Moon phase: Waxing to full
You will need:
Jasmine Incense or Jasmine Essential Oil
Three stones: Rose Quartz, Garnet. Carnelian
Candles: 1 red candle, a few beeswax candles (or whatever you have about your home)
In you bedroom, open your curtains.
If it’s warm enough, open your windows and let the moonshine and breezes in.
Light some candles around your bedroom and make yourself comfortable on your bed,
placing the unlit red candle on your bedside table.
Hold the stones in your power hand (the one you write with).
Visualize yourself in love; your life enhanced with love, both given and received.
What type of partner do you want to share your days with?
Don’t focus on who you want, rather what you want.
Honesty, trust, respect, love. Visualizing yourself with love in your life is a wonderful thing.
Charge the three stones with the emotions you generate and your wish to attract love into your life.
Set the stones around your red candle. Light your candle and let it burn all the way down.
As the candle slowly burns, the energy you charged the stones with is slowly released.
Give thanks and close the Circle.



Be sure you want to break the link_completely.
This is folk-magic, and it works. It can only be worked in Fall, when the black walnuts are
ready to harvest. Because it is performed naked, in the dark, it is not suitable for everyone.
You will need:
* a piece of paper from a brown paper bag, freshly torn on all four sides
* a small pencil with no eraser on it * matches
* a black candle — it can be a plain offertory candle, a taper, or a figural candle of a human or a devil.
* black powder incense to which you should add Valerian
Root, Red Pepper, and Mullein Leaves. (If you cannot find
plain black powder incense and those herbs, use an
herb-based mixture containing them, such as Black Arts Incense.)
* nine black walnuts still in their green husks. You will probably have to go into the country
for these — they are not sold in stores.
* a silver-colored metal bowl.
Place the walnuts in the bowl. Undress at midnight on a night when the moon is dark.
Take all the supplies into your bathroom.
In the dark, with no light, write your ex-lover’s name on the piece of paper, and say
[Name of Person],
this is the last time I will write your name!
Light the candle, use the candle to light the incense, look at the name paper and say
[Name of Person],
this is the last time I will see your name!
Fold the paper in half so the name can no longer be seen.
Draw a hot bath and throw the nine black walnuts into it. The water may turn brownish.
Get into the bath with the walnuts. Pour the dark water over your head nine times and each
time you pour it, say:
[Name of Person], I wash you out of my life.
Arise from the bath and pull the plug.
As the water runs out, pick up the candle and hold it over the bath water.
Take the person’s name-paper in your other hand and set it on fire with the candle.
As it burns, say:
[Name of Person], I burn you out of my life.
Drop the burning paper into the bath water, wait a brief moment, then plunge the candle
upside down into the bath water to extinguish it while you say:
[Name of Person], I extinguish you.
Do not dry yourself with a towel, only let the air dry you.
When the water has all run out, collect the nine walnuts (and the husk fragments) and
place them back in the bowl. Now, still entirely naked, walk outside carrying the bowl of
walnuts and throw them away at a crossroads or street intersection or, if that is impossible,
throw them against a tree — but be careful to not drop any pieces of them in
your own yard. As you throw away the walnuts, say:
[Name of Person], you are dead to me
And dead to me you’ll always be
Wander the world both near and far
But touch me not, for dead you are!
Carry the empty bowl home without looking back, wash it out, and put it away.
As long as you never write or speak the person’s full name again, he or she will remain
out of your life and your former love will be broken.
Get 9 Walnuts and boil them in 3 quarts of water until the water evaporates down to
1 quart in volume and turns brown. Then place the walnuts and their water in the bowl,
as described above, and proceed as described except that when it_comes time to throw
the Black Walnuts into the bath with their husks, throw in the
boiled walnuts with their quart of brown water.



Take a photo of you and your ex-lover depicting a time or event in the past when
the relationship was still good for the both of you. Then cut out the ex-lover’s image.
Cast a circle and burn the image while envisioning a hopeful, joyful life without this person.
Do not blame yourself or your ex-lover, nor hold any thoughts of recrimination or revenge while engaged in this meditation. Continue the projection of your future life for a few minutes.
Bury the ashes in an appropriate place.


