Goddess Of The Day: VESTA

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Feast of Vesta (Rome)

 Themes: Home; Love; Fertility; Peace

Symbols: Fire; Donkey; Veils

 About Vesta: In Roman mythology, Vesta was part of every fire. As such, Vesta commands the sacred fires of the hearth, the heart of spiritual and emotional stability in your home. Today was one other festival days, Christianized as the Feast of the Ass, which is a sacred animal to her. Traditional offerings for Vesta include homemade bread and salt cakes.

 In works of art, Vesta was never shown directly but always depicted her in veils, possibly to honor her importance in Roman society. The vestal priestess was one of the few people considered suited to negotiating peace during war threats.

 To Do Today: The first month of the year is a good time to think about the spiritual warmth in your living space. Ask Vesta to kindle those fires anew. Do this by lighting any fire source you have handy-a match, a candle, the oven, a pilot light-or, alternatively, just turn on a light as a symbolic fire. Be sure to keep this lit all day. When a fire goes out on Vesta’s day, it’s considered a bad omen, indicative of love being lost. To encourage peace on any battleground you’re facing this year, light a white candle (the color of truce) and put it in a window to invite Vesta’s presence (being sure it’s safe to do so, of course). Then take a piece of bread outside, breaking it into small bits so the birds can carry your wish of harmony across the earth.

By Patricia Telesco

Magickal Activity for the 8th Day of June, The Festival of Vesta

Protected by WitchcraftInvocation for Vesta


Items needed: A small table covered with a white cloth; a statue or picture of Vesta; one large white pillar candle; fresh violets; a dish of salt; a dish of flour.

Place the statue or picture of Vesta near the center-back of the altar. The candle should go directly in front of the statue, and the violets are sprinkled around the candle. The two small dishes of salt and flour are placed center-front.

To begin, take several relaxing breaths and focus on the image of Vesta. Imagine how it might have been to be one of her priestesses. When you feel the time is right, light the candle and speak her invocation:

Goddess of the hearth and home,
Let your brilliance now be known.
The flair of potential does abound,
Well within your temple round.
Vestal Virgins dressed in white,
Keep your fire burning bright.
As elements of salt and flour,
Are offered in this ritual hour.
Let your powers bright and bold,
Grace me now from times of old.
Your flame of love I did light,
To bring me honor from this night.
I now give all honor to thee,
For your blessings
so mote it be.

When you have completed the invocation, take some time to reflect on the Goddess. If you have prayers or petitions of your own, make them at this time. Leave the candle to burn for one hour.

Daily lighting of the candle will bring Vesta’s blessings to your home and family.

Your Daily Cosmic Calendar for Friday, April 4th

Today is not nearly as intense and uncomfortable as any of the last three days, but it is also no pushover and cake walk. The celestial bodies are still messing around and acting uncouth as Mercury forms a contra-parallel with Uranus (2:41AM), Venus forms a frictional, 45-degree tie with Pluto (4:41AM), Mercury makes an off-kilter, 150-degree connection with Pallas (9:27AM) while Mercury makes the same kind of 150-degree connection with Vesta (5:13PM). Mercury,  Pallas, and Vesta are in cahoots — creating what is known as a Finger of God or Yod triangle in the heavens. These kinds of geometric formations always carry a certain amount of unknown energy — although the realms of communication, transportation, and health appear to be involved in the equation. Because Pallas and Vesta are in the mix, problem-solving — especially related to investment planning and safety-security measures — may be uneven or extra difficult. A supportive, 60-degree sextile from the Moon in Gemini to the Sun in Aries (8:58AM) — along with a research-activating, 72-degree contact between Mercury and Pluto (4:58PM) — are the universe’s way of trying to be Mr. Nice Guy for a change of pace. It is to your advantage to look ahead to this weekend when Venus will enter the sign of its exaltation, Pisces, on Saturday while the Moon cozies up to high-minded, King of the Gods Jupiter in their monthly rendezvous on Sunday. [Note to readers: All times are calculated for Pacific Daylight Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.]



