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The Norse Valknut: True Origins & Meanings of the Triangle Knotfrom nordicperspective.com

The symbol we today call Valknut, or Valknútr, has long captured the fascination of people interested in Norse mythology and Viking culture. With its distinctive interwoven triangles, this symbol has been found on a variety of ancient artifacts, and has been the subject of much speculation and study. But what does the Valknut actually mean? Was it actually called Valknútr? Where did it originally come from? And was it really used by the Vikings? Let’s delve into the mysterious origins and meanings of the Valknútr and explore its place in Norse mythology, as well as its links to other symbols and enduring legacy in our modern world.

As you will learn in this article, the symbol we call Valknut may have had a completely different name during the Viking Age, i.e. when it started appearing on stones, jewelry, and wooden objects in and around Scandinavia. What that name is we do not know, so for the sake of simplicity I will refer to it as the Valknut throughout the article.

Table of contents

The Appearance of the Valknut, Earliest Known Use & Associations

Valknut Etymology: Origins and Alternative Names

What Does the Valknut Actually Mean and Symbolize? Explaining All the Theories

    1. A Symbol of the Power of Odin to Bind and Unbind the Fates of Men (The Most Likely Theory)
    2. A Symbol of The Heart of Hrungnir or Heart of the Slain (The Heart Theory)
    3. A Symbol of the Ideal, Steady Heart of the Brave Slain Hero, Dead Warriors, or That of a Worthy Adversary (The Romantic Theory)
    4. A Symbol of Life, Death, and Eternity (The Universal Theory)
    5. A Germanic Symbol of Prestige & Riches (The Scaetta Theory)
    6. A Symbol of The Nine Worlds (The Neo-Pagan Theory)

Different variations of the Valknut symbol

    1. Unicursal Valknut
    2. Tricursal Valknut

Symbols Connected to the Valknut

    1. The Triquetra of Celtic Mythology
    2. Symbols Related to Valknut in Slavic Mythology

Valknut Tattoo Designs

The Valknut in Modern-day Logotypes

    1. The German Football Association (Deutsche Fußball Bund)
    2. The massive Swedish forestry company SCA

Misappropriation of the Valknut

Common Questions

    1. Can I wear a Valknut or will it be misinterpreted by others?
    2. Why do people get Valknut tattoos?
    3. Is the Valknut authentic?
    4. Did Vikings use the Valknut?