Archangel – Orion

Archangel Orion from

Orion is like a galactic Archangel… He is not an Archangel per say, but many of his functions and service he offers to humanity is in as sense Archangelic.

Meaning, he oversees and guides entire groups of humans, and serves as an intermediary between humanity and the infinite unity consciousness of God.

Orion is an incredibly powerful, cosmic, and love filled guide from the Higher Realms.

Orion is not one of the main historically documented archangels… And honestly I didn’t think he was an archangel when I fist connected with him, rather I saw him as more of an ‘Angel Guide’ who was a highly advanced light being, and spirit guide who serves according to Divine Will, and works with the Archangels, and Ascended Masters… This is actually a true and accurate description of him…

Archangel – One Viewpoint for Thier General Description

Archangels (/ˌɑːrkˈnəl/) are the second lowest rank of angel in the hierarchy of angels. The word “archangel” itself is usually associated with the Abrahamic religions, but beings that are very similar to archangels are found in a number of other religious traditions.

The English word archangel is derived from Greek ἀρχάγγελος (arkhángelos), the Greek prefix “arch-” meaning “chief”. A common misconception is that archangels are the highest rank of angel. This misconception stems from John Milton‘s Paradise Lost and likely confusion over the “arch-” prefix.

Michael and Gabriel are recognized as archangels in Judaism, Islam, and by most Christians. Some Protestants consider Michael to be the only archangel. Raphael—mentioned in the deuterocanonical Book of Tobit—is also recognized as a chief angel in the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael are venerated in the Roman Catholic Church with a feast on September 29 (between 1921 and 1969, March 24 for Gabriel and October 24 for Raphael), and in the Eastern Orthodox Church on November 8 (if the Julian calendar is used, this corresponds to November 21 in the Gregorian). The named archangels in Islam are Jibra’ilMika’ilIsrafil, and ‘Azra’il. Jewish literature, such as the Book of Enoch, also mentions Metatron as an archangel, called the “highest of the angels”, though the acceptance of this angel is not canonical in all branches of the faith.

Some branches of the faiths mentioned have identified a group of seven Archangels, but the named angels vary, depending on the source. Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael are always mentioned; the other archangels vary, but most commonly include Uriel, who is mentioned in 2 Esdras.

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The Guardian of Sunday – Archangel Michael


Archangel Michael is the resonant Angel of Sundays.

Often called St. Michael the Archangel, he’s the leader of all archangels and is known by many as the guardian of lightworkers.

He’s all-powerful, so regardless of what you need, he is your go-to Angel.

He is strong, courageous, inspiring and motivating and his chief function is to rid the earth and its inhabitants of fear and negative energy.

Archangel Michael is often depicted carrying a sword which he uses to cut away emotional entanglements, freeing those who request his assistance from fear, negativity and unwanted attachments. He is here to guide you toward your true life purpose while empowering you with the courage and confidence you need to be a shining light in the world.

Invoke his presence and he will guard and protect you from the kinds of negativity coming from other people, situations and hostile environments by surrounding you with a shield of love.

Archangel Michael resonates with the color blue, with the Sun – the source of all light on Earth – and with the number 6.


The archangel Michael is in charge of this day.  In the Hebrew language, Michael’s name means: ‘One who is as God’. Sunday and Michael are both associated with the Sun. This makes a lot of sense.  Consider, Sunday in earlier eras was commonly established as the day of Sabbath, or day of worship.  The symbolic meaning of the Sun is akin to the spirit, the light that shines bright within us, the fire within the soul.  Archangel Michael and the Sun are mighty partners to enhance our virtues, devotionals, prayers and meditations on Sunday.

(This series of archangels of the day will continue for the next 6 weeks)

Archangel – Haniel

Archangel Haniel, The Archangel of Joy and Intuition from

Archangel Haniel is a powerful celestial being whose presence and influence has been documented in various spiritual traditions, belief systems, and esoteric traditions.

