Goddesses – Don (Welsh – Celtic)

Don – Welsh Celtic Goddess of the Heavens, Air, Sea, and the Moon

Dôn was a Welsh mother goddess, the counterpart of the Irish Danu. She is the mother of Arianrhod, Gwydion, Gilfaethwy, Gofannon, Eufydd, Elestron and Amaethon. Llys Dôn (“The Court of Dôn”) is the traditional Welsh name for the constellation Cassiopeia.

She is the power of family and trust, and the powers of fertility that nourish the soil as well as the water of the earth. Don and her children represent all that is light, and battle darkness and evil. The Donwy River is named after her. In some refrences are so ancient she is sometimes known as a goddess and a god. She is all aspects of the triple goddess, maiden, mother and crone, She was also a ruler of the otherworld where the entrances were always in the burial mounds of the sidhe.

–~Attributes and Correspondences~–

Area of Influence:
Heavens, Air, Seas, Moon


Abode:Animals:Snakes, Fish, Mares, Seagull, Goats

Colours:Green, Silver, Blue, Black


Crystal:Onyx, Jet, Amber,H ag stones, Lead, Gold

Day:Direction:North, East, West

Element:Earth, Air, Water

Incense:Holly, Juniper, Yew, Myrrh, Cypress

Musical Instrument:Offerings:Planet:Cassiopeia

Plant/Tree:Comfrey, Elm, Ivy, Juniper, Apple trees


Tarot Card:The Empress

Time:Yule, Imbolc


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