Feng Shui News for January 25th – ‘Hot Air Balloon Week’

Today marks the beginning of ‘Hot Air Balloon Week,’ the same visual that Feng Shui says can take your career to new heights. Simply locate the ‘Fame’ area of your main floor or office and place an image of a hot air balloon into this space. Soon enough you should see your own recognition and rewards skyrocket while your professional opportunities soar. Now, you might think that I’m full of hot air, but the balloon will show you differently. Here’s to your career taking off and flying high!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com


Daily Feng Shui Tip forJanuary 23 – ‘National Pie Day’

Here’s an interesting fact worth sharing on today’s ‘National Pie Day.’ Did you know that at one time pies were illegal? Englishman Oliver Cromwell banned all pies in the Commonwealth because he believed them to harbor mystical and magical energies. According to ancient lore, he might have been right. These legends say that round pies induce a connection to spirits while square pies promote prosperity. Pies topped with intricate latticework induce protective energies while apple pie offer healing and peace. And who doesn’t love a good peace of pie?

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com