The Witches Magick for January 24th – Incense Spell to Reach Your Goal

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Incense Spell to Reach Your Goal

Items needed:

Pen and paper

Fireproof dish


Write your goal on a piece of paper and put it in the dish. Sprinkle with the incense and light the paper. As it burns, concentrate on your goal coming to fruition and say:

Smoke into the Cosmos go
So the Ancients will now know
I need assistance to achieve
This goal that I have set for me.

Repeat this spell every day for a week while working toward your goal.


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Herb of the Day – Mandrake

Herb of the Day


Botanical: Atropa mandragora
Family: N.O. Solanaceae

—Synonyms—Mandragora. Satan’s Apple.
—Part Used—Herb.
—Habitat—The Mandrake, the object of so many strange superstitions, is a native of Southern Europe and the Levant, but will grow here in gardens if given a warm situation, though otherwise it may not survive severe winters. It was cultivated in England in 1562 by Turner, the author of the

Niewe Herball.

The name Mandragora is derived from two Greek words implying ‘hurtful to cattle. ‘ The Arabs call it ‘Satan’s apple.’

—Description—It has a large, brown root, somewhat like a parsnip, running 3 or 4 feet deep into the ground, sometimes single and sometimes divided into two or three branches. Immediately from the crown of the root arise several large, dark-green leaves, which at first stand erect, but when grown to full size a foot or more in length and 4 or 5 inches in width – spread open and lie upon the ground. They are sharp pointed at the apex and of a foetid odour. From among these leaves spring the flowers, each on a separate foot-stalk, 3 or 4 inches high. They are somewhat of the shape and size of a primrose, the corolla bell-shaped, cut into five spreading segments, of a whitish colour, somewhat tinged with purple. They are succeeded by a smooth, round fruit, about as large as a small apple, of a deep yellow colour when ripe, full of pulp and with a strong, apple-like scent.

—Medicinal Action and Uses—The leaves are quite harmless and cooling, and have been used for ointments and other external application. Boiled in milk and used as a poultice, they were employed by Boerhaave as an application to indolent ulcers.

The fresh root operates very powerfully as an emetic and purgative. The dried bark of the root was used also as a rough emetic.

Mandrake was much used by the Ancients, who considered it an anodyne and soporific. In large doses it is said to excite delirium and madness. They used it for procuring rest and sleep in continued pain, also in melancholy, convulsions, rheumatic pains and scrofulous tumours. They mostly employed the bark of the root, either expressing the juice or infusing it in wine or water. The root finely scraped into a pulp and mixed with brandy was said to be efficacious in chronic rheumatism.

Mandrake was used in Pliny’s days as an anaesthetic for operations, a piece of the root being given to the patient to chew before undergoing the operation. In small doses it was employed by the Ancients in maniacal cases.

A tincture is used in homoeopathy to-day, made from the fresh plant.

Among the old Anglo-Saxon herbals both Mandrake and periwinkle are endowed with mysterious powers against demoniacal possession. At the end of a description of the Mandrake in the Herbarium of Apuleius there is this prescription:

‘For witlessness, that is devil sickness or demoniacal possession, take from the body of this said wort mandrake by the weight of three pennies, administer to drink in warm water as he may find most convenient – soon he will be healed.’Bartholomew gives the old Mandrake legend in full, though he adds: ‘It is so feynd of churles others of wytches.’ He also refers to its use as an anaesthetic:’the rind thereof medled with wine . . . gene to them to drink that shall be cut in their body, for they should slepe and not fele the sore knitting.’

Bartholomew gives two other beliefs about the Mandrake which are not found in any other English Herbal – namely, that while uprooting it the digger must beware of contrary winds, and that he must go on digging for it uptil sunset.

In the Grete Herball (printed by Peter Treveris in 1526) we find the first avowal of disbelief in the supposed powers of the Mandrake. Gerard also pours scorn on the Mandrake legend.

‘There have been,’ he says, ‘many ridiculous tales brought up of this plant, whether of old wives or runnegate surgeons or phisick mongers, I know not, all which dreames and old wives tales you shall from henceforth cast out your bookes of memorie.’

Parkinson says that if ivory is boiled with Mandrake root for six hours, the ivory will become so soft ‘that it will take what form or impression you will give it.’

Josephus says that the Mandrake – which he calls Baaras – has but one virtue, that of expelling demons from sick persons, as the demons cannot bear either its smell or its presence. He even relates that it was certain death to touch this plant, except under certain circumstances which he details. (Wars of the Jews, book vii, cap. vi.)

