Daily Magickal Applications for Wednesday

And With A Strand Of My Red Hair, Let The Magic Begin ~ GP
Daily Magickal Applications for Wednesday

To the Romans, this day was called Dies Mercurii, or “Mercury’s day” Mercury was a popular character in the Roman pantheon. A messenger of the gods, he presided over commerce, trade, and anything that required skill or dexterity. The Celts also worshiped Mercury and eventually equated him with the Norse god Odin (some spelling variations on this name include Wotan, Wodin, and Wodan). In Norse mythologies, Odin, like Mercury, is associated with poetry and music. Interestingly enough, both Odin and Mercury were regarded as psychopomps, or the leaders of souls, in their individual mythologies.

Odin, one of the main gods in Norse mythology, was constantly seeking wisdom. He traveled the world in disguise as a one-eyed man with a long gray beard, wearing an old, beat-up hat and carrying a staff or a spear (which brings to my mind images of Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings). In the Old English language, this day of Mercury evolved into Wodnes daeg, “Woden’s day,” or Wednesday.

Wednesday carries all of the planetary and magickal energies and associations of the witty and nimble god Mercury himself. Some of these mercurial traits included good communication skills, cleverness, intelligence, creativity, business sense, writing, artistic talent, trickiness, and thievery. And don’t forget all of those wise and enigmatic qualities associated with the Norse god Odin/Wodin, not to mention the goddess Athena’s contributions of music, the arts, handmade crafts, and writing. Wednesdays afford excellent opportunities for seeking wisdom, changing your circumstances, and improving your skills, be they in trade and commerce, music and art, or in communication and writing.

Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan

Written Spells

Written Spells

by Skye Alexander

In earlier times, written spells were the province of a few wise men and women who were more literate than the majority of the populace. In many cultures, the written word was revered as a gift of the gods, especially among the Egyptians and Greeks. For this reason, written spells came to be considered more potent than verbal ones.

One of the oldest and best-known written spells is the word Abracadabra, customarily used to banish sickness. In ancient Chaldean texts, Abracadabra translates as “to perish like the word.” The letters in Abracadabra were written in the form of a descending triangle on parchment, which was then laid on the inflicted body part. Then the paper was removed and stuck in the cleft of a tree. As time and the elements destroyed the paper, the magick would begin to work. This whole process is an example of magickal symbolism, sympathy, and similars — the word disappears into nothingness; the paper disappears into nothingness; and, therefore, the disease or illness takes the hint and follows suit.

When you write with a pen or pencil, you activate the acupressure points in the thumb and fingertips. These points induce relaxation and strengthen the connection to the subconscious mind. Thus, writing contributes to the power of a spell because it helps to center your mind and engages your imagination.

Written words, affirmations, incantations, and sigils are often included in contemporary spells. A written intention might be slipped into a talisman or amulet. Spells are sometimes written on paper, then burned to release the intention into the universe. Witches might write a spell a set number of times — the number corresponds to the spell’s objective (e.g., six times for joint endeavors, eight times to attract financial security). The color of the ink, the shape of the paper, even the addition of aromatics to the ink or paper may contribute to the overall effect of the spell.

Why go through all this fuss? Because witches believe that the more dimensions magick has (with sensual dimensions being especially significant), the better the results will be.

Daily OM For August 13th – Letting Your Voice Be Heard

Letting Your Voice Be Heard

Writing Your Story

by Madisyn Taylor

Writing your own story can provide an outlet which can help purge any frustration, anxiety, or long-dormant feelings.


Everyone, at one time or another, has wanted to express his or her story. Writing a memoir to read privately, share with family or friends, or publish is an emotionally satisfying way to gain perspective on your experiences and to share your unique voice. We’ve all experienced feelings and events in our lives that we are longing to write down. Giving into that urge also can provide an outlet which can help purge any frustration, anxiety, or long-dormant feelings. No one else has to read it. You may even want to write your story without reading it afterward and put it away to read in the future. Satisfying the need to tell your story is not predicated upon your writing ability. It does, however take effort to write down the truth in detail. Your memories, captured on paper as descriptive scenes, sights, sounds, and scents, may at first seem disconnected or incomplete. But rest assured that you possess the ability to shape your recollections into stories.

