A Little About November Birth Symbols

  • November Babies

    “No spring nor summer’s beauty hath such grace, As I have seen in one Autumnal face.” —John DonneZodiac: Scorpio until November 21 and Sagittarius from November 22

    Gemstone: Topaz, Citrine
    Meaning love and affection, the topaz comes in many colors: yellow, pink, purple, orange and a variety of blues. It is believed to bring the wearer strength and intellect. The citrine, known as a “healing quartz,” is this month’s other birthstone. It’s believed to bring vitality and health to the wearer, as well as hope, energy and warmth.

    Flower: Chrysanthemum
    A chrysanthemum’s meaning changes depending on its color: red means “I love you,” while white stand for innocence, purity and pure love.

    Tree: Walnut, Chestnut, Ash

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    November’s birth flower is the chrysanthemum. A red chrysanthemum means “I love you;” a white chrysanthemum means innocence, purity, and pure love; a yellow chrysanthemum means slighted love.

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    November Birthstone – Citrine

    The birthstone for November is the Citrine. The warm, fiery colors that exude from this precious stone are off the Van Gogh painting of the sunflowers. The name originates from the French word, “citrin”, meaning lemon. It has been found in the palest of yellows to a dark amber. The dark amber citrine, is referred to as Madeira, because of its resemblance to the wine.

    Since the beginning of time, man has dug within the earth to find useful tools for it’s survival. In these earlier times, there was a greater connection with the planet and its gifts and the cosmic world. With each advancement and achievement of the human species, we developed tools to dig deeper within the Earth’s crust. At one point we began to dig for treasures or sometimes they were come upon accidentally. With every unearthing of these treasures and gemstones, they were believed to emit a power to its discoverer. They were thought to offer healing and magical powers, strength or protection. Most of these treasures today represent the birthstones for each month of the year in the calendar we are familiar with today, the Gregorian or Western Calendar. As time went on, each stone was believed to represent a specific time or season of the year.

    Citrine is a form of quartz and the sister of Amethyst. It is worn to keep evil thoughts from one’s thinking and ward against venomous snakes. It is also a symbol of strength and hope. It is considered to having medicinal qualities used to remedy kidney and urinary complications. Throughout time it has been extensively utilized to improve the function of ones heart and digestive system. The citrine has the power to remove toxins form the body and treat muscular disorders. The vibrant color and “fire” of the citrine has always been symbolic of healing in general, as fire represents power and strength.

    Citrine is very scarce, which could be the reason that it is not mentioned until the first century B.C. The Romans were noted as the first to wear it, where they would fashion the stone into a style that is referred to, cabochon. For this style, the citrine first would be polished to a most brilliant shine and then the pieces of the unfaceted stone would be fashioned into their jewels. During the Romantic Period, artisans would utilize the warmth of the citrine to enhance the color gold jewelry.

    The alternate birthstone for the month of November is the Topaz.

    Here are some interesting facts for this gemstone:

    -In Sanskrit, Topaz also means fire

    -In the Middle Ages, it healed mental and physical disorders and warded against death

    -Romans used it to improve eyesight

    -The Greeks believed Topaz to contain the power to make one invisible and increase their strength.

    -The most famous of all Topaz is actually colorless, and originally thought to be a diamond. It measures in at 1,680 carats and is named the “Braganza Diamond” that is set in the Portuguese Crown Jewels

    Other Symbols of November:

    November Birth Flower:

    The Chrysanthemum. It is a symbol for compassion, secret love and friendship. In Asia, the chrysanthemum is recognized as one of the most honored of flowers. In Japan they are traditionally exchanged between friends, symbolizing an invaluable friendship, resembling the virtue shared between the pair.

    November Birth Tree:

    Chestnut Tree and the Ash Tree

    Famous People born in November:

    Bruce Lee- November 27, 1940

    Ryan Gosling- November 12, 1980

    David Schwimmer- November 2, 1966

    Richard Burton- November 10, 1925

    Charles Bronson- November 3, 1921

    Bo Derek- November 20, 1956

    Scarlett Johansson- November 22, 1984

    Rachel McAdams- November 17, 1978

    Neil Young- November 12, 1945

    Bjork- November 21, 1965

    – See more at: http://birthstonesbymonths.net/november-birthstone-citrine/#sthash.EqwECPFK.dpuf



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This is folk-magic, and it works. It can only be worked in Fall, when the black walnuts are
ready to harvest. Because it is performed naked, in the dark, it is not suitable for everyone.
You will need:
* a piece of paper from a brown paper bag, freshly torn on all four sides
* a small pencil with no eraser on it * matches
* a black candle — it can be a plain offertory candle, a taper, or a figural candle of a human or a devil.
* black powder incense to which you should add Valerian
Root, Red Pepper, and Mullein Leaves. (If you cannot find
plain black powder incense and those herbs, use an
herb-based mixture containing them, such as Black Arts Incense.)
* nine black walnuts still in their green husks. You will probably have to go into the country
for these — they are not sold in stores.
* a silver-colored metal bowl.
Place the walnuts in the bowl. Undress at midnight on a night when the moon is dark.
Take all the supplies into your bathroom.
In the dark, with no light, write your ex-lover’s name on the piece of paper, and say
[Name of Person],
this is the last time I will write your name!
Light the candle, use the candle to light the incense, look at the name paper and say
[Name of Person],
this is the last time I will see your name!
Fold the paper in half so the name can no longer be seen.
Draw a hot bath and throw the nine black walnuts into it. The water may turn brownish.
Get into the bath with the walnuts. Pour the dark water over your head nine times and each
time you pour it, say:
[Name of Person], I wash you out of my life.
Arise from the bath and pull the plug.
As the water runs out, pick up the candle and hold it over the bath water.
Take the person’s name-paper in your other hand and set it on fire with the candle.
As it burns, say:
[Name of Person], I burn you out of my life.
Drop the burning paper into the bath water, wait a brief moment, then plunge the candle
upside down into the bath water to extinguish it while you say:
[Name of Person], I extinguish you.
Do not dry yourself with a towel, only let the air dry you.
When the water has all run out, collect the nine walnuts (and the husk fragments) and
place them back in the bowl. Now, still entirely naked, walk outside carrying the bowl of
walnuts and throw them away at a crossroads or street intersection or, if that is impossible,
throw them against a tree — but be careful to not drop any pieces of them in
your own yard. As you throw away the walnuts, say:
[Name of Person], you are dead to me
And dead to me you’ll always be
Wander the world both near and far
But touch me not, for dead you are!
Carry the empty bowl home without looking back, wash it out, and put it away.
As long as you never write or speak the person’s full name again, he or she will remain
out of your life and your former love will be broken.
Get 9 Walnuts and boil them in 3 quarts of water until the water evaporates down to
1 quart in volume and turns brown. Then place the walnuts and their water in the bowl,
as described above, and proceed as described except that when it_comes time to throw
the Black Walnuts into the bath with their husks, throw in the
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