We Wish You A Very Rested, Happy, & Blessed Weekend! Goddess Bless!

Well you probably aren’t going to believe this but anyway………..This is my left note I have tried to write to ya’ll.

So how’s your day going? Mine, fantastic. I actually got to sleep late. Well sort of late, I was woke up by a WWII movies. Bombs and machines guns everywhere. I wanted to drag out the machine  gun and let him have (don’t have one, unfortunately!)

I didn’t stop to tell you my life story today. Though, if you want to hear it, lol………..Seriously though I know our friends who have been with us the longest know this. But we have picked up several news ones and they might not know our routine. We started out taking Saturday and Sunday off each week. But they didn’t work so well. Now we just take Saturday off. You see we have a Pinterest account and we have to keep it going also. Thank goodness not everyday. But Saturday is our Pinterest Day.

I confess I am still new at Pinterest but I did find out something that you might be interested in. It is rather quite simple too.  You can apply to Witches Of The Craft on Pinterest (get your id, password, all the regular stuff). Then they left me know and I approve you. You can then make your own boards or add to the ones already know. I don’t know if you would be interested but I would pass it along to you.

Well I guess I better get to pinning. Got a minute come on over. See you tomorrow………….




Luv & Hugs,
Lady A