A Laugh for Today

I have a t-shirt that says

“I’m not clumsy

It’s just the floor hates me,

The table and 

Chairs are bullies.

and The Walls get in the way”

First I rolled my desk chair back to pet Cleo and I caught my right big toe in it. Next I was trying to weed whack in the front yard and somehow pulled my shoulder muscle. Last but not least I some how got a big bruise on my left thigh, probably during the weed whacking problems. Add to that the fibromyalgia and arthritis flares from our normal temperature swings with rain and/or snow and I had a wonderful day. This is why some of the regular posts are missing. The rest of this week might not have as many daily posts are usual but I will do my best to get information to you.

Please no bubble wrap comments. A friend of mine of Facebook sent me a picture of a woman dressed in a bubble wrap type rain suit. You are welcome to laugh with me as much as you want to. 🤣😂😅😁

NEW DAILY POST – Archangel – Cassiel

From Numerologist.com

Archangel Cassiel is the resonant Angel for Saturdays.

Known by many as the “angel of tears” he oversees the parts of life that we may perceive as limiting –  karma, trials, tests and lessons, old age and reincarnation. He is also the guardian of land, property, houses and farming.  It’s easy to see why he’s an archangel many would avoid, but if you lack stability in your life, and are willing to commit to long term goals by sacrificing immediate pleasures to get there, then he is your go-to angel.

He is serious and will help you deal with issues of a serious nature –  death, missing persons, psychic attack and the eradication of illness, pests and disease.  He is also here to assist us as we navigate boundaries and limitations, responsibility and authority, and our human mortality.  He is the archangel to invoke when dealing with injustices and enslavement and in moments of deep fear.

Archangel Cassiel is often depicted as an old man or holding an hourglass.

Invoke his presence and he will come to your aid to help carry your burdens and share your woe.  But he will also remind you of the necessity of hardship and the great learning that comes from the darkest hour.

Archangel Cassiel resonates with the colors of deep purple and black and with the planet Saturn.

Spell for Today – Herbs of Communication spell

From learningwitchcraft.com

This is one of my charms, easy to the herbs and cast I’ve listed are herbs you may have on your spice rack at home or if not they can be found in the local supermarket. Enjoy.

You will need the following items for this spell:

You use to comunicate with. Example : your mobile phone, home phone or even netbook or laptop.
A small bit of paper the size of a stamp.
A Pen

Casting Directions for ‘Herbs of Communication spell’

This isnt just a love spell, A good example of when I throw it was when I was waiting to hear about a project and that I was reckless with worry, everytime my mobile buzzed I would jump on it thinking it was a call to inform me that I had got it, I checked my emails twise a day, everyday. I waited and waited. I was going the way many girls go when they’ve been out on a few dates with someone they REALLY fancy and… not even so much as a like on Facebook or an email from him since and no explaination as to why he hasnt got in touch. I was like that over work. CALM DOWN! And do to whatever it is your obsessing about something none related. But rather than having any money, It was hard for me or a job at the time got me down. So I cast a spell. You need your comunication instrument or why not use more then one. Your phone or Notebook will do or use anything you desire. Write on the tiny piece of paper the initials of the person you need to call you or the name of this place if you are waiting for a phone call from to get work and dont know the name of the person who will ring you.Put this bit of paper beneath your telephone or laptop then slowly scatter the herbs in a clockwise direction around your phone.Picture that individual picking up their phone and texting phoning or calling your telephone or walking to your computer. What do you want this person do you just want them to see how you are with a friendly phone call or to say in their message to you? Consider it and concentrate. Say: Herbs or Mercury, speed to me the call I wish to receive or you may change the term call to text or email because we live in a busy modern world and texting has, in some instances replaced telephone calls and its some prefer comunicate. No worries. Leave your phone using the herbs scattered around it while you sleep, it to turn off not because of the spell but its good every time and concentrate on you. Not the person you need to call you or what results you want but you. Plus, getting facebook updates can be somewhat annoying when you are trying to get your forty winks! Turn the phone on in the morning. DO NOT ATTACH you’ll get your call and any feelings into the situation go on with your day/ text/ letter/ email. Ive tried this charm with friends I havnt heard from in years, Would – be employers and even men and It works. I get a response and I don’t call them I leave them to get in contact. Enjoy.

Some of the Witchcraft/Magickal Correspondences for Saturday

From mycrystalaura.com.au

Saturn’s day
Planet: Saturn.
Colours: Maroon, Dark Shades and Black.
Metals: Lead and Pewter.
Crystals: ObsidianJetCoralHematiteSerpentine, Salt.

From GypsyWolf

Saturday is the last day of the week, corresponding to the Roman Dies Saturni, or day of Saturn, the Roman god of death and agriculture, also known as Chronos or Cronus (Greek).   Saturday is the seventh day, therefore the true “sabbath day”, appropriate for the home and rest.   Saturday is also represented by Loki, the Norse god of tricks and chaos, brother of Odin and god of fire.
Latin: Dies Saturni, “Saturn’s Day”, in honor of the Roman God Saturn
French: samedi
Italian: sabato
Spanish: el sábádo
Anglo-Saxon: sater daeg
German: Samstag
Dutch: zaterdag
Sweden: Lördag
Denmark & Norway: Lørdag (“washing day”)Rules: Karma, property, inheritance, agriculture, protection, purification, longevity, exorcisms, vision, endings (especially with the home).
Colors: Maroon, Dark Shades, Black
Planet: Saturn
Metal: Lead, associated with the scythe of Saturn; Pewter
Stones: Alum, Apache Tear, Coal, Hematite, Jasper (brown), Jet, Obsidian, Onyx, Salt, Serpentine, Tourmaline (black)
Herbs: Amaranth, Bistort, Comfrey, Cypress, Mimosa, Pansy, Patchouli, Tamarask
Zodiac: Capricorn

Samhain Gods – Yama – Hindu


Yama or Yamarāja is a god of death, the south direction, and the underworld, belonging to an early stratum of Rigvedic Hindu deities. In Sanskrit, his name can be interpreted to mean “twin”. In the Zend-Avesta of Zoroastrianism, he is called “Yima”.

According to the Vishnu Purana, Yama is the son of sun-god Surya and Sandhya, the daughter of Vishvakarma. Yama is the brother of Sraddhadeva Manu and of his older sister Yami, which Horace Hayman Wilson indicates to mean the Yamuna. According to the Vedas, Yama is said to have been the first mortal who died. By virtue of precedence, he became the ruler of the departed, and is called “Lord of the Pitrs”.

