‘THINK on THESE THINGS’ for March 11th

By Joyce Sequichie Hifler

What is it that keeps us from doing the creative things we want to do? Fear of venturing and losing, fear of the unknown. And yet, every day of our lives we venture and seldom acknowledge the fact that we didn’t lose. We too often accomplish something because circumstances forced a courage we could not muster from mere desire.

Frequently we must simply have the audacity to lay aside the taboos we have built for ourselves, for fear of appearing foolish, and follow a creative curiosity.

When Robert Louis Stevenson wrote, “Give me a young man with brains enough to make a fool of himself,” he didn’t mean intentionally acting foolishly. He meant that a fearlessness of appearing foolish can enable us to step outside the realms of what others would call the limits.

The simplest ventures often bring joy to many, particularly to those who in the beginning dared to stand on their own chances of winning or losing.



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Elder’s Meditation of the Day
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Elder’s Meditation of the Day – March 11

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – March 11

“The symbol of wholeness, represented by the medicine wheel, is still being used in D/Lakota ceremonies today. The center where the “X” crosses is considered the home of Tunkasila, Wakan-Tanka, God. I speculated, `If this is the symbol of wholeness, the symbol of the psyche, with Wakan-Tanka at the center, then Wakan-Tanka or God would be within you.'”

–Dr. A.C. Ross (Ehanamani), LAKOTA

The Medicine Wheel represents everything. All the directions originate from the center outward. The center is the home of the Creator. The Medicine Wheel represents the human being. At our center is the home of the Great Spirit. This is why we are spiritual. The easiest way for us to find God and talk to Him, is for us to become centered. This means, relax our bodies, still our minds, let go of our emotions and listen quietly. Shhh. Be still.

My Creator, let me walk in the stillness today.

March 11 – Daily Feast

March 11 – Daily Feast

Can you see the wind? Can you see the fragrance of flowers floating on the breezes? Can you see thought or what it is that changes a tree from bare limbs and brown leaves to lush green? Can you see love or joy or peace? We can only see evidence of these invisible things, and it is enough to make us know they do exist. The substance of life is so evident, so real and beautiful. Why is it that we ever question the existence of our Creator, who set all things in motion? Are we so base, so grounded that unless it gives us momentary pleasure, feeds our starving appetites, we cannot recognize the greatest help available? It is Galun lati, the Great Holy Spirit, invisible but more real than all we see that is tangible.

~ We see the changes of day and night….the seasons, the stars, the moon, the sun. Anyone must know it is the work of some one more powerful than man. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler

Daily Motivator for March 11th – Live your life

Live your life

Actual problems are problem enough. Don’t let yourself be stopped by the mere  possibility of problems.

Go ahead and live your life in the way you choose. Though the challenges and  setbacks will come along, you have what it takes to deal with them as they  appear.

Instead of being intimidated by what might go wrong, let yourself be inspired  by all that can go right. Make the choice to live the best life you can imagine,  and make the commitment to put forth whatever effort is required for that.

Let the resistance you encounter serve as confirmation that you’re moving  forward. Let the problems keep you motivated to fulfill your most treasured  dreams.

Live your life, today, right now, with the passion, attention and love it  deserves. Embrace the abundance and add your own special meaning to it all.

Remind yourself of what a truly great opportunity you have with the dawning  of every single day. You have the miraculous gift of life, with its limitless  possibilities, so live it with purpose, courage, richness and joy.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator

The Daily OM For March 11th – As You Believe

As You Believe
Create Completeness

by Madisyn Taylor

When we affirm that we are fulfilled rather than deficient, we are asserting that contentment is a natural way of being.

The creative power of the universe is infinite. A single molecule’s destiny is as important as the consequences of the largest supernova. Human potential is subject to this power, but because we are sentient beings, each of us is permitted to choose whether we will struggle against it or work in tandem with it. When we give voice to our desires through focused meditation or solicit the help of spirit guides, we draw upon the universe’s creative power to achieve certain ends. However, because our words are not all the universe hears, the response we receive may surprise us. The discourse we establish through our appeals is a blend of speech, thought, intention, and subconscious reflection. When we ask the universe for something, the unspoken message is that what we want does not exist, and the universe accepts this as truth. Conversely, we manifest completeness through affirmations in which we declare our desires as if we have already obtained them.

When we affirm that we are fulfilled instead of articulating deficiencies, we are asserting that contentment is a natural and necessary element of human existence. Our essence is an expression of fulfillment—the universe wants to satisfy our needs and desires. When we describe our realities in positive terms, we are not denying the challenges inherent in existence. We choose not to focus on lack or dissatisfaction because we understand that the energy of our thoughts will determine the response we receive to our entreaties. Ask yourself how you would feel if your wishes were granted, and then allow yourself to internalize that emotional state. Try to create a picture of satisfaction so vivid that its reality is unquestionable and tell the universe that your vision is fact. At the close of your appeal, express your gratitude, as it is your acknowledgment of the truth of your fulfillment that will set the creative power of the universe into motion.

