Lady A’s Special of the Day – Herb Jar to Enhance Your Powers Physically and Mentally

Wiccan Magic

Herb Jar to Enhance Your Powers Physically and Mentally


Fill one jar with the following:

Cinnamon [for dream Magick]

Nutmeg [for good luck]

Allspice [healing]

Ginger [lunar Magick]

Basil [protection]

Fennel seeds [spiritual healing]

Garlic [spiritual purification]

Marjoram [protection]

Sage [spiritual purification]

Cloves [protection]

Mustard seed [protection]


Before you do any scrying or any kind or psychic work, inhale the scent deeply and shake the jar gently.


Lady A’s Spell of the Day – Banishing Grief Spell

Banishing Grief Spell

This spell is said to help one let go of painful feelings of grief. It is for those times in life when it seems impossible to feel joy again, such as after losing someone close to you.

Items Needed:
A smoky quartz gemstone
Bowl of water
Three tablespoons of sea salt

The Spell:
Begin by holding the stone in your power hand. See your grief in your mind’s eye. Visualize the grief moving from within yourself and through your hand to the stone. As you do this, say:

Banishing stone,
Fill yourself with my grief,
so that I may feel joy again,
So be it, blessed be!

Stirring counterclockwise, mix the sea salt into the bowl of water, then add the smoky quartz stone. Swish the stone around three times in a counterclockwise motion. Leave the stone in the water for a few minutes, then take the stone outside and safely throw it as far as you can away from yourself.

Sweet Dreams Spell

To help you sleep peacefully and have pleasant dreams, create a tranquil and calming environment for your bedroom. The windows should have either curtains or walls that are light coloured or pastel tones and make sure the bed head is well away from the door.  Cleanse the atmosphere of your room by holding a sprig of lavender and walking through the room with a peaceful mind and heart.  At bedtime turn off everything in the room that could be distracting or disturbing, like television and loud music or radios.  Put a lavender sachet under your pillow and before go to sleep say to yourself,

“Feather light on starry night, cosy warm and tired, pleasant dreams and sweetest thoughts as little angels smile.”



Spell and/or Prayer for PUT for better AH

This is something else that is in my morning prayers daily and I also carry a stone with me empowered by the spell you can do too. I have to black stones empowered with this spell/prayer one is all little bigger then the pad of my thumb and triangular in shape. The other is bigger and has what looks like an Angel with it’s wings opened. When I first found the second one it was a fluke it was in a bag of river stones my older daughter had got for some landscape project at her old house. I was watering the plants we had just put in the ground and of course the rocks around them got wet. I looked down and saw the Angel, when the rock dried it was gone again but now from carrying it in my pocket and rubbing it the Angel shows all the time now.

To use as a spell you will need:

1 Black rock that you can have in your pocket to use like a worry stone as needed.

Running water to cleanse the stone of all energy but it and yours

A place in the Sun preferably outside where you can sit it on the ground on a day with a breeze

This should be done during the waxing or full Moon phases

If doing this to empower the black stone repeat it three times  at the end add “These are my words, This is my will for me. The following is said once, “So mote it be.”

The spell/prayers is as follows:

I ask for help with


Understanding and


for better

Acceptance of people, places, things, situations, attitudes, what people may say to or about me and the                          way they sometimes speak to me so I may live in better

Harmony within myself, family, home, work and world.

Lady A’s Spell of the Day for December 11 – Knotty Situation Spell

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Knotty Situation Spell

A stressful situation has you all tied up in knots.

This spell uses the symbolism of knots to help you get out the kinks and release tension.


Ingredients/tools needed:

A piece of cord or rope as long as your spine
Matches or a lighter

Best time to perform the spell: During the waning

Collect the ingredients needed for this spell. Choose a piece of cord or rope in a color that represents your dilemma: green for money woes, pink for troubles in love, and so on. Cast a circle around the area where you will do your spell. Tie several knots in the rope to represent difficulties. These signify the areas where you feel bound by problems.

When you’re ready, slowly untie one knot. Envision the tension in the situation easing as you loosen the knot. Feel your mind begin to relax and let go of the problem. Untie another knot and visualize another blockage being removed. See or sense your heart and mind opening up, becoming more receptive and less rigid. Keep untying the knots one at a time. Don’t hurry, work at your own pace. With each knot, a problem or a facet of the overall problem is resolved.

As you continue opening the knots you may receive ideas about how to handle the difficulties represented by the knots or gain deeper insight into your own role in the problem. When you’ve finished untying all the knots, breathe a sigh of relief and let yourself feel calm, confident, and untroubled. Open the circle and burn the rope.

Good Spells for Bad Days: Broken Hearts, Bounced Checks, and Bitchy Co-Workers – Simple Magick to Fix Any Misfortune
Skye Alexander

Fire Magick – To Sooth and Quiet Nerves

Fire Magick

To Sooth and Quiet Nerves



Light altar candles (rear left, right) Light incense (rear center) Sit for a moment and try to clear your mind of all thoughts Light the petitioner’s candle (center) say:

“Here at peace, stand < name > his spirit as steadfast as the candle flame.”

Light the orange candle (center rear) say:

“Here is encouragement in his endeavors, Here is strength to thrust aside his cares.”

Light the light blue candles (left and right front of center) say:


“Around < name > are peace, tranquility, patience and love.”
Sit for a moment in silence, then say softly:
Soft is the rain, it gently falls upon the fields beneath.
It lulls the heart, it stills the mind,
It gives the solitude we seek.
It patters down to gentle,
Yet ne’er does bend a leaf,
And yet the water that is there
Will wash away all grief.
For smoothness follows in the wake
And quiet, and peace, and love,
Are all around in freshness new,
Come down from clouds above.
We feel so calm, so warm, so still,
‘Tis never more than we,
Feel upset, or nerve on edge,
But keep tranquility.
For love we now find all around
So soft, so still, so sure,
We can relax, we can lie back,
With peace and quiet as cure.


Sit quietly for at least ten to fifteen minutes thinking of meadows, streams, woods, fields, and flowers. Keep your mind on pleasant things, objects rather than events. Then once again repeat the preceding. Extinguish the candles. Repeat the ritual whenever you feel the need.


The Green Mother’s Book of Shadows
Gwenyfur Draigtanllwyth

Lady A’s Spell of the Day for Aug. 20: Worry Jam Jar Spell

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Worries and anxieties that are becoming too big and interfering with daily life benefit from this spell.

Take and cleanse a jam jar or box with a tight fitting lid.  Write the problem on a slip of paper. Pass it through the 4 Elements, and pop it in the jar reciting the following spell. Leave the jar in the moonlight, but visible to yourself.

Each time the problem sneaks into your mind, think of the jar. You are only permitted to worry if you go and remove the lid and the slip of paper. You’ll find that soon, you can’t be bothered to even give it thought. When the problem is resolved, remove the slip and bury or burn it, giving thanks to the Lady.


Into this vessel secured up tight
I place my anxieties that they might
Find their right level within my life
Be only acknowledged when I say it’s right.
I swear that I will not give thought to my woe
Until such time to this vessel I go
And take off the lid and grieve, for I know
That unless the lid’s missing, trapped is my foe.
It may not escape into my daily way
And trouble my thinking during the day.
Some time in the future when I feel I may
Dispose of this vessel with no debt to pay.