You will need:
–one egg one pink candle rose petals lemon balm honey rose oil (optional)
Take the egg in one hand.
Sit quietly and think about the relationship you have just ended, and your feelings about splitting up.
Allow all your negative feelings, grief, frustration and loneliness to_come to the surface.
Cry, howl and bawl if you need to – the end of a relationship is like a death and you should
allow yourself to grieve and not feel ashamed about it.
While thinking about the relationship, take the egg and roll it gently over your face and forehead.
Imagine that the egg is like a sponge which can soak up your grief, your need, and
all the negative emotions which are holding you back and dampening your spirits.
Project all your unhappiness over the relationship into the egg and let it soak up all your negative feelings.
When you feel that the egg has sucked up all your unhappiness and negative feelings over
this broken relationship, take it to a plot of earth – preferably not your own garden – and bury it.
If it must be on your property, bury it as far as possible from your house.
Know that the negative feelings and depression you projected onto the egg are being
absorbed and neutralized by the earth.
Return to your house, preferably to your own bedroom or some place where you spend a lot of time.
Make yourself some lemon balm tea with some of the rose petals, and sweeten it to taste with honey.
Sprinkle the rest of the rose petals around the candle and yourself, if you have enough.
Light the candle. Imagine the warmth of the candle and the scent of the rose petals
_combining and filling the room with warmth, sweet rose scent and soft pink light.
Let the pink light and scent fill you with loving warmth and_comfortable feelings.
If you have some, anoint your chest just over the heart with a little rose oil.
Sip the lemon balm tea. Say quietly and with conviction:
‘Gentle balm, soothe my heart
Bring to me your healing art’.
Imagine yourself surrounded by love and peace, sheltered from discomfort and loneliness.
Know that you deserve love and that you are now free of your previous relationship and
open to a new one. Gaze into the candle flame and imagine yourself happy and healed,
living a joyful and fulfilling life without the person you have just broken up with.



Carve the taker’s name and the words “GOOD BYE” on a black candle.
Dress it with Uncrossing oil. At its base place a broken or unlinked length of fine chain.
Light the candle and as it burns, have a good cry and say “good bye.”
When the candle has burned about half-way, use its flame to set afire a photo or
name-paper of the taker, then extinguish the candle in the ashes of the paper and
throw the whole mess, broken chain and all, away at a crossroads in the dark of the
night or bury it in a graveyard.
Go home and bathe in astringent and pungent protective and mind-clearing herbs such
as eucalyptus, walnut, bay, and the like (e.g. Herb Bath) and get on with your life.

Protective Invocation to Hecate

Protective Invocation to Hecate


Wise Hecate, bless me please
And all that does belong to me.
Bless my work and my endeavors
Protect and keep me safe forever
From every hex and negative thought,
From every place that harm is wrought,
From every evil that’s allowed,
Protect me, Wise One. Guard me now.
Help me to walk in harmony
With every stone and bird and tree,
With every creature on this Earth.
Let me live in joy and mirth
That I may always be their friend
And gain their protection ’til this life ends.
Oh, Wise Hecate, watch over me
Until my soul, at last, is freed.

Chant To Cleanse Magickal Space

Chant To Cleanse Magickal Space

Incense, air of high refine, purify this space of mine.
purged and purified be this place that I have chosen as magickal space.
Herbs of Mother Earth give blessings here to me, this rite, this sacred sphere.
Protect and cleanse this sacred place Hallow it now as my magickal space.
Walk around the space you’re cleansing with the lit incense chanting this,
hands up to the moon/sun/sky moving clockwise in a circle.
Do this at least 3 times or until you feel all energy is positive.

Chant To Honor Your Household Spirits

Chant To Honor Your Household Spirits

When presenting your house spirits with offerings of incense,
candles or what not you can say this little chant:
“Wraith of the house, Take heart and live,
To every chamber This light I give,
To every corner This breath I send
Approve and favor my willing hand.”



With this broom, tool of my will, I do cleanse, purify and prepare this space.
From this circle now I banish all fear, malice and misfortune,
that this circle may be a fit meeting place for gods and men.
As I do will, so mote it be.

The Witches’ Chant

The Witches’ Chant

Darksome night and shining Moon,
Hearken to the witches’ rune.
East then south, west then north
Hear! Come! I call Thee forth!
By all the powers of land and sea,
Be obedient unto me.
Wand and Pentacle and Sword,
Hearken ye unto my word.
Cords and Censer, Scourge and Knife,
Waken all ye into life.
Powers of the witch’s Blade,
Come ye as the charge is made.
Queen of heaven, Queen of Hell,
Send your aid unto the spell.
Horned Hunter of the night,
Work my will by magic rite.
By all the powers of land and sea,
As I do say, “so mote it be.”
By all the might of moon and sun,
As I do will, it shall be done.