Working in perfect unison with the creative power of the universe will empower you to manifest spiritual realities in your material existence. As you affirm the beauty, peace, and goodness that already exist within in your life, your capacity to sense and understand their influence will become increasingly sophisticated. To meet your needs and achieve your desires, you need then only banish all thoughts of emptiness so that the energy of completeness can attract fullness into your being.


The Daily OM

Goofer Dust

Goofer Dust

Goofer is a Kikongo word (kufwa) that means ‘to die’ or ‘to kill’ – this stuff ain’t for the faint hearted. Goofer dust is used to cause harm and illness, but can also be used to create domination over a loved one. Be under no illusions, as far as I am aware goofer dust is only ever used to cause harm.

Some of the ingredients you can use in goofer dust are graveyard dirt, dried ground snakeskin, sulphur, salt, ash, ground bones, powdered insects, herbs (mullein works well), spices, black or red pepper, magnetic sand and dried manure.

Goofer dust is used in much the same way as hot foot powder; it is foot track magick. Sprinkle the powder in the path of an enemy. The goofer dus is then taken up through their feet to do its work. Again, as with all powders, it can also be utilized by sprinkling on the victim’s clothing or bedding or added to a mojo bag or bottle and burried on their property.

Laying a trick with this powder is referred to as having ‘goofered’ someone i.e. cursed.

Using goofer dust in a love spell will cause the intended people pain and suffering in order to force them to submit to the will of the person laying the trick on them. This interferes with the free will of any person.

To counteract or reverse a goofering you can use spiritual washes, candle spells and uncrossing rituals.

Four Thieves Vinegar

Four Thieves Vinegar

Legend has it that during the Middle Ages a band of four thieves stole from the bodies of those who had died from the plague. Thye made a lot of money in the process, but never succumbed to the plague themselves. When they were eventually arrested they made a deal to share the secret of their protection from the illiness in exchange for their lives. Their secret was a vinegar blend that they made and covered themselves in to ward against the plague.

Four Thieves Vinegar can be used for protection against illness, personal protection, and banishing, and for cursing your enemies.

Most variations can be used topically and ingested, but always check the ingredients first because some that are for topical use contain herbs that may cause sickness or even be poisonous.

Recipes will vary but the base is… well… vinegar! You can use white vinegar, but cider or red wine vinegar works well. Add to your cider, red wine or white vinegar any or all of the following ingredients:



Pepper – black or red





Mustard seeds

Add your ingredients to the vinegar and put in a sealed bottle or jar; leave in a dark place for three or four weeks. You can then either leave all the herbs in the liquid or strain it into a new bottle.

This Four Thieves Vinegar can be taken internally – one teaspoon a day to protect against illness. You can also use it as a gargle for sore throats. Soak a cloth in the vinegar and inhale to clear your sinuses.

Add a couple of tablespoons of Four Thieves Vinegar to your bath water for protection.

To banish an enemy you would make up a bottle of Four Thieves Vinegar and then bury it under the victim’s doorstep or porch, or you could even throw it at their porch so that the bottle smashes on their threshold.

To use it as a jinx against someone, use something personal from them such as a strand of hair or a photograph and put that into a bottle containing Four Thieves Vinegar, add nails and pins (nine of each works well), add a spoonful of graveyard dirt, shake the bottle and then bury it on their property.


Pagan Portals – Hoodoo: Folk Magic
Patterson, Rachel

Chinese Wash & Recipe

Chinese Wash

Chinese Wash is a mainstay in Hoodoo practice and is used for removing negative energy, bad luck and evil, and bringing positive energy back in. The product originated sometime around the 1930s (possibly a bit earlier) and was marketed as Young’s Chinese Wash. It was used for spiritual house cleaning, to purify the home and open up blockages allowing new beginnings, bringing good luck and peace to the home. The original recipe was a blend of oriental grasses with a citrus scent to it, similar to the ingredients used in Van Van Oil (see section on oils). Once purchased, Hoodoo practitioners then added a few pieces of straw from their household broom into the bottle. Chinese Wash can be purchased from retailers still. Some mixtures even have the broom straws already included, but you can also make it yourself.

The wash will need to be added to a bucket of water. Add a couple of teaspoons of the Chinese Wash mixture to make a floor wash.


  Chinese Wash Recipe






A Few straws from a besom

A simplified version can be made by adding Van Van Oil to a liquid soap base..