Mentioned in the Pāli Canon of Theravada Buddhism, Yama subsequently entered Buddhist mythology in East Asia, Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka as a Dharmapala under various transliterations. He is otherwise also called as “Dharmaraja”.


In Hinduism, Yama is the lokapala (“Guardian of the Directions”) of the south and the son of Surya. Three hymns (10, 14, and 35) in the 10th book of the Rig Veda are addressed to him. In Puranas, Yama is described as having four arms, complexion of rain cloud with wrathful expression, surrounded by garland of flames, protruding fangs, dressed in red, yellow or blue garments, holding noose and mace or sword, and riding a water-buffalo. He wields a noose with which he seizes the lives of people who are about to die.

According to Hindu itihasa, Yama is the son of Surya and Saranyu. He is the twin brother of Yami, brother of Shraddhadeva Manu and the step brother of Shani. His wife was Goddess Dhumorna and his son was Katila.


In Buddhism, Yama (Sanskrit: यम) is a dharmapala, a wrathful god or the Enlightened Protector of Buddhism that is considered worldly, said to judge the dead and preside over the Narakas (“Hell” or “Purgatory”) and the cycle of rebirth.

The Buddhist Yama has, however, developed different myths and different functions from the Hindu deity. In Pali Canon Buddhist myths, Yama takes those who have mistreated elders, holy spirits, or their parents when they die. Contrary though, in the Majjhima Nikaya commentary by Buddhagosa, Yama is a vimānapeta – a that has a mixed state.

In other parts of Buddhism, Yama’s main duty is to watch over purgatorial aspects of Hell (the underworld), and has no relation to rebirth. His sole purpose is to maintain the relationships between spirits that pass through the ten courts, similar to Yama’s representation in several Chinese religions.

He has also spread widely and is known in every country where Buddhism is practiced, including China, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Bhutan, Mongolia, Nepal, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and United States.


In Chinese texts, Yama only holds transitional places in Hell where he oversaw the deceased before he, and the Generals of Five Paths, were assigned a course of rebirth. Yama was later placed as a King in the Fifth Court when texts led to the fruition of the underworld that marked the beginnings of systemizations.


Yama can be found in one of the oldest Japanese religious works called Nipponkoku Genpō Zenaku Ryōiki, a literary work compiled by the Monk Keikai in 822. Yama was introduced to Japan through Buddhism, where he was featured as a Buddhist divinity. He holds the same position title as other works depict him – a judge who imposes decisions on the dead who have mistreated others.

Naraka (Hindu)

Naraka in Hinduism serves only as a temporary purgatory where the soul is purified of sin by its suffering. In Hindu mythology, Naraka holds many hells, and Yama directs departed souls to the appropriate one. Even elevated Mukti-yogyas and Nitya-samsarins can experience Naraka for expiation of sins.

Although Yama is the lord of Naraka, he may also direct the soul to a Swarga (heaven) or return it to Bhoomi (earth). As good and bad deeds are not considered to cancel each other out, the same soul may spend time in both a hell and a heaven. The seven Swargas are: Bhuvas, Swas (governed by Indra), Tharus, Thaarus, Savithaa, Prapithaa, and Maha (governed by Brahma).

Naraka (Sikhism)

The idea of Naraka in Sikhism is like the idea of Hell. One’s soul, however, is confined to 8.4 million life cycles before taking birth as a human, the point of human life being one where one attains salvation, the salvation being sach khand. The idea of khand comes in multiple levels of such heavens, the highest being merging with God as one. The idea of Hell comes in multiple levels, and hell itself can manifest within human life itself. The Sikh idea of hell is where one is apart from naama and the Guru’s charana (God’s lotus feet (abode)). Without naama one is damned. Naama is believed to be a direct deliverance by God to humanity in the form of Guru Nanak. A Sikh is hence required to take the Amrit (holy nectar/water) from gurubani, panj pyare (khanda da pahul) to come closer to naama. A true Sikh of the Gurus has the Guru himself manifest and takes that person into sach khand.

Naraka (Buddhist)

Naraka is usually translated into English as “hell” or “purgatory”. A Naraka differs from the hells of western religions in two respects. First, beings are not sent to Naraka as the result of a divine judgment and punishment; second, the length of a being’s stay in a Naraka is not eternal, though it is usually very long. Instead, a being is born into a Naraka as a direct result of his or her previous karma(actions of body, speech and mind), and resides there for a finite length of time until his karma has exhausted its cumulate effect.

East Asian mythology

Mandarin Diyu, Japanese Jigoku, Korean Jiok, Vietnamese Địa ngục literally “earth prison”, is the realm of the dead or “hell” in Chinese mythology and Japanese mythology. It is based upon the Buddhist concept of Naraka combined with local afterlife beliefs. Incorporating ideas from Taoism and Buddhism as well as traditional religion in China, Di Yu is a kind of purgatory place which serves not only to punish but also to renew spirits ready for their next incarnation. This is interchangeable with the concept of Naraka.

In Japanese mythology, Enma-O or Enma Dai-O judges souls in Meido, the kingdom of the waiting dead. Those deemed too horrible are sent to Jigoku, a land more comparable to the Christian hell. It is a land of eternal toil and punishment. Those of middle note remain in meido for a period awaiting reincarnation. Others, of high note, become honored ancestors, watching over their descendants.

Related concepts

Yama and Ymir

In a disputable etymology, W. Meid (1992) has linked the names Yama (reconstructed in Proto-Indo-European as *yemos) and the name of the primeval Norse frost giant Ymir, which can be reconstructed in Proto-Germanic as *umijaz or *jumijaz, in the latter case possibly deriving from PIE *ym̥yos, from the root yem “twin”. In his myth, however, Ymir is not a twin, and only shares with Yama the characteristics of being primeval and mortal. However, Ymir is a hermaphrodite and engenders the race of giants.

In Iranian mythology

A parallel character in Iranian mythology and Zoroastrianism is known as Yima Xšaēta, who appears in the Avesta. The pronunciation “Yima” is peculiar to the Avestan dialect; in most Iranian dialects, including Old Persian, the name would have been “Yama”. In the Avesta, the emphasis is on Yima’s character as one of the first mortals and as a great king of men. Over time, *Yamaxšaita was transformed into Jamšēd or Jamshid, celebrated as the greatest of the early shahs of the world. Both Yamas in Zoroastrian and Hindu myth guard hell with the help of two four-eyed dogs.