Archangel Haniel’s energy and presence is associated with Intuition, Joy, Beauty, Grace, and with the rhythms and cycles of the Divine Feminine.

One of the main roles of Archangel Haniel is to act as an intermediary between human beings and the higher spheres of Divine Wisdom and the celestial realms. Through this, Haniel can bring powerful guidance to assist you in raising your vibration and expanding your consciousness so you can experience the higher levels of spiritual wisdom and Divine Truth.

Haniel also helps to translate high level spiritual concepts and frequencies in to language, words, and frequencies that human beings within physical reality can integrate and understand.

The Turquoise Ray

Archangel Haniel is associated with the Turquoise Ray of emotional tranquility and is said to be seen wearing Turquoise robes of light.

Turquoise light is a perfectly balanced blend of blue and green which is symbolic of Haniel’s energy and ability to balance the higher spiritual realms with the realm of the physical.

Working with the Turquoise Ray can help to balance your energy and reconnect you the rhythms of the natural cycles of the Earth.

While Haniel is gentle, loving, and incredible nurturing when she flows her soothing energy, and Turquoise healing light, she also has a sort of electric energy and wildness about her…

She has a fiercely powerful intensity, and she’s always willing to fly deep in the the heart of heaviness and density, unafraid of messy emotions, challenging times, and sticky situations because she has the power to help shift all of these things.

Haniel is a being of light, who serves with love to bring joy, provide strength and reassurance, and deepen the level of spiritual wisdom and frequency you are able to comprehend.

I am honored and grateful to have Haniel as an ally, and if you feel drawn to her, Archangel Haniel welcomes all those who call upon her with sincerity, openness, respect and with a willingness to heal, grow, and transform.

Feminine Archangel of Venus and the Moon

Archangel Haniel is one of the Archangels who usually appears as a female presence to humans within physical reality. She is the Archangel associated with the Planet Venus and with the Moon.

Haniel also offers support for women during their monthly cycle, and oversees forces of intuition, psychic sight and psychic feeling.

In the Book of the Kabbalah, Haniel is known as one of the 10 Sephirots, who are the 10 Archangels represented as branches within the Tree of Life. Each of the 10 Sephirot angels are said to oversee unique qualities of creative life force energy. Haniel, angel of Joy oversees the creative force of Eternity, and helps those on Earth to reconnect with and understand the eternal nature of God outside of space and time.

Working with Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel welcomes all who call upon her, and is a powerful ally for anyone navigating through heavy emotions, dealing with personal sensitivity, or for those who know they’re meant for so much more on earth, and are simply having trouble rising to the occasion and stepping into their full light.

Hanael is one of the Archangels who is known to dive right into whatever heaviness you may be experiencing, so she can light illuminate your highest and best possible path leading towards true joy, love and fulfillment for you.

When called upon, she can also help you to access your innate gift of intuition and to discover how to search for deeper truth, and spiritual guidance within. She is a wonderful ally who can also assist you in staying poised and centered in the midst of whatever challenges or uncertainty you are experiencing at the time.

Ready to get to know Archangel Haniel?

Invoking the presence of Archangel Haniel can be as easy as asking:

“Archangel Haniel, thank you for connecting with me now and wrapping me in your brilliant light and joy. Help me to release heavy emotions, and distorted energies so I can access the full extent of my spiritual gifts and shine my light to be of service at a higher level in my life and align with true joy and fulfillment.”

You can also ask Archangel Haniel to help heal and uplift others:

“‘Thank you Archangel Haniel for uplifting all who are in need of your healing light and love.’ “‘Thank you Archangel Haniel for uplifting all who are in need of your healing light and love.’”

Additionally, the angel messages I’ve channeled with Archangel Haniel carry her vibrational energy signature and loving presence.

Listen to the Free Angel Message .MP3’s with Archangel Haniel below to receive a personal energy transmission from Haniel as she serves to lift your energy into vibrational resonance, so you can powerfully to tune into her presence now.

