The Vibe Report September 15, 2015

The Vibe Report September 15, 2015


I am happy to be bringing the Vibe Report back at this time after a pause in which I have been clearing deep density and expanding and integrating the high vibrational frequencies that I have been writing about for years. The past several months have taken me on deep dives within my consciousness as I dealt with profound life changes, such as the Birthing into Spirit of my mother in July. I felt disconnected from my foundation, my past, as if I was suspended in mid-air, disoriented and at the same time uplifted. The essence of freedom is here. I do not need to re-attach myself to the past, but instead am flying in the flow of my life force energy as I continue to move into the mystery of life. From these depths I have brought forth images through painting and pastel drawing that contain a language of energy and illustrate my personal journey through these times.

Expansion and High Vibrational Frequencies

The information that I have been receiving when I open to the Vastness of Consciousness over the years is that our solar system has been traveling through increasingly high vibrational frequency zones for decades. The Universe is expanding, all the galaxies, solar systems – everything is expanding including us as we ride spaceship Earth through the Universe. As the high frequencies increase and become more refined, all that is within this energy also becomes lighter and more expanded. This is happening in our consciousness. Density cannot live within these higher vibrational frequencies. That is why we are seeing many structures that were built in density and rely on density (as in fear) to exist, coming apart at this time. This is affecting all energy bodies – spiritual (religion), mental (science), emotional (social) and physical (our bodies, the Earth).

It has come to my attention that there are beings who have been shielding us (Humanity – Earth) from receiving a full-on blast of these energies because many humans on Earth have been unable to awaken their Souls within their being and if we were to receive a full blast of the high frequencies too soon, it could shatter us. As it is, this clearing and integration process brings us to our knees as it expands our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical energy bodies.

What does Awakening our Souls mean?

Simply put it means to be who we truly are. To do that we must remember that we are Divine beings who carry the energy of Creator Source within us – we are the All That Is. The Life Force energy flows through all of life, not just on Earth but throughout the Universe. We each have a unique Soul vibration and as we receive these high frequencies and expand into our evolutionary process, we let go of and clear out the density that is not our truth so that our Soul or Higher Self can live in this body with us and we can be who we truly are.

It is a profound experience when we realize we’ve been looking at ourselves through the eyes of others – those who raised us from infancy, those who influenced us through early childhood as we went through an educational system, and so on. The world has been described to us over and over again through other people’s filters. Even the history of the Earth that we have been taught is not true. In this process we come to a realization that nothing is real. As we dissolve old beliefs, the elixir of love is what helps to hold us steady and open us to the truth of our Being, which is an experience beyond words. This clearing out of untruth awakens us by peeling away layers of confusion from our eyes. It expands us so we can integrate and embody our Soul as we remain in our physical bodies on the physical body of Earth.

This Awakening cracks us wide open

Now there are enough people who are awake and who are able to hold and anchor the high frequencies, so that this frequency of energy we are passing through can be received and anchored more fully on this planet. This will open and expand our shared consciousness, creating a deeper, more amplified awareness of what life truly is and how we are connected to all of life – to one another, to the trees growing and the waters flowing on earth. This awareness will blow our minds – even those who have had awakening experiences in the past. We have been preparing for years (for me, it’s been 35 years!) in the form of clearing our energy, releasing our hold on limitation through judgment of past events, letting go of our regrets, our guilt, remorse, and judgment of ourselves and others. Releasing our victimhood, our belief in powerlessness. All of these – and more – are aspects of the Wound of Humanity. We are clearing and healing this wound of unworthiness that has been ingrained deep within us over centuries of trauma and mental and emotional manipulation through fear.

Love and laughter are two of our greatest strengths. If you wonder if you are awake or not, just feel into your capacity to love and bring that loving frequency out from the core of your being. You are love. If you need assistance during the coming times, there will be all the help you need within and around you.

A Message from the Vastness of Consciousness

The work you have been doing has been very deep and powerfully transformative. We appreciate all you have been doing to raise the consciousness on planet Earth. Even though things got sidetracked early on in your lives, due to circumstances on the macro level of the world, those of you who came to Earth to anchor the high vibrational frequencies have been doing just that. It has involved many years of clearing and releasing and it is all moving you towards remembering who you are –Divine Beings.

