to pay and no hierarchy to employ.

You, and you alone, must concentrate on the development of your own other-consciousness. Go to nature and observe. Attune your inner-mechanism to the quiet pace of the seasons and the procession of the constellations across the sky. Go alone, or with that person closest to you. Watch the moon rise, walk in the forests. Feel the earth, drink the water, breathe the air…then light the sacred candles and begin the life you were meant to live.


(* The Witches’ Almanac Spring 1995 – Spring 1996 pg. 94)

The Triple Goddess

The Triple Goddess


Another of the differences in beliefs is the idea of a Triple Goddess. This is something that is not found in Traditional Witchcraft. The Goddess is not seen  in the forms of Maiden Mother and Crone, but rather as having three functions. Each of these three functions will have something to do with a specific path  that one would follow, so the Witch will only follow and honor one of the Goddess’s three functions. At other times in their lives, they may find a need  to draw from one of the other two functions of their chosen Goddess, but there is always one of the three that is more pronounced and important to them.

The idea of the Triple Goddess, or any Deities seen in three forms or phases, has been traced back to Anatolia (now called Turkey), where in around 7,000 BC  a Goddess being worshiped in the triple form of virgin, mother, and hag was found. However, sine this is the only place that this practice was seen, and this  was in the Near East and not in Europe, it’s not something that is part of Traditional Witchcraft.

Witchcraft Is

Witchcraft Is

Witchcraft is a spiritual practice with it’s roots in European practice and dating back to the beginning of man. Most  people do not trace back their involvement with Witchcraft past the Middle Ages because of the lack of information that is available in solid form from  beyond that time as well as the fact that much of the retrieved information was written by Priests from the Christian church as falsified documents or  accounts of what they believed their practices to be. In fact, it was the Christians that gave the word “Witch” and “Witchcraft” to these  people and their practices and was not a term that they themselves used. Witchcraft involves the use of magick, although it is not required, and the honoring  of Gods, local or land spirits and Ancestors rather than worship.  

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Good morning dear brothers and sisters of The Craft! I hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend. Now you are nice and refreshed ready to start the week. I just wanted to drop you a note real quick, I won’t take up much of your time. I wanted to let you know that we are changing the WOTC’s format back to its original self. We are going back to our roots, Witchcraft. We will start delivering you a daily Craft e-zine that you can read anywhere at anytime and enjoy. Along the way if you have any suggestions, please let us know.

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Happy, Happy Thursday to all my dear brothers and sisters!

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How are you doing this fine morning/afternoon? I hope fantastic considering there is only one more day and the weekend is here. Hmm, is it me or does the weekdays seem to fly by? Well have you given much thought to what I left you with yesterday. You know, about them wanting to shoot a commercial about us? I am weighing the pros and cons. Heck in the past, I had one Rock Group that wanted to know theirselves after us. At the bottom of the shirt, they were going to put our web address. Then I have Witchcraft magazines wanting to do interviews. I have never given in but now I am having second thoughts.

I know this is going to sound crazy but Witchcraft needs a PR boost. There are all the old myths and stereotypes. The awful ones I remember are the witch with the green skin, long nose and wart. Not to mention luring some poor, unsuspected children into her cottage in the woods. I think it is time that the world really knows what we are all about. I guess we could put on an informative commercial showing the new face of Witchcraft. Show them, we are just like everyone else. We mean no ill will to anyone. We just want to be given our rightful place into today’s mainstream religions. Most of all we want to right the wrongs that were done to our ancestors. Not too much to ask, do you think?

Now how wants to be the witch flying around on her broom, lol!

Got to love me,

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The practice of magick in Traditional Witchcraft is central to the religion. Unlike in Wicca where magick is something that a person may or may not participate in, magick is part of every day life for the Traditional Witch. The magick itself is also quite different. Where in Wicca magick is more ritualistic and requires much pageantry, for the Traditional Witch, magick consists of simple items or none at all. Making a meal is a form of magick, for example, where simple everyday items would be utilized with intent and direction.

Magick for Traditional Witches is very practical and does not have much of the dogma that Wiccan magick has. Where in Wicca is an element to a spell is missing, such as a specific herb or candle color, for example, the Wiccan practitioner might decide not to work the magick until they have all the needed components. However, for the Traditional Witch, these things are not as important, and he or she will continue on without the missing piece or make a substitution of their own means. Most Traditional Witches will rarely use such things though, as they are viewed to be more Wiccan and more on par with ceremonial magick. Traditional Witches will employ the two most powerful tools they have in their magick, their mind and will power. These are the only tools they feel are needed for magick.

Witchcraft is first and foremost a religion. Magick is just a part of that religious system and is not seen as something that needs to be given such attention to in Traditional Witchcraft. The main purpose is to connect with the Gods and the magick, while important, is not the reason for being on the path.