Angel messages not only connect you with the love and presence of Haniel, but will also guide you to more clearly connect with your own Angels and Guides so you can receive clear guidance and act in a way that will lead to more fulfillment, and living an enjoyable life.

Archangel – Metatron

Who Is Archangel Metatron? from

Keeper of the Book of Life

Archangel Metatron is powerful Archangel of immense spiritual fire, wisdom and divine light.

He is actively involved in guiding and supporting humanity at this time…

And so, I tuned in to Metatron directly, and asked what he most wanted for humanity to know and understand about his work and spiritual power now.

5 Things You Need to Know About Metatron

1. Metatron Was Involved In the Formation of the Sacred Geometry Structure of the Cosmos

Archangel Metatron holds the crystalline sacred geometry template of the matrix, and also the template for the awakened earth. This mystery can be understood by learning about Metatron’s cube.

He is one of the angels directly involved in creating the structure of Creation, and therefore holds the template for living an awakened life.

He can support you in aligning with this higher template accessible through resonance.

As a result of his connection with the geometric structure of the cosmos, the hidden script behind creation, seeing geometric forms in conjunction with Metatron’s presence can be one of the calling cards that he’s with you.

Children and sensitive individuals like the star children, are especially receptive to living in alignment with these higher templates, and so Metatron is known to work with and support them.

He can help children, and all who are receptive and willing to transcend karma, clear limiting beliefs and align with higher timelines.

2. The Angel of Life and Overseer of the Akashic Records

Metatron is commonly referred to as an “Angel of Life”. This is due to his role with the Akashic records.

The Akashic Records contain accounts of everything that happens within the vast multi-dimensional spheres of Heaven and Earth.

As the Angel of Life, he can help you search the Akashic Record to uncover past soul wisdom, as well as future timelines, and trajectories.

This knowledge can help you sync with the highest timeline for your soul journey, that is perhaps not the timeline you are currently on due to past choices, programming, limiting beliefs, past life traumas, or parallel incarnations.

With awareness, and by making changes in the present you can adjust your trajectory.

3. “Packed Thought-forms” And Spiritual Downloads

Archangel Metatron is an incredibly advanced, and high vibrational being. As such, his highest communication happens in the form of “packed thought forms” or divine downloads of spiritual power and wisdom that are vast and multi-dimensional.

Packed thought-forms can be realized in their full extent by elevating your awareness above the level of normal understanding.

Meditation can help you to elevate awareness so you can tune in to the higher perspectives of divine love, embodiment of your divine truth, and the complete guidance of Metatron.

When you’re not aware at a higher level of divine consciousness, Metaron may communicate in the following ways:

  • Through feeling
  • Through an impulse to take action.
  • Through a thought pattern/ intuitive nudge

When you receive communication in the above ways, there is more available for you to tune into.

Metatron may support you in unlocking this higher level of divine communication by activating your crown chakra so your awareness can elevate into higher energy centers of divine communication and the deeper meaning of messages and teachings he’s conveying can be revealed.

Crown Chakra tingles are a common experience you may have when your crown chakra is opening.

4. The Metatron Cube

One of the gifts Metatron has revealed to humanity is a Merkaba Star called Metatron’s cube or sometimes called the Metatron symbol.

It’s a geometric, multidimensional form that is made of light, color, sound, spiritual fire and frequency.

13 spheres of creation create the Merkaba star and unlock entire levels of understanding, healing, and experience.

The nature of the cube is very multidimensional. There’s an immense amount of knowledge and understanding you can receive through it.

  • Metatron’s cube holds the script of Creation, the secrets of the universe and the template for reality.
  • It can be used as a vehicle for multidimensional travel into the higher spheres.
  • Can be used as a 12D Archangel Metatron Protection Shield
  • It has powerful healing ability.

How to Use The Merkaba Star For Healing

Meditate on a picture of the Metatrons cube to help clear the pathways of psychic perception, clear and elevate your mind and raise the vibration of your thoughts.

Visualize the Merkaba Star around you to bring healing to your entire being.