It has also been suggested by I. M. Steblin-Kamensky that the cult of Yima was adopted by the Finno-Ugrians. According to this theory, in Finnish Yama became the god cult Jumula and Joma in Komi. According to this hypothesis, from this cult, the Hungarians also borrowed the word vara which became vár ‘fortress’ and város ‘town’. (ibid)

In Javanese culture

There is Yamadipati in Javanese culture, especially in wayang. The word adipati means ruler or commander. When Hinduism first came to Java, Yama was still the same as Yama in Hindu myth. Later, as Islam replaced Hinduism as the majority religion of Java, Yama was demystified by Walisanga, who ruled at that time. So, in Javanese, Yama became a new character. He is the son of Sanghyang Ismaya and Dewi Sanggani. In the Wayang legend, Yamadipati married Dewi Mumpuni. Unfortunately, Dewi Mumpuni fell in love with Nagatatmala, son of Hyang Anantaboga, who rules the earth. Dewi Mumpuni eventually left Yamadipati, however.

In Buddhist temples

In the Buddhism of the Far East, Yama is one of the twelve Devas, as guardian deities, who are found in or around Buddhist shrines (Jūni-ten, 十二天). In Japan, he has been called “Enma-Ten”. He joins these other eleven Devas of Buddhism, found in Japan and other parts of southeast Asia: Indra (Taishaku-ten), Agni (Ka-ten), Yama (Emma-ten), Nirrti (Rasetsu-ten), Vayu (Fu-ten), Ishana (Ishana-ten), Kubera (Tamon-ten), Varuna (Sui-ten) Brahma (Bon-ten), Prithvi (Chi-ten), Surya (Nit-ten), Chandra (Gat-ten).



c. 2018

Goddess Of The Day: Chihnu


Phra Buddha Bat Fair (Thailand)

  Themes: Arts; Creativity; Tradition; Excellence

Symbols: Woven Items; Thread or Yarn; Home Crafts; Lyres

About Chihnu: In China and surrounding regions, Chihnu’s name means “weaving woman.” According to myths, Chihnu’s talents in this art are so great that she can weave seamless garments for the gods. From her heavenly domain in the constellation Lyre, she acts like a refreshing spring wind to inspire excellence in our inherited arts and crafts.

 To Do Today: This annual Thai festival features folk dancing and traditional handicrafts in honor of Buddha’s footprint, which is enshrined nearby. Generally, it is a time to rejoice in Thai tradition, so if you have a Thai restaurant in the neighborhood, by all means indulge yourself, saying a brief prayer of thanks to the provider of your feast-Chihnu.

 To make a Chihnu-inspired creativity charm, take three strands of yellow thread or yarn (yellow is the color of inventiveness). Braid these together so that the strands cross four rimes, saying,

 One, Chihnu’s power absorbs;

two, inside the magic’s stored;

three, the magic’s alive in me;

four, bear Chihnu’s creativity!

 Carry this when you need more ingenious energy, or leave it near your artistic endeavors so they can absorb Chihnu’s compelling excellence.

 Finally, wear woven or handmade items to honor Chihnu’s talents today.

 .By Patricia Telesco ~ From “365 Goddess”  (FMP) and GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast

c. 2011

Witchcraft Symbols, Terms and Definitions – Iron

Iron Spell: Spoken Word

The power of iron is so strong that even if you don’t have any, just shouting out the word “iron” allegedly routs evil spirits.

c. 2011

Crystal, Gems, and Stones Meanings and Magickal Usage – Crystals for Stress Relief


Herb Magickal and Medicinal Uses – Hoodoo Herbs: Nutmeg

Disclaimer: No herb should be used for medicinal use until you have check with your health care professional to ask if it safe for you to use it for any reason. WitchesofTheCraft.com, any staff member of WitchesofTheCraft.com, and Lady Carla Beltane are not responsible for any type of a negative reaction when using this herb for any reason. The content provided on this is website is for informational purposes only and DOES NOT CONSTITUTE THE PROVIDING OF MEDICAL ADVICE and is not intended to be a substitute for independent professional medical judgment, advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health.

Flower Meaning, Symbol and Spiritual Meaning – Aster

Aster Flower Meaning, Symbolism, and Mythology from uniguide.com

Aster flower meaning and symbolism includes hope, optimism, new beginnings, innocence, fun, affection, and other lovely attributes.

There are over  32,000 species of aster flowers, which comprise the Asteraceae family of flowers, and they are found on every continent except Antarctica. Because of their popularity and wide distribution, many people are curious about what they symbolize. In fact, many cultures around the world have myths and folktales that involve asters.

In this post, we’ll explore all aspects of aster flower symbolism and meanings. And if you’re curious about one of the most well-known flowers in the aster family, be sure to check out my dedicated post on sunflower meaning and symbolism.

25 March 2023 Southern Hemisphere’s Planetary Positions

If you need to calculate the planetary positions for a specific use and time, click on this link


To figure out GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) to your local time use this link  

For Your Local Time and Date 

Southeastern Hemisphere 

This local time is in Sao Paulo, Brazil, South America

25 March 2023
06:00 pm GMT 3:00 PM BRT
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:04 Aries 49
Moon:26 Taurus 24
Mercury:13 Aries 11
Venus:10 Taurus 34
Mars:00 Cancer 08
Jupiter:17 Aries 37
Saturn:02 Pisces 04
Uranus:16 Taurus 30
Neptune:25 Pisces 29
Pluto:00 Aquarius 02

True Lunar Node:04 Taurus 17
Mean Lunar Node:05 Taurus 46 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):08 Leo 32

Chiron:15 Aries 13
Ceres:29 Virgo 24 Rx
Pallas:16 Cancer 30
Juno:08 Taurus 03
Vesta:20 Aries 28

Eris:24 Aries 21


Southern Hemisphere

This local time is in Cape Town, South Africa

25 March 2023
03:00 pm GMT 5:00 PM SAST
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:04 Aries 42
Moon:24 Taurus 46
Mercury:12 Aries 56
Venus:10 Taurus 25
Mars:00 Cancer 04
Jupiter:17 Aries 36
Saturn:02 Pisces 03
Uranus:16 Taurus 30
Neptune:25 Pisces 29
Pluto:00 Aquarius 02

True Lunar Node:04 Taurus 17
Mean Lunar Node:05 Taurus 47 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):08 Leo 31

Chiron:15 Aries 12
Ceres:29 Virgo 26 Rx
Pallas:16 Cancer 28
Juno:07 Taurus 59
Vesta:20 Aries 25

Eris:24 Aries 21


Southwestern Hemisphere

This local time is in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

25 March 2023
04:00 am GMT 3:00 PM AEDT
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:04 Aries 15
Moon:18 Taurus 45
Mercury:12 Aries 01
Venus:09 Taurus 53
Mars:29 Gemini 51
Jupiter:17 Aries 29
Saturn:02 Pisces 00
Uranus:16 Taurus 28
Neptune:25 Pisces 28
Pluto:00 Aquarius 02