© 1974, Lady Sheba

Original Post By Natural Wytch

Witches Ballard

Witches Ballard

Oh, I have been beyond the town,
Where nightshade black and mandrake grow,
And I have heard and I have seen
What righteous folk would fear to know!
For I have heard, at still midnight,
Upon the hilltop far, forlorn,
With note that echoed through the dark,
The winding of the heathen horn.
And I have seen the fire aglow,
And glinting from the magic sword,
And with the inner eye beheld
The Hornéd One, the Sabbat’s lord,
We drank the wine, and broke the bread
And ate it in the Old One’s name.
We linked our hands to make the ring,
And laughed and leaped the Sabbat game.

Oh, little do the townsfolk reck,
When dull they lie within their bed!
Beyond the streets, beneath the stars,
A merry round the witches tread!
And round and round the circle spun,
Until the gates swung wide ajar,
That bar the boundaries of earth
From faery realms that shine afar.

Oh, I have been and I have seen
In magic worlds of Otherwhere.
For all this world may praise or blame,
For ban or blessing naught I care.
For I have been beyond the town,
Where meadowsweet and roses grow,
And there such music did I hear
As worldly-righteous never know.

Doreen Valient

Original Post By Natural Wytch

The Power of Chanting

The Power of Chanting
By: Christopher Penczak

Sound, tone, voice, and music are powerful forms of magick and celebration.
Before I became a witch, the part of traditional religious services I loved
the most was the music; using song as celebration. When I got involved in
Wicca, the traditions I first learned were very stoic and formal. There was
no real song or chant involved in our Moon and Sun celebrations. I missed it
a lot, but felt there was no place for music in my new practice. At the time
I was a professional musician, completing my degree in music, but our
training in music history only delved into the sacred music of the Christian
era. Not much time was devoted to ancient civilizations or tribal lore. I
knew music was a part of the pagan world, but was not exposed to it.

When I explored other traditions of witchcraft – as well as mystical
traditions in yoga and Eastern religions – I found mystics using sound,
chant, and rhythm to do magick and create ritual. The more shamanic, primal
traditions would use chant and simple dance to raise energy and connect with
the spirit of the ritual. Simple repeated rhythms and melodies could induce
altered states and focus the will. I was so excited to find a religous
outlet for my musical _expression.

Later in my practice, I found myself the celebrant (or officiating high
priest) for a public pagan group that celebrated at Unicorn Books in
Arlington, Massachusetts. I had originally replaced a priestess who was no
longer able to commit to the group, and due to this shift, the group only
included around five participants at any time. Soon we formed an identity
and theme together, and the group began to grow. The rituals went from
intimate groups of five to ten people to larger and larger gatherings. Soon
we filled the room’s forty person capacity. Everyone was great, but coming
from different backgrounds they lacked a cohesive sense of tradition or
ceremony. We loved being eclectic, but needed to have some focus to bring
our group together. I needed to find a way to let everyone contribute to the
ritual and create a sacred space. After many fumbled attempts with a variety
of ritual techniques and tools, I relied on music as a common denominator.
Chant became the key!

As part of each of the eight Wheel of the Year celebrations in our little
loft space, I wrote a short chant with a simple melody, which we used to
raise energy. Those chants became the basis of the chants recorded on The
Outer Temple of Witchcraft CD Companion. We sang about the gods and
goddesses relating to each of the holidays. The chants focused our attention
raised energy, and helped get us into the moment as we passed the chalice
or anointing oil. The songs also helped teach newcomers the basic meaning of
the holiday, quickly relaying powerful themes and key words with the melody.

The use of music in our rituals totally transformed them, and is one of the
most popular parts of our celebrations. Because of my experience, I started
to encourage the use of more and more music in my smaller celebrations and
private coven rituals. I even use chants when I am doing rituals and spells
all alone. I highly suggest adding some music to your own rituals, no matter
the size.

Here are some tips in using music in your own circles:

* Find traditional chants and more recently composed ones that you can use.
Metaphysical stores often have a section of pagan music, song and chants.

