A Laugh for Today

I have a t-shirt that says

“I’m not clumsy

It’s just the floor hates me,

The table and 

Chairs are bullies.

and The Walls get in the way”

First I rolled my desk chair back to pet Cleo and I caught my right big toe in it. Next I was trying to weed whack in the front yard and somehow pulled my shoulder muscle. Last but not least I some how got a big bruise on my left thigh, probably during the weed whacking problems. Add to that the fibromyalgia and arthritis flares from our normal temperature swings with rain and/or snow and I had a wonderful day. This is why some of the regular posts are missing. The rest of this week might not have as many daily posts are usual but I will do my best to get information to you.

Please no bubble wrap comments. A friend of mine of Facebook sent me a picture of a woman dressed in a bubble wrap type rain suit. You are welcome to laugh with me as much as you want to. 🤣😂😅😁


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