Dieties of Marriage

Dieties of Marriage

by Divine Spirits

Deities Of Marriage These deities can be invoked in rituals concerning the family and the home. Frigg Frigg was the Viking Mother  Goddess whose jewelled spinning wheel formed Orion’s belt; as patroness of marriage, women, mothers and families, she can be invoked for all rituals  concerned with families and domestic happiness. She invited devoted husbands and wives to her hall after death so that they might never be parted again and  so is goddess of fidelity. As Ostara, goddess of spring, she was known among the Anglo-Saxons and is remembered in the festival of Easter as a fertility  goddess and bringer of new beginnings. In her role as Valfreya, the Lady of the Battlefield, Frigg recalls the Northern tradition of warrior goddesses and  offers courage to women. Hera Hera, the wife-sister of Zeus, is a the supreme Greek goddess of protection, marriage and childbirth whose sacred bird is the  peacock. She is a powerful deity of fidelity and is called upon by women seeking revenge upon unfaithful partners. Hestia Hestia is the Greek goddess of the  hearth and home, all family matters and peace within the home. She is a benign, gentle goddess and so can be invoked for matters involving children and pets.  Juno Juno, the wife-sister of Jupiter, is the Roman queen of the gods, the protectress of women, marriage and childbirth and also wise counsellor. Together  with Jupiter and Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, she made up the triumvirate of deities who made decisions about humankind and especially Roman affairs. Her  month, June, is most fortunate for marriage and, like Hera, her Greek equivalent, her sacred creature is the peacock. She is invoked in sex magick as well as  for all matters concerning marriage, children, fidelity and wise counsel. Parvati Parvati is the benign and gentle Hindu Mother Goddess, consort of the god  Shiva and the goddess daughter of the Himalayas. Her name means ‘mountain’ and she is associated with all mountains. She and Shiva are often pictured  as a family in the Himalayas with their sons Ganesh, god of wisdom andlearning, and six-headed Skanda, the warrior god. She is invoked for all family matters  and those concerning children and by women in distress. Vesta Vesta is the Roman goddess of domesticity and of the sacred hearth at which dead and living  were welcomed. The Vestal Virgins of Rome kept alight the sacred flame in Vesta’s temple and this was rekindled at the New Year, as were household  flames. Vesta can be invoked in rituals centred around the element Fire.

Celebrating Spirituality 365 Days A Year – Festival of the Penates


October 14

Festival of the Penates

The Penates were Roman Gods of the store-cupboard and protectors of the household along with the Lares. They were the guardians of the pantry, and small statues of them were place along with those of the Lares, within each household. They were worshipped along with Vesta (Goddess of the hearth). Just as with the Lares, a portion of food from every family meal was set aside for them or tossed onto the hearth fire as a small offering for their continued protection. The festival held for them on this day was a state affair and was held in honor of the Roman Penates Publici–the Penates that presided over the city

Daily Cosmic Calendar for September 11

The cosmos offers you a mixed bag of opportunities and challenges during — what is usually — a fairly pleasant, enthusiastic and goal-oriented transit of the Moon in Sagittarius every month. The first challenge arrives early when Mercury makes an off-kilter, 150-degree link with far-out Neptune (3:44AM). Hazy astro-psychic weather conditions hold sway under one of these configurations. Therefore, don’t sign legal papers or conduct down-to-earth business for a couple of hours before and after the exact time of this alignment.  The other challenge happens almost 12 hours later when Vesta makes a frictional, 45-degree tie with Jupiter (3:06PM). Playing fast and loose with investment funds can boomerang. Focus attention on safety and security needs around your residence or office environment.  On the opportunity front, Pallas enters Leo (6:53AM) until November 9 — a great zodiacal placement for artists and performers in any field to strut their stuff and rise to prominence in the public eye. The investment realm improves somewhat when Venus forms a supportive, 60-degree rapport with Vesta (3:59PM) — a favorable aspect that doubles as a boost for enhancing sisterhood ties. Communications with dear ones can lead to emotional empowerment for all concerned as Mercury trines Juno (4:06PM). Take a look at any new lines of fashion and style coming into the apparel and social scenes.  Fun, games, sports, and reaching educational objectives are all promoted by a fiery grand triangle as the Moon in Sagittarius trines Mars in Leo (3:55PM) and Uranus in Aries (7:14PM).  Note to readers: All times are calculated for Pacific Daylight Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.

