Calendar of the Sun for August 23

Calendar of the Sun

23 Weodmonath

Vulcanalia: Day of Hephaestos

Color: Red
Element: Fire
Altar: Upon a red cloth worked with flames set four red candles, a flaming brazier, a wooden crutch, a black rock, an anvil, a hammer, and many things worked of metal.
Offering: Fish. Nail parings and hair. Make something.
Daily Meal: Pie.

Vulcanalia Invocation

Lord of volcanoes,
You who understand submerged wrath,
Help me to keep mine in check.
Lord of work,
You who understand its balm to the soul,
Help me to learn the joys of focused labor.
Lord of craft,
You whose fire tempers iron into steel,
You who understand what it is to be crippled,
Beat my will strong and straight again
That the sign of your hammer
May be imprinted in everything I make.
Lord who is the strong iron of competence
And the driving blows of manifestation,
May your hands guide us into honorable work.
Hail Vulcan Mulciber, Charmer of Fire!
Hail Vulcan Quietus; may your gift of tame fire
Stay tame enough not to harm our house!
May your flames warm us, inspire us
And never burn beyond their borders,
So long as we give you the proper respect.

(Each comes forth and places something into the brazier, be it a bit of hair or nail parings, or some of the fish, which is given as an offering because fish is normally safe from fire. Those who wish to be blessed for their crafts may give an offering of craft today, or simply kneel and contemplate the craftwork on the altar, perhaps holding it and praising Hephaistos.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Calendar of the Sun for August 8th

Calendar of the Sun

8 Weodmonath

Rye Day

Color: Brown
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon a brown cloth lay a scythe, a chalice of water, a basket of unthreshed rye stalks, and a loaf of rye bread.
Offering: Give food to the poor.
Daily Meal: Rye bread sandwiches.

Rye Invocation

I sing the song of the scythe,
Swinging through the air,
Sharpness and keenness its breath,
Rhythm its walk,
The tooth of the Moon,
The razor of the Sun.
For sharpness means that we shall eat this winter,
For keenness means that there shall be enough.
May those of us who find ourselves to be blades
Recall that our cutting edge
Is best used for the nourishment of all.

(The water is passed around, and then the remainder is poured out as a libation.)

I sing the praises of Rye,
Grain of the cold north,
Grain who needs little to prosper,
Grain who feeds those with the worst land,
Tallest of the waving heads,
Dark flour of nourishment,
I sing the praises of Rye.

(The rye bread is passed around, and then the remainder is scattered in the garden.)

Song: John Barleycorn

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Calendar of the Sun for December 24th

Calendar of the Sun

24 Yulmonath


Colors: The color that is most associated with the Lares of the household.
Elements: All
Altar: Each House should have a small altar with their own Lares, or household spirits. They can have many names, such as Peace or Speaking or Labor. On this day, those figures are taken to the main altar and arranged around candles and incense, and food and drink.
Offerings: Food and drink given to the Lares.
Daily Meal: Things grown on the property.

Larentalia Invocation

Hail to the Lares, the spirits of our House!
Hail to Acca Larentia, the Mother of Lares!
Hail to Lara, to Larunda, to Larentina,
To all your many names!
Hail to the wife of Faustulus,
Lady who found Remus and Romulus
Suckling on the teats of a she-wolf,
And brought them home to your open hearth
To train them to be heroes!
Hail to Acca Larentia, Protectress of the Home,
The Mother of the Divine Ancestors!
Hail, she-wolf who suckled human mouths,
Hail hetaira of the Roman nights!
We honor every one of the children
That you have seen fit to gift us with
In this our House and home.
We shall name and honor them in gratitude,
And they shall not forsake us!

(The names of the household Lares are called out, and thanks given to each one. Food and drink is poured out for them as a libation. Then they are paraded around the House with fire and smoke and water, and returned with fanfare to their place at the heart of the House.)

Song: Heigh-Ho, Bonfire Glow


[Pagan Book of Hours]