Spring Break Horoscope 2014

Spring Break Horoscope

 Provided by Fern Feto Spring
Looking for love, adventure, or parties this spring? The planets are shaping up a different scenario for each sign. What’s in store for you? Read on, and make the most of your well-earned vacation! The stars can show you the way to a vacation filled with fun and relaxation.


Aries, as a natural born leader, you don’t like to follow the crowd. Instead, try leading the way and creating your own vacation destination. Most well-known spring break locations are very crowded, and this is great if you’re looking for high energy, but if you are looking for something a bit more private and adventurous, go someplace less traveled and experience something different.


Taurus, your grounded and home-loving nature may not take you to a faraway location, but you could still go to a local place you haven’t been before, especially if you are traveling with the right person. It’s not where you go, it’s who you’re with. This companion can make the less-than-stellar places great and the best places even better, so look for love to lead the way this spring break.


Flirty and busy Gemini can’t resist the crowds and action on spring break. You’ll want to be where the biggest parties are pumping, but refrain from partying so much that you can’t see a real love connection when it is right in front of you. Go to where your communication skills are most appreciated and you may find someone special to talk to.


Imaginative Cancer, take that special someone on an unforgettable arts and culture-themed spring break so they will remember it for the rest of their lives. Anyone can find the hot spots, but you can create a getaway that refreshes the mind and spirit. You have the gift of adding romance and mystery to the mix, so make the most of it.


Dramatic and fun Leo, what would be more appropriate than entertaining others on your spring break? See if you can get a job or internship on a cruise ship, hotel, or comedy club. While you are exercising your best skills in public, that special audience member may pick you out of crowd and encourage you to put on a private performance.


Natural  you will probably enjoy a peaceful and relaxing spring break more than partying hard with the rest of your friends. Indulge in a spa retreat or just pamper yourself at home. Remember that love often hides in quiet places, so stay away from the crowds on your vacation and look for romance at yoga retreats, book stores, and museums.


Nothing refreshes Libra  more than beauty and this can be manifested in a variety of forms. Try to spend your spring break vacation in a soothing environment that provides you with plenty of opportunities to get your beauty fix – get a new look at a high-end salon, go on a shopping spree at your favorite boutiques, or you could soothe your soul with a trip to the beach.


Intense, deep, and sexy Scorpio could easily get into a hot affair that lasts the entire spring break. Look for your partner in crime in a learning environment, and then invite him or her to disappear with you to someplace private. You won’t need anyone or anything else when you find that special person.


Adventurous wanderer Sagittarius, you don’t need set plans to take a journey, so throw caution to the wind and hit the road with no destination in mind. A road trip with no maps is perfect for you – just let your intuition guide you. Along the way, you may find a special person or even come to new realizations about yourself.


Studious Capricorn, you can use the upcoming weeks to catch up on your work and get prepared for the future. You’re best off saving up for a big vacation down the road than a substandard trip now. For you, being ready is more satisfying than having frivolous fun. Though some may mock you for not living life to the fullest, remember that you’ll be the one ahead of the pack in most ventures.


Quirky Aquarius, you love leading others into new and unusual adventures. This spring break, try organizing a fun event for your group of friends. As the master of ceremonies, you will be at the center of things, sharing your ideas and theories with everyone. The weirder your plan is the better because you like to shake things up.

Psychic Love Advice

Fantasy, romance, and music rule your realm, Pisces, and the right combination of these three pastimes will turn your spring break into an affair to remember. Visiting an area known for its theater, amusements, or artistic events is your best bet. Bring someone who inspires you and reach a new height in your relationship through your shared experiences.

Daily Feng Shui News for March 11 – ‘Organize Your Home Office Day’

The sailing should be smooth on today’s ‘Organize Your Home Office Day,’ as we explore how putting pictures or posters of boats in that space can bring a big career boost. According to Feng Shui, water energizes your professional efforts and having an image of a boat in full sail will attract happy and healthy energies to your work, as well as promising a smooth journey through life. The boat should always be loaded with boxes, barrels or any other sort of goods in order to symbolize success in life. And always remember that the boat must be sailing towards you so it can attract rewarding and satisfying employment.


By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Your Charm for March 11th is Abracadabra

Your Charm for Today


Today’s Meaning:    

The most powerful of all talisman indicating you or someone close to you will recover from an infection.

General Description:

One of the most famous of all talismans, and used as a magical formula by the Gnostics in Rome for invoking the aid of beneficent spirits against disease, misfortune and death. Sammonieus, the celebrated Gnostic physician; instructed that the letters of this magical triangle which he used for curing agues and fevers, were to be written on paper, folded into the shape of a cross, worn for nine days suspended from the neck, and, before sunrise, cast behind the patient into a stream running eastward. It was also a most popular charm in the middle ages. During the Great Plague, 1665, great numbers of these amulets were worn as supposed safeguards against infection.