The Witches Spell for the 29th Day of the Dyad Moon – Norns Moon Spell

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Cast this spell to gain the wisdom and knowledge of the Norns.

You will need a pair of scissors, a ball of white yarn or string, and three white stones.

After the moon rises, go outdoors where it is private and safe, and where you will not be disturbed, such as your backyard, patio, or balcony. Draw a magic circle and call in the elements. Invite the Norns, the spinners of fate and destiny, into your circle. Use the scissors to cut nine arm-length pieces of yarn. Tie three pieces together, and then three of the other pieces together, and then the remaining three pieces together, so you have three arm-lengths remaining. Each time you tie the yarn, repeat:

Ladies of Fate, Three Great Norns of destiny
Please fill me with your knowledge and wisdom,
blessed be!

Wind the three lengths of knotted yarn around the three white stones, one length per stone. As you do, say three times:

Ladies of Fate, Three Great Norns of destiny
Please fill me with your knowledge and wisdom,
blessed be!

When you are finished, thank the Norns, bid farewell to the elements, and pull up the circle. Put the stones under a favorite tree, in a thriving flower pot, or under a flowering bush to encourage the Norns to share their knowledge and wisdom with you.


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Black Magick Money Spell


*This is some-what ceremonial Magick, you will be conjuring darks spirits.

You Will Need:

·3 White candles
1 black candle.
Piece of paper 3X3.

This spell should be done on a Thursday at 3 pm or Saturday, anytime when the suns down. On the sheet of paper, write where it is that you would like to work. Hold it in your hands and focus on your desire. See yourself wearing the uniform, or see you stocking products or working at the cash register. Let the feeling of accomplishment flow into it.

Cleanse yourself, meditate or do what I did, shower. Cast the Magick circle; invoke Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. Have the white candles positioned in a triangle symbolize the cone of power, energy building, etc. Put the black candle in the middle. Sit, get comfortable, take a couple of breaths get everything together and straight. Light the candles, and focus on your desire. Taste it, feel it, hear it, see it, smell it. Make it real. Recite the incantation 4 times, each time with more power, focus, love, command, and full of motions.

“Gods of dark Magick, Gods of hate.
Myself employed is my fate.
Dark spirits of nature, this sorcerer conjures thee.
I conjure thee, I conjure thee, I conjure thee.
Heed my call dark essences that roam,
Heed my call I ask with my heart and my soul.
Bring forth all your power; bring forth all your might.
Strip obstacles to ashes, disintegrate them from sight.
Let my hearts desires and wishes be met,
Let no individuals be put to death.”

Focus on your desire again. Set the piece of paper on fire, and focus on your desire once more.

So Mote It Be.

Thank the elements, thank the gods. And close the circle. Visualize a big, dark, and thick mist of energy with white figures surrounding it (Spirits) see all of it go up through your ceiling up to space and into the cosmos. And FORGET ABOUT IT!!


Let’s Talk Witch – Nine Easy Steps for Making A Magickal Potion

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Let’s Talk Witch – Nine Easy Steps for Making A Magickal Potion


1. Gather together all the ingredients you will need to make the potion. Light a chandle if you like, matching its color and dedication to your purpose. Be sure to place your candle(s) near your working surface as a focusing tool, but not in the way.

2. Draw a magick circle around your working area. For example, if you are working in the kitchen, draw a magick circle around the entire room.

3. Call in the Elemental powers to your circle. A shorthand method for doing this is by saying something like:

“I ask that the generous powers of Earth, Air, Fire and Water come into this circle> Come I pray you.”

4. Call in the spirit, the Divine, into your circle by saying something like:

“May the Divine Ones enter into this circle and bless this potion with their Divine power.”

5. Next, empower the potion ingredients.

6. Make the potion.

7. Empower the potion once more with a magickal incantation and then use it immediately.

8. Thank the elements and spirits.

9. Pull up the magick circle and put everything away.

The Witches Magick for Feb. 21 – Salt and Water Clearing Spell

Salt and Water Clearing Spell

Cast this spell to rid yourself of pain, hurt and sadness.

After dark, draw a magick circle and call in the elements. Put three pinches of sea salt in a chalice of water. Stir the water counterclockwise with your athame. Sit quietly and turn you mind toward what you want to get rid of your worries, problems, disappointments, sadness, hurt feelings, and fears. Hold the cup in between your hands, and say three times:

Clear the pain. Clear the hurt. Clear the sadness.

Sip three sips of the water. Before each sip, repeat:

I rid myself of all negativity, right now.

Allow all of your negative feelings to be cleansed with the salt water. Imagine transforming any pain or sadness into positive change elements in your life. Feel yourself being cleansed of all that burdens you. When you are done, bid farewell to the elements and pull up the circle.

Empty the remaining water down the drain, and clean your chalice thoroughly with clear, cool water.

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Let’s Talk Witch – Altars and Circles, Oh My!

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Let’s Talk Witch – Altars and Circles, Oh My!

When practicing Witchcraft the two most common elements that we all have in common are the magick circle and the altar.

Let’s talk about how to set up your own magick circle and altar.

The circle is a powerful Witch’s tool. It’s the space where your magick happens. It is a sacred space that only you can create for yourself.

The magick circle has been used by witches and other magicians of various cultures: American Indians, Babylonians, and many others have used the magick circle.

The magick circle protects the witch from the forces that he or she is raising. It’s also used to shut out any energy or forces from outside which will interfere with the ritual.

The circle also contains your own personal power while you are working magick, holding and channeling it or your purposes.

Essentially the circle creates the atmosphere for all the magick you will do. It is a sphere of energy that forms the boundaries of your magickal space.

You will need some kind of way of marking the boundaries of your circle.

You can use a long piece of cord, or if you are outdoors, draw a circle of chalk, or use other objects to mark the outside of your circle.

Traditionally, a magick circle is nine feet in diameter. If you have space constraints, make it as big or as small as you are able to.

As you set up your circle, try to feel its energy moving around you. Focus on creating your perfect magickal space, the place where you can access your true power.

Once you have your circle, it’s time to decide what will go inside it.

The altar is the space where your tools will go. It can be made of anything, but wood is the best choice. Your altar doesn’t have to be fancy.

It can be a cardboard box covered with cloth, two cinder blocks with a board on top, a small coffee table or even a large, flat rock.

Traditionally, the altar is set in the center of the circle, facing North.

But what items will go on your altar, and where should you place them?

On the left side of the altar you place items such as your crystal, your cauldron(if it will fit), and a silver or white candle.

Your broom also goes on the left side, next to the altar.

On the right side is the place for your magick wand and your incense.

You can be as creative as you wish with your altar. Make it personal, and choose items which are both powerful and meaningful to you.

In the middle you can place some flowers if you like, plus all the ingredients you will need for your spell. Don’t forget matches for the candles, and a place to put the used matches.

Make sure you have all your spell ingredients ready before you begin, so that you do not have to leave the circle once you have started your ritual.

The altar is where you will do your spell casting. That’s why it’s in the center of the circle—it’s the focal point of your ritual.

Again, how you choose to do this is up to you. There’s no one right way to set up an altar.

All that matters is that you choose items that are magickally powerful and that you feel a connection with.

The magick will do the rest.



Broken-up Oak Leaves Grape Oil (or Sunflower Oil)
1 pinch of Sea Salt 1 Acorn
Blend ingredients and simmer on low heat in an enamel pan.
Remove from burner and let cool.
Place it in a small bottle or bowl that will only be used to charge and anoint items such
as candles in your Magick Circle.
To charge the oil itself, bring it into your Magic Circle or sacred space.