True Lunar Node:04 Taurus 16
Mean Lunar Node:05 Taurus 48 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):08 Leo 28

Chiron:15 Aries 11
Ceres:29 Virgo 32 Rx
Pallas:16 Cancer 20
Juno:07 Taurus 43
Vesta:20 Aries 12

Eris:24 Aries 21


Good Day SIsters and Brothers and Honored Guest – The Old Dark Horse

Author’s Notes: “The Old Dark House” is a narrative poem that I had co-authored in collaboration and direct coordination with my colleagues and dear friends, Anne-Lise Andresen and Liam McDaid. (This poem was completed on September 7, 2016.) The fictional-fantasy story behind this particular poem speaks for itself. It follows the same fantasy-horror theme genre similar to the narrative poem that all three of us collaborated on last month: “The Demon’s Shrill Cry of Dread and Horror.” I guess that you, the reader, can consider both of these poems as early contributions from all three of us for Halloween (or All Hallows’ Eve) 2016, which is nearly now upon us. This write, like our last one from August, delves into the “psychology of the mind” when its confronted at the subconscious-level by the true force of evil and bad intentions from Lucifer. This is also in line with the historical and biblical role traditionally that has been attributed to Lucifer as the “ultimate tempter of mankind.” In a fantasy-metaphysical-ethereal sense, we likened “The Old Dark House” to an “evil dream” at the subconscious-level which can be easily conjured by the innocent and uninformed (in this case principally children) as the month of October approaches with the advent of All Hallows’ Eve on October 31. I know that Anne-Lise, Liam, and I think that you shall find this particular theme and narrative story to be of interest. I know also that all three of us were quite pleased with how the final version of our narrative poem turned out here. And so, “Happy Halloween” from Anne-Lise, Liam, and me! (And Remember: “Dare not to be one of the innocent and uninformed who conjureth The Old Dark House in your dreams.” “If so, the Demons of Hell shall come for your very soul!”) (Gary Bateman – September 9, 2016) (Narrative)

A Special Note for Arthur Vaso: “The Brothers and Sister Grimm have struck again!!” BOO!! BOO!! 

Categories: dark, dream, evil, fantasy, god, metaphor, and symbolism. 

The Old Dark House This tale of “The Old Dark House” is one that’s replete with a most horrid sense of pure evil and macabre, and is worth being retold each year during the deep-dark hours of All Hallows’ Eve before the chime of midnight, when the thin veil separating the land of the living and the dead momentarily dissolves, bringing both worlds together until the break of dawn. Beware of this house’s mythical and ethereal presence in the shadow dreams of the innocent, and be forewarned to never conjure its image in your unconscious mind. If so conjured, The Old Dark House shall become an unending reality to the innocent and uninformed, and on All Hallows’ Eve, the evil “Demons of Hell” shall come for your very soul! The Old Dark House is one that is bathed and cursed in utter hellfire and damnation by Lucifer himself. It’s one that creeps a chill and frozen reminder into the very frame of its nasty, putrid structure. It shall guarantee you the worst possible nightmares as your very soul cries in agony and pleads unrelentingly for mercy! Your nightmares are, in turn, amplified and born into the very structure of this house with ivy creeping as you palpably sense the wretched ice-cold fingers of Hell opening the doors to the cavernous basement were evil shadows of goblins, ghosts, ghouls, vampires, and werewolves parade openly from past lives. Everyone suffering the curse of the damned was captured here when they visited, becoming prisoners to the darkness of true evil, far away from the light, goodness, and eternal mercy of Almighty God Himself. Six generations of my family actually dwelled beneath the rafters of The Old Dark House where demonic forces were constantly in play—as hot sparks burned the tongues of lost souls who cried in agony, and their world would enter the vortex of darkness whilst blood-curdling screams could be distinctly heard during the night on All Hallows’ Eve. Ghostly images would appear out of nowhere supported by the frightening ferocity of Lucifer who is the true dark presence and ultimate tempter of mankind! The horror I felt as a young boy trapped in this existence is truly unimaginable. The image of The Old Dark House still haunts … Click here to read the rest of The Old Dark Horse on poetrysoup.com

Rune Meanings By Lucius Nothing

Rune meanings have been handed down through the mists of time since their ancient beginnings in approximately the 1st Century AD.

The Norse runes are part of an ancient Pro-Germanic tradition and the runic alphabet consists of 24 rune symbols – with the addition of one notably blank rune to allow space for cosmic chance – typically engraved on stones, seashells or pieces of wood.

Throughout their early history, the runes were in a constant state of development – with the subtraction and addition of runes undertaking by those who used the runes for divination, protection and other forms of magic.

The runes best known and most widely used today are the Elder Futhark Runes, a version of the runic alphabet completed and taken into use in the 5th Century AD. A set of Younger Futhark Runes also exists, but they are not in widespread use today, perhaps because more uncertainty exists around the proper interpretation of the Younger Futhark runic inscriptions. It is speculated that they are at least partly inspired by the Latin alphabet as it spread through Northern Europe, but not enough is know about this to confirm or deny the connection.

Since their beginnings, the runes have been steeped in history, mythology and meaning. They were considered to be a gift from the gods – specifically from the king of the gods, Odin, the allfather, and for this reason, they were venerated and cast with extreme caution and respect for their metaphysical qualities and divine origin.

Today, the runes are used similarly to Tarot cards, Oracle cards and other divination tools – as a means of tapping into your own inner reservoir of intuition, wisdom and ability to pick up on certain subtle clues in the present that may enable you to foretell the future with some accuracy. A crucial difference, of course, is that the runes are much older than any Tarot or oracle deck of cards.

Would you like to learn more about the runes, their meanings, and how to cast and interpret them? Then keep reading.

What Are Runes/Norse Runes/Elder Futhark Runes?

The runes, the Norse runes, and the Elder Futhark runes are all one and the same. Many variations of runes exist, but the Elder Futhark stones comprise the standard runes and rune meanings used to day.

The runic alphabet typically consists of 24 runes, each inscribed with its own magical symbol, and one blank rune called Odin’s rune. The blank rune symbolises that which cannot or must not be known about the future, and when it comes up in rune readings it is the equivalent of drawing a blank. It means that there are certain cosmic curtains behind which you should not look – or maybe it is not yet the right time for looking. When the blank rune comes up, it is important to respect its message, rather than trying to circumvent it by drawing more runes in a desperate bid to wring out an answer.

