Your Daily Cosmic Calendar for August 2

This is a good point in the Cosmic Calendar to remind you that the 48 hours after a Full Moon represent a time-period to keep distributing the inspirational energies just received. Consider yourself to be a goodwill ambassador — spreading light, love and compassion to your fellow travelers aboard Spaceship Earth.  Giving you an enormous boost in this direction is a supportive, 60-degree alliance between the two largest celestial bodies in the solar system (the Sun and Jupiter) at 2:57AM PDT. Stop worrying about small potatoes and see more of the big picture of your future destiny. Let your creative artistry soar as the Venus makes a potent, 45-degree tie with the Sun (8:54AM PDT). While it is important not to overdo a good thing when Venus and the Sun make this kind of aspect, you can tweak the sky pattern into enhancing your skills and talents in arts, crafts and hobbies.  Utilize the continuing presence of Aquarius Moon to be more active with group projects, team sports and humanitarian efforts around the world.  Sidestep confusion and uncertainty when Mars forms a feisty, 135-degree link to dream-weaver Neptune (9:01PM PDT). Your personal magnetism may be empowered by this rapport in the heavens, but it is wise to keep your John Hancock signing pen away from legal documents for the time-being.