Cleanse and heal your chakras with Metatrons Cube here!

5. Divine I Am Pillar of Light

Metatron is focused on serving humanity in the ascension process and in creating heaven on earth.

One of the ways he does this is supporting us in accessing our Divine I Am Presence through the Ascension Pillar of Light.

The Ascension Pillar is a core of light at the center of your being that expands around you.

It anchors you to the crystalline core of earth below, and flows up through your open heart, up along the center of your being, out crown at the top of your head connecting you to the Source of All That Is.

Metatron is available to help you activate it through a top down initiation.

Activate Your Pillar of Light

Tune in to the presence of Archangel Metatron way above your head. You may sense him as a brilliant orb of divine light.

Allow the divine light to shine upon you like spotlight from above, opening your higher energy centers, flowing in through your crown, through your heart, through your abdomen, and anchoring down all the way to the crystalline core of earth.

Activating your pillar of light empowers you to be of service at a higher level in the highest interest of all.

Interestingly, when connecting with higher light grounding is also so important!

Ground yourself with Mother Earth here.

Archangel Metatron Prayer

Breathe, direct your awareness inward and speak or think:

Beloved Source of All That Is. The One

Beloved Solar Logos, Christ Light.

Beloved Holy Spirit. Beloved guardian angels, beloved archangels,

Beloved Archangel Metatron…

Thank you for your presence here and now.

Thank you for so many blessings in my life.

Thank you for stepping forward now in a clear and profound way so I may receive your guidance and experience the healing power and gifts you bring.

Help me to see and know the next steps I can take to more fully connect with your insight, and open to the higher divine thought forms and downloads available.

To anchor the light of Source, and the light of the higher realms into the here and now.

So I may be of service at a higher level in the highest interest of all.

Thank, and so it is.

Who Is Metatron In The Bible?

Finally, I do want to mention here that while Metatron is not mentioned by name in the Bible he is mentioned briefly in the Torah (by another name) and appears in other Kabalistic Mystic Texts like the Aggadah .

The Prophet Enoch?

There are some theories the Prophet Enoch in the Bible was a physical incarnation of Archangel Metatron and the prophet Elijah, a physical incarnation of the angel Sandalphon.

Archangel Metatron Channeling

I have channeled a number of free messages that you can tune in to here:

Higher Self Meditation 

Breathe, relax, and tune into guidance, love, and frequency channeled from the Angelic Realm. Connect with the full light of your soul through a Higher Self meditation.

Angelic Assistance Meditation

Connect with inner peace and Angels to offer your light, hope, love, and compassion for Humanity and Mother Earth. Experience relaxation in the now, and enjoy the peace and tranquility of your inner light and true inner connection to love.

Meditation with The Violet Flame

Tap into an incredibly powerful ally and instantly shift your vibration by cutting through negativity and distortion. The Violet Flame will help you return to a state of centered presence, shining in truth and alignment with your highest light and soul truth.

Uniting Your Inner and Outer Worlds

Bridge the gap and bring your inner world into alignment with your outer physical experience. Discover where your next step lies, what you need to release, and what you need to reconnect with to move forward in the light.

Awaken and Shine Meditation

Stay connected to your inner light in spite of whatever present or future challenges you may experience. Rinse your fears and worries away while you clear your mind and connect with your open heart so you can naturally shine your inner light.

Grounding, Connecting with Higher Self and Guardian Angel

Raise your frequency and expand your awareness to connect with the Archangel Metatron while he helps you connect with your inner guidance, your Higher Self.

How to Release Angel Message

Uncover how to release and elevate both your vibration and frequency. Learn how releasing good thoughts along with the bad allows you to open up to your unlimitedness.

Releasing Limiting Beliefs

Replace any outdated knowledge you’re holding onto and open yourself up to higher levels of truth and expanded levels of awareness. Surround yourself with the light of love, warmth, truth, and happiness.

Gift of Frequency: Clearing Limiting Beliefs

Tune in and allow all negativity you have absorbed to simply be dissolved. Learn how to clear your limiting beliefs and align with your highest path of love.

