Spell for Today – Disposing Spell Remains

Natural Ways to Dispose of Spell Remains from spells8.com

Gain confidence and good luck by inviting Janus’ blessing. This is a candle spell to open doors using a key and a chant to the god of doors and gates. Romans used to pray to Janus whenever they undertook a new work.

Your spell is cast – congrats!
But now what do you do with the spell remains?
Whether you have ingredients leftover from a spell, offerings about to go bad, need to clean out the contents of an old spell jar, etc – here are a few ideas of how to respectfully dispose of used magickal ingredients.
Elemental Spell Disposal Methods
(A friendly reminder to please be mindful and respectful of nature by only putting organic and decomposable materials back into the wild. The Earth thanks you!)
Looking for more spell disposal ideas? Want to share your favorite methods?
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