Witchcraft seems like a particularly buzzy topic these days, with books, blogs, and more delivering ancient magic to a modern audience. But while stylized Tarot cards and light-catching crystals have their place, the shift from intrigued observer to practicing pagan can be a daunting one. So why not start the process by determining which brand of witchery resonates with you?

Read on to learn about five specialized takes on witchcraft—and where the variants came from.



A comic witch is a witch who uses planetary and celestial energy in their practice. They study and feel a personal and spiritual connection with not only the main planets in our solar system, but with asteroids, meteors, supernovas, stars, constellations, galaxies, and black holes. Cosmic witches pay particular attention to astrology, horoscopes, and zodiac signs—but that only gives us a picture of how the cosmic forces influence the individual. Cosmic witches are focused on how celestial energy influences the inner self, but also the world.

Cosmic witches have been around since the study of planets. According to the American Federation of Astrologers, the Babylonians are credited with the birth of astrology. They used their astrological charts to predict the “recurrence of seasons and certain celestial events.” Around 2000 B.C., Babylonian astrologers believed that the sun, moon, and the five known planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto had yet to be discovered) all had distinct character traits (Mercury representing communication, Venus representing affection, and so on). Cosmic witches use these planetary traits to call upon their energy. For example, many witches choose to perform spells on a full moon because the full illumination can create an extra magical boost and enchantment—and the rock itself is said to align with emotions and the soul.

A present-day cosmic witch may not be using astrology to predict the weather, but rather to predict future events or influences. For example, it’s beneficial for a cosmic witch to know when Mercury is in retrograde, and in which sign, because it will allow them to determine where communication breakdowns will occur, and in what guise. If a cosmic which was planning to perform a love spell, their best chance of having it being successful during a new moon which corresponds with new beginnings and relationships.   




A divination witch uses their magic to try to predict the future, often employing a variety of tools—or one that resonates. There are so many mediums with which to connect into the magic of the world: think Tarot, oracle cards, a pendulum, the I Ching, palmistry, and tasseography, and more.

Divination and divination witches have existed in just about every time period in history. In ancient Greece, divination witches were known as Oracles, and it was believed that deities spoke through them. A famous oracle was high priestess Pythia—known as the Oracle of Delphi—who was thought to be the mouthpiece of the god, Apollo. Every culture has its own form of divination. In ancient China, the diviner would carve out their question onto an ox bone until it cracked, and then the cracks were analyzed.

Today, divination witches don’t claim to be the mouthpiece of the gods, instead using divination predict likely answers to simple queries like, “Am I on the right career path?” or “Does this relationship stand a chance?” And in true modern fashion, divination methods like Tarot can even be found on our phones.




A green witch works with magical properties found in the natural world. Their craft is based on respecting nature and all living things. Green witches focus on the magical correspondence of herbs, plants, and flowers. This incorporates herbalism, which is the study of botany and use of plants intended for medicinal purposes.

Herbalism is found in many cultures, but Chinese herbal medicine is one of the ancient variations still practiced today. Chinese herbology is based on the concepts of yin, yang, and Qi energy, where the herbs can either cool (yin) or stimulate (yang) certain parts of the body, the concept used for ritual and spiritual practices as well as medicinal. In parts of Africa, an herb known as purslane was used for purification during and after ritual ceremonies, while in some Scandinavian countries, clover was once used to ward off evils spirits and help develop psychic ability. In folk magic tradition, chamomile is said known to bring luck.

Today, green witches still take herbal magic very seriously, using essential oils and creating small physic gardens in their own apartment. Be aware that this is a learned art: it’s extremely important to know the health effects of the herbs you plan to use or ingest as well as the magical benefits.




A kitchen witch practices magic within their own home. Their magic is not based on any divine power or spiritual guidance, but that magic that can be found in the everyday routine. Their craft comes out while cooking, baking, and nesting while tapping into the power of their own intention.

Witchcraft and cooking have always gone hand-in-hand. During the late 15th and mid-18th century many of the 200,000 witches (mostly women) were tortured, hanged, or burned at the stake were accused of poisoning food. Even now, our classic image of a witch persists as a woman stirring her cauldron. There has always been a magical and ritualistic nature surrounding food. Like green witchcraft, kitchen witches use herbalism in their food-based magic—but kitchen witchery isn’t just about food. It can also be making a homemade offering to a deity, cleansing and protection your home, and so on.



A sea witch, also known as a water witch, works with the element water in order to tap into their magic. They feel a deep, powerful connection to the water—whether it is the ocean, sea, or lake. This powerful pull leads them to be more aware of their own mystical energies.

Sea witches have been found in many cultures throughout history. From the sea nymph Calypso of The Odyssey; Sycorax of Shakespeare’s play The Tempest; even Ursula in Disney’s The Little Mermaid. However, sea witches have a deeper history in mythology. In Norse mythology, sea witches were magical, malevolent feminine spirits who often took the form of mermaidsThese witches believed that their power and bond over the sea and tides was born of their worship for the moon. The triple goddess symbol holds particularly deep meaning for sea witches, as it represents the three phases of the monthly lunar cycle: waxing, full, and waning.

Along with praying to the moon, sea witches have had a long history with practicing dowsing, a method of divination for finding water, metals, even grave sites underground by using a Y-shaped stick made of hazel. Dowsing has been around since the Middle Ages, used frequently in Europe until its association with witchcraft caused the practice to be shunned; its legitimacy as a science is still up for debate. Contemporary sea witches may not be luring sailors to their deaths, but they are still incorporating water, weather, and the moon into their practices, finding their own magical connection with the sea.



A Little Humor for Your Day: You Know Someone Is New To Magick And New Age Ideology When They Think That … c. 2019

You Know Someone Is New
To Magick And New Age Ideology
When They Think That …

An ATHAME is the gas you use for your grill.

A CENSOR is a drink you mix with alcohol.

ASTRAL PROJECTION is a home-made movie viewer.

A SYMPATHITIC LINK is when you feel sorry because your chain broke.

WICCA is that part of the candle that burns.

APHRODITE is a prehistoric bird.

ARCHETYPES is a kind of building structure.

BLESSED BE is the god of insects.

A BOOK OF SHADOWS contains silhouettes of friends or family members.

A BRAZIER is support wear for women.

CASTING is done with a fishing line, or on a set in Hollywood.

CHARGING is done with a credit card or battery.

The only way to get into a CIRCLE is to have the right of way.

Crystal CLEANSING is done with window cleaner.

CYCLES have to do with your washing machine and when to add fabric softener.

DEMETER is where you put your quarter when you park downtown.

A DOLMAN is a new brand of banana.

HANDFASTING is eating without utensils.

LEY LINES happen at the airport in Hawaii.

PAN is something you fry food in.

A QUARTER is 25 cents and still buys a cup of coffee. (Note: This person is not only new to magick, but they also haven’t been out in a while!)

SKYCLAD is a shade of blue clothing.

A TRAD is a type of geometrical figure.

WHEEL OF FORTUNE is the game show with Vanna White.


–Turok’s Cabana

The Witches Digest for Sunday c. 2018 (Correspondences and a lot of other information)

I feel like the owl is laughing at me?

The Witches Digest for Sunday


A Common Circle

We stand in the circle,
Together in common cause we celebrate,
Sabbath or Esbat it matters not.
We come together to show our love and devotion,
To the God and Goddess this day.
The Circle is cast and the Guardians are called,
We evoke the Lord and Lady to join us,
We dance and sing round and round,
asking for their blessing.
All individuals but for this short time we
come together as one,
Our energy empowers the circle,
Priest and Priestess our focus, they are
the key,
To casting forth the energy we gather.
Together as a community we are strong,
Within the circle our works are great.
The path matters not for when we stand together,
In the circle for we are one.