Oneness Message

Grant the angel’s highest wish of realizing you are one with the entire universe. Learn how to experience your divine self through the simple practice of presence.

DNA Activation Meditation

Raise your frequency and tap into the ancient knowledge that is stored within your cellular memory and within your DNA. Focus on personal growth and development while assistance from the angels leads you down your ascension path.

Archangel – Uriel

How to Recognize Archangel Uriel from

Archangel Uriel, the angel of wisdom, often gives people sparks of inspiration and motivation as they seek to live faithful lives. You can count on Uriel to help shine the light of God’s wisdom into your life, believers say. Here are some signs of the angel Uriel’s presence:

Help Discovering God’s Wisdom

Since Uriel specializes in helping people discover God’s wisdom, Uriel may be visiting you when you gain new insights about the best decisions to make in various situations, say believers.

Uriel directs your focus to the one he serves: God, write Linda Miller-Russo and Peter Miller-Russ in their book Dreaming With the Archangels: A Spiritual Guide to Dream Journeying: “Uriel will help you focus your consciousness on the eternal presence of the Creator with gratitude and appreciation for the divine plan of life.”

In his book Uriel: Communication With the Archangel For Transformation and Tranquility, Richard Webster writes that Uriel will help you discover God’s prophecies by using your God-given intuition: “Uriel is the archangel of prophecy and is willing to help you develop your psychic powers and intuitive skills. He can provide insights through visions, dreams, and sudden perceptions. Once he knows that you are interested in developing these talents, he will provide regular, ongoing assistance.”

The guidance that Uriel provides can prove useful for everyday situations, such as solving problems or engaging in conversations, writes Doreen Virtue in her book Angels 101: “The archangel of light can illuminate your mind with wise ideas and concepts. Call upon Uriel for problem solving, brainstorming, or important conversations.”

Help Developing Confidence

Knowing that you can rely on Uriel to give you regular doses of wisdom gives you valuable confidence, believers say.

In her book The Healing Power of Angels: How They Guide and Protect Us, Ambika Wauters writes: “Archangel Uriel helps us live our worthiness and find our freedom from abusive situations which diminish our value. Archangel Uriel heals any loss of self-respect. He helps us find empowerment in our own value so we can shine our light on to the world and claim our good.”

Sparks of Electricity

Since Uriel often sparks our minds with fresh ideas, he sometimes manifests physically through electrical signs, writes David Goddard in his book The Sacred Magic of the Angels: “Uriel has a great affinity with that mysterious force called electricity. His presence is often heralded by electrical appliances fusing and light bulbs failing; he also manifests in thunderstorms.”

Motivation to Serve Others

Uriel, who is in charge of the red angel light ray (which represents service), wants you to take the wisdom he gives you and put it into action to serve people in need as God leads you, say believers. So when you feel an urge to reach out to serve others, that may be a sign of Uriel’s presence with you.

“Archangel Uriel is an angel of service,” write Cecily Channer and Damon Brown in their book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Connecting With Your Angels. “He knows that service to others is what brings true richness, true rewards, and true inner peace. Archangel Uriel encourages people to create peace with others, humbly serve fellow brothers and sisters, see beyond the material world, and be loyal to worthwhile causes.”

Help Serving Others

Not only will Uriel motivate you to serve people in need, but he will also empower you to do so, writes Webster in Uriel: Communication With the Archangel For Transformation and Tranquility. “If you feel the need to serve or help others in any way, Uriel is willing to do everything he can to help you. … anything that you do to benefit humanity or the world will receive his help and support.”

Source: Hopler, Whitney. “How to Recognize Archangel Uriel.” Learn Religions, Feb. 8, 2021,

Archangel – Michael

Archangel Michael from

Michael is an exceptionally strong angel who protects and defends people who love God. He is powerfully concerned about truth and justice. Believers say that Michael communicates boldly with people when he helps and guides them. Here’s how to recognize signs of Michael’s possible presence with you.

