Goddess Of The Day: Chihnu


Phra Buddha Bat Fair (Thailand)

  Themes: Arts; Creativity; Tradition; Excellence

Symbols: Woven Items; Thread or Yarn; Home Crafts; Lyres

About Chihnu: In China and surrounding regions, Chihnu’s name means “weaving woman.” According to myths, Chihnu’s talents in this art are so great that she can weave seamless garments for the gods. From her heavenly domain in the constellation Lyre, she acts like a refreshing spring wind to inspire excellence in our inherited arts and crafts.

 To Do Today: This annual Thai festival features folk dancing and traditional handicrafts in honor of Buddha’s footprint, which is enshrined nearby. Generally, it is a time to rejoice in Thai tradition, so if you have a Thai restaurant in the neighborhood, by all means indulge yourself, saying a brief prayer of thanks to the provider of your feast-Chihnu.

 To make a Chihnu-inspired creativity charm, take three strands of yellow thread or yarn (yellow is the color of inventiveness). Braid these together so that the strands cross four rimes, saying,

 One, Chihnu’s power absorbs;

two, inside the magic’s stored;

three, the magic’s alive in me;

four, bear Chihnu’s creativity!

 Carry this when you need more ingenious energy, or leave it near your artistic endeavors so they can absorb Chihnu’s compelling excellence.

 Finally, wear woven or handmade items to honor Chihnu’s talents today.

 .By Patricia Telesco ~ From “365 Goddess”  (FMP) and GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast

c. 2011