Divination Journal


From Tarotx.net

Death – Major Arcana

Work: In a Tarot spread, Death often represents an important end to lead to great changes. Usually, the things you need to let go of are your beliefs and limitations. You may hate your job or be under pressure, but you do not want to quit because your income is stable. But eventually, you will be forced to sign the resignation form. Of course, this will lead you to “better things”, but why don’t you choose to leave yourself? You will be able to get good benefits from this.

Sentiments: If you are clinging to an unhappy relationship just because you do not want to lose the feeling of being familiar or you hate to be alone, then it is time to think about everything. You and your lover need a frank conversation. If things do not change, it is time to end. You are brave enough to leave the safety circle and find a much better relationship. But first, you have to face the problem and try to solve it. Do not bang your head against the wall for too long

Finance: You may have to sacrifice a bit to face the upcoming financial difficulties. Do not hesitate to ask for help if necessary. In addition, do not endure everything by yourself. If your money decreases dramatically, do not avoid that. You should identify the problems correctly and then resolve them slowly. Finally, you will gain more financial experience thanks to this lesson.

Health: Stress control is a way to maintain good health during this period. Let’s solve all physical problems and do not avoid them. You should get enough rest and do not poison yourself with alcohol. If you need to relax, you should pay attention to both the physical and mental aspects.



From The uneSite.com


Sound: “h”
Stands for: Hailstone
Casting meaning: Like a hailstone, the rune Hagl/Haal represents restrictions and restraints. But like a hailstone melting, Hagl/Haal allows for the transformation form something so restricting to something more fluid and easy going.

Witch’s Rune

From tarotingie.com


Traditional male characteristics. Action. Being a father. Protecting loved ones. Being a provider. Being empowered. Having confidence.

Druid Ogham

From DruidOgham.wordpress.com


Gifts, doorways, standing on the shoulders of giants, luck

Tree: Oak (Quercus spp.)

Letter: D

There isn’t a bad side to Duir, even when ill-dignified. Maybe it is because the mighty Oak is king of all trees and therefore king of the Ogham. Drawing Duir means that you will receive, are receiving, or have received a gift. The gift can come in unexpected forms — it could be as simple as a thought or it may be, in rarest of cases, an actual physical gift. Understanding Duir does take the prerequisite ability to appreciate gifts. The modern world is cursed with entire classes of people who take luxuries for granted and for whom gratitude is an untenable concept. Those people cannot be helped by any force other than glacial procession of time and the unimaginable powers that shape it.

Duir’s influence is like a good father or wise old grandpa: generous, kind, wise, full of knowledge and happy to share it, protective, and nurturing. He is a living library. He acts as a guide, creator, and ruler.

I Ching

From IChing.Online.net

Hexagram Twenty-Eight/28

Ta Kuo / Critical Mass

The Flood rises above the tallest Tree:
Amidst a rising tide of human folly, the Superior Person retires to higher ground, renouncing his world without looking back.

Any direction is better than where you now stand.


Several high-priority concerns demand immediate attention.
All are crucial.
None will be denied.
Yet some demand the denial of others.
Like two atoms seeking to occupy the same space, these irresistible forces and immovable objects threaten to ignite a cataclysm that could irreversibly alter your world.
This is no time for fatal heroics.
You are at Ground Point Zero.
Remove yourself from this situation without delay.
Find sanctuary.
Later you may deal with these concerns on your own terms, from a position of strength.



From WorldNumerology.com


Overly sensitive, intuitive, and vulnerable to criticism. It has emotional problems and can be unstable. It can show weakness and cowardice in the face of challenges but is also highly resilient and a survivor.

Angel Number

From angel-numbers.com

Two Hundred Twenty Two – 222

Angel number 222 is a sign for you to know that everything will be just alright. You have lots of unnecessary concerns lately and it’s time to put them away. Believe in yourself and believe in help coming from above. Ask Angels for help if you need to. They are here, ready to lend you a hand.

Animal Spirit Guide or Helper

Today’s Animal Spirt Guide card comes from Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer


“Express yourself through rhythm and movement by drumming and dancing.”

Your first experience of life in a physical body was rhythm and movement: the vibrations of your mother’s heartbeat and her voice, the pulsing of her breathing, and the fluid movement of the placental sea the enveloped you. You would flow with the harmony — or disharmony — of her moods and movements. If you’ve ever tried drumming (or any percussion), dancing or the two together, you they touch something very deep  and ancient in us — something tribal, a deep chord of being where spirit and body coincide.

Rhythm and movement draw out sensual expression and merge with the sensuous world around you. By allowing yourself to surrender to the pulse of whatever rhythm is guiding you, you connect more completely to your body. When you engage in some form of rhythmic dance on a regular basis, you’ll feel more relaxed and in the flow of life. Doing so can re-create and tap into the sensations you felt in the womb, revisiting that place of no thought, where movement moves you effortlessly. So cut loose and enjoy yourself! You have nothing lose but everything to gain.

ASSOCIATIONS: Movement; Dancing; Drumming; Sacred Spiral; Completion; Fulfillment; Intuition; Enlightenment; Rhythm; Personal Power; Flow; Vision; Creativity; Healing



2 thoughts on “Divination Journal

  1. “Man
    Traditional male characteristics. Action. Being a father. Protecting loved ones. Being a provider. Being empowered. Having confidence.”
    Historically speaking, men have held positions of authority (btw, thank you,*man* who developed the patriarchal system to subvert women) by default. According to stereotypes originally conceived by men, certain criteria are thereby expected to be met, in order to possess traditional male characteristics.”
    Many people blindly accept the misinformed, misogynistic propaganda solicited by the patriarchal institution without questioning its origin or latent motives. Educate yourself and loved ones, so that this malevolent paradigm may cease to poison the minds of our progeny.

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    1. I so agree with your points about what is expected from a male in our mainly male runner world. It’s time for women, transgender, and all others be accepted as contributing members of society and not b*these or freaks.


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