Help During a Crisis

God often sends Michael to help people who are facing urgent needs during a crisis, believers say. “You can call on Michael in an emergency and receive instant help,” writes Richard Webster in his book Michael: Communicating With The Archangel For Guidance and Protection“No matter what type of protection you need, Michael is ready and willing to provide it… No matter what sort of situation you find yourself in, Michael will give you the necessary courage and strength to deal with it.”

In her book, The Miracles of Archangel Michael, Doreen Virtue writes that people may see Michael’s aura nearby or hear his voice audibly speaking to them during a crisis: “Archangel Michael’s aura color is a royal purple that’s so bright, it looks like cobalt blue… Many people report seeing Michael’s blue lights in a crisis… During crises, people hear Michael’s voice as loudly and clearly as if another person were talking.”

But no matter how Michael chooses to manifest, he usually announces his presence clearly, writes Virtue, “More than seeing the actual angel, most people see evidence of Michael’s presence. He’s a very clear communicator, and you’re likely to hear his guidance in your mind or sense it as a gut feeling.”


Michael may visit you when you need encouragement to make faithful decisions, to reassure you that God and the angels are really watching over you, say believers.

“Michael is concerned chiefly with protection, truth, integrity, courage, and strength. If you are having difficulty in any of these areas, Michael is the angel to summon,” writes Webster in Michael: Communicating With The Archangel For Guidance and Protection. He writes that when Michael is close to you, “you may get a clear picture of Michael in your mind” or “you might experience a sense of comfort or warmth.”

Michael will be glad to give you comforting signs of his protection that you can recognize, writes Virtue in The Miracles of Archangel Michael, “Since Archangel Michael is a protector, his signs are designed to comfort and reassure. He wants you to know that he’s with you and that he hears your prayers and questions. If you don’t trust or notice the signs that he sends, he’ll communicate his message in different ways… The archangel appreciates your candor with him, and he’s happy to help you recognize the signs.

The comfort that Michael provides is especially helpful for dying people, and some people (such as Catholics) believe that Michael is the angel of death who escorts the souls of faithful people into the afterlife.

Fulfilling Your Life Purpose

Michael wants to motivate you to become more organized and productive to fulfill God’s good purposes for your life, writes Ambika Wauters in her book, The Healing Power of Angels: How They Guide and Protect Us, so such guidance that you receive in your mind may be signs of Michael’s presence with you. “Michael helps us develop the skills and talents we need that will support us, and benefit our communities and the world,” Wauters writes. “Michael asks that we be organized, find a simple, rhythmic, orderly routine in our everyday life. He encourages us to create constancy, dependability, and trust in order to thrive. He is the spiritual force that helps us create a healthy foundation that gives stability and strength.”

Relationships Not Spectacles

Like other angels, Michael may choose to show you flashes of light when he’s around, but Michael will combine that spectacle with substantial guidance that he gives you (such as through your dreams), writes Chantel Lysette in her book, The Angel Code: Your Interactive Guide to Angelic Communication. She writes that a “way to discern whether unexplained phenomena somehow indicates an angelic presence is the question of consistency. Michael, for example, will give off small flashes of light to let you know he’s around, but he will also let you know by using connections that you’ve already established with him, be it clairaudience, dreams, etc. It is much better to foster this kind of relationship with your angels, seeking out connection through personal, intimate experiences every day, rather than relying on spectacle.”

Lysette cautions readers to “make sure you’re grounded before you form any conclusions about what you saw” and to approach signs from Michael (and other any other angel) with an open mind: “…look for signs casually, with an open mind, and not become obsessed with trying to find them and dissect what they mean. At the very foundation, they really only mean one thing—that your angels are walking beside you every step of the way as you journey through life.”