—A Journey with the Lady
Steven Spears


Today is Sunday


Traditionally, Sunday is the first day of the week. It is also known as the Lord’s Day from it original association with the Lord, that is, the Sun God, personified as Helios, Apollo, Ogmios, Mithras, and St. Elia. But in the Northern Tradition, the sun is seen as feminine, personified as the goddess known as Phoebe in East Anglia and Saule in eastern Europe. The sun rules the conscious element of the human being, the ego, the real self, and Sunday is the day on which this conscious power is at its most effective.

Deity: Sol

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Planet: Sun

Tree: Birch

Herb: Snakeroot

Stone: Ruby

Animal: Lion

Element: Fire

Color: Gold

Rune: Sigel


The Celtic Tree Month of Beth (Birch) (December 24 – January 20)

Runic Half Month of Peorth (womb, dice cup) ( January 13 – January 27)

Goddess of the Month of Hestia (December 26th – January 22nd)



The Pagan Book of Days
Nigel Pennick

We Honor The Three Fates

The Fates, the Goddesses of Destiny

Ancient Greek Goddesses and Nymphs – The Three Fates aka the Moirae


The Three Fates – The Moirae
Discover fascinating information about the sisters who were referred to as the Three Fates. They were also known as the Moirae in Greek mythology or the Parcae in Roman legends and were the goddesses of Destiny. The Ancient Greeks believed that three Fates regulated the duration of human existence and the destinies of mortals. They controlled the metaphorical thread of life, the good and bad moments of every mortal from birth to death.

Definition of the Three Fates (Moirae)
Who were the Three Fates of Ancient Greek mythology? The meaning and definition of Three Fates are as follows: Definition of Three Fates: The Three Fates were the goddesses who were reputed to be the personification of destiny, the weavers of fate who determined when life began, when it ended and all that happened in between. The names of the Three Fates were Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos. Life is woven by Clotho, measured by Lachesis and the thread of life is cut by Atropos.

Genealogy of the Three Fates (Moirae)
According to most sources of Greek Mythology the three Fates were the daughters of Zeus, the king of the gods and and Themis, one of the Titanides. The primordial deities Chaos, the first of all divinities and Nyx, the dark goddess of Night are named in other sources, as are the Titan Cronus with Ananke, the goddess of inevitability and the personification of destiny, necessity and fate. The children of Nyx and Erebus also included Doom (Moros), Old Age (Geras), Divine Retribution (Nemesis), Death and Sleep (Thanatos and Hypnos), Strife (Eris, the goddess of Discord), Charon, the Keres and other personifications. There was a link between the Moirae and the Tyche the goddess of fortune and luck. The family members and genealogy of the Fates are detailed in the following family tree, providing an overview of the relationships between the Fates and some of the principle Greek gods and goddesses of the Underworld.

The Three Fates (Moirae)
The three goddesses accepted as the Fates were the personification of destiny, inevitability and fortune. Each of the three Fates, the weavers of fate, had specific tasks that they were divided between them. Clotho spun the thread, Lachesis measured it and Atropos cut the thread. Their name means “Parts.” “Shares” or “Alottted Portions.” The Three Fates (the Moirae) were believed to appear three nights after a child’s birth to determine the course of its life. As goddesses of birth, they had the power to prophesize the fate of the newly born, as goddesses of fate they clearly knew the future. Zeus was entitled the Leader of the Fates, and the three goddesses sat in attendance of his throne, presiding over the sacred laws of heaven. They were the distributors of good and bad fortune to mortals and to nations. The three Fates were also present at the birth of gods to declare their divine privileges and functions.

The Three Fates (Moirae) and the ‘Death Fates’ (the Keres)
Their was also a belief that a person’s ‘Ker’ or life force developed with his growth, either for good or evil. When the ultimate fate of a mortal was about to be decided, his ‘Ker’ was weighed in the balance by the Death Fates, the hateful goddesses of death called the Keres, and, according to its worth or worthlessness, life or death was awarded to the mortal in question. This concept originated in ancient Egyptian beliefs in which souls, including the ‘Ka’ were judged in the Hall of Two Truths where the heart was weighed against the feather of truth and their fate would be decided – either entrance into the perfect afterlife or to be sent to the Devourer of the Dead. It is therefore evident that according to the belief of the early Greeks, each individual had it in his power, to some extent, to shorten or prolong his own existence and not totally reliant on the judgement of the Fates.


The Three Fates (Moirae) – the Underworld and the Furies
As goddesses of death, the Fates appear together with the infernal goddesses called the Furies (Erinnyes) in Hades the Underworld. The Furies, also called the Erinyes, acted as agents of the Fates (Moirai), exacting the punishments decreed by the gods. The Fates spent some of their time in the Underworld, the province of Hades, the god of the Underworld. It was here that they kept the Archives of the Fates that contained the complete records of all mortals and events, on indestructible tablets of brass and iron. The wicked and evil dead were sent to be tormented by the Furies in Tartarus, a dark abyss, below the Underground – the equivalent of Hell. The Fates (Moirai) only allowed the good to pass to Elysium and the Elysian Fields.


The Three Fates – Clotho
Clotho was known as the “spinner” spun the thread of life from her distaff (a staff holding the bundle of unspun fibers) before being drawn onto her spindle (a shaft used to twist the yarn in spinning).
Clotho was depicted as a maiden
She was the youngest of the Moirae
Her symbol is a spindle
She had the power to make major decisions not only choosing who was born but also to decide if a mortal should be saved or put to death
Her Roman counterpart was called Nona

The Three Fates – Lachesis
Lachesis was known as the “allotter” measured the thread of life allotted to each person with her measuring rod. She was the ‘caster of lots’. (Casting lots meant throwing dice).
Lachesis was depicted as a matron
Her symbol is a scroll or globe
Her Roman counterpart was called Decuma
The Moirae were credited for creating invented seven of the letters of the Greek alphabet (alfa, vita, ita, taf, iota and ipsilon) because the lots, or dice, contained various symbols which were originally used for the purpose of prophecy and divination

The Three Fates – Atropos
Atropos was known as the “inevitable” and was the cutter of the thread of life and chose the manner of death for every mortal using “her abhorred shears”
Atropos was depicted as an old crone
She was the smallest of the Moirae
She was the most terrible and the most feared of the Fates
She was the oldest of the Moirae
Her symbol is a pair of shears
Her Roman counterpart was called Morta

The Attributes of the Three Fates (Moirae)
The ancient Greek gods and goddesses were associated with special symbols and attributes that were depicted in the pictures, mosaics, statues and images of the deities making them instantly recognisable. The attributes of the Three Fates included:

The Moirae were depicted holding various threads
Staffs or sceptres, the symbols of dominion
Clotho: A spindle
Lachesis: A scroll, the book of fate Scroll or globe representing a horoscope
The Shears (Atropos)
Dice: Dice have been used for gambling but they were also used for divination and prophecy. The throw of a dice was not just considered to be luck, the outcome was believed to be controlled by the Fates (Moirae) and casting dice was a method of prediction
Linda Alchin, Author
Greek Gods Mythology

Sunday’s Conjuring


Sunday – is associated with the Sun


Candle colors – Red, Gold, and Orange


This is a Leo’s power day


Conjuring Work Excellent for Sundays: Power, Health, Success, Personal Finances, Prosperity, Home life, Control, Hotfoot work, Shut your mouth conjure, Sunday is good for all hot work.