Writing your story is different from journaling. Everyone wants to be heard and know that they matter. Reading your story to others meets the human need to be heard. Writing your story helps validate your life. We all want to know that what we have to say matters. And when you finish writing, even you may be surprised at what you have accomplished. Your story can encompass as much or as little of your life as you prefer. You may surprise yourself with new insights, or you may find yourself exploring your roots, your identity, and your future through your words. Allow your writing to guide you and write as truthfully as possible. Don’t worry about what others will think of your personal journey, your style of writing, or your words.

Research has shown that writing a narrative filled with feelings and perceptions can create long-term health benefits. As you write, remember to express compassion and understanding toward yourself, particularly when writing about traumatic events. If you are a young person, you can add to your life story as you grow older. Your writing may even help family members know you better or understand themselves more. Most importantly, in writing your personal story, you are expressing yourself in a permanent way, giving a gift to your future self, and letting your voice be heard.

Life As The Witch – Spell-Writing Basics

Witchy Comments=

Spell-Writing Basics

Don’t worry if you are not the world’s greatest writer. Spells don’t have to be long and complicated in order to work, and the Gods don’t care if you can spell correctly! The most common complaint I get is from people who can’t get their spells to rhyme. But that’s okay—-they don’t have to.

Rhyming is nice for some spells. Traditionally, rhyming is used to give the spells a little more power through the rhythms of the words and to make them easier to memorize. But it certainly isn’t necessary. I’ll give you an example of a prosperity spell done both ways, just make it clear.

Prosperity Spell 1 – Rhyming

God and Goddess hear my plea

Rain prosperity down on me

Bring in monies large and small

To pay my bills one and all

Money earned and gifts for free

As I Will, So Mote It Be.

(Originally published in Circle, Coven & Grove: A Year of Magickal Practice, Llewellyn, 2007.)

Prosperity Spell 2 – Not Rhyming

Money I need and money I want

So let it come to me

In positive ways, at perfect times

As I need it, as I want it

As I Will It, So It Is.

As you can see, both spells ask for the same thing–they just do it in a slightly different way. The second spell is simpler; it doesn’t rhyme, it is shorter, and it doesn’t get as specific–but there’s no reason it couldn’t work. You could write a spell like that even if writing isn’t your thing.

So the first thing to know about writing spells is that it is fine to do so in whatever style or manner you are comfortable with.

Excerpts from:

“Writing and Casting Spells for the Best Results”
By Deborah Blake
Llewellyn’s 2013 Magical Almanac for Everyday Living

Ah, It Is A Glorious Morning On This Thursday! Blessings To All, Dear Friends!

Yes, yes, yes, I am in a fabulous mood this morning. Guess why? I actually got to sleep in a bed last night, lol! The simple things we take for granted until we are forced to sleep on top of a desk. Well not all of us would be that silly now would we? The first night we tried sleeping on the floor, good grief, I didn’t think we would ever get to sleep. Every time we would get laid down, one of the babies would dart out. Then when we went to chase that one, the others would run like wild critters, lol! We were up all night. The next night, we got the bright idea to go in the office. At least there if they got loose there wasn’t that much room for them to run around. Then when we put the sleeping bags on the desk, we thought what if one falls off. So we ended up practically duck taping the top of the sleeping bags shut. Someone needed a camera during all of this! But once they all got in the bags and got warm, they went to sleep. Rested assured they weren’t going anywhere, we could then go to sleep. All in all it was adventure, I wouldn’t soon forget. I did learn one thing, the coyotes and wild dogs that use to come and terrorize the refuge. They sort of don’t do that anymore. When they get too close the cougar lets out one of her huge growls and off they run. Perhaps I need to tape record that and just play it continuously all night long, lol!

