Daily Cosmic Calendar for December 26th

You’ve got the world on a string, but don’t lose your balance. Safety first could be your motto when the Moon in Gemini forms its monthly union with Vesta (2:33AM PST). Take some time to review your current investment plans. Just 26 minutes later, Pallas forms an inspirational, 72-degree tie with Jupiter (2:59AM PST). Favorable Pallas-Jupiter links like this are great mind-expanders — assisting you in harnessing the power of your ability to see into the future.  Vesta is once again a top priority during a Venus-Vesta polarity (12:33PM PST). While not as positive as the earlier Moon-Vesta union, this Venus-Vesta connection on either side of the Earth can help you increase your business assets — especially if you heed the sagacious advice of soul-sisters who know the financial score.  As mentioned in this calendar on December 23, a mysterious Yod or Finger of God triangle has been under development during this last week of 2012. With today’s supportive, 60-degree alliance between Saturn and Pluto (5:42PM PST), this cosmic configuration gains a stable base in the heavens. If you have excellent research skills, this can be a terrific time to uncover esoteric secrets that have been waiting to be revealed for many centuries.  Healing forces are back with authority — thanks to a constructive, 60-degree rapport between the Sun and Chiron (8:52PM PST). During the monthly Moon-Mercury polarity (10:51PM PST), the Moon enters another fairly lengthy void cycle that lasts until 12:08PM PST tomorrow. Be a minimalist when it comes to decision-making overnight — although it is fine to start preparing for the potent Full Moon that arrives on Friday December 28.