—Old Style Conjure Wisdoms, Workings and Remedies
Starr Casas

About the Magickal Day of the Week, Sunday


In many traditions of Paganism, days of the week are very important aspects of effective spellcasting. For example, spells to do with abundance or prosperity could be done on Thursday, because it is associated with riches and desire. When casting a spell concerning business or communication, one might prefer to work on a Wednesday due to its associations.


While not all traditions follow this rule, when you’re doing any sort of magical working, always be sure to document the day of the week you’re performing the spell.


You might be surprised later on to see some connections!

Sunday Magical Correspondences

Sunday is associated with the colors yellow and gold, which shouldn’t be surprising – it’s the day of the sun, right? Because of this planetary association, this is a day that’s also connected to solar deities like Helios and Ra. Interestingly, in some Celtic traditions, Brighid’s day is Sunday as well.


When it comes to crystal use, Sunday is related to quartz crystals and diamonds, as well as the yellowish hues of carnelian and amber. For herbs and plants in magical workings, use marigolds, sunflowers or cinnamon.


What kind of magic is best performed on Sunday? Well, it’s a day that generally has a number of associations – agriculture, beauty, hope, victory, self-expression and creativity are all connected to this particular day. Plant or harvest something new (not just material crops, but metaphysical ones as well), create something from nothing, and prepare to win at everything.


Patti Wigington, Paganism/Wicca Expert
Article originally published on & owned by ThoughtCo.com

Sunday’s Associations

Taking its name from our closet star, the Sun, Sunday is the best day of the week to work magical involving fathers and other authority figures such as your boss. It is also a good day to work on questions regarding leadership, money, prosperity, and power.
Color: Yellow, gold
Planet: Sun
Deities: Brighid, Helios, Ra, Apollo
Crystals: Quartz, diamond, amber, carnelian
Herbs: Marigold, sunflower, cinnamon
Associations: Success, promotion, fame, wealth, prosperity
Flying the Hedge

Sunday–The Day of the Sun


Among all peoples in early times the sun was an object of wonder. It was to them a mystery, but although they could never understand it, they imagined many explanations of it. When we remember that in those long-ago days nothing was known of the rotation of the earth or of its movement round the sun, we can readily see how very real the movement of the sun must have seemed. But if it moved across the sky it must be a chariot, for it was in chariots that all men traveled quickly, while none but a god could ride across the sky.


The nature of the sun may have been difficult to understand, but the comforts and the benefits which it brought to men were plain to all. It was a kindly god who gave the earth warmth and light, who ripened the crops and the fruit and made them serviceable to man, who clothed the trees with leaves and scattered the fields with flowers. It is little wonder then that in all parts of the world men worshiped the sun, and the god whom they pictured in their imagination was all the more real to them because of the great worth he performed.


We have seen how the Greeks and Romans worshiped the sun as Apollo, the god who set out each day when the Gates of the East had been opened by the Goddess of the Dawn, and, driving his chariot across the sky, dipped down into the ocean, where a boat awaited him to bring him back. Apollo was the most beautiful of the gods, as befitted the giver of light and happiness, and was worshiped throughout those sunny lands of the South. On the Island of Rhodes, off the coast of Asia Minor, stood one of the Seven Wonders of the World, a statue of Apollo. It was known as the Colossus of Rhodes on account of its size, for it was 100 feet high, the fingers of the god being as long as a man. It was placed at the entrance to a harbor, and remained in position for nearly sixty years, and was then (224 B.C.) overthrown by an earthquake.


The principal temples of Apollo were in the Island of Delos, and at Delphi in Greece, and it was at this town of Delphi that the great Pythian Games were held every four years in honor of the god. The games were so called because Apollo was believed to have slain at Delphi a dragon called Python.


The sun’s daily journey, his contest with the darkness, and his final victory at the dawn of the new day are ideas which have led to endless stories, and we find these stories are very similar among different peoples. Ra, the great sun-god of Egypt, was pictured as traveling by day in a ship across the waters of the sky, and returning during the night through the kingdom of the dead. To the Egyptians Ra was a symbol of life, death, and a new birth or resurrection. Through the night Ra fought with the lord of the powers of darkness, a huge serpent, who awaited the sun in the west with a band of demons, and whom he overcame at the approach of dawn. Ra was always represented either as a hawk or as a man with a hawk’s head, with the sun on his head. The hawk was chosen as his symbol, because it was said to fly towards the sun.


In India the sun was worshiped as the god Agni, who rode in a shining chariot drawn by blood-red horses. He was golden-haired, and had a double face, seven tongues, and seven arms.


Among the gods of the early British who were driven into Ireland was the sun-god Nudd, or Ludd, as he was sometimes called. His name appears in Ludgate, and it is thought that his temple stood on what is now Ludgate Hill in London. At a town called Lydney, in Gloucestershire, the remains of a temple to Ludd have been found, with many inscriptions containing his name.


The Angles and Saxons imagined the sun to be carried in a chariot driven by a maiden named Sol, as we shall read later. They had no god whom we can describe exactly as a sun-god, but several of their gods were like the sun in many ways, particularly Frey, whose sword sent out rays of light like the sun, and who caused the crops to ripen, and Balder the Beautiful, the God of Light, who was the favorite son of Odin, father of the gods, and was, as his name shows, the most handsome of the gods, ever happy and light-hearted. His golden hair and his bright, clear eyes shone like the sun, and his radiant smile warmed the hearts of all who met him. He knew no thought of evil, but was “good and pure, and bright, was loved by all, as all love light”.


In spite of his lovable nature, however, Balder was destined to misfortune through his twin brother, Hodur, the God of Darkness, who was the exact opposite of his brother, for he was gloomy and silent, and suffered from blindness. Odin, through his great wisdom, knew that disaster was to come to Balder, and spared no effort to stave off the evil day, by making all things in creation swear that they would never harm the God of Light. This they were only too ready to do, and all made a solemn vow, with the one exception of a shoot of mistletoe, which was passed over as being too slight a thing ever to cause harm to anyone. Balder being now free from all possibility of hurt, the gods one day amused themselves by shooting and throwing at him, laughing gaily as the objects they threw fell short or turned aside. Now Loki, the God of Fire, was bitterly jealous of the God of Light, and, as he watched the sport, his evil nature prompted him to a cruel and cowardly deed. Having discovered that the mistletoe alone of all created things had made no promise, Loki hastened to the gate of Valhalla, where the mistletoe was growing and plucking it, by the help of his magical power quickly fashioned from it an arrow. He then returned and sought out Hodur, who, because of his blindness, was standing idly aside and taking no part in the sport. Loki pretended to take pity on him, and fitting the arrow to a bow which he placed in Hodur’s hands, he offered to aim the shaft for the blind god. Aided by Loki, Hodur let fly the fatal arrow, and, to the horror and amazement of the gods, Balder fell dead. The anger of the gods against Hodur knew no bounds, and they would have killed him had it not been for their own law, which forbade the shedding of blood in Asgard, the home of the gods. All Asgard was plunged in the deepest grief, and Hermod, the messenger of the gods, was sent to Hel, the Goddess of the Underworld, praying her to restore Balder to life. Hel consented to do so, on condition that all created things should weep for Balder. Messengers were at once sent out over all the world to bid all things weep for Balder. Living creatures, trees, and flowers, and even the stones shed tears for the god they had loved so well; but at last a giantess was found whose only reply to the messengers was “Let Hel keep what she has”. Thus the evil Loki, for he it was in the disguise of a giantess, showed once again his cruel hatred of Balder, and caused the whole earth to mourn the loss of the radiant God of Light.


