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Dreams About Falling – Meaning and Interpretation from mydreamsymbolism.com

Dreams about falling are one of the most common dreams. They usually occur in the first stage of sleep, accompanied by muscle spasms in your legs, arms and the whole body.

When dreaming such dreams, you might feel your body contracting, which might even wake you up.

These dreams are very revealing about your inner state, so you must never overlook their meaning, especially if you dream often about falling.

This dream is a probably an indication of your instability, insecurity or anxiety. Maybe you feel overwhelmed about some situation, which might be out of control, possibly in your work or in your relationship. Maybe it seems as if there’s nothing to hold on to.

In dreams about falling, you usually wake up before you hit the ground. These dreams might also indicate losing control in some aspect of your life or some situation.

They can be related to relationships, work, home, etc. Maybe you have problems with letting go of something, like your status or power or even control.

These dreams might also indicate your sense of failure in some situation. Maybe you fear failure in important areas of your life, such as school, job, or love. Maybe you have lost your confidence.

Dreams about falling might also be a result of your fear of losing your job or your relationship.

Sometimes these dreams are connected to some internal or external issues which you have been neglecting. There are various reasons for having dreams about falling.

One reason might be the loss of balance in your life. Maybe you don’t have stability. You might also feel pushed by someone. You might be overworking.

Sometimes these dreams can indicate doing something against your will. They might also indicate some repressed aspects of your personality. Maybe you have lost control over your life.

Sometimes they indicate trying to hold onto a situation and fix something you cannot control and doesn’t serve you anymore. That might be a certain issue in your relationship, with your friends or your family.

This dream might be warning you to be more cautious. Sometimes it indicates a big crisis in your life. Maybe you fear for your safety or financial security. Maybe you have some major problems and struggles.

You might be frightened about losing everything in life. Maybe you feel helpless, because you cannot change anything. You might feel exhausted, because you have reached your maximum in some situation. Maybe you need to slow down a bit.

Falling on your back might indicate the need for some more support and if you fell in the water, maybe you feel overwhelmed with emotions and emotionally breaking down.

If you were feeling alright while falling, maybe this dream indicates some unexpected favorable changes.

Sometimes these dreams might be caused by problems which people around you have and you feel stressed about not being able to help them.

These dreams don’t always have to indicate some bad things. Often they are a sign of change happening soon.

If you weren’t afraid while falling, this dream might indicate not being serious about an important situation you cannot control anymore. Maybe you are irresponsible or avoid responsibilities.

This dream might also indicate failing to achieve some goal you have set yourself.

Dreams About Falling– Interpretation and Meaning …


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