Daily Cosmic Calendar for August 6

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

[All times are calculated for the Pacific Daylight Zone. If you are living in a different time zone, add or subtract the necessary hours so that any timed alignment will be exact where you live.]  Strange forces are on the prowl. This is always the case when the dark-of-the-moon monthly cycle arrives with severity and finishing old business is definitely warranted. However, making ends meet — as the old saying goes — is not so simple right now because Pallas makes a rare opposition to Pluto (1:11PM) — following last night’s buoyant and joyful Pallas conjunction with Jupiter.  Pallas under the influence of underworld-ruling Pluto can interfere or block any gains that were made on the problem-solving, strategic-thinking fronts on Monday evening. Help is on the way in the form of the monthly lunar union with Vesta (2:06PM) followed by the New Moon (activating 15 degrees of Leo at 2:52PM).  At first mention, this sounds ideal as Leo is strong-willed, loving and creative, and Vesta connects with sisterhoods, safety and security matters, insurances rates and coverage, and investments. Thus, you should be able to generate a lot of forward momentum for the next four weeks — since every New Moon is a catalyst toward successful achievements for the near future.  However, the exact time of this New Moon begins a void lunar twilight zone that lasts until 8:58PM tomorrow night. Adding a little more confusion to the mix is a frictional, 135-degree between Mercury and Chiron (7:27PM). A time-out for reflection or meditation may bring you revelations.

Calendar of the Moon for Thursday, February 7th

Calendar of the Moon


7 Luis/Gamelion

Hearth Blessing

Color: Red
Element: Fire
Altar: On this day the altar is built in the kitchen, spread before the hearth with a red cloth and a single red candle on which is carved the Rune of Fire.
Offerings: Ashes smeared on the forehead. Kitchen cleaning and duty.
Daily Meal: Cooked all together as a group.

Invocation to the Hearth Goddess

Hertha of the warm hearthstone
Hestia of the naked flame
Vesta of the rising smoke
Lady who warms us
As you warmed our ancestors,
Lady whose touch cooks our food,
Lady around whom we gather
On the coldest nights,
Fire that draws us in,
Fire tamed, fire who is our friend,
Never let us forget your care
Lest you become wild and strike back.
Stay here in your hearth
And protect our home from your anger.
Speak truth to us
And let us bear your truth on our tongues.
Never leave us for long
Lest we forget to whom we owe
The next winter’s comfort
And salvation.

Chant: Ken Ken Ken

(As everyone chants, each steps forward and draws the rune of Fire, Ken, on the hearth with their finger. Then the hearth is ceremonially relit with the candle and dinner-making commences.)


[Pagan Book of Hours]

Your Daily Cosmic Calendar for Monday, January 7th

Be prepared for upcoming psychic turbulence. The Moon in Scorpio forms a supportive, 60-degree alliance with the Sun in Capricorn at 3:32AM PST, but this positive rapport of the two lights also begins a long void uncertainty zone that lasts until 12:29AM PST tomorrow. Pallas making an inspirational, 72-degree contact with Vesta (8:32AM PST) seems to encourage investments and business plans, but the void condition of the Moon is unsettling rather than reassuring.  You now need to be on your best behavior as a quartet of discordant aspects enters the scene. Mercury makes an off-kilter, 150-degree link with Vesta (10:00AM PST) while giant Jupiter makes the same kind of off-kilter, 150-degree tie with Juno (11:18AM PST). Before you can catch your breath, the red planet Mars is on the warpath again as it tries to bully Saturn via a 90-degree square (11:34AM PST). Adding insult to injury, the void Moon chimes in as it parallels Mars (2:13PM PST).  To have this group of challenging aspects occur in only 4+ hours is to concentrate their capacity for all-around mischief-making. Put business matters on the back burner. Slow your tempo in sensitive love bonds. Keep your John Hancock completely under wraps and stay away from temperamental individuals.