Archangel – Orion

Archangel Orion from

Orion is like a galactic Archangel… He is not an Archangel per say, but many of his functions and service he offers to humanity is in as sense Archangelic.

Meaning, he oversees and guides entire groups of humans, and serves as an intermediary between humanity and the infinite unity consciousness of God.

Orion is an incredibly powerful, cosmic, and love filled guide from the Higher Realms.

Orion is not one of the main historically documented archangels… And honestly I didn’t think he was an archangel when I fist connected with him, rather I saw him as more of an ‘Angel Guide’ who was a highly advanced light being, and spirit guide who serves according to Divine Will, and works with the Archangels, and Ascended Masters… This is actually a true and accurate description of him…


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