The roots of the Mandrake are very nearly allied to Belladonna, both in external appearance and in structure. The plant is by modern botanists assigned to the same genus, though formerly was known as Mandragora officinalis, with varieties M. vernalis and M. autumnalis. According to Southall (Organic Materia Medica, 8th edition, revised by Ernest Mann, 1915), the root:
‘contains a mydriatic alkaloid, Mandragorine (Cl7H27O3N), which in spite of the name and formula which have been assigned to it, is probably identical with atropine or hyoscyamine.’

The roots of Mandrake were supposed to bear a resemblance to the human form, on account of their habit of forking into two and shooting on each side. In the old Herbals we find them frequently figured as a male with a long beard, and a female with a very bushy head of hair. Many weird superstitions collected round the Mandrake root. As an amulet, it was once placed on mantelpieces to avert misfortune and to bringprosperity and happiness to the house. Bryony roots were often cut into fancy shapes and passed off as Mandrake, being even trained to grow in moulds till they assumed the desired forms. In Henry VIII’s time quaint little images made from Bryony roots, cut into the figure of a man, with grains of millet inserted into the face as eyes, fetched high prices. They were known as puppettes or mammettes, and were accredited with magical powers. Italian ladies were known to pay as much as thirty golden ducats for similar artificial Mandrakes.

Turner alludes to these ‘puppettes and mammettes,’ and says, ‘they are so trimmed of crafty thieves to mock the poor people withal and to rob them both of their wit and their money.’ But he adds:
‘Of the apples of mandrake, if a man smell of them they will make him sleep and also if they be eaten. But they that smell to muche of the apples become dumb . . . this herb diverse ways taken is very jeopardous for a man and may kill hym if he eat it or drink it out of measure and have no remedy from it…. If mandragora be taken out of measure, by and by sleep ensued and a great lousing of the strengthen with a forgetfulness.’

The plant was fabled to grow under the gallows of murderers, and it was believed to be death to dig up the root, which was said to utter a shriek and terrible groans on being dug up, which none might hear and live. It was held, therefore, that he who would take up a plant of Mandrake should tie a dog to it for that purpose, who drawing it out would certainly perish, as the man would have done, had he attempted to dig it up in the ordinary manner.

There are many allusions to the Mandrake in ancient writers. From the earliest times a notion prevailed in the East that the Mandrake will remove sterility, and there is a reference to this belief in Genesis xxx. 14.

—Cultivation—Mandrake can be propagated by seeds, sown upon a bed of light earth, soon after they are ripe, when they are more sure to come up than if the sowing is left to the spring.

When the plants come up in the spring, they must be kept well watered through the summer and kept free from weeds. At the end of August they should be taken up carefully and transplanted where they are to remain. The soil should be light and deep, as the roots run far down – if too wet, they will rot in winter, if too near chalk or gravel, they will make little progress. Where the soil is good and they are not disturbed, these plants will grow to a large size in a few years, and will produce great quantities of flowers and fruit.

Culpepper tells us the Mandrake is governed by Mercury. The fruit has been accounted poisonous, but without cause…. The root formerly was supposed to have the human form, but it really resembles a carrot or parsnip.


Ah, It Is A Glorious Morning On This Thursday! Blessings To All, Dear Friends!

Yes, yes, yes, I am in a fabulous mood this morning. Guess why? I actually got to sleep in a bed last night, lol! The simple things we take for granted until we are forced to sleep on top of a desk. Well not all of us would be that silly now would we? The first night we tried sleeping on the floor, good grief, I didn’t think we would ever get to sleep. Every time we would get laid down, one of the babies would dart out. Then when we went to chase that one, the others would run like wild critters, lol! We were up all night. The next night, we got the bright idea to go in the office. At least there if they got loose there wasn’t that much room for them to run around. Then when we put the sleeping bags on the desk, we thought what if one falls off. So we ended up practically duck taping the top of the sleeping bags shut. Someone needed a camera during all of this! But once they all got in the bags and got warm, they went to sleep. Rested assured they weren’t going anywhere, we could then go to sleep. All in all it was adventure, I wouldn’t soon forget. I did learn one thing, the coyotes and wild dogs that use to come and terrorize the refuge. They sort of don’t do that anymore. When they get too close the cougar lets out one of her huge growls and off they run. Perhaps I need to tape record that and just play it continuously all night long, lol!