Source: Hopler, Whitney. “How to Recognize Archangel Michael.” Learn Religions, Feb. 8, 2021,

Archangel – Azrael

Information about Archangel Azrael from

Azrael, Arabic ʿIzrāʾīl or ʿAzrāʾīl, in Islam, the angel of death who separates souls from their bodies; he is one of the four archangels (with JibrīlMīkāl, and Isrāfīl) and the Islamic counterpart of the Judeo-Christian angel of death, who is sometimes called Azrael. Azrael is of cosmic size: with his 4,000 wings and a body formed by as many eyes and tongues as there are living human beings, he stands with one foot in the fourth (or seventh) heaven, the other on the razor-sharp bridge that divides paradise and hell.

Before the creation of man, Azrael proved to be the only angel brave enough to go down to Earth and face the hordes of Iblīs, the devil, in order to bring God the materials needed to make man. For this service he was made the angel of death and given a register of all mankind. While Azrael can recognize the name of the blessed (circled in light) and the damned (circled in darkness), he does not know when anyone will die until the tree beneath God’s throne drops a leaf bearing the man’s name. He must then separate the body and soul after 40 days.


Man has several means for forestalling death. By reciting a dhikr (ritual prayer), he prevents the angel of death from entering the throat to take his spirit. When he is distributing ṣadaqah (alms), the angel cannot take him by the hand. But when, after all protests, the angel returns with an apple from paradise inscribed with the basmalah (the invocation “In the name of God, the merciful, the compassionate”) or writes God’s name in his palm, the spirit must leave. The souls of believers are then gently drawn out and carried to the seventh heaven, but the souls of unbelievers are ripped out of their bodies and hurled down to Earth before they can reach the gates of heaven.

Archangel – Gabriel


Gabriel is like the complex feeling of delivering bad news. It’s affecting you as much as you are affecting the people around you. There is a weight in there. It’s a dark weight, but it’s valuable. There’s a message that needs to be said, and you need to be the one to say it.

This Golden Herald embodies those transmissions which are most important. Words, sounds and pictures that carry huge impact. Sometimes the results are glorious and sometimes they are terrible. Either way, there is no way to hold them back. When the herald lifts its lantern, everyone will see it. There’s no escaping it.

Archangel – Ariel

Meet Archangel Ariel, the Angel of Nature from

Ariel means “altar” or “lion of God” in Hebrew. Other spellings include Ari’el, Arael, and Ariael. Ariel is known as the angel of nature.

As with all archangels, Ariel is sometimes depicted in male form; she is, however, more often seen as female. She oversees the protection and healing of animals and plants, as well as the care of the Earth’s elements (such as water, wind, and fire). She punishes those who harm God’s creation. In some interpretations, Ariel is also a liaison between the human and the elemental world of sprites, faeries, mystical crystals, and other manifestations of magic.

In art, Ariel is often depicted with a globe representing the Earth, or with elements of nature (such as water, fire, or rocks), to symbolize Ariel’s role caring for God’s creation on Earth. Ariel appears sometimes in male form and other times in the female form. She is often shown in pale pink or rainbow colors.

Origins of Ariel

In the Bible, Ariel’s name is used to refer to the holy city of Jerusalem in Isaiah 29, but the passage itself doesn’t refer to Archangel Ariel. The Jewish apocryphal text the Wisdom of Solomon describes Ariel as an angel who punishes demons. The Christian Gnostic text Pistis Sophia also says that Ariel works punishing the wicked. Later texts describe Ariel’s role caring for nature, including the “Hierarchy of the Blessed Angels” (published in the 1600s), which calls Ariel “Earth’s great lord.”

One of the Angelic Virtues

The angels were divided, according to St. Thomas Aquinas and other medieval authorities, into groups sometimes referred to as “choirs.” The choirs of angels include the seraphim and cherubim, as well as many other groups. Ariel is part of (or perhaps the leader of) the class of angels called the virtues, who inspire people on Earth to create great art and make great scientific discoveries, encourage them, and deliver miracles from God into people’s lives. Here is how one of the medieval theologians called Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite described the virtues in his work De Coelesti Hierarchia:

“The name of the holy Virtues signifies a certain powerful and unshakable virility welling forth into all their Godlike energies; not being weak and feeble for any reception of the divine Illuminations granted to it; mounting upwards in fullness of power to an assimilation with God; never falling away from the Divine Life through its own weakness, but ascending unwaveringly to the superessential Virtue which is the Source of virtue: fashioning itself, as far as it may, in virtue; perfectly turned towards the Source of virtue, and flowing forth providentially to those below it, abundantly filling them with virtue.”