The gods now prepared for the burial of Balder. As was the custom among the Northmen, fuel was piled on the deck of Balder’s ship Ringhorn, and the body was then laid on the funeral pyre. The sides of the ship were decorated with rich cloth and garlands of flowers, and swords, armour, drinking-vessels, and many other things which the gods valued, were placed beside the hero. A torch was then put to the fuel, and the ship was launched. The funeral pyre floated slowly towards the west, the rising flames lighting up sea and sky, until at last, like the sun itself, it sank slowly into the sea, and all light faded from the sky.


Balder’s Funeral Pyre

But when the gods and heroes heard, they brought
The wood to Balder’s ship, and built a pile,
Full the deck’s breadth, and lofty; then the corpse
Of Balder on the highest top they laid.
And they set jars of wine and oil to lean
Against the bodies, and stuck torches near,
Splinters of pine-wood, soak’d with turpentine,
And brought his arms and gold, and all his stuff,
And slew the dogs who at his table fed,
And his horse–Balder’s horse–whom most he loved,
And placed them on the pyre, and Odin threw
A last choice gift thereon, his golden ring.
The mast they fixt, and hoisted up the sails,
Then they put fire to the wood; and Thor
Set his stout shoulder hard against the stern
To push the ship through the thick sands;–sparks flew
From the deep trench she plough’d, so strong a god
Furrow’d it; and the water gurgled in.
And the ship floated on the waves, and rock’d.
But in the hills a strong east wind arose,
And came down moaning to the sea; first squalls
Ran black o’er the sea’s face, then steady rush’d
The breeze, and fill’d the sails, and blew the fire.
And wreathed in smoke the ship stood out to sea.
Soon with a roaring rose the mighty fire,
And the pile crackled; and between the logs
Sharp, quivering tongues of flame shot out, and leapt,
Curling and darting, higher, until they lick’d
The summit of the pile, the dead, the mast,
And ate the shrivelling sails; but still the ship
Drove on, ablaze above her hull with fire.
And the gods stood upon the beach, and gazed.
And while they gazed, the sun went lurid down
Into the smoke-wrapt sea, and night came on.
Then the wind fell with night, and there was calm;
But through the dark they watch’d the burning ship
Still carried o’er the distant waters on,
Farther and farther, like an eye of fire.
And long, in the far dark, blazed Balder’s pile;
But fainter, as the stars rose high, it flared,
The bodies were consumed, ash choked the pile.
And as, in a decaying winter-fire,
A charr’d log, falling, makes a shower of sparks–
So with a shower of sparks the pile fell in,
Reddening the sea around; and all was dark.


The Witches Guide to Sunday

Ruler: Sun

Colors: Gold or yellow

Power Hours: Sunrise and sunset.

Key Words: Love, happiness, health, wealth

It is easy to spot the ruler of this day by its name. Sunday is the day of the sun. Community work, volunteer services, exercise, outdoor sports, buying, selling, speculating, meeting people, anything involving groups, running fairs and raffles, growing crops and taking care of all health matters fall under the influence of the Sun. With all this activity and the brightness of the sun, it’s easy to see why the child that is born on the Sabbath day is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.

Michael is the primary angel of Sunday but each hour of this day also has it’s secondary angel. These angels are Michael (first hour), Anael (second hour), Raphael (third hour), Gabril (fourth hour), Cassiel (fifth hour), Sachiel (sixth hour), Samael (seventh hour), Michael (eighth hour), Anael (ninth hour), Raphael (tenth hour), Gabriel (eleventh hour), and Cassiel twelfth hour). Notice some of the angels do double duty this day.

On Sundays, (unless you are invoking a specific angelic energy) the hour of sunrise will be the most powerful time to work, especially if you want to infuse energy into your work. Sunset is the second best time and is favored when you need to calm down a situation. Check the local newspaper, astrological calendar, or almanac to determine your local sunrise.


Gypsy Magic

Sunday’s Witchery


Those ambitious, successful spells and charms will be heightened by working on the day of the week that has the planetary influence of the sun. So light those sunny candles, wear some luminous colors, and break out the gold jewelry! Bake up some cinnamon rolls or low-fat cinnamon muffins for an enchanting family breakfast. Take an orange with you to eat at lunch today. Try using a little magickal aromatherapy and burn some cinnamon-scented incense to encourage success and wealth today. Make the talisman to keep your solar magick with you. Sprinkle some dried marigold petals around your house-or across the threshold-to pull triumph and protection toward you and your family.


Get outside and tip up your face to the sun. Take a walk outside, and soak up some sunshine! Acknowledge the power of Sunna or Helios as they blaze across the sky and bring courage and motivation into your life. Sit outside at sunrise on a Sunday morning and bask in its warm, rosy-golden glow Acknowledge Brigid as the inner, creative spark of imagination and inspiration. She can help these gifts burn brightly within your own soul. Use your imagination and create your own brand of witchery and magick. Here comes the sun, and it’s your turn to shine!


—–Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan


The Witches Correspondences


Magickal Intentions: Growth, Advancements, Enlightenment, Rational Thought, Exorcism, Healing, Prosperity, Hope, Exorcism, Money

Incense: Lemon, Frankincense

Planet: Sun

Sign: Leo

Angel: Michael

Colors: Gold, Yellow, Orange and White

Herbs/Plants: Marigold, Heliotrope, Sunflower, Buttercup, Cedar, Beech, Oak

Stones: Carnelian, Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Amber, Clear Quartz and Red Agate

Oil: (Sun) Cedar, Frankincense, Neroli, Rosemary

The first day of the week is ruled by the Sun. It is an excellent time to work efforts involving business partnerships, work promotions, business ventures, and professional success.

Spells where friendships, mental or physical health, or bringing joy back into life are an issue work well on this day, too.

Sunday is Ruled by the Sun


Sunday corresponds to the sun, our closest star. This day is full of wonder and all sorts of magical potential for success, wealth, and fame. Sundays are for personal achievements of any kind such as working towards a promotion at your job, seeking fame and wealth, or being acknowledged for a job well done. All of these goals fall under the golden influence of the sun. Some suggestions for Sunday enchantments would include:

Sitting outside at sunrise and calling on the goddess Brigid for illumination and inspiration

Wearing gold jewelry or clothing that is gold or sunshine yellow to pull some color magic into your life

Arranging a few sunflowers in a vase and empowering these “flowers of the sun” for fame and ambition

Gathering up the common marigold flower and scattering it’s petals about to encourage prosperity

Baking up a batch of cinnamon rolls for the family and enchanting them for health and success

Snacking on a solar fruit, the orange, and enjoying the magical boost it brings to your life

The Energy of the Sun

The planetary energy of the Sun is stimulating and warm. It encourages growth and expansion as well as general good feelings all around. It may be used for magick related to the growth of anything; career, family, public influence, wealth, the garden, friendships, love, general abundance, employment opportunities, business. Because the Sun shines down on the whole world, and thus sees everything that happens, the Sun’s planetary energy is occasionally used to find objects as well as protecting us from deception or being “kept in the dark”. Looking at the Sun’s universality in a different way, this energy can be used to find a common thread (we’re all warmed by the same Sun) to encourage new friendships and partnerships and reconciliation where existing ones are threatened.


Many things that correspond to the planetary energy of the Sun also correspond to the elemental energy of Fire.

The sun is associated with the heart, circulatory system, the spinal cord and the thymus gland.

Solar Minerals

Metal Gold



Yellow, red and particularly bright, shiny crystals and stones tend to correspond to the energy of the Sun. diamond, ruby, chrysolite, yellow topaz, citrine, red garnet, chrysoprase and amber- fossilized tree sap said to contain the energy of the Sun as metabolized by the tree. Corundum and yellow Tiger’s Eye show sparkling designs that remind one of the sun and of course, there is sunstone.


