Good Day SIsters and Brothers and Honored Guest – The Old Dark Horse

Author’s Notes: “The Old Dark House” is a narrative poem that I had co-authored in collaboration and direct coordination with my colleagues and dear friends, Anne-Lise Andresen and Liam McDaid. (This poem was completed on September 7, 2016.) The fictional-fantasy story behind this particular poem speaks for itself. It follows the same fantasy-horror theme genre similar to the narrative poem that all three of us collaborated on last month: “The Demon’s Shrill Cry of Dread and Horror.” I guess that you, the reader, can consider both of these poems as early contributions from all three of us for Halloween (or All Hallows’ Eve) 2016, which is nearly now upon us. This write, like our last one from August, delves into the “psychology of the mind” when its confronted at the subconscious-level by the true force of evil and bad intentions from Lucifer. This is also in line with the historical and biblical role traditionally that has been attributed to Lucifer as the “ultimate tempter of mankind.” In a fantasy-metaphysical-ethereal sense, we likened “The Old Dark House” to an “evil dream” at the subconscious-level which can be easily conjured by the innocent and uninformed (in this case principally children) as the month of October approaches with the advent of All Hallows’ Eve on October 31. I know that Anne-Lise, Liam, and I think that you shall find this particular theme and narrative story to be of interest. I know also that all three of us were quite pleased with how the final version of our narrative poem turned out here. And so, “Happy Halloween” from Anne-Lise, Liam, and me! (And Remember: “Dare not to be one of the innocent and uninformed who conjureth The Old Dark House in your dreams.” “If so, the Demons of Hell shall come for your very soul!”) (Gary Bateman – September 9, 2016) (Narrative)

A Special Note for Arthur Vaso: “The Brothers and Sister Grimm have struck again!!” BOO!! BOO!! 

Categories: dark, dream, evil, fantasy, god, metaphor, and symbolism. 

The Old Dark House This tale of “The Old Dark House” is one that’s replete with a most horrid sense of pure evil and macabre, and is worth being retold each year during the deep-dark hours of All Hallows’ Eve before the chime of midnight, when the thin veil separating the land of the living and the dead momentarily dissolves, bringing both worlds together until the break of dawn. Beware of this house’s mythical and ethereal presence in the shadow dreams of the innocent, and be forewarned to never conjure its image in your unconscious mind. If so conjured, The Old Dark House shall become an unending reality to the innocent and uninformed, and on All Hallows’ Eve, the evil “Demons of Hell” shall come for your very soul! The Old Dark House is one that is bathed and cursed in utter hellfire and damnation by Lucifer himself. It’s one that creeps a chill and frozen reminder into the very frame of its nasty, putrid structure. It shall guarantee you the worst possible nightmares as your very soul cries in agony and pleads unrelentingly for mercy! Your nightmares are, in turn, amplified and born into the very structure of this house with ivy creeping as you palpably sense the wretched ice-cold fingers of Hell opening the doors to the cavernous basement were evil shadows of goblins, ghosts, ghouls, vampires, and werewolves parade openly from past lives. Everyone suffering the curse of the damned was captured here when they visited, becoming prisoners to the darkness of true evil, far away from the light, goodness, and eternal mercy of Almighty God Himself. Six generations of my family actually dwelled beneath the rafters of The Old Dark House where demonic forces were constantly in play—as hot sparks burned the tongues of lost souls who cried in agony, and their world would enter the vortex of darkness whilst blood-curdling screams could be distinctly heard during the night on All Hallows’ Eve. Ghostly images would appear out of nowhere supported by the frightening ferocity of Lucifer who is the true dark presence and ultimate tempter of mankind! The horror I felt as a young boy trapped in this existence is truly unimaginable. The image of The Old Dark House still haunts … Click here to read the rest of The Old Dark Horse on