Celebrating Other Spirituality 365 Days A Year – Independence Day

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July 4th

Independence Day

It was after the famous midnight ride of Paul Revere in April 1775 that England’s colonies in the New World began their armed conflict against the British Imperial power. By July 2, 1775, the colonies voted for independence from Britain. A document was drawn up stating this intent. On July 4, 1776, what we know as the Declaration of Independence was signed by John Hancock – president of the Continental Congress at Philadelphia – and delegates from the 13 colonies. By the 1880s Independence Day had become a major American holiday.

Feng Shui News for January 25th – ‘Hot Air Balloon Week’

Today marks the beginning of ‘Hot Air Balloon Week,’ the same visual that Feng Shui says can take your career to new heights. Simply locate the ‘Fame’ area of your main floor or office and place an image of a hot air balloon into this space. Soon enough you should see your own recognition and rewards skyrocket while your professional opportunities soar. Now, you might think that I’m full of hot air, but the balloon will show you differently. Here’s to your career taking off and flying high!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Daily Feng Shui Tip for January 14th – ‘John Hancock’s Birthday’

Today is John Hancock’s birthday. His was the first signature on the Declaration of Independence and he has become a euphemism for signatures ever since. Feng Shui believes that there’s a certain way to sign important papers (or anything else that requires your own John Hancock) so that success and fortune will follow. If you’re looking for financial independence you might want to employ the ‘Prosperity Signature’ that goes like this: When you write your first name you should be sure that the first letter of your first name ends on an upward slant or curve. Similarly, the last letter of the last name should also slant up and to the right. If you can slightly slant the entire signature up and to the right then you can rest assured that you’ve crossed all your T’s and dotted all your I’s and are well on your way to prosperous times. It’s a Feng Shui documented fact!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com