Crystals and metals that correspond to the planetary energy of the Sun can be worn, carried or placed on the body to encourage healing or to draw planetary energies ruled by the sun, such as abundance to the individual. They may also be used to create a gem elixir and ingested, assuming they do not contain toxic materials. Crystals can be placed in a location to draw the desired energies to your home, place of business or vehicle as desired, placed on the altar, held, or gazed upon to enhance energies being raised during spellwork or other focusing and manifesting exercises.

Solar Plants and herbs

Plants that resemble the sun in shape or color, that open during the day and close at night, that follow the sun’s movements during the day, and those plants that are traditionally associated with the winter solstice as well as those that provide winter nourishment when fresh plants are unavailable, such as grains and nuts. Physically, edible Sun plants tend to encourage a feeling of warm satisfaction and medicinal plants affect the heart. sunflower, calendula, marigold, daylily, orange, citron, saffron, pine, mistletoe, rosemary, buttercup, heliotrope, bay laurel, daisy, walnut, acorn, maize, wheat, hops, cloves, cinnamon


Herbs can be incorporated into magick by placing them on the altar in the form of fresh flowers or dried potpourri or incorporated into incense to enhance energies raised during spellwork and ritual of a solar nature. They can also be carried or worn in a pouch or placed in an area to attract these energies. An herbal floor wash will infuse an area with the desired energies, or this may be accomplished via fumigation. Edible plants can be consumed as part of a meal or as part of an elixir or other herbal preparation. Those herbs that are skin-safe can be added to massage oils or fragrance sprays and ritual baths. Whole herbs or essential oils may be used.


*Incense* cinnamon, clove, pine, citrus, Benzoin, Pine, Frankincense, Labdanum, Olibanum


Sun fragrances are generous and, to me, home sweet home types of smells, with the exception of a few, which have “special occasion” feels to me. The sorts of smells that fill a temple, or the house on a day when lots of company is coming. Over at http://www.alchemy-works.com/planets_sun.html this family of scents is described as “glorious” and it suits.

Days and Holidays

The Winter Solstice is the day most strongly associated with Solar Energy, though it peaks at the Summer Solstice, it declines thereafter.


Sunday is the Sun’s day.

Zodiac Leo is ruled by the sun.


Other Solar Correspondences

Animals Lion, Sparrowhawk, Griffin, hawk


While animal parts are used for magick in many traditions, they can be difficult or impossible to obtain and some animals are endangered, though you may find using feathers and fur of local animals to be feasible, using important bits of animals that aren’t already raised and slaughtered for food isn’t within the reach or moral compass of most modern witches. Using live animals subjects animals to discomfort and fear and is also not recommended. However, images of animals have a long history of use in magic and images of animals are quite easy to obtain as 2D pictures and 3D sculptures. If you are artistic, the very act of creating these images can help you more closely attune to their energy.



Orange, amber, gold, yellow, red

Many magic-users bring color into their working through their choice of colored candles, altar cloth and other items placed on the altar. If you wish to bring solar energy into your daily life, you may choose corresponding colors for your clothing or even chose paint, curtains and carpet colors to draw solar energy into your space.


Magick Prosperity, wealth, wealth, growth, confidence, clarity, commonality, abundance, truth, harmony, partnerships.

Magickal Application for Sunday


The Latin term for Sunday, our first day of the week, is Dies Solis (“sun’s day”). In ancient Greek, it was called Hemera Heliou. In the Old English language, it was known as Sunnandaeg; in Middle English, Sonenday. All of these titles mean the same thing: the day of the sun.


What do you think of when you feel the sun shine down on you? What sorts of enchantments and energies do you think would be complementary to a day named after our closest star? Sunday brings those bright solar energies into your life and has the magickal correspondences of success, promotion, leadership, pride, light, generosity, warmth, fitness, and personal growth. Astrologically, the sun symbolizes the conscious self and rules the zodiac sign of Leo.


The charms and spells that would complement this magickal day of the sun are ones for personal achievements of any kind-such as if you are seeking fame and wealth, working for that much-deserved promotion at work, or being acknowledged for a job well done. Health issues, increasing personal power, or simply sticking to your diet and being proud of what you have accomplished all fall under the sun’s golden influence.
Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan

Sunday and the Perfect Corresponding Spell


Finally, it’s Sunday, the official day of rest. Not only do Christians acknowledge this day, but I’m sure many Pagans appreciate this day, as well. Everyone needs rest and lot of people need a good day to worship their creator (whomever or whatever that may be), however they deem fit to do so. With the Sun being the central theme of many ancient rituals, Sunday just seems to fit, in name and theory. Not only is it a good day to worship, it seems good to do more relaxed spells, such as, sleep, dream and rebirth.


Sunday Crystal Spell for Success

If you enjoy working with crystals, try this natural magick spell for ambition and success. Carefully look over the spell before performing it. Either set up this spell outside side or facing a sunny window. Opportune times of the day to work this sunny spell are sunrise and noon.


Gather one each of the following: a small piece of amber, a tiger’s-eye tumbled stone, and a quartz crystal point. With a safe, flat surface on which to set up the spell, place a yellow candle and a candle holder in the center, and arrange the stones in a ring around the candle. Have a lighter or matches handy to light the candle.


Speak the following spell three times:

Around a yellow candle I create a ring
Choose tiger’s-eye, amber, and quartz, it’s just the thing
I call the god Helios for drive and success
Today’s ambitions and career goals he will bless.


Close the spell by saying:

For the good of all, with harm to none
By the sun and stones, this spell is done.


Allow the candle to burn out on its own. Please remember to not leave your burning ing candle unattended. Pocket the sun-kissed stones and keep them with you in your pocket or purse, for a week.


Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan

Home & Hearth Magick for Sunday


On Sunday, work for success, healing and blessings.


Planetary Influence: The Sun


Household Symbols: A rooster, a sun, gold jewelry


Colors: Yellow and gold


Kitchen Spices: Cinnamon and orange peels

Cottage Witchery,Natural Magick for Hearth and Home
Ellen Dugan

5 March 2023 Southern Hemisphere’s Planetary Positions

If you need to calculate the planetary positions for a specific use and time, click on this link


To figure out GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) to your local time use this link  

For Your Local Time and Date 

Southeastern Hemisphere

This local time is in Sao Paulo, Brazil, South America

5 March 2023
06:00 pm GMT 3:00 PM BRT
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:14 Pisces 53
Moon:25 Leo 11
Mercury:04 Pisces 50
Venus:16 Aries 26
Mars:21 Gemini 03
Jupiter:12 Aries 57
Saturn:29 Aquarius 47
Uranus:15 Taurus 41
Neptune:24 Pisces 44
Pluto:29 Capricorn 37

True Lunar Node:05 Taurus 14 Rx
Mean Lunar Node:06 Taurus 50 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):06 Leo 18

Chiron:14 Aries 06
Ceres:03 Libra 50 Rx
Pallas:11 Cancer 54
Juno:26 Aries 40
Vesta:11 Aries 24

Eris:24 Aries 10


Southern Hemisphere

This local time is in Cape Town, South Africa

5 March 2023
01:00 pm GMT 3:00 PM SAST
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:14 Pisces 41
Moon:22 Leo 41
Mercury:04 Pisces 28
Venus:16 Aries 11
Mars:20 Gemini 58
Jupiter:12 Aries 54
Saturn:29 Aquarius 46
Uranus:15 Taurus 41
Neptune:24 Pisces 43
Pluto:29 Capricorn 37

True Lunar Node:05 Taurus 16 Rx
Mean Lunar Node:06 Taurus 50 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):06 Leo 16