Since I didn’t smell like a skunk today, they actually let me stay in the office. So I quickly checked the email. By the way, Bobbi and Peter, I will email you later on today, my dear friends. Then I have read some of the comments in the back also. One subject that keeps coming up is Practitioner that charge for their services. One lady in the comments, I felt totally sorry for her. I don’t remember the particulars of her problem but she needed a witch. She found this one so called “Witch” and told her the situation. Well that “Witch” had the perfect spell for her. This “Witch” would cast this spell for her for just $700.00. I believe I remember the lady’s problem, she was having money problems. Now if you are having money problems, how on this Earth are you going to come up with $700.00. The lady said she got upset because of the cost. She did a search for witchcraft groups, I guess. She found us. She searched through our spells and lo’ and behold there was the same spell that the “Witch” was trying to sell her for $700.00. She said that our spell was easily understandable and more in-depth than the costly one. So the lady decided to cast the spell for herself.

The above story is becoming all to familiar especially with the economy in the shape it’s in. There has been along standing debate in The Craft community in regards to Practitioners selling their skills. Some say it is perfectly fine, others like myself say no it isn’t. I know with this next statement, I might make some of you mad but it is what I have always said. To my students and anyone seeking my advice, I say, “If you run into a Practitioner that wants to charge you for her/his services, RUN!” Stay away from them. I am a Practitioner of the Ancients and this is the way I believe. We have to go back to the beginning and see what is said about our talents. Our talents are given to us to use for the benefit of mankind. The Ordains (you can do a search for them here, they are listed) even states, “You are to never charge for your services. If you can help, it is your duty to help.” I don’t know what to think about people that charge for the Goddess’ given talents. Are they not familiar with the Ways of Our Ancestors? Have they not read our Laws and The Ordains? Are they Witches at all? Perhaps they have just run across sites like this and say a way to make a quick buck?

I know there are individuals that are in desperate shape. They are looking for help in any form they can get it. But Magick is not a quick fix for anything. You can read the spells here, you can use the spells here. But there is much more to Magick than just doing spells. I should add before I go any further, spells don’t always work even for us seasoned Practitioners. Magick is a Religion like no other. You have to come to know the Goddess, Her Beauty and Her Love. You have to learn what our Religion is truly about. Witchcraft has been stereotyped for so many years. We have a black mark on our name. But we are gradually changing that. We want people to come to our Religion, commit to it and become fine Practitioners. You see you have the magick within yourself. Learn to harness it and control it. Magick is driven by your intent. Your intent is your passion about your problem, situation or whatever is bothering you. Stop to think about it. You tell me about your problem. I agree to do a spell for you. Do you think I will have as much passion about your problem as you would? NO! You are the one that has that red-hot, passion about your problem. You put that passion (intent) into your spell, all of it. You see most people don’t know that. There is a lot most people don’t know about our Religion, Witchcraft.

In closing, if you are in need of assistance and hunting for a Practitioner. Don’t waste your time, please. Instead come and learn about Witchcraft. When you are through you will not only be able to solve this problem, but all that follow. To be called a Witch is a honor and a blessing. Our gifts and talents are given to us from our Great Lady. We are not to use them for personal gain. We are to take our talents and use them to benefit mankind. Learn the truth about Witchcraft, learn our beliefs and ways of living. When it is all said and done you will be so glad you did.

May the Goddess Bless Each of Her Children,,


Lady A

More Winter Comments

‘THINK on THESE THINGS’ for April 18th

By Joyce Sequichie Hifler

A graphologist is a handwriting analysis expert who can take apart the loops and dashes of our penmanship and tell us about our nature. We have a natural curiosity about ourselves. We want to know whether our self-image is the true one. We often think we are capable of seeing another’s true nature, but we seem to lack the ability to really know ourselves. In fact, so much about us reveals our disposition and temperament that it can be distressing.