The runic alphabet divides into three parts – or suits, for those of you who are familiar with Tarot terminology – each consisting of eight runes. These divisions are called Aetts, the Ancient Norse word for families. And so we have Freyr’s Aett, Heimdall’s Aett and Tyr’s Aett. Each of the three Aetts addresses a different stage of life.

The first set of runes: Freyr’s Aett

The first eight runes of the runic alphabet belong to Freyr’s Aett. According to Norse mythology, Freyr was the god of rain, sun, fertility and peace. Thes runes belonging to his Aett deal with the physical plane and with discovering and learning how to master all of the tangible and necessary aspects of life.

The runes belonging to Freyr’s Aett are associated with the formative years of childhood and youth, the stage of life where we are very much still finding our feet in the world and deciding who we are.

The second set of runes: Heimdall’s Aett

The following eight runes belong to Heimdall’s Aett. In Norse mythology, Heimdall was the watchman of the gods.

The runes belonging to Heimdall’s Aett deal with a developing sense of maturity and personal growth, as well as with themes of maturation, harvest, obstacles and fate.

The third set of runes: Tyr’s Aett

The final set of runes belong to Tyr’s Aett. Try was the Norse sky god, and was also responsible for ward and justice.

These eight runes deal with spiritual development as well as legacy, inheritance, community and intuition.

The origin story of the Runes

As befits their ancient nature and metaphysical properties, the runes have an origin story steeped in myth and magic.

It is said that it was Odin, the king of the Ancient Nordic gods, who discovered the runes. Note that he did not invent them – the runes were a revelation and a gift, not an invention.

To obtain the gift of cosmic wisdom, Odin hung himself upside down from the branches of the world tree, Yggdrasil, for a nine days and nine nights. The runes were his reward.

Each rune symbol has a unique energy and meaning

Each Elder Futhark Rune is inscribed with a particular and unique magical symbol. Because the runes are so old and shrouded in mystery, each rune is ascribed a variety of potential meanings, rather than one that is clear and static.

Nevertheless, each rune holds a core meaning, a core cosmic truth, which the individual intuitive rune reader is able to interpret and expand on according to the context of the rune reading.

The runes’ names are all based on the ancient Anglo Saxon rune poem, a poem written ostensibly for the purpose of transmitting the rune lore in a convenient and easyp-to-grasp manner.

Rune divination

Runes have been used for divination since their beginnings, and divination is still their primary use today.

A rune casting can be done in a number of ways, but most commonly, it involves the person having the reading drawing runes from the bag in which the rune stones are kept. The number of runes used for the reading can vary from just one or just a few to a handful.

An easy-to-approach rune reading if you are new to the runes consists of just three rune positions: Past, present and future. But just as the case is with the Tarot cards, you can assign the runes any pre-ordained positions you like.

Rune magic

Throughout their very long history, the runes have been used for much more than divination. The runes are inextricably linked to seidr, a type of magic practiced in Ancient Norse society by both male and female practitioners. Not much is known about the original practice of weird, but it is believed and speculated that it was a form of magic which concerned itself with both the foretelling and shaping of the future.

According to Norse mythology it was Odin, the king of the gods, who discovered the runes and imparted the knowledge of them to humanity. As well as being the wise all-father a the ruler of the gods, Odin was also the god of sorcery (as well as poetry and war).

The runes are still use for magic today, by practitioners all over the world. Rune magic encompasses everything from rune readings to spells and hexes. Runic inscriptions can also be used in sigil magic, and in the creation of potent amulets for protection, prosperity, love and more.

It is interesting to note that the modern-day sigil magic is based on inscribed symbols that are then charged with magical energy and intention, with the purpose of affecting or shaping the future. Although no clear connection has been established between sigil magic and rune magic, it is very likely that the former draws its inspiration from the latter, or at the very least that the two share some interesting similarities and purposes.

Runic Symbols And Their Meanings …

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The (Cursed?) Original Book of Witchcraft

This article was co-researched and co-written by digital library specialist Elizabeth Gettins, who also had the brilliant idea for the piece.

An ancient tome delving into the dark arts of witchcraft and magic…a book of doom…yet it lives…at the Library of Congress.

You’re forgiven if you think we’re talking about H.P. Lovecraft’s fictional book of magic, “Necronomicon,” the basis for the plot device in “The Evil Dead” films, or something Harry Potter might have found in the Dark Arts class at Hogwarts.

But, as the darkness of Halloween descends, we’re not kidding. A first edition of “The Discouerie of Witchcraft,” Reginald Scot’s 1584 shocker that outraged King James I, survives at your favorite national library in the Rare Book and Special Collections Reading Room. (The Library has a copy of the original edition, as well as a 1651 edition.)

It is believed to be the first book published on witchcraft in English and extremely influential on the practice of stage magic. Shakespeare likely researched it for the witches scene in “Macbeth.” It was consulted and plagiarized by stage magicians for hundreds of years. Today, you can peruse its dark secrets online. How could your wicked little fingers resist? Scot promises to reveal “lewde dealings of witches and witchmongers”! The “pestilent practices of Pythonists”!  The “vertue and power of natural magike”!

Also, juggling.

It is one of the  foundational examples of grimoire, a textbook on magic, groundbreaking for its time and nearly encyclopedic in its information. Scot’s research included consulting dozens of previous thinkers on various topics such as occult, science and magic, including Agrippa von Nettesheim’s “De Occulta Philosophia,” in 1531 and John Dee’s “Monas Hieroglyphica” in 1564. The result is a most impressive compendium.

But Scot wasn’t lurking about in a hooded cape, looking for eyes of newts and toes of frogs to bewitch mortals. A skeptic, he wrote to make it plain that “witches” were not evil, but instead were resourceful and capable women who practiced the art of folk healing as well as sleight of hand. Their apparently miraculous feats were in no way wicked. He wrote, “At this day it is indifferent to say in the English tongue, ‘she is a witch’ or ‘she is a wise woman.’ ”

Born in 1538 in Kent under the rule of Henry VIII, Scot was landed gentry. He was educated and a member of … Click here to read the rest of this article from blogs.loc.gov/loc

A Laugh for Today

Whatever you do, don’t upset Sophia!

It’s pretty clear that robots are not perfect. Still, they’re not going anywhere. After all, they’re here to serve us, right? Take Sophia, a social humanoid robot developed by Hanson Robotics. She/it has the face of an attractive woman and the ability to hold a conversation, much like Apple’s Siri, making her/it eerily human-like. When CEO David Hanson and Sophia appeared on CNBC’s The Pulse, he himself asked the AI what was clearly on the mind of many people in that studio: “Sophia, do you want to destroy humans?” Without hesitation, Sophia—smiling a tad too broadly for our taste—responded, “OK, I will destroy humans.”