Chiron:14 Aries 05
Ceres:03 Libra 53 Rx
Pallas:11 Cancer 52
Juno:26 Aries 33
Vesta:11 Aries 18

Eris:24 Aries 10


Southwestern Hemisphere

This local time is in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

5 March 2023
04:00 am GMT 3:00 PM AEDT
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:14 Pisces 18
Moon:18 Leo 12
Mercury:03 Pisces 49
Venus:15 Aries 44
Mars:20 Gemini 48
Jupiter:12 Aries 49
Saturn:29 Aquarius 43
Uranus:15 Taurus 40
Neptune:24 Pisces 42
Pluto:29 Capricorn 36

True Lunar Node:05 Taurus 20 Rx
Mean Lunar Node:06 Taurus 52 Rx

Lilith (Black Moon):06 Leo 14

Chiron:14 Aries 04
Ceres:03 Libra 57 Rx
Pallas:11 Cancer 48
Juno:26 Aries 20
Vesta:11 Aries 08

Eris:24 Aries 10


To be a witch is to….. c. 2018


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A Laugh for Today – Catalog of Dad Jokes

Now That His Kids Are Grown, This Dad Is Giving Up His Dad Jokes by Gary Rudoren from Reader’s Digest

Once your kid stops laughing at “Why didn’t Han Solo enjoy his steak dinner? It was Chewie!” you know it’s time to move on.

I still remember the first time I told my then-six-year-old son, Lev, that a clam makes calls with its “shell phone.” The laugh of recognition when he first got the joke was a moment I won’t ever forget. When I told it a second time in front of his friends Henry and Amir, I could see how proud he was that I had made his friends laugh. Excuse the bragging, but I was the cool dad.

When the kids outgrow the dad jokes

By Lev’s ninth birthday party, things had begun to change. After the seventh or eighth time I asked him “What do you call someone with no body and no nose?” he dismissively rolled his eyes. “I get it, Dad…”

“…Nobody knows!”

“Stop it, Dad!”

I immediately shifted gears into food puns, reminding him and his friends that melons have weddings because they “cantaloupe,” but I got nothing except head shakes and averted eyes. I’m pretty sure I heard him say “Sorry about my dad” to his friends as they all ran off to play on their phones together.

I used to be the life of every kids party. When I was only an uncle, all the toddlers loved my “got your nose” bit. I was the one who always had a knock-knock joke at the ready. (Knock, knock. Who’s there? Nobel. Nobel who? Nobel, so I knock-knocked.) Other parents loved that I could show up at any event and distract their kids with age-appropriate, groan-worthy wordplay, such as the ever popular “Did you hear about the guy who froze to death at the drive-in? He went to see Closed for the Winter.”

Sure, there were other dads with their bits, but I felt as if no one ever stole my crown. My wife long ago tuned me out, but she knew that my never-ending quest for laughter from kids, no matter how unashamed, was in my blood. I believe as the kids got older, they took their cues to be embarrassed by me from their mom’s head-shaking disdain. We’re working through the issue.

Ready to pass the torch

I tell you all this because after a lot of soul searching, I believe it’s time. My kids aren’t grown and out of the house, but I’ve come to realize that I’ll never be able to compete with my past success. I need our relationship to grow. I need to be able to talk to my children about topics other than how a witch’s car goes “broom, broom.”

Thus, I’m offering my entire catalog of jokes for sale on the open market. Puns, threatening tickling bits, knock-knock jokes, goofy faces, fart noises not from my butt, double takes, and even borderline inappropriate spit-take lines. I’m done with them all, and it feels like the right time to sell my legacy to some deserving new dad.

The catalog includes my most famous work—including my killer aside at my days-old nephew’s bris: “After my bris, I couldn’t walk for like a year!” And my faux-indignant kindergarten-graduation routine: “Well, now he better get himself a job!”

I could go on.

As with all great works of art, my collection is priceless. But I can tell you that the first time you get your toddler to laugh at the line “I don’t trust stairs. They’re always up to something,” you’ll feel it’s worth any price tag.

If you’re looking to make your kids laugh—even if they’re grown—try out some of these dad jokes.


Spell for Today – Friendship Spell

Some of the Witchcraft/Magickal Correspondence for Saturday

Magickal Intentions: Spirit Communications, Meditation, Psychic Attack or Defense, Locating Lost Things and Missing Persons, Building, Life, Doctrine, Protection, Knowledge, Authority, Limitations, Boundaries, Time and Death
Incense: Black Poppy Seed and Myrrh
Planet: Saturn
Sign: Capricorn and Aquarius
Angel: Cassiel
Colors: Black, Grey and Indigo
Herbs/Plants: Myrrh, Moss, Hemlock, Wolfsbane, Coltsfoot, Nightshade and Fir
Stones: Jet, Smokey Quartz, Amethyst, Black Onyx, Snowflake Obsidian, Lava, Pumice
Oil: (Saturn) Cypress, Mimosa, Myrrh, Patchouli

Saturn lends its energies to the last day of the week. Because Saturn is the planet of karma, this day is an excellent time for spellwork involving reincarnation, karmic lessons, the Mysteries, wisdom, and long-term projects. It is also a good time to being efforts that deal with the elderly, death, or the eradication of pests and disease.

Goddess Of The Day: IRIS


Halcyon Days (Greece)

Themes: Winter; Peace; Protection; Air; Meditation; Promises; Beginnings

Symbols: Rainbow; Water

About Iris:

This Greek messenger to the gods traverse between earth and heavens, appearing as a winged maiden on a shining, hopeful rainbow. In this form she represents the calm after the storm – the end of the year’s activities and the advent of a new beginning. Traditional offerings to her include figs, cakes, wheat, and honey. In some stories it was Iris’s job to gather water from the underworld for use in taking sacred oaths.

To Do Today

The word halcyon comes from a legendary bird that builds its nest on the ocean in the winter, sedating the winds with its song to safeguard its young. Thus, the week before and after the winter solstice are said to bear both the halcyon’s and Iris’s calm ambiance and hopeful demeanor.

To inspire an improved outlook, find a rainbow sun catcher and put it in a window today so that Iris’s radiance can fill your home. Get an extra one for your car (or maybe a rainbow-colored air-freshener). so you can keep the energy with you throughout the day.

For another aromatic approach, open a window briefly today and let Iris fly on the wings of change and refreshment. Burn some violet or lavendar incense as you do. These two aromatics accentuate this goddess’s vibration.


By Patricia Telesco


Witchcraft Symbols, Terms and Definitions

From thoughtcatalog.com

Eye of Ra

The Eye of Ra is a symbol from ancient Egyptian that is also used for protection. It’s an authoritative symbol that comes from the Egyptian sun god Ra. This symbol can also be called the udjat.

Represents: the Egyptian god Ra.

Used in rituals for: protection.

Crystal, Gems, and Stones Meanings and Magickal Usage

Crystals for Love and Relationships

Are you interested in learning about crystals which can help you with your love life? These crystals are not only pretty to look at, they are known to help in all matters of emotion!


The Ruby’s connection with love goes back to ancient history. Egyptians believed it was the stone of love. This beautiful gem’s use in crowns and regalia show its association with royalty; “love rules”. Fidelity has been a part of the Ruby’s influence, and the 40th wedding anniversary is the “Ruby Anniversary.” Love’s appreciation as a higher emotion aligns with the Ruby. It is said that a ruby will darken if an unfaithful lover comes near. The stone of the Root Chakra, the Ruby is also associated with sensual pleasures and physical passion. Wearing a ruby can increase sexual attraction.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz beads have been dated back to the Mesopotamian culture, over 7,000 years ago. Considered by many to be the ultimate stone of love, the soft pink color and delicate beauty of rose quartz mirrors the delicate strength of love itself. Sometimes called the “love stone”, the color matches the aura given off by the heart Chakra. Wearing Rose Quartz jewelry can help bring healing and appropriate self-love. Meditating with Rose Quartz helps to instill calm and peacefulness. Carry a piece with you to help mend a broken heart and encourage gentle emotional healing.