* If you visit larger pagan festivals, you may be taught some of the
traditional chants if you don’t know them and can’t find a recording. Many
are passed along through the oral tradition of pagan gatherings. Take notes
and write down lyrics so you won’t forget.

* Use simple melodies with a limited vocal range so everybody can sing them
without straining their voices.

* Try setting pagan poetry to familiar melodies, such as well-known holiday
songs. Sometimes they sound silly, but they can be a great way to focus
everybody on a melody they already know sung with different words.

* Use simple beats and rhythms to keep the group focused – or use a drum to
help induce an altered state. Beats that fall on even numbers (based on
groups of two or four beats) are more direct and dynamic. Some consider them
more masculine. Beats based in 3, like the familiar waltz pattern, are
considered more feminine and have a connection to the triple goddess.

* Feel the music as you perform it. Let the vibration fill your body, heart,
and mind. Let it move you. When you are open to sound, you can make the
experience very healing or energizing.

* Don’t be afraid to be loud or to make a mistake. Sing with feeling and
worry about the technicalities later. If everyone is into the chant, that’s
more important than sounding perfect. Don’t make anyone feel bad if they
don’t have a perfect voice. Remember the circle is about Perfect Love,
Perfect Trust, and celebration. Keep the spirit alive when you chant and
when you pass the cakes. Each is an opportunity for love, compassion, and

Original Post by Natural Wytch

All Thru The Night

All Thru The Night

While the Moon her watch is keeping
all thru the night
While the weary world is sleeping
all thru the night
O’er thy spirit gently stealing,
Visions of delight revealing
Breathes a pure and holy feeling
all thru the night
Though this Bard must roam full lonely
My true harp shall sing praise only
Love’s soft dream, alas, is over
Yet my strains of love shall hover
Near the Presence of my Lover
Hark! A solemn bell is ringing
Thou, my King are heavenward winging
Earthly dust from off Thee shaken
Soul immortal shalt thou waken
With thy last, dim journey taken
Neath this Stone my King is sleeping
Stars around Him softly sweeping
Once and Future King preserving
Britain’s Saviour there reserving
All around him Stars observing
all thru the night
Holl am ran-tire sehr thuh wed-ont
ahr heed ah nos
Dum-ar forth ee vro go-gawn-yont
ahr heed ah nos
Gol-i ar-all you tuh wull ooch
ee are thang os gweer bred vairtch-ooch
tie-leer nave oith m’yoon thu-wail-ooch
ahr heed ah nos
note: The last verse is phonetic Welsh. “ll” is pronounced by putting the tip
of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, and saying “h” and “l” at the same
time…sort of. “ch” is pronounced as German.

Original Post By Natural Wytch



Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit open your hands to me
Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit open your hearts to me
Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit open your souls to me
Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit lend your power to me
(repeat as many times as necessary)

Goddess Quarter Calls

Goddess Quarter Calls

Hail, Goddess of the East
Athena, Lady of Wisdom
With serpents entwined on your arms,
Athena, Lady of Battle,
With your shield and spear,
Your helmeted head,
You who have fought for many,
To bring honour and justice.
You who have woven many tapestries,
To bring art and beauty,
Athena, we invoke you,
Ancient weaver,
Proud Goddess,
Be with us now.
East Opening of Circle:
Goddesses of East,
Lilith, Athena, Cardea,
(pause a few seconds for other Goddess names to be called)
We give thanks for your presence here tonight,
Go in peace.
Blessed Be.
Hail, Goddess of the South,
Pele, volcano Goddess of Hawaii,
Queen of the islands,
We call upon you.
We give you our rage, our lust, and our anger,
That you may cleanse us,
With your fiery lava.
That you may empower us,
With your mighty flow.
That you may bless us,
With your beauty.
Be with us now.
South Opening of Circle:
Goddesses of South,
Pele, Vesta, Brigit,
(pause a few seconds for other Goddess names to be called)
We give thanks for your presence here tonight,
Go in peace.
Blessed Be.
Hail, Goddess of the West
Aphrodite, with your golden hair,
Arising from the sea,
Surrounded by white foam,
Being birthed by the waters,
Aphrodite, bless us
With your beauty,
With your love,
With your fertile, pregnant being,
That we may heal the Earth
And help her to bear fruit,
Be with us now.
West Opening of Circle:
Goddesses of the West,
Hecate, Aphrodite, Yemaya
(pause a few seconds for other Goddess names to be called)
We give thanks for your presence here tonight,
Go in peace.
Blessed Be.
Hail, Goddess of the North.
Demeter, Goddess of the golden grain and harvest.
Be with us, Earth Mother,
Heal us and heal our children.
Oh, Demeter,
You who have grieved for your daughter Persephone,
Spent your time searching the underworld,
You who have returned to us in your glory,
Bless our land and make it fertile.
Oh, Demeter,
Sacred Mother,
Blessed sister,
Fruitful earth,
We invoke you now.
North Opening of Circle:
Goddesses of North,
Gaia, Demeter, Artemis,
(pause a few seconds for other Goddess names to be called)
We give thanks for your presence here tonight,
Go in peace.
Blessed Be.
Hail, Goddess of Centre
Great Eagle Woman,
Moon Mother,
Lighting the way,
Bringing vision,
Soaring over us
With great wings.
Oh Great Eagle Woman,
You bring death and destruction,
You bring birth and creation,
Wisdom woman flying high,
We call on you
To guide us now.
Blessed Be.
Centre Opening of Circle:
Goddesses of Centre,
Isis, Shekinah, Great Eagle Woman,
(pause a few seconds for other Goddess names to be called)
We give thanks for your presence here tonight,
Go in peace.
Blessed Be.