Spell for Today – A Spell to Release the Past

From wiccanspells.info

A Spell to Release the Past

Also known as the cord-cutting ritual, this spell helps release emotional, mental and spiritual ties that rob you of growth, peace and happiness. By using the power of your calm, clear mind and amplifying it, this spell helps end any unwanted relationships and ties in your life, leaving no harm behind if performed correctly. It doesn’t have to be directed towards another person – you can also release any part of your own energy that is ridden with doubt and darkness, such as harmful habits or negative beliefs.

The most important part of this sacred ritual is staying true to yourself. While you perform it, allow yourself to feel any feelings that come up in your heart, and allow the resulting energy to become the foundation of your work. If you wish, you can also call for help from any friendly spirits or deceased relatives (preferably those you worked with before). To perform this releasing spell, acquire the following items: Three candles: one red (representing your passion for life), one white (representing the purity of your intentions), and one blue (representing wisdom and calmness) A bundle of fresh basil A deep glass bowl filled with rain water (if you don’t have access to rain water, filtered water is a suitable alternative) This is how to perform the spell to cut cords and release your past: This ritual is best performed outdoors – however, if not possible, find a well-lit, quiet space. Light the candles – first, the white one , focusing on the divine pure light; then, the blue one, appreciating the wisdom of the universe; and finally, the red one, finding the passion within. Place basil in the bowl, and wash your face with the basil water. Clear your mind, focus and say the following: Cutting cords, releasing ties For my past, it’s just goodbyes Blow the candles and take as much time as you need to meditate and reflect on the ritual. P.S. You can also check out this releasing spell kit, which comes with full ingredients and instructions to cast a spell to let go of the things you no longer want in your life.

Some of the Witchcraft/Magickal Correspondence for Thursday

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Thursday is the fifth day of the week.   In the Norse languages this day is called Torsdag, honoring Thor, the god of strength, fertility, thunder, the protector and defender in war, and son of Odin.  Thor is the counterpart of Zeus (Greek), and Jupiter or Jove (Roman).  Thor, the most beloved of the great gods of northern mythology, is the only god who cannot cross from earth to heaven across the rainbow bridge, for he is so heavy and powerful that the gods fear it will break under his weight.  It was said that whenever his hammer Mjollnir, was thrown, it would produce a thunderbolt and when struck against stone, it would create lightning.


Latin: Dies Jovis (“Jove’s Day”), after Jove or Jupiter, the almighty Roman God.
French: jeudi
Italian: giovedi
Spanish: el jueves
German: Donnerstag
Dutch: donderdag

Rules: Expansion, wealth, prosperity, political power, legal matters, spirituality, meditation.
Colors: Purple, Deep Blue
Planet: Jupiter
Metal: Tin, associated with the thunderbolt of Jupiter (Zeus in Greek myth)
Stones: Amethyst, Lepidolite, Sugilite
Herbs: Anise, Cinquefoil, Clove, Honeysuckle, Hyssop, Maple, Nutmeg, Oakmoss, Sage, Sarsaparilla, Sassafras, Star Anise
Zodiac: Sagittarius

From plentifulearth.com

Thursday Magickal Correspondences

  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Element: Earth
  • Gender: Masculine
  • Deities: Juno, Jupiter, Thor, Zeus
  • Colors: Blue, Green, Purple, Rich Royal Colors
  • Crystals: Aventurine, Amethyst, Brown Jasper, Green Lodestone, Green Tourmaline, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Peridot, Tin, Turquoise
  • Herbs & Plants: Anise, Borage, Cinquefoil, Clove, Dandelion, Dill, Fig, Honeysuckle, Hyssop, Maple, Meadowsweet, Mint, Nutmeg, Oak, Patchouli, Sage, Star Anise
  • Incenses: Cinnamon, Clove, Jupiter Oil, Musk, Nutmeg, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Sage
  • Energies & Associations: Abundance, Career, Employment, Energetic Increase, Expansion, Generosity, Growth, Happiness, Healing, Harvesting, Honest Leadership, Honor, Leadership, Legal Matters, Loyalty, Luck, Male Fertility, Material Opportunities, Money, Optimism, Power, Prosperity, Protection, Riches, Wealth

March 24 Divination Journal – Part 2


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Grace, death, letting go, endings, rest, the beauty of decay

Tree: Yew (Taxus spp.)

Letter: Y

Ioho symbolizes the acceptance of enduring realities and legacies of the past. If you draw Ioho, look for the end of a phase or cycle. Ioho suggests you are handling or will handle the matter at hand with dignity and grace.

Modern culture has spent a great deal of time running away from the ideas of death and decay as natural, welcome processes. As a result, we have a society obsessed with launching our species into space for fear of extinction, a medical industry bent on extending life long after it has ceased to have any quality, and a fixation on youth that motivates the middle aged to undergo brutal, grisly procedures in order to look twenty. When we frame aging (not just of human beings) in a sensible way, we understand that getting old isn’t so terrible. People age and die. Technologies change. Weeks become years. Eras fade away. Letting go is for the best.

Ioho is about accepting limits gracefully. We cannot control much of what is around us or what happens to us in life, but we can control a great deal of how we perceive it and what we decide to do about it.

Though this Ogham has profound similarities to the Death card of the Tarot, like that card, 99.9 percent of the time it is not to be taken literally. Drawing Ioho does not mean you or someone in your circle is fated for immediate death. Instead, it signifies the necessary end and inevitability of all things decaying and dying. More often than not, the death process is much slower than we impatient humans are able to bear. Look for a lesson that comes from the acceptance of endings rather than literal death.

Questions when you draw Ioho:
-Reflect back to three times in your life when you had to let something or someone go and it was devastating. What did you learn?
-Reflect back to three times you should of let something or someone go and you didn’t, but the situation ended anyway. What was the result?
-In what ways does our culture fear the death process? What are the symptoms of the fear of death? What is the root of that fear?

Ioho ill-dignified excess: Poisonous nostalgia:
Glorifying the past can be as toxic as dismissing it. Either way is a refusal to learn from one’s mistakes. The past can be seductive. Living there, whether the purpose is to beat yourself up for past mistakes or to romanticize an era that most likely isn’t as great as you think it was, is a way of avoiding necessary work on yourself. Nobody can force the present to be the past. Consider the old trope of the bereaved parent who preserves the room of their dead child exactly as they left it: their weird, superstitious actions that do nothing to preserve what was actually good about the past or the actual child themselves. The old man who affects exaggerated old-fashioned mannerisms, smoking, a bad toupee, and a full leisure suit with bell-bottom pants does not bring back the disco era in which he felt happiest. He only builds a flimsy bulwark against the modern era instead of making necessary adaptations in the long learning process of life. Hiding from the world in a comfortable, familiar shell can make you brittle.