This brilliant green gem has a long history with mankind. The emerald held an honored place in Egypt, aligned with both Horus and Isis. The ancient Greeks believed it was emblematic of the Goddess Artemis and was believed to help ease pain during childbirth. This stone, the color of the Heart Chakra, was once thought to lose its color or turn a mottled brown if a partner was cheating or unfaithful. Giving an emerald to the one you love is believed to ward away lustful thoughts. Emeralds symbolize psychic powers and the connection between those who share true love.

Green Jade…

To read the rest click here Crystals

Flower Meaning, Symbolize, and Spiritual Meaning

Clematis Flower Meaning, Symbolism, and Colors from uniguide.com

Clematis flower meanings include mental acuity, wisdom, aspiration, travel, and mischief. In this post you’ll learn more about clematis meanings, color symbolism, and what these meandering plants can mean on a spiritual level.

There are over 300 species of these climbing vines, with flowers that come in a range of both vivid and light colors. Because of their variety, clematis plants have a number of nicknames, including old man’s beard, virgin’s bower, pepper vine, climbing queen, and the devil’s darning needle. (This last nickname is reminiscent of a name the ancient Swedes gave to dragonflies: “the devil’s steelyard.” Apparently, the dragonfly’s body reminded them of a weighting tool, which was thought to measure the weight of a person’s soul!)

What does the clematis flower symbolize?

Mental Acuity





Mental Acuity

In Victorian England, flower symbolism was a popular past time. The Victorians associated the clematis with mental acuity because of its versatility and ability to climb and wrap around surfaces. It was as if the clematis showed a thought process of working around an issue in order to understand it.


Another flower meaning applied to the clematis is wisdom. The long, twisting vines are sometimes referred to as old man’s beard – a symbol that denotes the kind of wizard-like intelligence that can only be gained by experience. Unlike tulips, which bloom and then they are gone, the clematis grows more complex and beautiful with age.


Because they are climbing vines, the clematis also symbolizes ambition and aspiration. Not content to simply sprout and grow a few inches, the clematis continues to branch out, seeking new heights and new directions. In fact, the clematis will climb as high and as far as opportunity will allow.


The clematis is not content to stay in one place. These plants are seekers with wanderlust. Thus, they are also symbols of travelling. The clematis should appeal to the travelers among us who have an innate need to branch out and explore.


With a nickname like the devil’s darning needle, the clematis can be a bit of a trouble maker. In fact, these plants are quite toxic to both people and pets. So, while they are beautiful and beguiling, there is some devilry in the clematis, as their nickname implies.

Spiritual Meaning of the Clematis

On a spiritual level, the clematis encourages you to explore different devotional philosophies. The clematis demonstrates that there is more than one way to connect with the divine. The clematis shows you that being a perennial seeker and a student of the Universe will expand your consciousness and your understanding of for the world’s varied faiths.

Associated Spirit Animals

The clematis shares some traits and symbiosis with certain wild animals and insects. For example, manmade walls and fences actually hurt wildlife and insects because they provide unnatural barriers in ecosystems. However, climbing plants like the clematis can provide a bridge as well as a refuge for wildlife. For example, they can serve as ladders for insects and nesting areas for birds.

In the clematis ecosystem, these flowering vines have a symbiotic relationship with insects like ladybugs, which protect the plant by consuming pests. Plus, the clematis serves as a food source for pollinators like bees and butterflies.

In addition to the animals mentioned above, on a symbolic level, the clematis is associated with certain spirit animals, including the snake spirit animal and the stag spirit animal. Just as the snake can wraps itself around a tree or other surface, so does the clematis.

In addition, the way that that clematis climbs and aspired is reminiscent of the stag’s complex crown of antlers. Like the clematis, the stag symbolizes wisdom. He did not grow his antlers overnight. They are a sign of a mature and healthy animal who has withstood life’s challenges and the test of time.

Clematis Color Meanings

Clematis flowers come in a rainbow of colors and some even have patterns. Here are some of the qualities these colors represent.

Blue Clematis

Clematis flowers come in a range of blue hues, from ice blue to turquoise to indigo. The color blue symbolizes trust, faith, serenity, and wisdom. It also symbolizes loyalty, as in a “true blue” friend.

As the clematis is a perennial vine, it is a powerful symbol for the kind of wisdom gained from life experiences as well as trusted, long-lasting relationships.

Light blue and turquoise are also the color that represents the fifth chakra. It is Vishuddha in Sanskrit. Your fifth chakra rules your ability communicate and express yourself. So, a blue clematis expresses your faith and belief in communicating the truth.

Darker blue and indigo are the colors of the sixth chakra, or Ajna in Sanskrit. This chakra rules your mind, your third eye, and your intuition. So, as the clematis symbolizes mental acuity, a blue clematis is especially powerful for expanding your consciousness to greater understanding and universal wisdom through study.

Purple Clematis Flower Meaning

Purple clematis flower meaning is representative of royalty and living in an exalted state. Just as the clematis climbs, the purple clematis represents aspiration and reaching for the stars – goals beyond what you think you’re capable of. The vine symbolism of the clematis represents a ladder that will help you reach dreams.

Purple is a special color in that is combines the coolness of blue with the warmth of red. So, a purple clematis is also a symbol of balance and finding a beautiful harmony in differences.

Both the sixth and seventh chakras are shades of purple. (Though the seventh chakra is also sometimes depicted as white.) The seventh chakra is Sahasrara in Sanskrit. This chakra rules your super conscious and your connection to the divine. So, a purple clematis is a beautiful symbol of reaching for a higher spiritual vibration.

Red Clematis Meaning

Red is the color of passion, energy, and romantic love. It’s also a symbol for good luck and prosperity. In addition, red is associated with the first or “root” chakra, which is Muladhara in Sanskrit. Your root chakra governs the foundations in your life: your security, you drive and physical vitality, as well as your courage.

Red clematis flowers make wonderful gifts for a romantic partner. They show your partner that you want your relationship to grow, evolve, and withstand the test of time. At the same time, they show that you still feel the same passion for your partner that you always did.

Pink Clematis Meaning

A pink clematis also symbolizes love. However, it’s more the type of love we have for friends and family. A pink clematis symbolizes caring and the power of long-term friendships and deep family ties.

Orange Clematis

The color orange represents the second, or sacral, chakra. It’s called Svadhisthana in Sanskrit. This chakra rules your health and vitality as well as your gut instincts. An orange clematis makes a sweet gift to someone for whom you wish long-term health and wellness.

Yellow Clematis Meaning

Yellow clematis flowers represent sunshine and happiness. They are also symbols for good fortune in one’s life, especially long-term investments.

Yellow is the color of your third chakra, which is called Manipura in Sanskrit. Manipura governs your self-confidence and how you assert yourself in the world. Thus, a yellow clematis is a symbol of happiness that comes from the rewards of personal success.

White Clematis

Like a white butterfly, a white clematis flower symbolizes purity, innocence, simplicity, clarity of thought, and angels. White is also be associated with the seventh chakra, which rules your super conscious and connection to the divine. So, as a symbol of aspiration, a white clematis is a powerful symbol of reaching for an elevated level of conscious and a connection with the divine.

