Spell for Today – Money Frogs and their Significance

The frog is in the middle of the table. It looks like a brown spot in the picture.

Money frogs originate in Chinese Feng Shui.  It is believed that Money Frogs, sometimes referred to as the Three-legged Toad, are a way to attract financial affluence.

These frogs must be placed in the far left corner of the house if you are standing at your front door looking in.  This is the wealth corner of the house. It is called Xun in Chinese.
According to legend, Money Frog was the wife of one of the Eight Immortals.  She was transformed to a Toad as she was being punished for stealing the Peach from Heaven.  As a greedy creature, she craves for money.  So when a Money Frog is placed, there is usually a bed of money surrounding it.
You can have One Money Frog, Three Money Frogs or even Six or Nine Money Frogs.  A group of Money Frogs is said to bring more wealth then the solitary Toad. Stick to multiples of Three as the number three has magickal significance throughout history and legend.  If you have more than one, you must place them facing in different directions, but never directed to a door or your money will flow out of that door.
To activate your money frogs, you take a coin (usually comes with the frogs) and tie a red ribbon through the coin then place this in the mouth of the frog.  You can also place these frogs on a bed of red fabric to have the same effect (Colors that attract Money are Red, Purple or Green), as the coins sometimes tend to fall out of the mouths if one side is heavy.
The reason the frogs have only three legs is to symbolize long life and good luck (Three is a magickal number).  You can also place a laughing Buddha to attract even more wealth in that same corner with the Money Frogs.
When bringing the Frogs into your home, as with any magickal tools, you should sage them to cleanse any of the energies that any one else touching them could have placed on them.  Then you hold your frogs, one at a time in your hands, cup your hands around the frogs, one at a time, and pour your positive energy into the frogs.  Lay down the red cloth on an elevate surface (small square corner table or plant stand works well) and place the frogs on the red cloth.  Angle them so they face strategic directions, but never toward a door.  Place their coins into their mouths and then place other coins or money around the frogs.  You can place your Buddha, if you have one, behind the frogs.
Happy Feng Shui
Lady Rhiannon

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