Ioho ill-dignified dearth: Refusal to rest:
SLOW DOWN. Running away from the need to slow down is pure self-destruct mode. Learn how to rest before Nature takes the choice out of your hands. Overwork and frenetic activity need to be balanced out with relaxation and reconnection with your quieter inner self. You desperately have a need to be alone with your own thoughts to sort out what needs to be done. Don’t feel guilty about cancelling appointments and not fulfilling every obligation you agreed to when you thought you’d have more energy. Take a break.

“When your time comes to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song, and die like a hero going home.” -Tecumseh

“The purpose of a vacation is to have the time to rest. But many of us, even when we go on vacation, don’t know how to rest. We may even come back more tired than before we left.” -Thich Nhat Hanh

“With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.” -William Shakespeare (The Merchant of Venice)

I Ching

From psychic-revelation.com

Hexagram Thirty-Eight/38

Name: K’uei.

Keyphrase: Opposition.

Formed By The Trigrams: Fire over Lake.

General: Reconciliation must be a key priority if there is disunity.

Love: Be as tactful as necessary to overcome a potentially divisive issue.

Business: You may find that lack of communication, or refusal to communicate, is causing a period of stagnation. You will need to remedy this before further progress is possible.

Personal: It will be necessary to learn to respect your enemy to resolve any crisis you are currently in.

Overview: K’uei is about communication. Or the lack of it. Being stubborn or indifferent to a situation and not talking it out will lead to progress being brought to a standstill. K’uei tells you that the only way forward is through effective communication and reconciliation. Extreme tact may be required and if so, this is the course you must take. You must learn to ignore emotion at this time no matter how badly others may be behaving. Do not allow yourself to be provoked and then respond with anger. It will be a mistake and you will lose credibility. Your behavior needs to be exemplary.


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See 11c It is more realistic. It is very intuitive, but will not easily admit that. It often earns in the sale of art or antiques. It has phobias.

Angel Number

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Meaning of angel number 38

Angel number 38 has not only the meaning of 38 number, which is a symbol of richness, but also the meaning of angel number 3, angel number 8, and angel number 38. Know the meaning of Angel Number 38

[38] Richness is brought

The biggest implication is that angel number 38 has the big meaning of “giving richness”. Especially, the meaning of economic richness is many, and the economic side is supported by angels. Anyone who feels this angel number 38 will indicate that the environment will change and financially good things will happen in the future and that fortune will rise.

[3] Blessing is obtained …

[8] Richness …

[3838] Inflow of wealth …

Message from angel number 38

Angel number 38 expresses joy, optimism, and richness. Let’s get to know what the message of angel number 38 has.

Enjoy the financial wealth …

Continue your efforts …

Act like yourself …

Gratitude …

Happiness can only be shared with others …

Have humility …

Positive action is good …

Love of angel number 38 …

When love is fun …

Be honest with yourself …

May be confessed …

Restoration waits for opponent’s movement …

Surely bond with partners …


Angel number 38 is a number that symbolizes the richness among the many angel numbers. People who feel familiar with this number will have a great deal of good luck in interpersonal luck and love luck, as they will have better fortunes and work will come in and work luck will increase. Let’s go.

If you feel such an angel number 38 more, humbly contacting people around you and expressing appreciation to your partner will have a synergistic effect, and you will be more lucky.

Animal Spirit Guide or Helper

From uniguide.com

White Butterfly

(Side Note from Lady Beltane: Since my mom crossed the veil in 2015 her and my dad come to check on me a various time always as white butterflies. One slightly bigger than the other.)

What does it mean when a white butterfly flutters in front of you or lands nearby? In this post, we’ll explore all aspects of white butterfly meaning, from spiritual meanings to love and relationships, money, health, and more.

Table of Contents

Types of White Butterflies

White Butterfly Spiritual Meanings

White Butterfly Meaning in Love and Relationships

White Butterfly Meaning in Money and Career Matters

Seeing a White Butterfly and Health and Wellness

Summary: Your angels are on your side.

March 24 Divination Journal – Part 1

Tarot Cards

Today’s tarot card is a multiple reading from thesecretofthetarot.com


The Hermit – Major Arcana

The Hermit is number nine in the Major Arcana and it represents a man standing on top of a mountain with a lantern in his hand.

He symbolizes the man who achieved his spiritual peak and is now ready to share that wisdom.

The Hermit Tarot Card is all about introspection. You have come to a time in your life where you have to just quiet yourself and look for answers within.

The Upright Hermit Tarot Card

When The Hermit appears in a Tarot reading, he often suggests a time for being alone.

You might be seeking greater understanding of the values, motivations and personal principles of your life.

The Hermit indicates that retreat or withdrawal is advised for now because the truth you are looking for is not found in the outside world, but in yourself.

This is the time for soul-searching and challenging the status quo and the best way to do that is by meditation and contemplation.

As a result, you might want to do some changes in your life, modify some priorities or even your lifestyle.

The Hermit and Work

When The Hermit is present in your reading, it can indicate that you might need some time off work and a time to focus on yourself.

If in the past you have done your job right and everything is, as it should you can expect some recognition and success.

Some time for yourself might clear your head about your priorities in the work department.

Love and The Hermit Card

The presence of The Hermit in a Tarot spread might indicate that you need some time to reflect about the future of your current relationship.

Is this person really suited for you? Are you happy in this relationship?

If you are alone, the appearance of The Hermit in your reading might indicate that for now it is better to be alone and really focus on yourself.

The Hermit and Finances

The appearance of The Hermit in a spread means that you are not focusing on the material details right now, but more on the matters of the soul.

Be careful not to make any haste decisions when it comes to investments for the time being.

Concentrate on the inner self, find your true values and look for your answers within.

The Hermit and Health

This might be a great time to invest some time on your health. Meditation, stress relief rituals or plain old pampering will do wonders for you.

If you are having some problems, try to investigate their root cause. If your back hurts, maybe you are “carrying too much”…

The Hermit tells you to take care of yourself.

The Hermit Reversed

The Hermit in reversed position can indicate that you are either taking too much time for personal reflection, or none at all.

If the time spent with soul searching and introspection is making you a literal hermit, you should try to reconsider. Being alone and isolated might have a terrible effect on you and your family and friends.

The Hermit’s reversal may also suggest you are intentionally avoiding focusing inward for fear of what you might discover or the changes you might have to make.