This rite is loosely based upon a belief found in Hawaiian legends. In these legends, it was
said that the gods and sorcerers (kupua) possessed not one, but many bodies, and could
transfer their essence between these bodies as circumstances warranted. Thus, there were
tree bodies, human bodies, rainbow bodies, animal bodies and cloud bodies. One body could
sometimes be shared by several kupua, and a single kupua might have several bodies of each type.
The aim of this working is to transfer perception to another body – in this case, the cloud body.
It can be thought of as an “out of one body and into another” experience.
Materials Needed: An open space, dry ice, passivity
The Rite
Open by whatever means feels appropriate.
Set the dry ice in the center of the working area.
Participants circle deosil around the ice, chanting
“Ka-ao-opua-loa” (the sharp-pointed living cloud). In the Hawaiian legends, this was
the name of the kupua of the cloud people.
Circling and chanting continue for 10-15 minutes, at the end of
which all sit down in a circle as close to the ice as possible.
All stare into the fog rising from the ice until tunnel vision
sets in (the field of vision goes black except for the object focused upon).
At the moment that tunnel vision occurs, say:
As below, so above
The cloud is in my eye
Ka-ao-opua-loa carry my sight
Participants begin spinning at increasing speed with eyes closed, all the while repeating
When spinning is no longer possible, participants lie on their
backs and open the eyes completely (no squinting) and focus on the first cloud they see.
All repeat:
as above, so below
my eye is in the cloud
phenomenize the cloud-eye
Visualize a fog exactly like that rising from the dry ice leaving the eyes and rushing up
to join with the clouds. Observe it entirely passively, and with the inner voice repeat
“This self is Tenfemet-Douck, the cloud that sees.”
When tunnel vision again sets in, close the eyes and open them again quickly.
Look down over the terrain that passes below your cloud-eye. Note details if desired,
but do not attempt to influence direction or speed of motion.
All control of these should be left to the wind.
When you have achieved your desired results, switch out of the passive mode
and attempt to influence direction or speed.
Find yourself back in your human body looking up at the clouds.
Banish by laughter, and with other means if desired.



Perform this ritual to improve psychic powers three days before the moon is full,
and preferably when it is in either the astrological sign of Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio.
Begin by brewing a strong magical tea made from yarrow or mugwort (herbs that
stimulate the psychic senses) and then light thirteen purple colored votive candles
to help attract psychic influences. Drink the tea and then gaze fixedly into a Magic
mirror, black bowl full of water, crystal ball, or crystal pyramid as you chant thrice the
following incantation:
“I invoke thee, oh Asarial, Archangel of Neptune And ruler of clairvoyant powers.
I ask thee now to open my third eye And show me the hidden light.
Let me see the future. Let me see the past. Let me perceive the divine Kingdoms
of the unknown.
Let me understand the wisdom Of the mighty universe. So mote it be!”
After chanting, relax, breathe slowly and concentrate on opening your Third Eye.
Do not permit any negative thought to contaminate your mind. The Third Eye, an
invisible chakra located in the middle of the forehead above the space between
the eyebrows, is the human body’s highest source of power, supernormal sight and
clairvoyant vision.