Our handwriting may tell us about our emotional nature, and we may learn that we are introverts by the slant of our letters, but much of our disposition can be self-analyzed by the way other people respond to us.

It doesn’t take a graphologist to tell us that if we are inconsistent in our friendliness, if the tongue alternates acid and honey, if we continually complain, continually gossip, criticize and pout, we are revealing a nature we too often think is hidden.


Available online! ‘Cherokee Feast of Days’
By Joyce Sequichie Hifler.

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Elder’s Meditation of the Day
By White Bison, Inc., an American Indian-owned nonprofit organization. Order their many products from their web site: http://www.whitebison.org


Your Daily Number for November 12th: 5

Passion, romance, and unexpected changes color your world today. An unforeseen trip may be necessary, or a last minute invitation could be extended. You’re longing for excitement, which is fine, as long as you exercise a bit of discipline and don’t let self-indulgent tendencies get the better of you.

Fast Facts

About the Number 5

Theme: Resourceful, Adventure, Speculation, Travel
Astro Association: Taurus
Tarot Association: Hierophant

Happy Tuesday! Hmmm, It is Tuesday, isn’t it???

Hey there dear friends! I hope everyone is having a great day. I ran across a comment that was expressed by several readers. Most of these individuals have signed up to receive my blog’s emails everyday. But since I am not like most bloggers their mailboxes are flooded with posts from this blog. They want to unsubscribe but still continue to read the blog on the web. Here is a sample question I pulled…………

Today’s comment comes from:

Web Design Online Course wrote

Once I initially commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added I get four emails with the identical comment. Is there any manner you may remove me from that service? Thanks!

Thank you for your question. In answer to it, no, I cannot remove or unsubscribe you from the blog. This is something you have to do yourself. First, go to your own dashboard. You will find this at the very top of your own WordPress space. Now scroll down to the section called, “My Subscriptions.” Click there. This is the place were you can remove yourself from this blog or any other blog.

I hope this answers your question. If I can be of any further assistance, please let me know.

You know it would be great to receive some Witchcraft questions. I would love to have this forum as sort of an “Ask the Witch” section. I think that would cool. And it would probably help out some others that have the same questions.

I am ready and waiting for those questions.

Have a great day!

Love to all,

Lady A

Daily OM for June 2 – Composing Bliss


 Composing Bliss
Poetry as Meditation


Sculpting your thoughts into a poem can take you on a journey where your conscious mind is momentarily cast adrift.
The creation of any kind of art can be as much a form of meditation as a vehicle for self-expression. Energetically splashing colors of paint onto a canvas can be like casting the weight of the world off your shoulders, while raising your voice to hit the high notes of a song can inspire you to release your fears so you can reach new heights in your own life. And then there is the act of meditation that can take place when you create poetry. Sculpting your thoughts and emotions into a poem can take you on a journey into your inner universe where your conscious mind is momentarily cast adrift.

Like other forms of meditation, writing poetry requires that you stay fully present during the process, rather than focusing on any outcome. In doing so, you release any inhibitions or ideas of “what needs to happen,” so that your thoughts can flow freely through you. When you write poetry, you are able to see the reflections of your innermost self imprinted on a page.

If you’d like to experience poetry as a meditation practice, you might want to try this exercise: Set aside twenty minutes where you can be alone in a quiet space. You may want to look at poems other people have written to see if there is a style of poetry you would like to try. You can also try writing in freeform. The structure of the poem will then organically reveal itself to you. When you are ready, sit down with pen and paper and let the words flow. Don’t think about what you are going to say next, and don’t worry about spelling, grammar, or logic. Instead, be as descriptive, visually precise, rhythmic, or lyrical as you want to be. When you feel complete, put the pen down, and read over what you’ve written. Appreciate this work of art you have created. You may even find that thoughts and emotions you had repressed before are now making themselves known so you can process and release them. Writing poetry as a form of meditation lets you slow down your mind long enough for you to get out of your own way, so that your soul can freely express its deepest yearnings.