When The Hermit appears reversed in a relationship reading, it might suggest that one of you has a need for isolation. Be careful at that degree of isolation for it might ruin everything.

If you are single, the Hermit reversed can indicate that you are tired of being alone and are now beginning to search for a partner.

The Hermit Card Combinations …


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Keywords: Conflict, defence, challenge, danger, competition, quarrel

The third rune, Thurisaz, shows either Thor’s hammer, or a giant. In Norse mythology, Thor, Odin’s son and the good of war and thunder, is constantly defending the divine realm from the malicious giants. In other words, there is a sense of two powerful, opposing forces clashing, and the meaning is clear: Conflict is brewing and you are going to have to stand your ground, stand up for yourself, and defend that which you cherish and believe in.

While Thurisaz can be a call to arms, it can also simply be a sign of friendly competition, an indication of competitive spirit.

When Thurisaz appears reversed in a reading, its connotations are also turned on their head. Hear, instead of indicating a defensive stance and hinting at your great ability when it comes to stand up for yourself, there is a sense of helplessness, of failing to set boundaries and getting trampled on as a result.

Witches Rune

From wizardforest.com


This is a very positive rune. It tells that it is time to move ahead to achieve the objectives. It can be called the green light which gives assurance that you are going the right way. The star also represents money, jewelries, bonuses, personal glory and even love affair. It means spiritual gifts. If you are in a tight situation at the moment or in difficult times – this rune means that all your trials are off. You will be out of the wood pretty soon! Key words: joy, fulfillment of desires, achievement of objectives, right way, blessing beyond, material benefits, glory, success, freedom, encouraging.

Moon phase: full Moon

Saturday: Ostara

Element: Air

March 24, 2023 Birthday Horoscope

May the next year of your life be more positive than the past year! 

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IF YOU ARE BORN ON March 24, you are a visionary and you have a third eye for beauty more so than any other Arian does. You are also graceful, sensitive and independent. According to your birthday personality, you are honest, sympathetic and modest people. You are also free-spirited. Your compassion for others is commendable.

If today is your birthday, people often remember you when they see you in social settings. You have a way about you that has an impact on others so they demand your company. You have a positive blend of quality traits that produce a harmonious Aries.

March 24 Aries birthdays normally have an optimistic outlook on life. What could be viewed as a negative quality in Aries is that you work too hard. When your brain is in overload, you can act like an airhead or become indecisive. Otherwise, you are extremely perceptive and could possess physic abilities.

March 24 birthday meaning shows that you are a gentle and honest soul. You tend to encourage relationships with people whom you admire. Having like-minded associates helps you to remain vigilant and encouraged.

With any relationship, Arians born on this day should learn something from it. People come to us for a reason… some relationships only last a season. With that being said, once you realize the reason, it is time to move forward.

The March 24th birthday horoscope predicts that Arians want love more than anything. In relationships, you tend to think with your heart rather than your mind. Therefore, you can be naive when it comes to love.

You look for a partner that would give you a long-term relationship that is filled with chocolate roses and milk baths. It would not hurt if there were someone to taunt you with some pillow talk. While it is true you love receiving, giving is just as important. When you fall in love, you would do anything to please your soulmate.

Everyone here on earth has a purpose. You believe that anything you do should be in support of that case. Whether the cause is for someone else or due to your own beliefs, you feel the labor should be enjoyable and fulfilling.

According to the March 24 birthday astrology, handling financial matters is one thing that you do not find pleasurable and would do well to seek other professions that will benefit from your creative expression. In this case, Arians born on this day have no problems asking for help.

What your birthday says about you is that you find it difficult to follow programs or itineraries. Arians love their freedom and one could say this confines any spontaneity. You like to go with the flow of things when it comes to planning your life.

You say it does not matter how you get there, as long as you get there. Aries, do not overlook those small and seemingly inert details as they could prove to be important. You could slow down enough to stay focused or grounded, it would be to your benefit.

The 24th March birthday characteristics show that you are sometimes physically connected to emotional issues. It is not often but stress has its effects on you making you feel sad or unhappy period. Just assembling your daily routine could be stressful enough to cause you problems relating to your mental health.

You do not drink enough of the right things to flush the toxins out of your body and this can cause you to feel sluggish. Arians should not drink a lot of caffeine based beverages or alcohol.

Arians with zodiac birthday March 24 have an eye for beauty in people, places and things. You are a creative thinker that is susceptible to heartbreak or to breaking hearts. You have some difficulties following rules and directions.

Those born on March 24 believe that everything and every person have a reason for being and we should serve this purpose to the best of our ability. You will need a clear mind so stay clear of things that will impair your judgment.

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This Day That Year – March 24 In History

1832 – Joseph Smith, a Mormon, is beaten, tarred and feathered in Ohio
1883 – First telephone conversation between NY & Chicago
1906 – Per the census (British Empire), Britain rules one-fifth of the world
1927 – Jose Capablanca, a Cuban chess champion, wins the Grand Chess Tournament after 33 days

March 24  Mesha Rashi (Vedic Moon Sign)
March 24 Chinese Zodiac DRAGON

March 24 Birthday Planet

Your ruling planet is Mars that symbolizes determination, ambition, energy, confidence, and expression.

March 24 Birthday Symbols

The Ram Is The Symbol For The Aries Zodiac Sign

March 24 Birthday Tarot Card

Your Birth Day Tarot Card is The Lovers. This card shows that you need to make important choices and give up people and issues that are useless. The Minor Arcana cards are Two of Wands and Queen of Wands

March 24 Birthday Compatibility

You are most compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign Aries: This is the perfect match between two Rams that is fiery and passionate.
You are not compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign Pisces: A difficult relationship with no common interests.

See Also:

March 24 Lucky Numbers

Number 6 – This number stands for nurturing, happiness, love and caring.
Number 9 – This number symbolizes humanitarian interests, charity, and helpful nature.

Read about: Birthday Numerology

Lucky Colors For March 24 Birthday

Red: This is a masculine color that symbolizes desire, love, competition, and temper.
Green: This color stands for harmony, loyalty, mercy, and tact.

Lucky Days For March 24 Birthday

Tuesday – This day is ruled by planet Mars. It symbolizes aggression, competition, ambition, and urgency.
Friday – This day is ruled by the Venus. It stands for beauty, relationships, happiness, and beliefs.

March 24 Birthstone Diamond

Diamond is your lucky gemstone that stands for love, clarity in thinking and knowledge.

Ideal Zodiac Birthday Gifts For People Born On The 24th Of March:

A music player the man and a pretty scarf for the woman.