Since I didn’t smell like a skunk today, they actually let me stay in the office. So I quickly checked the email. By the way, Bobbi and Peter, I will email you later on today, my dear friends. Then I have read some of the comments in the back also. One subject that keeps coming up is Practitioner that charge for their services. One lady in the comments, I felt totally sorry for her. I don’t remember the particulars of her problem but she needed a witch. She found this one so called “Witch” and told her the situation. Well that “Witch” had the perfect spell for her. This “Witch” would cast this spell for her for just $700.00. I believe I remember the lady’s problem, she was having money problems. Now if you are having money problems, how on this Earth are you going to come up with $700.00. The lady said she got upset because of the cost. She did a search for witchcraft groups, I guess. She found us. She searched through our spells and lo’ and behold there was the same spell that the “Witch” was trying to sell her for $700.00. She said that our spell was easily understandable and more in-depth than the costly one. So the lady decided to cast the spell for herself.

The above story is becoming all to familiar especially with the economy in the shape it’s in. There has been along standing debate in The Craft community in regards to Practitioners selling their skills. Some say it is perfectly fine, others like myself say no it isn’t. I know with this next statement, I might make some of you mad but it is what I have always said. To my students and anyone seeking my advice, I say, “If you run into a Practitioner that wants to charge you for her/his services, RUN!” Stay away from them. I am a Practitioner of the Ancients and this is the way I believe. We have to go back to the beginning and see what is said about our talents. Our talents are given to us to use for the benefit of mankind. The Ordains (you can do a search for them here, they are listed) even states, “You are to never charge for your services. If you can help, it is your duty to help.” I don’t know what to think about people that charge for the Goddess’ given talents. Are they not familiar with the Ways of Our Ancestors? Have they not read our Laws and The Ordains? Are they Witches at all? Perhaps they have just run across sites like this and say a way to make a quick buck?

I know there are individuals that are in desperate shape. They are looking for help in any form they can get it. But Magick is not a quick fix for anything. You can read the spells here, you can use the spells here. But there is much more to Magick than just doing spells. I should add before I go any further, spells don’t always work even for us seasoned Practitioners. Magick is a Religion like no other. You have to come to know the Goddess, Her Beauty and Her Love. You have to learn what our Religion is truly about. Witchcraft has been stereotyped for so many years. We have a black mark on our name. But we are gradually changing that. We want people to come to our Religion, commit to it and become fine Practitioners. You see you have the magick within yourself. Learn to harness it and control it. Magick is driven by your intent. Your intent is your passion about your problem, situation or whatever is bothering you. Stop to think about it. You tell me about your problem. I agree to do a spell for you. Do you think I will have as much passion about your problem as you would? NO! You are the one that has that red-hot, passion about your problem. You put that passion (intent) into your spell, all of it. You see most people don’t know that. There is a lot most people don’t know about our Religion, Witchcraft.

In closing, if you are in need of assistance and hunting for a Practitioner. Don’t waste your time, please. Instead come and learn about Witchcraft. When you are through you will not only be able to solve this problem, but all that follow. To be called a Witch is a honor and a blessing. Our gifts and talents are given to us from our Great Lady. We are not to use them for personal gain. We are to take our talents and use them to benefit mankind. Learn the truth about Witchcraft, learn our beliefs and ways of living. When it is all said and done you will be so glad you did.

May the Goddess Bless Each of Her Children,,


Lady A

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Ritual to Overcome Addiction

Ritual to Overcome Addiction

Items needed:
paper and pencil
wide-tipped black marker
green candle
matches or lighter
orange calcite or quartz
fireproof dish or small cauldron
cloth bag (optional)
Write your addiction on a piece of paper, then mark through it with a heavy black line. Put it aside.
Inscribe the candle with your name. Light the candle and say:
Healing Ancients, I ask of Thee
Take this pain away from me.
Remove any trace of this addiction,
And heal me of all related afflictions.
Hold the hematite to your forehead and say:
Grant courage now and healing power
Strengthen my will hour by hour.
Place this stone on the right side of the candle. Lift the chrysoprase to your forehead and say:
Stone ofjoy and happiness
Put my urges now to rest.
Place this stone on the left side of the candle.
Hold the orange calcite or quartz to your forehead and say:
Amplifier of energies
Magnify their powers, please.
Place this stone in front of the candle.
Stand in front of the altar and turn your hands palms up. Say:
Powers of the Earth unite
Bind the powers of this addiction right
So it will have no hold on me
As I will, so mote it be!
Take the paper in your hand and say:
Chains that bind me, now break free
I am power, strength, and resiliency
I have the courage to overcome
This addiction–go now–run!
Begone from me! Do not return!
Your power over me, I burn!
Light the paper with a match or lighter, then burn it in the fireproof dish, saying:
By flame of Fire, I’m purified
Of your delusionary lies.
I’m free of you and all the strife
That you once cast upon my life.
I am healed now I am free
As I will, so mote it be!
When the candle has completely burned out, carry the stones with you either loose or in a cloth pouch. Repeat the ritual as often as necessary to get control of the problem.