Black Clematis

There are some varieties of clematis flowers that are so dark they look almost black. A special color, black symbolizes mystery, formality, elegance, and rebellion. A black clematis is a fitting plant for the nonconformists among us. It’s a flower for those who eschew the straight and narrow path and make their own way in life. It’s also a flower for those who like to get into a little bit of trouble.

Candy Striped Clematis

Candy striped clematis flowers symbolize fun, flirtatiousness, and parties. These flowers like to show off in a slightly unconventional way. They also symbolize branching out and breaking from tradition, as they bring their own special pizzazz to the garden.

Clematis Tattoo Meaning

Like other flowering vines, the clematis flower is an ideal motif for a tattoo that wraps around your arm or leg. A clematis can tell the world a number of things. For example, it can mean you’re a spiritual seeker. Or it can mean you are slightly mischievous and a rebellious trouble maker. While tattoos are highly personal for each person, hopefully understanding clematis symbolism, including aspiration, wisdom, and other qualities, can instill special meaning in your tattoo.

March 3rd Divination Journal – Part 2

I Ching

From MotheringChange.com

Hexagram Twenty – Two/22

Adoring Bi

Make an offering and you will suceed. Work through the Small. Advantageous to have places to go.


From affinitynumerology.com

2222 represents efficiency, prosperity, and relationships.

The energy the number 2222 represents also resonates with diplomacy and business. It’s an energy that attracts material abundance.

The energy also considers realism to be essential. It conceives no advantage to viewing distortions.

A person with 2222 in their chart or prominent in their life is likely to consider balanced coexistence to be necessary for personal satisfaction.

The 2222 energy is attracted to building great works with the potential to benefit society — roads, systems, civic centers, and so forth, that are likely to be useful for a very long time.

The 2222 energy is balanced.

It thinks things through, considering how various individuals and organizations can contribute to the idea. Then it presents the idea as a goal. 2222 generally is able to negotiate agreements to everybody’s full satisfaction, even when there was earlier objection.

To determine the energy the number 2222 represents, the multi-digit number 2222 is reduced to a single digit. The result is the number 8, a number of business, building, and balance. However, the digits in the multi-digit number also have influence, especially when repeated. This is where the energies represented by the number 2 come from — relationships, teamwork, and diplomacy, as examples.

The graph further below illustrates the amount of the various influences related to 2222.

Angel Number

From informationseries.com

About Angel Number 2222

Have you ever seen “2222” on your watch or shopping receipt? That is the angel number.

I often see “2222” a lot, and when I suddenly come to my mind, it’s an anxious figure. It may be a message sent by an angel.

The meaning of angel number 2222

The angel number [2222] has a meaning, such as maintaining a belief, affection, service, and the timing of the results.

The positive factor is a large number, and it will be a positive number for those who are working hard on something. Let’s take a closer look.

[2222] Keeping the belief

[2222] means that everything is going well, so you can keep believing. Thinking affirmatively and acting positively should work. If you believe, that feeling will take shape and come true.

It takes courage to hold on to believing. This angel number is a figure that you can brave and trust in yourself.

[2] Affectionate heart of service

The angel number [2222] can be divided into 2 and 222, where 2 means loving and service mind. The affection and the spirit of service will foster a heart of good will and turn into a strong belief.

Loving and loving service leads to trust from others. Always remember about affection.

[222] Timing of results

The [222] of the angel number indicates the timing of the result. Angels are giving you various strengths to make you feel happy. Angels act with affection and will bring in results in response to the heart of loving service.

When you’re looking for something, and you’re almost there, it’s not far from the future.

[8] Richness

The angel number [2222] is 2 x 4 and becomes 8, which means complete and …

Animal Spirit Guide or Animal Spirit Helper

From spiritanimaldreams.com


Grasshoppers are very good hoppers. When the grasshopper spirit animal comes into your life, it’s asking you to put your skills and talents to good use.

This entails that you challenge yourself to do better than you have ever done before. The grasshopper spirit animal calls on you to take a leap of faith.

If you have some ideas and plans about your growth and progress, this spirit guide asks you to go ahead and implement them.

Granted, it will not be easy at first. You’ll face doubts and uncertainties as you start. But, go ahead and do it anyway. You don’t have to be sure of the outcome.

With the grasshopper spirit animal in your life, things cannot go wrong.

The grasshopper spirit animal will come into your life when you need to make a drastic change of direction.

This spirit guide wants to draw attention to the state of your career, family, health, or love life. There’s something you can do to tremendously improve the quality of your life.

With this spirit guide comes hopping into your life, you are bound to achieve positive outcomes.

What’s the Symbolic Meaning of Grasshopper Animal Totem?

Symbol of Harmony and Balance

We have already seen that the grasshopper is an awesome jumper. This style of movement gives this spirit guide a high level of independence and freedom.

All the same, it can’t keep hopping all the time. At times it has to come to the ground to find its footing.

This tells you that you can’t keep running up and …

March 4 Divination Journal – Part 1

Tarot Cards

Mermaid Tarot Card Deck from tarotx.net


The Tower – Major Arcana

Menu of Contents

I. Image description on The Tower Mermaid Tarot

II. The message of The Tower Mermaid Tarot in a reading

III. The Tower Mermaid Tarot upright meanings

IV. The Tower Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings


Strength – Major Arcana

Menu of Contents

I. Image description on Strength Mermaid Tarot

II. The message of Strength Mermaid Tarot in a reading

III. The Strength Mermaid Tarot upright meanings

IV. The Strength Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings


Judgement – Major Arcana


The Fool – Major Arcana

Menu of Contents

I. Image description on The Fool Mermaid Tarot

II. The message of The Fool Mermaid Tarot in a reading

III. The Fool Mermaid Tarot upright meanings

IV. The Fool Mermaid Tarot reversed meanings


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 Rune sacred to Heimdall, the watcher.
Right Side
A Rune symbolic of protection and shelter. Temptation may be put in the way of an individual, but this is to be resisted. Emotions must be contained and pain and strife overcome in order to move forward. Other meanings include: new beginnings, protect what has been worked for, the hand sign to ward off evil, divine aspirations, elk-sedge a plant which hurts anyone who touches it and a strong symbol of protection.
This rune reversed warns of avoiding danger which may be caused by another person.

Witches Rune

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Many ways to reach the same place. Making a major life decision. Not knowing what to do next. Feeling stuck. Being afraid of moving forward.


From thepeculiarbrunette.com


Pronunciation – Knee-eh-tl

Tree Association – Broom

The accurate meaning for nGeatal is a broom. However, it is often represented as a reed due to Robert Graves’ interpretation in his book ‘White Goddess’. This interpretation was later expanded on by Liz and Colin Murray in The Celtic Tree Oracle but was not the original meaning.

Meaning – Health, vitality, strength, wounding, healers, and herbal remedies. A broom is a bush with bright yellow flowers and slender branches and was often used to create besoms. Besoms cleansed and removed unwanted or harmful energy from the home or sacred space. NGeatal is also symbolic of prioritizing physical and mental wellness by living a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

If reversed – Sickness, chronic illness, pain, suffering, need to purge or cleanse. Can indicate a lack of wellness in your life – physically, mentally, or spiritually.

Inscription and Magical Uses – Useful for all healing – meditations, ointments, remedies, or gifts to those recovering from illness. Perfect for incorporating into candles, oils, soaps, or lotions. Add to Moon Water you intend to consume to assist with health or physical well-being.

Folklore – Used to make the shaft of broom handles by witches. Broom was used to cleanse a space of negativity and apply natural remedies or hallucinogenic ointments (hence the term “flying”). The cream was absorbed through her sexual organs and quickly into her bloodstream.