How to Request Help From Ariel

Ariel serves as the patron angel of wild animals. Some Christians consider Ariel to be the patron saint of new beginnings.

People sometimes ask for Ariel’s help to take good care of the environment and God’s creatures (including both wild animals and pets) and to provide healing that they need, according to God’s will (Ariel works with the archangel Raphael when healing). Ariel can also help you to forge a stronger connection with the natural or elemental world.

To call upon Ariel, you need only request her guidance for goals that are within her realm. For example, you might ask her “please help me to heal this animal,” or “please help me to better understand the beauty of the natural world.” You can also burn an archangel candle dedicated to Ariel; such candles are typically pale pink or rainbow colored.

SOURCE: Hopler, Whitney. “Meet Archangel Ariel, the Angel of Nature.” Learn Religions, Feb. 8, 2021,

Daily OM – Working with Angels c. 2012

Graceful Guidance

by Madisyn Taylor

Our angels are here to help us and by calling on them for assistance they are able to do their job.


At some point in our lives, we are likely to find ourselves asking for help, perhaps from no one in particular, and without knowing where help could possibly come from. We may have raised our eyes skyward or whispered our need under our breath only to find that somehow we were heard, and the help we needed arrived. It might have come in the form of a person who appeared at the right time, or perhaps it came in the form of luck, chance, or divine intervention. However assistance appears, these are times when we can be sure that there are angels watching over us.
We may find ourselves asking for their help with simple things—like finding a parking spot or to watch over loved ones—but then we forgot to call on them when we found ourselves alone or in pain. We don’t need to be aware of them to receive their assistance, but there is comfort in the knowledge that they are there for us when we need them. And when we remain open to their presence, we can call on them whenever we need them to connect and be nurtured by their ethereal and heavenly energy.
As symbols of grace and gentle encouragement, they can offer us comfort as they enfold us in their wings or lift our spirit as they take flight. We may be warmed by their glow, guided by their gentle nudges or inspired by their whispers in our ears. We may hear the name of our angel and feel a personal connection, but it isn’t necessary. All they need is to be heard, to see us benefit from their guidance and perhaps to hear a word of thanks sent their way every now and then. Whether they appear in the guise of a helpful stranger, or as a thought that suddenly occurs to us, angels are our loving guides from the spiritual realm, who with a brush of their angelic wings help us to make the most of our human experience by balancing it with the spiritual awareness that all things are possible and that we are not alone.

NEW DAILY POST – Archangel – Cassiel


Archangel Cassiel is the resonant Angel for Saturdays.

Known by many as the “angel of tears” he oversees the parts of life that we may perceive as limiting –  karma, trials, tests and lessons, old age and reincarnation. He is also the guardian of land, property, houses and farming.  It’s easy to see why he’s an archangel many would avoid, but if you lack stability in your life, and are willing to commit to long term goals by sacrificing immediate pleasures to get there, then he is your go-to angel.

He is serious and will help you deal with issues of a serious nature –  death, missing persons, psychic attack and the eradication of illness, pests and disease.  He is also here to assist us as we navigate boundaries and limitations, responsibility and authority, and our human mortality.  He is the archangel to invoke when dealing with injustices and enslavement and in moments of deep fear.

Archangel Cassiel is often depicted as an old man or holding an hourglass.

Invoke his presence and he will come to your aid to help carry your burdens and share your woe.  But he will also remind you of the necessity of hardship and the great learning that comes from the darkest hour.

Archangel Cassiel resonates with the colors of deep purple and black and with the planet Saturn.