All is in Divine order as the energies have been ramping up in small increments over the years. Earth is due for a full on blast of high vibrational frequencies that will crack open the remaining shell of density that has protected and separated human beings from their greater awareness.

Those who have had an awakening experience will be familiar with the amplification of awareness that comes with awakening. The awareness of how alive everything is. Those not yet awakened to the greater reality will be able to bask in the joyful energies if they love themselves. Those who are still struggling with self hatred will be called to surrender to the shadow of their being and there will be many helpers at hand to assist in navigating through energies of fear, confusion, blame, guilt, regret and so on.

There is no Judgment

This is the beauty of the awakening, when one really grasps the truth that Divine Creator Source is a flow of life (read: love) force energy – an IS-ness of being. It is the Divine Indifference, in that it doesn’t care or judge us for any of our actions. And this Love Force Energy flows through us and through all of life. Within this frequency is no judgment or punishment. When Humans embody this life force energy fully they will no longer be judging, criticizing or blaming themselves or others. This is the beauty of freedom and love with responsibility to pay attention to when we are sliding into judgment.

Benefits of Awakening

As we move through and rise above the shadow part of our journey, emerging into love, we become more telepathic and acquire heightened intuitive and psychic abilities, as well as cultivating tele-kinetic abilities, just to name a few Super Human qualities that are part of our evolution. The journey through our personal shadow is where we find the gift of surrender, which brings us into love and acceptance of ourselves. Judgment and criticism drop away and we realize those old voices can no longer connect to us – the fear receptors we used to have in our energy field have been dissolved through our surrender into acceptance of our shadow. This is the grand evolutionary process Humanity is going through at this time.

The Whirlwind

I have observed in myself that when there’s a whirlwind of emotion regarding a situation I’m involved in, I immediately jump into it and join in – adding more energy to the whirlwind. I have stated an intention to stop doing this, however, I have recently realized that jumping into the whirlwind is a courageous way to engage the cleansing process. Like a white tornado, it spins within us, drawing out the density of our deepest fear, shame and guilt. It is raw and painful and turns us inside out. Surrendering to the deep cleansing process is the only way to find release. Through acceptance, we let go of judgments we have about ourselves. This is the road to freedom.

There is a calm at the end of the storm and in that calm we can breathe in our Soul Essence, filling the places of release with our authentic vibrational frequency. It is also helpful to request our unseen helpers to assist us in bringing in soothing, calming, forgiving, healing energy. I call upon the Divine Mothers – a group of “Curanderas” – healers – to help me in times of need. They are like nurses, earth mothers – dressed in blue robes – radiating compassion and love. Many people have an affinity with Angels and Spirit Guides, Earth spirits, or benevolent beings from other star systems to assist in this process. Whatever works for you, ask for assistance. We are not alone and we are on a Divine Mission to anchor the highest vibrational frequency of love into our beings, bringing heaven to Earth. The only way to embody that love (which is our unique Soul’s vibration) is to clear out the density of untruth within us. There is a great deal of assistance out there for us to do this. I find remembering to ask for help is the hard part! Sometimes we’re so immersed in the transmutation that we forget to use our tools and ask for assistance.

Human Emotions – our Gift

Our emotions are a most interesting aspect to being Human and I believe that it is our mission to learn to witness our emotions so that we can we can ride the currents our emotions create into an expanded level of creativity, understanding and joy. At the same time, I feel that what I can do in following my intention to not jump right in to the whirlwind (there is a lot of chaos in the world right now – not all whirlwinds are for our personal clearing process) is to find my center, my place of stillness, my eye in the center of the storm and stay in that place…in the center… all of the time. (To be honest, I’m not there yet!) This requires vigilance. This requires deep listening and bringing our attention to the now moment in order to find the stillness within the center of our being. This requires knowing who we are – infinite beings of consciousness. And our greatest joy could be to bring that infinite awareness to our lives as we connect to one another in the Collective Consciousness, strengthening our Unity through love. Imagine that – our cooperation and conscious co-creation is changing our world.

Spiritual Alchemy

Be kind to yourself regarding the past and let it go. Understand that all of us human beings are wounded and our “misdeeds” come from fear. I feel like it’s our mission as spiritual alchemists to transform fear into love. It’s not easy at times, that’s for sure, but that’s when we need to love ourselves the most.

Many Blessings,
Nancy Leilah Ward


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