Celebrating Spirituality 365 Days A Year – Festival of the Penates


October 14

Festival of the Penates

The Penates were Roman Gods of the store-cupboard and protectors of the household along with the Lares. They were the guardians of the pantry, and small statues of them were place along with those of the Lares, within each household. They were worshipped along with Vesta (Goddess of the hearth). Just as with the Lares, a portion of food from every family meal was set aside for them or tossed onto the hearth fire as a small offering for their continued protection. The festival held for them on this day was a state affair and was held in honor of the Roman Penates Publici–the Penates that presided over the city

Calendar of the Sun for December 24th

Calendar of the Sun

24 Yulmonath


Colors: The color that is most associated with the Lares of the household.
Elements: All
Altar: Each House should have a small altar with their own Lares, or household spirits. They can have many names, such as Peace or Speaking or Labor. On this day, those figures are taken to the main altar and arranged around candles and incense, and food and drink.
Offerings: Food and drink given to the Lares.
Daily Meal: Things grown on the property.

Larentalia Invocation

Hail to the Lares, the spirits of our House!
Hail to Acca Larentia, the Mother of Lares!
Hail to Lara, to Larunda, to Larentina,
To all your many names!
Hail to the wife of Faustulus,
Lady who found Remus and Romulus
Suckling on the teats of a she-wolf,
And brought them home to your open hearth
To train them to be heroes!
Hail to Acca Larentia, Protectress of the Home,
The Mother of the Divine Ancestors!
Hail, she-wolf who suckled human mouths,
Hail hetaira of the Roman nights!
We honor every one of the children
That you have seen fit to gift us with
In this our House and home.
We shall name and honor them in gratitude,
And they shall not forsake us!

(The names of the household Lares are called out, and thanks given to each one. Food and drink is poured out for them as a libation. Then they are paraded around the House with fire and smoke and water, and returned with fanfare to their place at the heart of the House.)

Song: Heigh-Ho, Bonfire Glow


[Pagan Book of Hours]

Calendar of the Sun for May 29th

29 Thrimilchimonath

Ambarvalia – Sprouting Corn Day

Color: Green
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon a green cloth set a pot in which shoots of some kind of grain have surfaced, ready for transplanting.
Offering: Carefully nurture some fragile dream.
Daily Meal: Vegetarian

Ambarvalia Invocation

Great Demeter of the fields,
Mistress of all the crops
That are grown to the benefit of Man,
Kore, daughter of the springtime earth,
And the Lares of the home
Who watch over us all,
We honor you today in our work.
For some things are too tender
To be thrown to the cold earth
Exposed to frost and chill
In a place they were not born to walk.
Teach us that it is right and proper
To nurture these tender things,
To give them strength and protection,
To water them with what they need
To manifest themselves,
And never to chide them for their weakness.
And even if they live but for one season,
To cherish their short lives
And be glad that they once appeared on Earth.
Help us to nurture our most delicate dreams
That they may rise whole and sturdy
When the sun and the season allow it.

We plant you with our love
We plant you with our hope

(The pots of green shoots are taken outside and carefully transplanted into the soil. Each touches them, waters them, and says, “So I nurture my dreams.”)

[Pagan Book of Hours]